Adelyn meaning

: Noble Kind

Adelyn Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-del-yn, ad(e)-lyn\
Number of People 👶 17,000
Rate in 2021 518
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 German
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Adelyn Name Meaning

Adelyn is one of those American girl names that are newly invented. Its meaning is a noble one. It is a novel term that is thought to be coming from two traditional ones. One of each is Adelaide. The preferred name is made up of two German parts; Adal which means noble and heid which means kind or variant. The second prediction of the creation of the name Adelyn is thought to be coming from the name “Madelyn” in which its “M” is omitted. It can be somehow a respelling of the French name “Madeleine” or Mary Magdalene which is from the New Testament. She was the woman who became very close to Christ. American names are sometimes created from respellings of other languages’ names, combining two old names or their meanings, and so on. Adelyn is not an exception!


Cool Info About Name Adelyn

Additional name description Adelyn
Additional name description Adelyn

More about the personality traits:

They are aware of their spirit and others. They are mystical. They are highly preferring to spend their spare time alone and are not extroverted people most of the time. They prefer to think about different philosophical, natural, critical, and economic matters to be in a crowd of people doing routines or having fun. They are always eager to know more about the universe, our place in the universe, and nature in general.

They are wise and active people. They can solve complicated problems as easily as we cannot predict and they work them out as best as possible! We cannot understand or believe their talent and wisdom because of their introversion and the sense of internal shyness in showing their abilities. It is a very good idea for you as the parents to encourage them to show their abilities where needed.  

On the opposition side, they are so poetic and artistic. Their soul is integrated with art and poetry. They are so sensitive about the world around them. This characteristic makes them good artists and poets.

They are very humanistic as they are always taking care of other people and the people they love more. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for their families and love. This is a very admirable point in their trait. They are good wives to their partners and devote all they have in their lives to their mates. You can be a lucky man if you get married to them.

Moreover, people react very friendly to their greetings. They love them as a consequence of the love they received. When people meet them first, they perceive a personality that loves elegance, being well-dressing, impressive, and self-sufficient. They admit you with all of the positive and negative points in your personality. They should be so careful of their words in front of them because Adelyns can catch the problems easily and fast.

We can name some bold adjectives of the name Adelyn:

Intuitive, impressive, wise, sensitive, solitary, introverted, mystical

Lucky colors of Adelyn: green, gold, and all shades of yellow

The fortunate day is Saturday and Sunday

Most likely careers which are supposed to be suitable for Adelyns:

Poet, writer, music composer, artist, philosopher, historian


More about popularity:

As mentioned before, Adelyn is a new name In America. In 2007, it first appeared in female names’ charts, and nowadays, it is showing more fans. This name has many different variants including: “Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelyn, Adelynn”. This is the reason for some misunderstandings that your child will face in the future. Her friends or teammates, her co-workers, and so on may have some confusion about her name’s spelling. If you are the sort of parent who welcomes new names and incredible spellings, we suggest Adelyn as your baby girl.

In the past eight decades, Adelyn was recorded more than 15000 times in the SSA database.

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Comments on the name Adelyn
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Decided to name my daughter Adelyn Grace, and people loved It'so much that they copied me! So much for my daughter having an original name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I know a girl in Germany who is 12 years old and her name is Adeline, not Adelyn. some people pronounce her name aid*ee*line. She is the only person i know with the name. However I LOVE the name'soooo much!!!

01/04/2024 19:53:06

I am having a daughter and naming her Adelyn Elizabeth. Although the name is growing in popularity, I'much prefer this spelling to any of the other variations. It looks classic and clean to me. I think It's a beautiful name! I also love Adeline but chose Adelyn for pronunciation purposes.

