Agnes meaning

: pure or holy.

Agnes Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ag-nes\
Number of People 👶 159,000
Rate in 2021 2313
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Agnes Name Meaning

Agnes exudes an air of enduring purity and sanctity. Derived from the Greek name ‘Hagne,’ meaning pure or holy, Agnes absorbs a special spiritual significance. It signifies someone marked by intrinsic purity, sincerity, and sanctity, subtly intriguing with its simple yet profound connotations of holiness. A female bearing the name Agnes might emanate a spiritual essence, coupled with an aura of integrity and earnestness.

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Agnes Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Agnes
Additional description of the name Agnes

Agnes has roots deep within early Christian history, with St. Agnes of Rome, a revered martyr, being one of its earliest bearers. The popularity of the name spread through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, due to the respect the Saint commanded and her portrayal in many artworks. Flourishing in different forms across European cultures, Agnes retains its charm even today, mainly due to its classic and vintage appeal.

Cool Info About Name Agnes

Additional name description Agnes
Additional name description Agnes

The name Agnes, while not overly common, is marked by its strong historical background and association with revered personalities. Notable individuals named Agnes include Agnes of Rome, Agnes Moorehead (an American actress), and Agnes Martin (a Canadian-American painter). The name is often associated with traits such as strength, purity, and a gentle aura. While its popularity fluctuates, Agnes has seen a recent resurgence possibly due to the trend of reviving vintage names.

Penned by a human, the name Agnes serves as a testament to an era of simplicity, purity, and a rich cultural past. It holds a promise of timelessness, gracefully capturing the essence of sanctity, making it a compelling choice for those seeking associations with purity, history, and spirituality.

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Comments on the name Agnes
10/20/2023 13:15:04

My middle name is Agnes. I was named after my aunt who passed before i was born and the name is meaningful, beautiful, an inspiring just from hearing it.

10/05/2023 08:14:28

My friend is named Agnes. She's nice and funny, and she's in my class. I hope some people don't do any thumbs down anymore.

08/03/2023 23:27:54

that's my name & I'm OK with that, but It'sounds better in Spanish or French (Ines).

07/28/2023 14:20:56

I happen'to know a lovely Agnes who is only 23 yrs! She is my grad program at uni. She is the hottest Agnes one can imagine. I no longer associate Agnes with "old lady."

07/14/2023 05:01:46

My name is Agnes and I live in Seattle and everyone always thought my name was weird and old hah. But when I went to Sweden last year I'met sooooo many Agnes it was crazy

07/14/2023 02:58:20

Well our little miracle Caden Bradaigh Kerr was born on 9-11-2015 just after his next older'sibling graduated from high school and 10 days after his oldest brother was married. We decided on'the name as it combined the names of my late mother Kay and late brother Dan.

06/24/2023 18:55:18

I'm polish, my name is AGNIESZKA = AGNES, I didn't really like it I was called ASIA by my mom, but now I kinda like it,It's not that popular - and I like it like that (and I'm not an old lady -I'm 27)I like different names-my 27mo daughter name is Astrid:)

05/21/2023 11:26:42

In some ways this name is ok, perhaps not so bad at all, but if you were naming your daughter this, think of how she would feel. It would be hard for a girl to feel beautiful while growing up with a name like 'agnes'. You could name a dog something like this; but not a child. the name has a old-fashioned and ugly side, too. why don't you go with the name 'august' or 'augustine' instead as a good alternative❤️ luv, Emy

04/04/2023 16:29:44

Popular with Swedish parents at the present time but is considered old ladyish in most areas where English is spoken.

03/19/2023 19:01:40

Reminds me of a lovely character in Charles Dickens book, David Copperfield. Agnes is the heroin. But the name is rather out of context for a child in 2019. I hope it comes back in.

03/02/2023 03:14:24

If I were to have another little girl, she'll Agnes Victoria or Agnes Violet. I love this name and the fact that it is not on the charts makes its appeal to me even stronger.

02/22/2023 22:26:00

I feel that It brings out the feminine side of me. It is a classic name. so classic, that everytime I get into trouble, my mother or my father will shout AGNES out loud. (Its my real name, they usually call my by my nickname.)....hahahaha

02/12/2023 21:26:40

i LOVE this name, but It's my dad's ugly exes name..

01/18/2023 08:05:54

There are too many aiden names... jaiden, aiden, caiden, hayden...

01/02/2023 07:59:08

My mane is Agnes came from the name of St. Agnes. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.

12/26/2022 11:24:28

It's an old ladies name, plain and simple. It's not such a bad name at all. I beli've It's of Spanish origin, like Ines (pronounced EE-nes).

12/19/2022 17:46:08

agnes is a beautiful name i didnt like the name at first but now i luv the name it cool

11/19/2022 12:27:04

I like my name Agnes, and I happen'to be an old lady.

11/10/2022 19:29:46

Its okay i suppose, i can see the awful and old fashioned side of it, but in away its unique and pretty, i live near a village called St.Agnes and ive always like the name

10/13/2022 09:40:26

My mother was Agnes, and as a youngster I did not like the name'she was named after her grandmother. I now think it a beautiful name. For those who think it old ladyish that time for you is not far off, it comes quicker than you think. To put it in perspective a 95 year old thinks an 80 year old is a youngster

10/07/2022 23:46:30

It's an old lady name. Sounds like a 70 year old retired lunch lady.

01/22/2022 09:56:06

Borne by American actress Agnes Moorehead of the TV series Bewitched (she played Endora). Though Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and American actress Elisabeth Shue have daughters named Agnes, I think that hardly anyone else is likely to copy them anytime soon, for I think that It's still a hideous name and more so than Lillian, Beatrice, and Dorothy (the first of the three is now popular again but the other two are currently unpopular - for now at least).

01/05/2022 16:15:00

I was almost named Agnes and thankfully It's almost. I don't find the name beautiful because It'sounds close to "acne" and worse, "agnas" which in Filipino language means "to decompose" specifically a corpse. But if You're not sensitive to what a name'sounds like and you love classic unique names, you may like it.

10/24/2021 13:16:48

When I was younger I could not picture myself with my Amber being older. However, I'm now approaching 30 and I can't see myself with any other name. I like it. It's unique. Not too many people have my name. Everyone, unless you are really unaware...can spell my name w/o help.

09/09/2021 23:38:42

Still old ladyish, despite BrIt'sh supermodel Agyness Deyn (real name Laura Hollins), who chose a rather unusual spelling of her name. No offense, however, but the unusual spelling of what is otherwise meant for oldsters is even more stupid than the millions of little Madisons, Caitlins, Siennas, and Taylors out there. Would YOU name a child Agyness❤️ I wouldn't!

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Agnes FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Agnes?
The origin of the name Agnes is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Agnes?
pure or holy.
*️⃣ How many people are named Agnes?
Almost 159000 people are named Agnes.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Agnes?
The names of Augustine, Agustin, Augustin, Maxime, Agostina