Ariel meaning

: Lion Of God

Ariel Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-riel\
Number of People 👶 90,000
Rate in 2021 343
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ariel Name Meaning

Ariel's name means "Lion of God". This religious meaning refers to the creature of God, therefore, another meaning attributed to it is "the one who is on the altar of God".


Ariel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ariel
Additional description of the name Ariel

Ariel is a name of Hebrew origin that in the Bible symbolizes the name of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Temple.

Cool Info About Name Ariel

Additional name description Ariel
Additional name description Ariel


The personality of the name

The letter analysis of the name can be,

A is for accomplished, in all that you do

R is for rapport, friends seek you

I is for impress, for impress you will

E is for eternal, your spirit will live

L is for lofty, your ambitions are high

Also, the reversed form of this name is “ anagram “, which might be interesting for you. If you are named “ Ariel “, you are elegant, sophisticated, and stylish. Helping people is one of your heart’s desires and you also care about people who are important to you. You love your family and friends and also you value them. When people hear your name, They perceive you as someone full of life. You can be an inspiring person and you can influence people easily.

Sometimes people find you as a strict person or someone very serious about rules and obligations. You are also serious about your goals and ambitions and you never give up, which makes you the right person in the way to reach your dreams. Your most likely vocations are, artist, dramatist, writer, actor, designer, lecturer, religious, and composer.


Famous people named Ariel

Here we have a list of people who have influenced this name’s popularity positively.

Ariel Winter who is a TV actress

Ariel Camacho is a world music singer, born in the year 1992

Ariel Mortman who is a TV actress

Ariel Tejada who is a Makeup artist, ( it can be interesting for some people that a boy is a makeup artist )

Ariel Fulmer who is an Entrepreneur

Ariel Fabito who is a Youtube star

Ariel Sadler who is a Tiktok star


The popularity of the name Ariel

This name first appeared in the hear 1892, at that time the name was given to 5 babies. The name became popular in the year 1990. “ Ariel “ ranked 20 with 50 babies. The all-time high record for this name was in the year 1991 in the State of California. Also for the past 2 decades, the name was at its peak popularity and we can say that the name was in the brilliant time of its popularity.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ariel
Being a short name, Ariel does not have many diminutives. The only diminutive of Ariel is Ari, which should not be confused with the diminutive of Ariadna.
Ariela, Arielle, Ariele

The name Ariel in other languages
Being a Hebrew name, it does not present variations in most languages and is easy to recognize.
French: Arielle
Italian: Ariele
Lithuanian: Arielis

The personality of the name Ariel
Women named Ariel are independent travelers. They like to explore all kinds of situations until they reach their goals and exceed their expectations. They are kind and sociable with the people around them naturally.
In addition, Ariel usually stands out for being an intelligent woman with a good sense of humor. These characteristics are key so that problems are not so big for her and she can feel stronger than any adversity. In the professional field, Ariel likes to feel free and set her own rules.
As for her relationships, friendship is the most important thing for her because it can last forever if she takes care of herself and is a fundamental support. His cunning allows him to know how to detect people's good intentions and get to know them better. Ariel is a selective person, especially in love, and very practical when it comes to relationships.

Saint of Ariel's Day
Ariel's saints are celebrated on March 4th.

Numerology of the name Ariel
According to numerology, the number of the name Ariel is 9.

Similar names to the name Ariel

You can select similar names to this name as Ariel’s siblings and also even if you are looking for a rare name starting with the letter “ A “ you can select one of the names below:

Aadolf, Aaliyah, Aapeli, Aapo and Aaron

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Comments on the name Ariel
11/04/2022 20:58:27

Love this name for boy.
I love Ariella more for girls.
Be safe all of Ariels ♡

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Ariel, pronounced like the letters "R-E-L" but I respond to any variation (a bad habit i've fallen into). I get the Little Mermaid Comparison all the time (it doesn't help that I have red hair either). I love it because it means "Lion of God" and is also the name of a male sprite in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

11/06/2023 13:27:46

I named my daughter Ariel after first hearing the name in the movie Footloose. I love that it means a spirit, angel or a "Lioness of God." The english pronunciation is "air-ee-ul." The name was also given'to one of the lead female characters in the movie "In America", "Grumpy Old Men" and is the eldest daughter's name in the tv series "MedI'm". So pretty, delicate and ethereal.

10/08/2023 10:00:26

Our daughter is named Ariel and we often get compliments on how beautiful a name it is.

09/29/2023 13:31:32

Probably my all-time favorite name for a girl. "Starting Out in the Evening" is another movie that also features a woman with the name Ariel. Beautiful and meaningful.

09/19/2023 12:49:50

My name is Ariel (pronounced 'Air-ee-el' -- no one ever'says it right) and for the most part, I always hated my name. Growing up, I was teased and repeated be the bud of Little Mermaid jokes. But as I got older (now a senior in high school), I started to like my name. There are only a few other girls named Ariel at my school but none of them pronounce it like I do. But it really is a pretty name and It's very unique.

09/12/2023 21:32:34

My parents named me Ariel after hearing the name in the movies Footloose and Grumpy Old Men. My mom told both women named Ariel in these movies were beautiful and smart! :) It's a biblical name that means an angel or a lioness of God. Now I watch the tv series MedI'm and there is a teenage girl name Ariel in that as well! I like my name because it is different and meaningful.

