Defender, Protector

Alexis Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lexis\
Number in U.S 👶 404,000
Rate in 2021 412
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek

Alexis Name Meaning

Meaning and originality:

Alexis actually started as a masculine name. It stems from the same root that Alexander comes from. While Alexander means "protector of mankind", Alexis just merely means "to protect". Just  like Alexander, Alexis has a long history that precedes Christ. In the Greek literature, Alexis is always given to beautiful and charming boys who are wanted by another character in the stories. This name is also historically connected to a prominent ancient poet. Although Alexander the Great is the first person  that comes to our mind when we hear these "Alex" names, Alexis owes most of its popularity to a saint who lived in the 5th century. His presence in the Eastern Empire and Rome is why this name is very popular in Eastern Europe and in the more Western parts. The transformation of Alexis to a feminine name occurred in 1940s in the U.S. nowadays in most English-speaking countries his name is chosen for girls. While in other countries, this name is still chosen for boys as well. As a feminine name, Alexis is very popular in countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United States. When it comes to a name for boys, Alexis is very popular in France.

Here are some famous people named Alexis:

Alexis I of Russia (ruler)
Alexis (ancient Greek comic poet)
Alexis (ancient Greek sculptor)

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Alexis?

This name stimulates logical thinking. There is a great possibility that you are intelligent, intuitive, graceful, and even a psychic. You want to know the truth and that's why it is possible that you are interested in Mysticism. Sometimes you avoid others and try to be alone. You like beautiful and luxurious things.

You want to take care of the people that you love. Family values and traditions are very important to you. You do not hesitate in sacrificing yourself for the sake of others. You are great at giving advice. You can be shy about showing your artistic side. People value the love that you give them.

You are loyal to your ambitions and desires. You are Independent, creative, freethinker, and have strong leadership potential. You would like to take control of matters and stick to your primary ideas. It is possible for you to be impulsive.

How do people react to you?

People believe that someone has this name is dignified, well-dressed, outstanding, self-sufficient, and impressive. People do not look at you as a pushy person. You possible like colorful and cheerful clothes. People know you as a pioneer and think that you can come up with solutions. Sometimes you must try not to look intimidating.

People generally look at this name as being refined, serious, and youthful.

Lucky colors: All shades of yellow, gold, and green

Lucky day(s): Saturday and Sunday


This name is still being used for both the girls and the boys in the U.S, but its popularity and use is much more common among girls. In entrance to the name charts, Alexis first entered the female charts and then the male charts. A character that helped the popularity of Alexis as a name for girls was Alexis Carrington in the" Dynasty". For boys, the popularity is very moderate but for girls the name is trendier. The pert name for Alexis can be Lexie which is a great name itself.

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Comments on the name Alexis
2/27/2023 5:35:18 AM

It is a pretty name, but i've found it to be too formal and princessy at times, probably because it takes three syllables. I generally go by Lex or Lexi and people seem to think It's edgy or cute. When I was a kid it was quite uncommon and people got it wrong all the time. I was named after my father and I'm proud to have a strong name with a beautiful meaning, "helper of mankind".

2/25/2023 7:12:12 PM

My name is Alexis and i am a girl. i have chesn't brown hair to my shoulders and bright green eyes, and i am also 5'11. i've been called Alex, Lex, lexi, Ali, and Lexis. The name is just so fun to say and it kind of rolls off your tongue.

2/25/2023 12:09:00 PM

Wouldn't everyone expect you to be romantic in some way if your name was Valentina?

2/24/2023 7:03:18 AM

All my friends call me sexy lexi i think it is funny . They actually say (SL) instead but thats all rught.

2/21/2023 1:10:28 AM

i know a girl named alexis! she is 12 years old and had blonde hair and green eyes. She is so pretty and funny. she is the prettiest out of her family and she has 3 sisters. i love the name alexis. Everyone calls her lex or lexi or alexis. her'sisters have beautiful names to. Emilyrose, Leah, and SAmantha.

2/10/2023 9:47:06 AM

My daughter's name is Alexis. It's a beautiful and strong name and my husband and I instantly agreed on that name for her the FIRST day we talked about names and was the ONLY girl's name mentioned. We instantly had a girl's name and had a BEAUTIFUL little girl to take the name.

2/9/2023 1:45:04 AM

My son's name is Alexis. He is now 15 and says he doesn't like it b/c It's a girl name. He usually goes my Alexi. When I go to school or try to make a doctors appt. they always refer to him as a her which I promptly correct. We are Hispanic and this is generally known as a boy's name. Hopefully he'll appreciate his name as he gets older.

