Adele meaning

: Noble

Adele Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-de-le\
Number of People 👶 40,000
Rate in 2021 1502
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 German
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Adele Name Meaning

The female name Adela means "she of noble origin" and refers to everything related to courage, strength, and highness. In Arabic, the name Adela is related to equity and dignity.

Adele Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Adele
Additional description of the name Adele

Adela is a name of German origin that comes from the root "that", which means, precisely, "that of noble origin". In fact, it is the same origin as the name Adelaide. Today, in some languages, the root "athal" or "ethel" is still used to designate nobility. Moreover, although Adela is not an Arabic name, in that language there is also the root "model", which means fairness and justice.

Diminutives and variations of the name Adela
Among the most common diminutives of the name Adela, we find:
Ada, Adi, Ade, Adel, Eli, Deli

The name Adela in other languages
Adela in French: Adèle
Adela in English: Adele, Ethel
Adela in Italian: Adele
Adela in German: Adele, Ada
Adela in Hungarian: Adel
Adela in Arabic: أديلا
Adela in Chinese: 阿德拉
Adela in Russian: Адела
Adela in Hebrew: אדלה
Adela in Japanese: アデラ
Adela in Korean: 애들레이드

Personality of the name Adela
People named Adela are very active and emotional, they love both helping and being helped. The Adelas are very affectionate and humanitarian, so it is not surprising that in the future they opt for professions that have to do with charity and humanity.
On the other hand, normally the Adelas are very peaceful and kind, but if they get angry their temper becomes a bit strong. However, the Adelas know how to control themselves and get out of complicated situations, always respecting others, even if Adela has not been respected. As for love and friendship, women named Adela are very sensitive and sincere, so they seek to relate to people with whom they can have a respectful and honest friendship or love. As soon as Adela finds the person of her dreams, she will give herself body and soul to that relationship.

Celebrities named Adela
Adela Noriega: famous Mexican actress from cinema and television. She has received numerous awards, including several ACE Awards, Sol de Oro, Laurel de Oro, Bravo Awards for best actress in a television series, as well as various TVyNovelas Awards (Mexico) for best leading actress and best young actress, among others. others.
Adela Micha: well-known Mexican presenter and journalist. He has appeared in television media such as Eco-Mexico, Vision AM and En Contraste, among others. She has also made her appearance on the radio, in programs such as Al Aire and Panorama Informativo.
Adela Cortina: famous Spanish philosopher who won the Jovellanos International Essay Award in 2007. In addition, she is director of the Etnor Foundation and professor of Ethics at the University of Valencia. One of her most famous phrases is that "the foreigner is not rejected, but the poor."
Adela Ucar: Spanish journalist popularly known for directing the program 21 dias de Cuatro from 2010 to 2014. She currently works as a reporter at the program Four a Day.

Day of the Saint of Adela
The day of the Saint of Adela is usually celebrated on December 24, by the abbess Santa Adela de Treveris . However, the saints of Adela can also be celebrated on these other dates:

Numerology of the name Adela
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Adela is 5.

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Comments on the name Adele
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Adele, i've been called dele , della, delly, a Dell, and my all time fave Ardele by a fellow Woman Of Steel(I'm a welder). All in all i like my name , kind of exotic, not too many around. My grandparents were Belgin and i was named after my great grandmother. I'm proud of that.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

yes my name is alexis its alexis ashley timothy i love my name and aparuntly my mom and dad love that name to becaues they named me it i have dirty blonde hair down to my sholders, hasel eyes im 4"8 and im girly girl and tomboy i have 2 puppies allie is a full black lab and annie is full beagle i look just like my mom a little like my dad oh ya and i dont have any step parents or any thing any was ther's a little about me i love my name .

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Soooooooo pretty!!! I went to university with an "Adele", and she was always the life of the party and quite popular!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Adele and when I was young I hated it because it was an uncommon name and when I grew up in the 1962's you wanted to be a Pat, Mary or Suzie. Anyway, I love my name now and often get complimented on my "beautiful" name. My daughter is expecting her'second child in January 2019 and if it is a girl, she is going to name her Adele. She loves the name.