12/14/2023 07:48:58

I named our daughter Adeline Grace, but we pronounced it Adelyn. People were confused with this, so we had to change the pronunciation. However, this name is becoming super uber popular, with 7 variations of the Adeline, Adalynn, Adalyn, Adaline, Adelyn, Addilyn, and Adelynn being in the top 400 of names in 2017 according to Social Security Stats. I find myself unable to say her name out loud, because it feels like somebody else's name. So I just call her baby girl and sometimes Ada, though that is also becoming trendy. I am not sure what to do as she is 6 months and I am starting to avoid people and have constant fights with my husband over choosing a trendy name.

12/05/2023 12:48:14

Great name. Had a sim with this name a while back.

11/23/2023 08:58:20

My almost 2 year old is Adelynn Rose. I never heard this name until after we had her and now I have found several other little girls with the'same name, which was kinda a disappointment but then I realized it must be a good name if other want it too.

10/07/2023 12:15:34

I love the name adelyn! I am expecting a little girl in two months and im highly considering Adelyn Grace. I havent met another one and in my opinion it is traditional and beautiful.

10/03/2023 20:23:12

This is my daughter's name (born 2017). We love it. People sometimes spell with two "t's". Not sure if she'll go by Harriet or Hattie. We wanted a traditional name that would be unique in her generation. So far so good. I have yet to meet someone younger than 40 with this name.

09/13/2023 23:24:18

we named our daughter Akira in 2020 its very rare in our country she has an amazing IQ and very hard working but sensitive

06/26/2023 13:14:30

My daughter's name is Adelynn Rose. She was born in 2018 and we hadn't heard the name anywhere at that time. Now, It's increasing in popularity :( Some people call her Addie, which I'm not a fan of (just because It's so popular now). We love her full name and chose not to shorten it... although, now she is 4, she's asking to be called Adele :)

12/09/2022 22:04:12

If i have a daughter i want to name her Adelyn Marie

09/05/2022 17:05:02

My sisters name is adelyn. I really don' like her but I kinda like the name

05/26/2022 20:29:42

This is my 3 year old daughters name, although we spell it Kiah and I love it, It's such a beautiful name. It did frustrate me when she was first born and people called her Kia as in the car but it doesn't happen so much now. There weren't many variations around 3/4 yrs ago but I have since seen lots and different meanings too but the one in the baby book I had said it was african and meant 'seasons start'. I originally heard it in the fI'm Willow starring Val KI'mer years ago, loved it then and still do!

05/18/2022 16:41:06

My daughter born in 2012 was named Adelyn Agnes after both her Grandma's. By the way the grandma with Adelyn name is now 93 :) She is referred to as Addy most times or Adelyn of course. Love this name

04/18/2022 09:15:36

Our daughters name is Adelyn Grace. We chose this spelling despite favouring the traditional spelling because we thought it better that'she have to spell it for people than constantly being mispronounced as Adel-line as we favoured Adel-Lin as a pronounciation. Grace is a family name. And I had not seen'this combination anywhere else until I read these comments. Our backup was Adelyn Rose - which funnily has appeared here too. Many people have expressed they love her name. We love it and her too.

02/24/2022 17:38:42

My 6 month old daughter's name is this...But it is spelled Addilyn. I am yet to find anyone with her'spelling, or see it anywhere online. Just goes to show...She is one of a kind! Some people do call her Addi. Which I like and think is cute!

11/07/2021 05:45:54

Love! Thinking Adelyn Claire or Adelyn Fancesca if its a girl

08/07/2021 16:51:00

My names Adelyn but I'm the only person I know with this name. People almost always pronounce it wrong and spell it wrong. its pronounced Add-e-lin. I'm one of the first or was the first person here recorded with the name though.

08/05/2021 04:27:36

This will be my daughter's name!! I am hoping that no one will pronounce it wrong. I think I'may make it known that it is pronounced like salon but with a T, Talan. We haven't decided on how to spell it, but definitely not to sound like Taylin. Kentucky

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Adelyn?
The origin of the name Adelyn is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Adelyn?
Noble Kind
*️⃣ How many people are named Adelyn?
Almost 17000 people are named Adelyn.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Adelyn?
The names of Adam, Aden, Addam, Autum, Autumm