2/6/2023 6:47:38 PM


2/6/2023 12:34:22 AM

my name is Alexis and i love it. generally people spell it right but some get it confused with the'spelling 'Alekis'ive only ever met one other Alexis but it was a long time ago. other than that im the only one ive met but ther's surely more seeing the'stats. and yes, most people do pronounce it correctly.

2/3/2023 8:15:38 PM

HI'my name is alexis. I love this name, even'though sometimes little people cant pronounce it. Oh well! People with the name alexis should be proud because it a cool name!! Alexis

1/29/2023 7:25:22 AM

my name is alexis, and i love it. i have only meet one other person with the name alexis, but i am the only one in my school with it. i think it is really cool to have a name that not many people have. i am always trying to find different ways to spell it, i like It'spelled either alexus, or alexiis. i also like all of the nicknames that people give me to go with my name like; allie, al, lex. it has never bothered me that boys also have the name alexis because there are alot of names that boys also have. i just love the name alexis though, i think It'sounds so beautiful, and i would never change it for anything. i just want to change the way that it is spelled. haha.

1/25/2023 5:18:48 PM

This name has really grown on me. I was turned off at first but It'sounds sweet and strong at the'same time. My daughter now is Haylee and I'm pregnant with #2 and if its a girl I'm going to push for Harper. Also To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book of all time!

1/23/2023 9:46:06 AM

Hi, my name is Alexis Grace. I am a tall redhead with freckles. I'm 75% Irish 25% French Basque. I laugh so hard when people tell me the a-Lexus joke. Classic! :D

1/23/2023 2:07:38 AM

i like the name of you like the name? yes/no tell me about! OK

1/12/2023 4:01:40 PM

I love the name Alexis I have met other people with this name.I hate when people call me Alex or Lexi but i do go by Alexis or Aly.

1/8/2023 6:34:16 PM

my name is alexis and i live in a big town with a lottt of kids in ma school and i dont know anyone at the'school with that name'so i feel special lol... well im 5'2 tall for a 12 year old... my hair is about 5 inches past my shouldet and im very active sporty and very popular in school i have a slender body, straight a student, i love my name llts if my friends call me lex and i love it... i defend my friends if anyone is a b**** to them i guess my name keeps its meaning, haha i love to txt hang out with my friends and boyfriend, and LOVE to txt haha well anyone thats y i love my name it just suits me perfectly

1/8/2023 7:41:50 AM

i absolutely love my name! even'though i say i hate it, i love it! because my crush said that it means pretty and sweet! haha, i get called lexi, and i love how you can make more than one nickname for it. <3 :)

1/7/2023 12:00:24 PM

hey my name is Alexis Campbell, and i lovee my name. although, i do sometimes try to see if there is different ways to spell it to make it awesomer, such as Alexiis, Alexiiz, Alexiz, Alexys? idk even know if the last one is pronounced the'same way

1/4/2023 3:28:52 AM

my name is alexis michelle bailey and i have the prettiest name ever... thank my parents for naming me alexis! Every time i tell older people my name they say "Alexis Carrington?" and now of course i know she was a witch... sigh... but alas, i am a saint! really!

12/30/2022 8:16:36 AM

I love my name,even if some people may mis-pronounce it,i just yell what it really is sounded like xD

12/23/2022 9:41:28 PM

My Name is Alexis and I LOVE it! I hated my name in middle school, but after that I loved the'sound of it. Most people call me Lexis and don't even know my name has an A in it. But I love the way my boyfriend says sexy is that? LOL!

12/22/2022 6:56:50 PM

I want to name my son Alexis, but everybody is telling me the name is for a girl, however im Hispanic and my culture the name is given usually to boys.. Kids in'the US are horrible when growing up.. specially teasing kids about their name.. im still n't sure?

12/21/2022 7:08:32 PM

Hi im Alexis, i don't like my name, im from Canada up north =) .. haha :P

12/14/2022 3:27:42 AM

It's a nice name.I have it.Hey, it could have been worse.I could have been named Angie. Elch!

12/6/2022 4:29:00 PM

I am a 27 year old male named Alexis. Growing up i was teased a bit because people said it was a girls name, unless they were from a country outside of the U.S, in which case they thought of it as a boys name. I now love my name, and always liked that I was named after the great prize fighter Alexis Arguello. My whole life everybody, including my family has called me "Lex", which is a great nickname. So despite the teasing, it has become something I am very proud of and that I get n'thing but compliments for. It's a name that builds character.

