Angel meaning

: Messenger, Messenger Of God

Angel Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ngel, an-gel\
Number of People 👶 333,000
Rate in 2021 101
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Angel Name Meaning

The name Angel means “the messenger of God” or “the one sent by God”. It alludes to the protector of the heavens, whose mission is to obey and serve the Creator.m.

Angel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Angel
Additional description of the name Angel

The name Angel has a Latin origin since it comes from the word angelus, which in turn comes from the Greek ἄγγελος, whose literal translation is “messenger”. Appearing in religious texts, it acquires a more extended meaning as "the messenger of God."

Cool Info About Name Angel

Additional name description Angel
Additional name description Angel

The personality of the name Angel

Adult Angel is quite emotional and floating in the clouds. She often acts impulsive and inconsiderate, causing her a lot of trouble in the future. It can also be noted that Angel's natural disorganization from childhood remains one of the features of her character. Also, an interesting feature of Angel can be called her good intuition. Often, Angel, relying on her intuition, makes completely unexpected decisions, but in time she is completely right. She trusts her "inner voice".

Angel doesn't like to work, but she works in good faith. The main reason for it is usually the material component. She loves comfort and often tends to excessive waste. Naturally, such habits require appropriate material resources. But if Angel has the desired standard of living and does not work, she will quit her job.

Although Angel's family life is rarely successful, for many it seems almost perfect from the outside. Over time, she begins to take charge of the continuity of family life but does not dare to break off the relationship. This, of course, leaves its mark on his perception of the world and especially his family life. You can also watch out for Angel's jealousy. Usually, at the same time, there is no reason for his jealousy, but this does not stop him

Angel is a person full of charm and kindness. His willingness to help others is immediate, which is why his circle of friends is very extensive. His temperament radiates strength and a lot of tranquility since he knows when to impose himself and when to let things take their cause. Of course, he can't stand injustice or lies.
As for his character, Angel is communicative, extroverted, and very dynamic. He doesn't like conflicts, therefore, he prefers to get away in times of tension to preserve harmony and peace.
In his work, responsibility comes first. People called Angels will have no qualms about going the extra mile to honor their commitments. They are creative and with great taste for good and aesthetic things. On the other hand, they tend to be highly persuasive and eloquent. This leads them to obtain what they have proposed and carry out very good work projects. In general, they prefer to be their bosses.
On a family level, Angel will be a very protective and paternalistic person. In fact, as a sibling, they tend to be the center of family conventions to make any decision, and perhaps they are the ones who will have the last word in that regard. One of his favorite things is getting together with his loved ones to chat and share. As for love, he is not someone who rushes into relationships, on the contrary, he prefers to see the whole context and get to know the person very well, and then make a decision. But when he finds the love of his life, he will be someone devoted and faithful.

Celebrities named Angel
Angel Magana: a famous Argentine actor who participated in more than 40 movies television and film.
Angel Gonzalez: renowned Spanish poet of the generation of 50. Winner of the Reina Sofia literature award.
Angel Ganivet: famous politician and writer originally from Spain.
Angel Nieto: famous in the world of motorcycling of Spanish origin. (He appears in the image.)
Angel Schlesser: Spanish designer who has set trends in recent years.
Angela Carrasco: Dominican singer and songwriter. This is the name in one of its feminine variants.
Angel LM Hesnard: renowned French psychoanalyst.
Angel Parra: a Chilean poet, who has also been a singer-songwriter and novelist

Diminutives and variations of the name Angel
Some of the variants of the name Angel are:
Angeles, Anegli, Aingeru, Angello, Aniel, Angelica, Angi

The name Angel in other languages
Due to the popularity of the name Angel, has been translated into almost all languages. However, these are the most outstanding:
German: Engel
Italian: Angello
English: Angel
Portuguese: Ângelo, Enjo
French: Ange
Hungarian: Angelusz
Polish: Anioł

Day of the Saint of Angel
For the Onomastic calendar, the Saint of Angel is August 15 and October 2, since they coincide with the celebration of the Holy Custodians.

Numerology of the name Angel
According to numerology the name Angel is related to 3, which in turn is the representation of creativity, trust, assertive communication, and good manners.

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Comments on the name Angel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

my best friend has recently had twins and named them angel and gabriel! cheesy i know but i think its adorable

12/11/2023 15:09:38

i'm 9 months pregnant and my boyfriend wants to name the baby angel and it's a girl i say we name her shyanna

11/15/2023 23:10:10

Hate the name, and I already know an Angel who's a complete devil, if ya know what I'mean!

08/10/2023 13:17:00

Ther's a ton of girls with this name...but i think it is a pretty name...because its my name!

07/12/2023 11:35:28

It's been my name for 48 years...and it was annoying in my 20's & 30's because of the job I chose...waitressing and bartending. Is that your real name❤️ Do you have wings❤️ Where❤️s your halo❤️ Do you live up to that name❤️ I would never chose this name for my daughter.

