Alexia meaning

: Man's Defender

Alexia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lexia\
Number of People 👶 44,000
Rate in 2021 1406
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Alexia Name Meaning

The most widespread meaning of Alexia's name is the one that comes from her European origin, as we will see later. forward, and it is "person who protects humanity".

Alexia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Alexia
Additional description of the name Alexia

It is believed that the name Alexia has two possible origins: Slavic and Greek. In both cases it has been found that this name comes from the root form of Alejandra in these other languages.

Cool Info About Name Alexia

Additional name description Alexia
Additional name description Alexia

Personality of the name Alexia
Alexia is considered a person who does not tolerate well injustices, hence it is related to being a protector or defender of humanity. He is a very generous, kind, analytical and observant person. She is attracted to the unknown and the new, so she doesn't like to feel stagnant at all.
They are also believed to be women full of grace and joviality, so they always try to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Although they have this very social side, they also have a more reserved and mysterious side that they will only share with people who are very special to them.
Also, Alexia is a person who hardly gives up and always looks for alternatives and possible solutions. Due to the main meaning of protector, it is also believed that they are great friends, relatives and, above all, mothers.

Celebrities named Alexia
Some of the famous women named Alexia are:
Alexia Putellas: she is a Spanish soccer player.
Alexia Barlier: she is a French actress.
Alexia Khadime: she is British and is an actress, voice actress and also a mezzo-soprano singer.
Alexia Echevarria: she is a television celebrity.

Diminutives and variations of the name Alexia
No There are variations of this name as such, but diminutives and translations. The most used diminutives of the name Alexia are:
Alex, Ale, Xia, Sia

The name Alexia in other languages
The name of Alexia is writes the same in almost all languages. It has no translation except in Spanish and Italian. Alexia's name in Spanish is Aleja and Alexa and in Italian it is Alessia.

Saint's Day of Alexia
The saint's day or saint's day of the people called Alexia is on January 9th.

Numerology of the name Alexia
According to numerology the name of Alexia is closely related to the number 7.

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Comments on the name Alexia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Alexia!! And I love it , I get quite annoyed though when'teache's asked if It's pronounced the Greek way like ❤️alex ciiiii a❤️ I normally say no because I prefer when It's pronounced alexia because it flows more nicely. I'm aware that my name is similar to the disease dyslexia but for those making fun of us and are named alexis or lexi dyslexic sounds similar too. In school no one has noticed that It's after a disease apart from me I'm in 8th grade btw- my parents wanted a name with A , my mother considered Amira, Adrianna, Angelica, And my dad said Stella because It's the name of his mother but then it rounded up too alexia because they wanted a name not in the family tree. I recommend this name entirely because it really brings out a lot.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i love the name aleia because its my name and because ther's nice short ter's for it like lexi or ale or aly ect.... from alexia lmaoo:)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is a Spanish masculine adjective that's translated into English as "expensive".

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I LOVE the name Alexia! I named my daughter Alexia 7 years ago. I first heard the name from a character Katherine Heigl played. I have never met any other Alexia's, but heard a lot of Alexis, Alexa, and Alexi. The fact that It's a word for losing the ability to read, caused by brain lesions doesn't even phase me, because I liked the name way before I even knew that. It's a very pretty name and we get lots of compliments on it!

01/09/2024 10:40:52

i have lived with the name alexia for years and my friends call me lexie . i have a love hate reltionship with it because people call me allecia or alexa and i have even been compared to the amazon alexa. i also love it because it is different and original and i can have so many nicknames like alex , lex, lexie,lexi, alexi. it also means defender of men in greek which i love.

01/05/2024 10:17:08


12/24/2023 14:05:42

My names Alexia and everybody ALWAYS gets it wrong. Its always Alexis, Alexa, or they think its short for Alexandra. I get Lexi a lot for short and I'm not exactly sure if I like the name or not. Ther's one other girl in my grade at my local high school with that name. Really weird though.