12/6/2022 7:40:00 AM

My besties name is Alexis. We call her lexis sometimes to annoy her, but love the name

12/4/2022 11:35:00 AM

Alexis Nicole is my neices names. I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. there are not alot of alexis's out there anymore

12/3/2022 2:22:26 AM

I named my baby Alexis and a lot of people say its a girl name i think its sounds better for a boy.

11/30/2022 4:46:18 PM

I have a 3 year old daughter we named Alexis Leanna, we have another girl due in 7 weeks and still can't agree on anything because I won't settle for anything not complimentary to her name.

11/13/2022 6:51:42 AM

This is my name; it has an outdated feel to it. Having this name pretty much marks you as having been born in the 70s. Twenty years from now, it will be exclusively an "old lady name".

11/11/2022 8:10:58 PM

Hello my name is Alexis. My mom and dad call me Lexi. I like both names alot. Its very unigue. My full name is Alexis Lynn Rose, and people always tell me that is pretty =) i love my name

11/7/2022 7:29:36 PM

I love the name Alexis because I'm the only one named Alexis in school, which is out of a lot of people. The only bad thing about the name Alexis is that whenever I'meet someone new, they tend to refer back to me as Alex, Lexi, or Alexa. Almost every soccer coach I had has called me something different. Its kind of annoying yet still funny.

11/3/2022 12:17:20 AM

hahah, so i checked this website outt. pretty funny. my names alexis. i go by lexx . just like that with to x's . // my boyfriend calls me lexxie. (: oh i love hI'm. haha all of my family calls me lexx. its like no one remembers my real name. haha . oh this is deffintely life. , < 3.

10/31/2022 2:23:34 PM

i love the name alexis because it is my best friends last name and its pretty. - olivia hahn

10/30/2022 10:13:44 PM

Nice name but for a boy. It means "leader, defender of the people". Version for girl is Alexia.

10/23/2022 10:07:28 PM

my name is Alexie... its kinda nice to see not many named like mine... ^ ^ but i let anybody call me Alex. and having a unisex name'suits me... im somehow boyish, but im a straight girl.. im 21yrs old

9/28/2022 5:32:44 AM

Wasn't Reagan the name of the girl in the Exorcist who was possed by the devil?

9/25/2022 7:00:44 AM

dont like the name it does n't fit a boy better then it fit a girle

9/24/2022 4:16:06 AM

my son is a month old and so far 95% of people who heard the name thought its a girl,we love the name cuase its quite uniq here in usa,but unfortun'tly most americans have no clue about an'thing outside this country,so needles to say were reconsidring the name

9/12/2022 7:29:24 AM

the only thing i hate about aiyana is that poeple call me A YAH NAH.

9/6/2022 1:54:02 AM

Awesome choice! Versatile: Ali, Alex, Lexi, Lexis, Alexis.

8/27/2022 11:01:48 AM

hey. my name is alexis. i like it I'mean it fits me. but i hate it when people spell it alexus instead of alexis. its so annoying. but besides that i dont get any trouble with people saying it wrong.and i have met a few people with the name alexis.

8/27/2022 4:37:30 AM

My name is alexis and so is my best friend and we call each other lexi and alexis jr.

8/1/2022 8:15:18 AM

m mom says its a rich name but we are ok and tomorrow is my b day and well its an ok name

7/11/2022 12:46:12 AM

My name is Alexis. I like my name. I just wish it was a little bit more unique.

7/4/2022 10:28:30 AM

my name is Alexus, yea i know i spell it with a 'u'. my mom named me after her brother alex. my bro calls me alexy and my mom calls me alex-sandra (she mixes my name up with my other'sister's middle name which is cassandra which i think is kinda annoying at times :/ but i dont mind. my nicknames are alexa,alex-sandra,alex,alexy,lexi,lex,lexa. but i like having a unisex name like alex caus eim all into sports n stuff lol

7/4/2022 7:43:48 AM

well my name is aliana and i get called a lot of mean names and get made fun of people say it wrong and spell it wrong i dont like my name to much

7/3/2022 2:27:00 AM

hey my name is alexis and i love my name but it makes me mad when people spell it alexus instead of alexis it drives me crazy like ahhhh! l0l but i really do love my name andim glad my name is alexis once again i love it!!!