09/10/2023 10:45:54

my name is ariel and i prounce it Air-e-l.many people get my name wrong but i dont care any more.Im a tomboy band my brother picked my name 4 me

08/17/2023 16:54:52

So pretty and meaningful! I fell in love with this name after watching the movie "In America" with a young girl named Ariel.

08/03/2023 03:28:50

This is my middle name, I haven't found any info on it, ever.

07/03/2023 07:45:44

Ariel is the name of the teenage daughter in my favorite tv series, MedI'm. She is beautiful and so is her name.

06/17/2023 10:52:56

My name is Ariel. I love my name. I think It's pretty and often get compliments on it. It's pronounced in English as "air-ee-ul" and means an Angel or a Lion of God.

05/08/2023 23:05:26

I named my daughter Peyton, but when I heard this name I I'mediatly regretted it. If I'm ever pregnant again you bet I'll name my daughter Ariel! My children always use this site but I forbid them to post for safety reasons. My daughter is Peyton and my son is Tucker.

04/15/2023 11:07:04

I like my name but everyone seems to think I was named after the little mermaid. (I wasn't, was born in 82). I was named after an awful song from the 1982's.

04/14/2023 17:46:42

My name is Ariel. My mom loved the name the first time she heard it in the movie Footloose. I love my name-It's not too common which is great. She also liked that it means an Angel :). The only other Ariel I know of is the teenage daughter in the tv series MedI'm.

04/14/2023 12:29:18

I like it, It's cute and pretty. If you want it to be pronounced ar-ee-ELL, perhaps go with the French spelling of Arielle.

04/07/2023 16:12:16

It's a gorgeous name which fits my gorgeous daughter :-)

04/05/2023 17:46:12

My name is Ayreal pronunced (air-re-l). I love my name very much. I have a friend and her name is Aeriol also. Both our parents said they got the name from a show when'they were younger.

03/23/2023 07:40:04

My Name is Ariel, Pronounced REL and I have never met anyone who pronounced it like me but I have met one person who pronounced it as Air-el I Used to hate being named Ariel but I got used to it and now rather enjoy being one of the few!!

03/10/2023 11:57:58

My name is Ariel (pronounced "air-ee-ul") and when I was younger, I hated it. I was always trying to be called something different, mostly because I was always teased because of the Little Mermaid. Ironic enough, I was named after the little mermaid. But by the time I was 13, I finally started loving my name because of how rare it is. And I love the Little Mermaid now too. :P i've only met two other Ariel's and I have a best friend whose name is Arielle. Our names are almost always mispronounced (most people switch them. Her's is "air-ee-el"), so we answer to anything that'sounds close.

01/24/2023 07:48:36

Love the name Ariel for a girl and chose it for my daughter. I first fell in love with this name hearing it in the movies, Footloose, Grumpy Old Men and In America. It is also the name of an angel in the mini-series Fallen and is the teenage daughter's name in the tv show, MedI'm. In english it is pronounced, 'air-ee-ul." Beautiful, ethereal, meaningful and different.

01/07/2023 10:14:36

My name is ariel and we prnounce it in spanish. i love my name. i know 2 other people in my school that have my name.

12/02/2022 03:09:24

My name is Ariel, I used to hate it (association with "The Little Mermaid" even'though it is pronounced the other way) but now it is growing on me because it Isn't very common. I only know one other Ariel and it is a girl a few years younger than me who is the daughter of my preschool teacher who fell in love with my name =)

11/13/2022 05:41:10

yeah brahs im an aussie and jay is the best name eva. get bulk slappers

11/06/2022 16:27:20

I have always loved the name Ariel, but if I were to name my daughter that I think I would want to have it pronounced R-e-l....

11/06/2022 12:02:50

Ariel is a beautiful name. I pronounce it "air-ree-ul." My cousin's name is Ariel and (coincidently) she happens to look just like Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. If I ever have a daughter, I'm going to name her Ariel for sure.

11/05/2022 09:35:50

We named our daughter Ashton because before she was born we wasn't sure whether'she was going to be a girl or a boy. We thought that it would be a GREAT name for a boy or a girl.

05/30/2022 22:24:00

I love being named Ariel- I pronounce it Airy-ul. I like that is a gender neutral name, although it really bugs when people pronounce it wrong repeatedly. R-E-elle is my least fav- its totally hypocritical, because I know at least six other Ariels and even I can't keep up with who pronounces theirs how.. :)

03/28/2022 21:54:18

Love the name Ariel for a girl. I prefer the english pronunciation, "air-ee-uhl" rather than the french/hebrew/spanish pronunciation R-E-L. Either way though, it is beautiful and ethereal.

11/20/2021 02:07:12

my name is ariel. prounced "air ee ul". i've only met one other ariel, one aerielle, and one arielle.

10/29/2021 04:54:36

I loooove having this name because of its many meanings and because of how my parents pronounce it. It can mean "Jer'salem" (its originally from the Bible), the Little Mermaid, or Lioness of God. Most people say "EHR-ee-ul" but I like to pronounce it "air-ee-EHL." i've only met three other people with this name and only one who pronounces it like me.

10/23/2021 10:44:42

i love this name i really do It's beautiful and its the'same name as my favorite disney character!! i absolutely love it!

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Ariel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ariel?
The origin of the name Ariel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ariel?
Lion Of God
*️⃣ How many people are named Ariel?
Almost 90000 people are named Ariel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ariel?
The names of Harlan, Arlene, Arlen, Arlyn, Arlin