12/16/2023 08:00:50

i named my baby daughter this because i have never heard it b4 n didnt want a popular name i love it every one keeps saying it a posh name n she will go far with a name like that i hope she ose she ma lil stuna 2

12/11/2023 05:45:22

people always call me Alexa or Alexis and if you can relate then im sorry. But i love my name nobody in my school has my name. And the name Alexia means defender of men, helper. The word Alexia means something else. But besides that i get compliments constantly because my name is unique and my name'suits me. Alexia is a beautiful name i love it my friends call me lexi or lexia. I recommend you name your child this name

12/02/2023 00:45:06

My daugther will born at 23-04-2020 and ill give the name of Alexya :) i love the name

11/13/2023 12:58:46

I named my daughter Alexia 5 yrs. ago. People often pronounce it wrong. But I think they just don't pay attention. i've never met another Alexia.

09/06/2023 20:04:04

Alexis Alexin Alexandra Alex for short Lexie as nickname

08/20/2023 16:55:02

I love this name It's my name and its so pretty most people don't like it because it means disease but I think thank what they are talking about is dyslexia my so called friend teases me and calls me dyslexia but I don't care and I just say hey that's my name don't wear it out or I say so I don't care call me whatever but then you'll be the bigist jerk so there A couple of good nicknames for this name is Ali Alley Lexa Lexi Alex Alexa and Alexandra (if you want it long) but that's my opinion I also get complements

07/25/2023 19:55:48

My name's Alexia, and people ALWAYS say it Alexa or Alexis, and it annoys me to no end. but, It's pretty, and gets lots of compliments. good nicknames are: lex, lexi, alex, lexa. the downside is that It's the name of a disease

07/22/2023 09:20:50

i was really confused with the name Alexia or Alexa because most ppls like Alexia so i want to know if Alexia is very pretty name than Alexis.. my opinion i love the name Alexia

07/21/2023 16:00:28

my name is alexcia, just like alexia but a diffrent spelling. i love having my name. its not common, and people always tell me its a beautiful name.

07/05/2023 19:42:56

My name is Alexia , but most of friends and family call me lexi. and most people get my name wrong they'll call me alexis, alexa, or alexandria like seriously my name is not that hard to pronounce lol

06/30/2023 16:34:34

Are you about dyslexia. It's not as Alexia. This is a disease where people have a hard time reading and seeing there letters and numbers backwards. It not a horrible disease. With therapy children get better. How can you compare a beautiful name to that.

06/18/2023 03:55:40

My 10month baby's name is Alexcia.Her twin brothe's name is Alex..The most beautiful names and babies

06/13/2023 18:42:56

We love this name, got it from 'Sex and the City" and while i hate popular/stolen names, this one is to cool to pass up

05/08/2023 05:45:04

The name Alicia is cool, and she's a character in my story.

05/04/2023 13:35:04

I named my daughter Alexia Mae because I thought it was beautiful and it fits her'so. I couldn't imagine her name being anything else. Who cares if it is the'same as some kind of disease. There are a lot worse names out there. I get compliments and her name will help people take her'serious.

05/03/2023 22:53:24

My daughter name is Alexia- and she loves her name and I love it too! Hurray for the Alexia's of the world!! and the parents who name them!!

04/28/2023 07:06:48

While my Katherine goes by Katie most of the time I wanted her to have a strong yet feminine name in case she wanted to be a doctor or lawyer.

04/17/2023 16:36:20

My daughter was born on 4-27-09 and I named her alexia nicole I picked the name and my husband was absolutely in love with it too ..It's unique I never heard anyone with the name family calls her lexi or nikki for nicole. .

04/13/2023 14:26:48

My daughter was born in 2017 on 9 11 her names Alexia and I was not sure but it dates back farther then ww knew her name did.

03/25/2023 02:34:32

i love the name alexia cause thats my name i get alot of compliments and also people with accents make It'sound awesome I'might name my child it THUMBS UP

03/12/2023 23:19:54

Hey, my name is Alexia too, and I absolutely love it. My name is generally shortened to Lexie, I don't like Alex though.

02/24/2023 18:48:38

I love this name, ( it is my name ). I always get told what a nice name it is, the only problem is some people say Alexa or Alexis, my Spanish teacher called me Alexa for 3 months :) I LOVE THIS NAME ❤️❤️❤️

02/15/2023 14:41:16

the persaon i love is called james and i think it is the best name ever

01/29/2023 00:39:48


01/17/2023 10:56:18

I named my daughter Alexia, most of the family call her Lexi or Alex. She is soooo cute, the name is just the right fit for her. everyone thinks that is a beautiful name.