6/26/2022 7:28:30 PM

I love love lvoe my name! I used to hate it when I was little though. My mom was gonna name me Alyssa but im so glad she picked this name. I dont know alot of people that have it and its very original. Or was? Lol but yes I doo love my name. People called me Alex but I used to think that was a boys name'so I'made them start calling me Alexis. My family still calls me Alex but it doesnt bother me much. I have been called Lexie but only by a few people that I dont talk to anymroe. People have called me Alexa too.. but I think thats just because they messed up? Lol oh and I dotn know if this has anything to do with it but I live in California and people also speel it Alexus! Hello I am NOT a car! :) (I saw another comment that'said people spell it like that in Cali) Oh and its definately not a boys name!

6/10/2022 10:01:30 AM

My name is Alexis Maria Orr and it the ABSOLUTE BEST NAME EVER!!! I'm mixed with black an white and im really possesive of my name. considering lots of people have it, i don't mind as much but when i was littlw i ABSOLUTELY HATED when people had my name. I still don't like it=) lol But as long as they're smart, pretty, have a nice personality, and beli've in God we cool. lol most people would consider this crazy but heyy thats me=) lol. but Represent all yu chicas wit da names Alexis. REPRESENT!

5/19/2022 10:59:06 AM

My name is Alexis. But some people call me alexia or Lexi which is not my nick name. At the hospital when I was born there were 5 other Alexis's born that'same day at the'same hospital.

5/16/2022 2:27:54 AM

I love It'so much that I changed my name to this a few years ago.

5/13/2022 4:55:30 AM

I wish I had this name. It's sooo beautiful. When I imagine an Alexis, I imagine someone with dark hair, and very beaitful.. I think its a very strong name.

5/11/2022 1:41:06 AM

i was torn between isabella and alexis for my daughter, and i chose alexis......I couldnt imagine calling her anything else now it adds to her cuteness my baby LEXI *christa

4/30/2022 9:22:48 PM

i love the name alexi! if i have a boy this is defin'tely gonna be his name...unfortun'tely this is n't listed...

4/10/2022 10:56:24 AM

I love my name. However i've only just really started to like it, i've always been called Lex, or Lexy, rather than my full titled Alexis :-) (it had nothing to do with the Dynasty character)

4/7/2022 11:34:12 AM

I used to hate my name with a passion ...but as i got older i love it ...its not very common but now alot of new babies parents are naming there kids that and all i got to say to those parents are ...QUIT IT!!! now u are making my name common just like the name jessica haha

3/30/2022 11:18:54 PM

my name is alexis bianca and i lovee it; my nicknamee : lexx ! =)

3/23/2022 12:53:24 PM

my name is alexis and i luv this name although i hate being called alex and other things sometimes but you learn to get over it but i would never change my name for the world!! another thing that might get on my nerves ocassionally is when people spell it alexous when mine is spelled like alexis!!and It's one of the most easiest names to pronounce and they still cant pronounce it!!but anyways i love it!!

3/5/2022 8:19:48 PM

I don't know anybody called "Alexis" but I think It's a terrific name, perhaps the best. It's a shame It's being given mostly to girls these days, though.

3/1/2022 9:10:12 PM

I like my name and have grown into it. I am proud of what It'stands and even before I knew what it meant have always defended someone or something strongly. The meaning only makes me want to be better and I am happy that It's mine. I don't like it when people go by the nicknames of my name because I feel they should embrace their full name and what it means.

2/25/2022 5:26:06 PM

I like my name because of my nicknames. I love to be called Lexi or Lex. Unfortunately, only my family calls me these names. Not even my friends call me it. I wish they would, I prefer Lex and Lexi. I also know what it feels like to be called Alex. It is the most annoying thing ever.

2/24/2022 6:33:36 PM

My girlfriend's name is alexis, so I'm not gonna say ANYTHING bad about the name. In fact, i think its an AWESOME name.

2/15/2022 1:07:48 PM

hi im alexis i love my for short its lexi or lexus

2/12/2022 11:55:48 AM


2/5/2022 8:43:12 PM

My name is Alexis and people call me Alexis and Lexi.. I like my name :) This one kid used to call me Alex though, lol.