12/12/2023 17:54:16

our daughter was born in 1982.We named her'shawnna Adele.Was and will always fit her perfectly

12/11/2023 21:37:34

I called my daughter Adele because It's such a beautiful name and fairly uncommon. I got stuck with the name'susan and there were 4 other'susan's in my class at school, so i didn't wanted to inflict that on my daughter! She is 11 years old now and all the 'Chloe's, Sophie's and Emma's' tell her they wish they were called Adele.

11/16/2023 09:44:58

i have a seven year old girl called adele. i always call her Del which i +del think is a really cool name.

11/13/2023 15:55:06

I'm thinking of using this name, or Sophia (although quite popular now) or Audrey...

11/07/2023 00:37:50

I was named after my grandmother and love it, It's a happy way to remember her. It's old fashioned but popular.

10/20/2023 22:56:58

My 8 year old daughter, Adelle, has complained about something I didn't think of when I was pregnant. Adele/Adelle rhymes with "a smell," which she heard at school the other day.

09/20/2023 14:41:34

My name is Saphira but I wish my name was Adele sooo bad! I think it is the most sophisticated name, not to popular, but feminine at the'same time. If I was named Adele, I would like to be named after Adele Adkins!

08/10/2023 01:49:18

I have always loved my name. It has neer been shortened except for one time when'this rather cheeky 9 year old chased me in the'school playground and shouted out "Addie" - well even'though I was only 8 and three-quarters at the time, I gave him such a telling off. My name is Adele and I spelled it out to him nose - to nose! He never ever called me that name again. Growing up in Scotland the name it had really never been heard of in the 60s.

07/31/2023 12:17:40

It's not my name, but if I do have a daughter, I am totally naming her after Adele Adkins.

07/07/2023 22:15:52

I want to use the'spelling Adele and put the french accent aigu on the'second e so its pronounced ade 'lay'. It would look like Adele'.......can i do that❤️❤️❤️

05/12/2023 21:43:22

My name is Adelle, I like it ! When I was younger, a lot of kids would mess with me and say things like, "Dude, You're getting a dell!" (Like that old Dell computer commercial) That got pretty old but now everyone seems to think it is exotic sounding❤️ Not so much.. but still, haha

04/10/2023 16:47:42

My name is Ad❤️le spelt with an accute accent over the first ever. It's after Ad❤️le Hugo. I love it

04/10/2023 05:37:38

My name is Adele and I too used to hate it when I was younger. Now it is nice to be different and people complement me on my name more than they would if it was anything common.

04/07/2023 07:58:32

HI'my name is Adele and I was named after the little girl "Adele" whom Jane became the governess of in the book Jane Eyre. I love that book and my name, it is a beautiful name and everyone who has It'should be proud. :)

04/06/2023 05:49:10

am 28 weeks pregnant and am naming my daughter Adele, i just love the name and think its cool

03/27/2023 18:38:36

My names Adele, I hated my name until my mum told me I was named after the'song edelweiss on the'sound of music and it is beautiful I now live my name an I'm 13 i've never met anyone called adele before.

02/28/2023 01:16:44

I'm going to be naming my daughter Adele (after my darling Grandmother) and am so excited! I think It'sounds so beautiful and classy and my grandmother is ecstatic. I'm just hoping the whole Dell computer connotation will have died off by the time she's on that playground...

01/15/2023 11:02:04

Well, I'm 45 and have always found my name (Lisa Ann) way too common. I had one large class one year that had six Lisas in it! It's funny to hear the younger girls here say they like their unique name and don't know a bunch of other Lisas. Lisa was the number one most popular girls' name of the 1972's, and one day we'll all be in adjacent rooms in the nursing home and all the Jennifers...

01/13/2023 22:00:16

My name is Adelle I'm 17 and always thought it was spelt wrong! In the end up I beli've its more of a statement and feminine. I really love the way it is spelt and wouldn't change it if I could. The main reason I prefer adelle is so that no one can say its boring because of adele atkins.

01/05/2023 10:55:38

My name is Adele. I grew up in New Mexico, and when I was little, people always wanted to pronounce it Adela, Adelee, Adelay, Adelaide, etc. They didn't grasp the'silent-e concept! But now that I am an adult (actually, from high school on, it was no problem!), I absolutely love my name. It is unique enough, but Isn't so difficult that it makes people confused when I introduce myself at parties! Also, now that I am older, I like that Adele sounds sophisticated (rather than "cute/girly"), but it is still feminine.