01/08/2023 15:02:40

I am going to have a baby in 4 1/2 months and name just learned reading this website the true meaning. My boyfriends name is Alexis and I wanted something close to his name and heard the name Alexia before and I really liked it. We both want to call her Lexi for short and I think its both a beautiful name and Alexia It'still is.

11/13/2022 23:36:48

It is almost too much, but she could always be Alex.

11/06/2022 06:10:10

My daughter is having her 2nd child and if she has a girl I think the name Alexcia is a beautiful name!!!

10/18/2022 13:41:42

My husband and I were considering naming our daughter Alexia (I'm due in 4 months!), but someone just recently pointed out that It's actually listed in the dictionary as a type of disease: "The loss of the ability to read, usually caused by brain lesions. Also called word blindness." I can't beli've it!! We're actually reconsidering the name and will probably go with the Italian spelling, Alessia, or another name altogether. Wouldn't want to put my daughter thru any hurtful name calling!

10/09/2022 01:55:52

this name means mighty warrior in gaelic also kael from the name Mikael is a angel in islam (also in christianity but spelt Michael) i like it better pronounced kay-el

07/21/2022 13:18:36

Hi, my name is Alexia and I was born in 2014. My wanted to name me something unique that'started with an A but she thought Alexis or Alexa was common. She like the name alexia bc it was different and bc in a different version it means defender or helper of mankind. Just a few years ago I found out what the actual definition of my name and I hated it and my friends teased me. I love my name but people who do not know me always pronounce it as Alexis or Alexa. What's even worse is that most people can't pronounce my last name. It's ❤️maricle❤️ pronounced ❤️markle❤️ like the princess (no relation) kind cool tho. They always pronounce it as ❤️miracle❤️ so people often call me Alexa miracle and I hate it. But I love my name and thank my mom for it. My friends and family also call me Lexi. When I was younger my nickname was ❤️Lexi Lou❤️ also my middle name is Danae and I think Alexia Danae has a nice ring to it.

05/29/2022 12:32:42

This girl in my class is called Maybel. She is really annoying and has a big mouth. She hates it when people call her May-BELL and is best friends with a rat called Sam.

05/02/2022 21:52:30

I named my daughter alexia. my family and I call her lexi or lex. I really liked it at first I thought I'made it up my self........guess not!! it makes me angry because people pronounce it ALEXA when I sayit is pronounced ALEX-EE-A ........

01/17/2022 23:47:42

Found out I'm having a baby girl and my husband and I have loved the name Alexia for about 4\5 years now so of course It's her name. We love the nickname Lexi but didn't care for Alexandria or Alexa and hated Alexis but loved Alexia since we first seen it!! I know its a disease but honestly didn't even know that until looking up more about the name'so I doubt any little kid at school will know.... Alexia is a beautiful name and I have already had so many compliments on it! :)

01/11/2022 02:10:48

My 7 year old daughter name is Alexya, it is not a common name, and beautiful i still love the name i choose for her.

09/15/2021 15:58:48

My names ALexia ive never been a fan of it. My enimy is Alexis, People always call me Lexi Or Lexey Of Alecia Huh❤️ They also say Alexsandrea or perhaps Aulianna but now im realizing they cannot get my name right because its too original! Sencerly,ALEXIA!

08/15/2021 20:39:36

My name is Alexia. I am the only one in my school and my small town with the name. For short people call me Lexi. I really hate when people call me Alexa, or Alexis. O well its something that comes with having a rare name.:)

08/02/2021 16:59:06

I named my daughter Alexya (same as Alexia just switched the I with Y to make it more unique) I love the name and although many people pronounce it wrong or call her Alexa I/she has gotten many compliments as well.

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Alexia FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Alexia?
The origin of the name Alexia is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Alexia?
Man's Defender
*️⃣ How many people are named Alexia?
Almost 44000 people are named Alexia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Alexia?
The names of Alexis, Katelynn, Alexus, Alexys, Alexius