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: Precious

Alan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lan\
Number of People 👶 352,000
Rate in 2021 341
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 English
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Alan Name Meaning


The name Alan is a given name that has been used as a boy’s name all around the English speaking countries. This name has a strong historical background. The name “ Alan “ is originally Irish and means “ handsome “ or “ cheerful “. This name has another form which is spelled as “ Allan “, the mentioned form is not as popularity as the main form “ Alan “.

This name consists of 4 letter and 2 syllables, that’s why this name is easy to be pronounced everywhere. The name Alan and Allan are both pronounced as “ A – lan “.

Cool Info About Name Alan

Additional name description Alan
Additional name description Alan


The personality of the name

Here we have the letter analysis of the name;

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

L is for little, the little things you do

A is for abundant, your cheer knows no bounds

N is for natural, the genuine side of you

Also, it might be interesting for you that this name is spelled as “ Nala “ in reverse; the name “ Nala “ might be used by some families.

If you are given “ Alan “, your heart’s desire is peace and harmony above anything else. You need friends and a friendly atmosphere, you are a sociable person and you can shine in society. Your gentle nature makes you avoid confrontation as much as possible. There is always an internal battle when you are uncertain about something.

Also, it might be difficult for you to start new things. You are a person who is true to your ambitions and interests. It is one of your characteristics that you can do anything you want lonely, you are independent and strong.


The popularity of the name Alan

The name Alan is the 45th most common baby boy’s name in the United States. If you want to select this name as your baby’s name, you should consider that nearly 528 babies were named the same name as your baby in Pennsylvania. It means that this name is not rare. The name Alan has been one of the most popular names based on the data given by reliable sources.

The name appeared in 1882 for the first time, it was given to 6 boys at first. The main popularity of the name is related to the year 1938. The name Alan is a consistent too ranking boy’s name in the state of Connecticut for 64 years from 1925 to 1989.


Famous people named Alan

The name is a popular name, due to the usage of that. There are lots of well-known characters that are named Alan. Here we have a list of them;

Alan Stokes who is  a Youtube star

Alan Walker who is a DJ

Alan Rickman who is a Movie Actor

Alan Bersten who is a Dancer

Alan Chikin Chow who is a Tiktok star

Alan Jackson who is a Country singer


Similar names to the name Alan

As it is mentioned, the name Alan is not rare. If you are looking for a rare one, you can select the names below;

Aadolf, Aaliyah, Aapeli, Aapo, Aaron, Aart, Aatami, Aabbe and Abbas


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Comments on the name Alan
12/30/2023 01:27:48

In ireland the name Alan is a first name meaning handsome, and Allen is a surname. It is a celtic name

12/29/2023 10:10:52

My older brother's name. He always complains because people spell it "ALLAN" with two "L". He frequently have to have his name double checked with every paper or company he applies for and signs.

12/02/2023 06:55:24

my bfs name is alan and thats what we are going to name the baby

12/01/2023 21:13:30

My brother's name is Alandon. I never have seen anyone with that name before. If anyone knows anyone with that name, i would love to know.

10/29/2023 13:33:12

No one ever pronounces my name wrong, but more often'than n't it is spelled incorrectly, usually Allen. I have never met an "Alan" who spells it with an "a" and two "l's". "Alan" is a good name because It's simple, direct and n't very common It'seems. Stats tell us otherwise, but I rarely meet an'ther "Alan." In'the'small town I live in'there is someone n't even remotely related to me who has the'same first, middle, and last name as I have. We've never met, but we occassionally get each other's mail. As an aside, It's inter'sting that a word search on'this site for "Alan" also comes up with "Alma" as a man's name. Oddly enough, my mother's name is "Alma," and I can assure you she's n't a male.

05/05/2023 19:16:02

Carried this name for 52 years. Glad my parents named me this. Common enough n't to be weird yet n't common common!

11/08/2022 03:25:42

my brothe's middle name is Alan and it fits him..i love this name!

10/11/2022 09:28:34

I'm an'ther Alan but i live in scotland where it is quite a common name. people are forever'spelling it wrong with 2 L's it really gets on my nerves having to tell people who write it down'that they spelled it wrong. when spelled with 2 L's it is a surname. (usually Allen) The name itself doesn't bother me or make me happy... It's just my name :)

06/11/2022 04:19:30

is the best name ever. im handsome girls love the name.

05/29/2022 07:03:18

well i Do like the name but in the'same time i do dad pick the name.but my mom Brother wift had a baby and they call her ANNETTE they call me ANNETTE.but they call herELIS

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alan?
The origin of the name Alan is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alan?
*️⃣ How many people are named Alan?
Almost 352000 people are named Alan.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alan?
The names of Alanis, Atlantis, Shyhiem