07/10/2023 03:45:08

My name is Angel, I love my name. but i hate it when people call me angie or angela, and god forbid thay write my name its alwasy angle. did these people not go to school. hello. and also i have heard for my whole life " so angel are you a angel or a devil" haha i hate that'so much. anyways i still love my name

07/08/2023 01:29:50

My name is Angel. I was named after my great grandmother Angeline. I wish my parents had named me Angeline instead and called me Angel as a nickname. While I love my name, it is difficult, as an adult and in the corporate world, to have a name commonly used as a term of endearment. I would have rather had an option. I, also, am always called Angela or Angie by people who do not know me well. I am always having to correct people. I agree with the other post that people need to learn how to correctly spell Angel. I have also been'the victim of "Angle".

07/03/2023 23:55:34

my name is Angel and im a girl. I love my name and wouldnt change it even if I could. Im the only girl I know with the name Angel. I only know one guy with the name Angel, at my school. I think it works for both guys and girls.

06/14/2023 19:24:08

My husband and I didn't want to name our son Angel because there are a lot of Angels, so we altered the name and came up with our sons name... Arcangel.

06/05/2023 18:13:06

This is a beautiful name. It is my son's name and was my great grandfather's name. Never met a girl named Angel, but I think it works just fine for boy or girl.

06/05/2023 08:31:12

My husband's dads name is angel... they are puerto rican, i absolutely love this name. my father passed away 2 years ago and his name was Donald. When we have our first child we are naming him OR her Angel. Angel Don if its a boy and Angel Dawn if its a girl... I believe it is beautiful either way!

05/31/2023 00:40:42

I think that angel is a great guy name and my sons is going to have it as is middle name Gabriel Angelo DeJesus

04/20/2023 00:09:02

Im sorry but Iknow a person called Angel that does drugs and is in 1st year. Im sorry but the name turns my stomach. :(

01/28/2023 06:08:54

i love the name angel,but wanted 2 make it a lil diffrent ,so i named my boys micheal-angel & joangel! but 4 some reason everyone always asks if their dads name is angel❤️!!

01/09/2023 04:16:10

I have a daughter and her name is Kayja Angele, (pronounced ON-JEL, she is almost four now, and she reci'ves comments all the time for her beautiful and enique name.

01/01/2023 02:53:26

My name is Angel an I love it except eeryone a my skl used to Write Angela or Angle now my nickname is Angle

12/22/2022 18:03:56

Thats My name and i Love it Very Much Im so glad that its mine

12/12/2022 16:46:58

Hi my name is Angel Saucedo and i know some of u would love to have that name but i really dont for three reasons one,when i was in elementry all the teache's spelled it angle c'mon who spells angel angel❤️ two,people say your not a angel your a devil and last,i just dont like it in spanish so yeah :(

11/23/2022 05:47:36

im 4 months pregnant and im having a boy but my boyfriend's name is angel so he wants to name my baby boy angel daniel. beside i love the name angel.

10/02/2022 13:52:34

We're thinking of using this name for our baby girl!

09/24/2022 11:36:56

Angel is a really pretty name but Angelina is better, in my opinion.

08/07/2022 01:30:18

I think the name Angel works both ways. I once had a boyfriend named Angel when I was in 6th grade. Then i had a friend that was a girl named Angel in 8th grade.

06/26/2022 22:13:12

My husband's name is Angel Felipe and he wants to name our son(if this one is a boy) after him. I don't think I want to JR in the family. People from where I'm from make fun of his name because they said it's a girls name. I absolutly love his name, I just don't want to name our son a JR LOL...

05/28/2022 08:10:48

I named my daughter Angel as she is the most precious thing that has come into my life, and she has a name that'suits.

03/16/2022 01:33:00

My name is angel and I deal pretty well. The only time I have a real problem with in is when people ask if my real name is angelica or something like that. Everyone who tries to spell my name usually spells in Angle which is a pain. IN school every time there was a sub they would look at the'side of the class with the most boys cause they didn't think it was possible to have a blonde petite girl with angel as a name and it probably doesn't help my last name could be Spanish. Those are the only problems ive had with it

01/05/2022 07:06:00

I'm surprised that'so many people have the'same problem of people spelling Angel as Angle.I thought that just happened because I live in a country where a lot of people don't speak English much. But I like my name. I used to get teased for it a lot, and I sometimes still do, but the meaning of It'sometimes strikes me and well...I like how ironic it is for me. I just wish it was more uncommon here. There are two other people in my school with the'same name AND surname as mine. The only difference is our middle names. What are the odds❤️

12/07/2021 16:51:00

Angel is a great name for both girls and boys! My name is Angel and I'm a girl. I LOVE MY NAME and wouldn't trade it for the world. I was sometimes criticized because "its a boy's name," but its not just a boy's name. I haven't met too many girls named Angel, but I think since its origin to present day, a lot has changed and it can be used for either a girl or boy. I've received more and more compliments about my name over time and its everywhere. Girl's clothing that says Angel.. come on..your daughter's name will be posted everywhere! Don't you look at your baby and already say to yourself, "What an angel❤️" Works both ways! =)

10/11/2021 10:31:12

This name is too common and cute-ish as an actual first name. "Catherine" is more suitable as it gives young girls room to grow, but "Katie" could be used in the meantime.

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Angel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Angel?
The origin of the name Angel is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Angel?
Messenger, Messenger Of God
*️⃣ How many people are named Angel?
Almost 333000 people are named Angel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Angel?
The names of Angelina, Angeline, Angelyn, Angelena, Angelynn