Protector Of Man, Defender

Alexandria Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lexa-ndria, alex(an)-dria\
Number in U.S 👶 100,000
Rate in 2021 657
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Alexandria : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Historical origin and Etymology:

The name Alexandria is a variant of the female name Alexandra. It is given from the name of the city located in Egypt which was founded by Alexander the Great in 322 B.C. and named Alexander in his honor.

Alexander is the Latin form of the Greek word "Alexandros".

The name's meaning is constrained by two parts; one part relates to the Greek word "Alexei" which means "to defend" and the second part is the Greek word "Andros" which means "Man, warrior". Hence, the meaning of the name Alexander is "defender of men or mankind".

Alexander the Great was the long of Macedon. No one can turn a blind eye to his legend. He is the true man. He found the city of Alexandria to settle a Hellenistic kingdom and to connect Greece to the wealthy Nile Valley.

As a given name, Alexandria was developed as a place name in the United States.

Personality traits of Alexandria:

She is very powerful as her name suggests. She is full of wealth and abundance. It is hard to find her in need of others. She is so self-dependent in responding to her needs. She seems very strong in the first meeting and as time passes, you will understand that her power was not a legend.

She is the leader all the time. She has an authoritative personality and this makes her more powerful from others' points of view. She is very wise to solve problems with ease. This is another factor that makes her more strong and more protective.

She is very active and hard-working; having these two characteristic features along with each other, makes a person more well-earned. She makes money very well and tries to create a more comfortable life for her family.

Moreover, she does her job very carefully and well. More generally, she is good at anything which is given to her. She can work it out as best as possible. This is very nice about her and leads her to success. She sees everything in full detail while she is noticing it on a Grand scale. She can plan for her success very well by using this strategy.

She is a good group leader. She can find everyone's potential very well to use their abilities in the right place and time.

How do people react to the name Alexandria?

When people meet you for the first time, they understand that you are an elegant, sensitive and Noble person. Your confidence is clear in your behaviour. So, some admire it while others may be jealous of it. Try to be away from those people. People understand your group work soul and like it.

All in all, she owns these characteristic features: Authoritative, Powerful, Tough, Tenacious, Wealthy, Problem-solver, Achiever

Her likely future careers: administrator, supervisor, industrialist, builder, politician, printer, publisher, engineer, philosopher, social scientist, public speaker, and leader in commerce or travel and tourism.

Lucky colors: dark ones like black, grey, green, and dark blue.

Lucky Day: Thursday

The popularity of the female name Alexandria:

It first appeared in the United States popularity charts in1969. In the 1980s, the name experienced a jump on the charts; the reason for this success is not clear right now.

In the 1990s, it reached its peak and climbed up on the charts until it was placed in the top 100 list of most commonly used female names in the United States.

In the 21st century, the names descended on the charts and lost their position.

Alexandria can be a very good choice for American parents and especially, those who like to use a place's name for their baby's name.

Alex names are very popular like Alexandra, Alexis, Alexa and in fact, they are very nice to choose from, but Alexandria sounds better than all the other versions, it is more fanciful.

For the past three decades, Alexandria was recorded about 100,000 times in the SSA Database.

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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alexandria?
The origin of the name Alexandria is Greek.
*️⃣ How many people are named Alexandria?
Almost 100000 people are named Alexandria.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alexandria?
The names of Alexis, Alexios, Alexus, Alexys