12/31/2022 15:25:44

MY name is adele and i used to hate it i wanted to have a common name, :) but now i love it, when i think of it i always remeber people telling me what a lovly name it is. It happens all the time. It's a name to live up to.

12/19/2022 22:10:38

I am considering naming by baby 'Adele'. I have loved it ever'since I read 'Jane Eyre.'

12/08/2022 15:30:20

I just gave my baby the name of Adele. She's a really cool kid. She likes to laugh, and she just learned to roll, I guess she's quite an achi'ver...highly successful baby.

10/29/2022 16:50:24

I was born in 1968 and was named Adele after my maternal grandmother. i've hated my name my whole life because It'sounds like an old lady name and because it was never pronounced correctly. Not one single teacher throughout every grade until graduation, got it right. And then'there was always someone singing "the farmer and Adele" I'm am eternally grateful that the "Adele" came along so now when giving my name i can say - like the famous BrIt'sh singer and It's spelled the'same way too. I will say that i prefer my name Adele to the alternative first name i would have had if named after my paternal grandmother Josephine! So - I'm okay with my name now.

10/27/2022 22:31:12

I just called my daughter Adıle (spelt the french way) and we thought that it is a very pretty timeless name that will be appropriate no matter how old she is.

10/12/2022 16:02:26

I named my only daughter Adele, I think it is pretty and different and I remember my mom always telling me about a girl she knew named Adele Graham, that was BEAUTIFUL, it just so happened to be my mother-in-law's middle name.

10/09/2022 08:59:04

Hi, I live in Northern England. My middle name is Adele and I love it. My first name is Camille, and Camille Adele has a nice ring to it.

09/27/2022 08:40:46

hi I'm an Adele from England my mom and dad argued on what to call me, mom wanted jamima (scary) but dad liked adele. i love it its unusual though i have met 5 girls now. i get called del dele and smell. least im not my sister named after blondie lol

09/22/2022 00:50:16

I was born in 1974 in a small area of Glasgow. When I attended School I found another Adele 2 years older. This was confussing as I was used to turning up if called as i felt my name was unusual.

09/06/2022 18:03:52

My names adele, im a teenager and i have never met any one else with my name and i personally think that is great. most of my friends have the'same name and it does get on there nerves a bit. But growing up i've never been picked on about It'so its great too call your kids :)

04/04/2022 19:31:12

Hi ^.^ my name is Charmay-Adele, Pronounced "shar-may-adel"I'm 14 years old, your probably thinking right now 'what kind of name is that❤️❤️' well this is how i got my name My Mum created Charmay, and gave the meaning ıhopefulı while my dad liked Adele. My parents couldnıt decide on which name to chooseı So the nurse offered an idea of ıCharmay-Adeleı and my parents were happy with the idea. through the years i guess the most funny thing about my name would have to be when substitute Teacher does roll call... they Never'say my name right... haha "sharmenaydel❤️"

02/03/2022 22:58:12

My name is Adele. I was named after my Uncle Addell who was killed in WWII. I never liked my name when I was young being I was the only Adele in my small town. Everyone else had names like Kathy, Linda, Cindy, I always felt different plus most people couldn't remember my name.(I also had to explain the'silent 'e') They always call me by my younger'siter's name Patty....but...over the years(62)I have grown to like my name. Many have commented "how pretty." I am now sorry I didn't appreciate my name more. It is unique,and very French. And now with the'singer 'Adele' being popular people don't have a problem remembering my name.

12/15/2021 06:56:06

Adele's my name but since I'm French I spell it like this. Adıle. I think my name's very pretty but it always reminds me of A Dell computer. My nickname is Deli like where you buy meat but spelled Delly. Other than that It's a great name and very rare.

11/13/2021 23:43:12

hey my name is Valerie I dont know if I should change it❤️ please tell me.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Adele?
The origin of the name Adele is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Adele?
*️⃣ How many people are named Adele?
Almost 40000 people are named Adele.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Adele?
The names of Perry, Adolfo, Adelia, Adolf, Adolpho