1/29/2022 3:47:06 PM

I not only like the name Alexus, I love it!!! Though the name Alexis is popular... Mines is unique...insted of "is" mines is spelled "us".... however im very outgoing, popular, smart, and pretty.... im sure the othe's are too! The name Alexus ROCKS>>>>

12/26/2021 5:32:24 AM

My name is Alexis and i love it and get compliments about my name. I hate when people call me Alex and have to correct them. Someone once spelt my name as 'Alexcsis' lool very shocking. Most people call me Lexi or Lexis. But ive had nicknames like, lex leci lexi-loo and other funny stuff.

11/25/2021 10:06:54 PM

Im24 and my name is alexis i prefer to be called lexi i dont really like my name

11/24/2021 3:55:12 PM

My name is alexianna but I go by lexi. So now everyone thinks by name is alexis. I think its funny when people try and call me by my real name but they get it wrong. I love it! My name is Alexianna Efron

11/16/2021 6:37:12 AM

My friends name is alexis she is a female and i love her to death i like the name and lexi is cute yet i like lex ha hope this helped lol i love alexis and the name

10/20/2021 9:26:24 PM

my name is sexy lexy and i am a jimani and sexy with it

9/27/2021 7:51:54 PM

My name is Alexis Nicole, and i reailized that many people with the name Alexis also have the middle name Nicole, I dont care i love my name (:

9/23/2021 11:27:00 PM

i changed my name to alexis ayla not long ago. i just go by alexis and i absolutly love it! hardly anyone in my school or around has that name. im in love with this name because it totaly suIt's me, and one of my favorite bands is alexisonfire and alot of girls that ive heard of withj that name or gorgeous. i have high black hair with bright purple highlights. thats rightt hoeeess, you will never meet another alexis like me:)

9/23/2021 1:23:06 PM

First of all let me say that the name "Alexis" is a beautiful name. In most cases people that are priveleged to have this name are beautiful inside and out. I have always had an appreciation for my name...and so have othe's. I love it. It's sexy, sensual, basically its is best name in the world. I am just thankful that I where the name extremely well(Smooches)!Alexis

9/7/2021 2:54:54 PM

Its inter'sting to see other people making comments about the name of Alexis. My name is Alexis also. I hate the nickname "Alex". I'make sure to tell people upon first meetings. i've also been called by Al (my father-in-law) has thick Cuban accent so he's kinda lazy to pronounce it. It's hilarious. Other nicknames Lexy and Lexie. One of my teacher loves my name and always calls out "Alexis Sue". i've worked with 5 Alexis(s). One was an african american (she was named after Alexis Carrington) I was born way before "Dynasty" show started. A Jewish girl named, Alexis, and a hispanic girl named Alexis as well. I'm blonde and brown eyed gal. Of course, I'm not happy that my name is getting popular :-(

8/28/2021 2:22:30 AM

This is not meant to be rude to all the people out there named Sage, because I love the name, but it is the name of our girl dog. I'met another dog by the'same name. It's a great name!

8/21/2021 2:55:48 AM

My name is Alexis and I love it! However, a lot of teache's call me Alex. Its a little annoying. Most of my friends and family call me Lexi or Lex, so the name holds possibility for nicknames which are always cute. So I pretty much love my name. Oh and somone posted that when'they think of an Alexis they think of someone with dark hair, well I'm Puerto Rican and i have dark hair, so i guess it fits! :)

8/19/2021 12:30:00 PM

hI'my name is alexis spain and i have two friends wiith the'same name as me.i have short black hair and dark brown skin. last year lots of people called me alex cause there was another girl with the'same name it reall got under my skin but this year everyone calls me alexis.

8/15/2021 9:34:30 PM

My name is Alexis. I love it. I was allways worried that It'sounds like a younger kids name but, not really. I get called: Alex,Alexi,Lexis,LexiPooh&Lexi.;

7/23/2021 10:51:00 AM

my little boy's name is Alexis!! its a beautiful name!

7/22/2021 1:48:18 PM

my name is alexis and I'm a girl-It's funny that my korean name also is for both boys and girls! what a coincidence. my parents gave their first girl strong and beautiful name. my hair is dark and people say I'm gorgeous-my name'suits me perfect. btw, I'm scorpio...sounds strong yet mysterious. Isn't it? are there any other'scorpio alexis with dark hair?


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alexis?
The origin of the name Alexis is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alexis?
Defender, Protector
*️⃣ How many people are named Alexis?
Almost 404000 people are named Alexis.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alexis?
The names of Alexandria, Alexsandra, Alexzander, Alexzandra