Arthur meaning

: Bear, Thor, The Eagle

Arthur Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a-rthur, ar-thur\
Number of People 👶 534,000
Rate in 2021 293
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Arthur Name Meaning


Childhood, a calm and quiet child, in adolescence begins to use his quick temper and livelihood. The meaning of Arthur is acquiring negative traits in the form of tricks and excessive pride. Our hero will avoid hard work, and his execution is trying to pass on the shoulders of other people, and it turns out perfectly.

What does Arthur's name mean by "strong bear", to some extent our hero is suitable for such a description. He is self-confident, self-developing, and especially loves to read. This ensures that he is aware of and maintains it about different issues. Our hero, although before marriage and lovely, is a devoted husband and loving father.

Arthur Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Arthur
Additional description of the name Arthur


The exact roots of the origin of the name Arthur no, the first mention is found in Irish legends and gained popularity after the legend about King Arthur gained fame. It is believed that this is a name of Celtic origin, therefore it is translated as "Bear Man".


Just as the Greek version of Arcturus sounds like the name of the star of Arcturus, Arthur has another meaning, such as "Major Protector". Named after Arthur, Latin Education is the word "Artus", translated as "Strength, Power". You have the Latin surname, "Pakar", which can also be formed with the name Arthur.

These names use this name and are also interpreted in different ways. Therefore, its interpretation depends on the nationality of Arthur. It is widely distributed among Armenians, and used by Slavic and Asian countries.


Cool Info About Name Arthur

Additional name description Arthur
Additional name description Arthur

Features of the name Arthur

Arthur, several comments, and each of them can be attributed to some degree to the other, our hero. If he did not develop his abilities in childhood, it is unlikely to manifest later in adulthood. Our hero rocked and hard work, physical work is not for him.

But the light is the life of our hero, his name is difficult to draw, and all because of the presence in the features of stubbornness, hot tempering, and tricks. Such a negative would set and unbalance the medium against art media and rarely bring a good attitude towards it. Those who will show flexibility in the communication process and will not participate in conflicts can count on a positive attitude in the team, but for this it is necessary, after that, sometimes even crushing their pride.

Love, Family, Life

What does Arthur's name in the family do, so this is a good husband and loving father. He loves purity and order but is not interested in households. He's not going to help his wife because he's a stranger to Arthur. It is much more pleasant to spend time in traffic and on business trips. Our hero loves to visit and cheerfully takes their house.

In sexual terms for value, the name Arthur is acceptable for lust and repulsion to the opposite sex. She understands feminine psychology and often uses this knowledge in practice. But she is stopping Arthur from getting married as she has become a trusted family man.

character name to Arthur

He has Arthur's extraordinary intuition! He sees through people and therefore knows how to manipulate and manipulate them. However, in the power itself, his favor is not enthusiastic. He usually prefers to remain in a quiet and waiting state, but his willpower, mind, the strength of Arthur's character, as well as the strength of his character, are worth the terms of healing against him. And there is the analytical storehouse of intelligence, imagination, memory, sensitivity, and expressiveness. The perfect situation for Arthur is in defensive conditions

In childhood, Arthur is a calm, balanced, obedient child. She looks like a mother outwardly and internally, she

Adult Arthur's talents and industriousness do not shine, but in appearance always makes a positive impression. He strives for a calm, secure life. There may be a skillful escape from conflict, but a strong will be shown if necessary.

Arthur's friends are many, but they are not close, they change often. However, who is responsible for the lead, burdening himself with obligations? Developed only by intuition, imagination, and memory, but no guts, no business relevance. Malfunctions perceive sharply, very grateful for sympathy.

Arthur can be a trade worker, a dentist, or a seamstress. The imaginability peculiar to him may find expression in literature or painting. In this field of activity, Arthur expects creative good luck.

Arthur is a man of high morals disguised. Galanten, diplomally, perfectly understands the psychology of women, whom women love. Thanks to all these qualities, Arthur achieves status in society.

Late, and very attached to family and children, but his wife does not help with household matters. The "male" thinks there is no cas

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Comments on the name Arthur
07/26/2023 13:47:29

Arthur what languages Indonesian, English, Finnish, Norway, Celtic, Javanese, Kannada, Afrikaans, Estonian, Swedish that true ❤️

12/06/2023 19:22:06

While I like the'spelling of my name, I'm tempted to change it first because of its long-embedded religious connotations (which bothe's me as an athe'st) and the fact that no one spells it right (but sometimes pronounce it correctly). It doesn't help that my last name can be just as challenging. Anyway, I have been searching for the origin of the'spelling for years and find it in a variety of languages, including and Icelandic transliteration of the name Leysa (which is actually Ukranian for defender of man). It also supposedly appeared in Old High German but not as a form of Elizabeth. Maybe I'm just hopeful, but I think Leisa may not be as closely related to Elizabeth as commonly thought.

08/06/2023 01:43:12

Even'though Arthur G-6 the robot in a Power Rangers-like program in Japan called Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman (Earth Squadron Fiveman) in 2002 was male, that'same robot was voiced by Japanese actress Rica Matsumoto, the'same voice actress for Satoshi in the anime program Pokenom (known as Pocket Monsters in the U.S. - and Satoshi's name was now Ash).

04/15/2023 20:13:42

My mom is named "Authur Ree" she was born in 1929. Growing up, people would call the house and ask to speak to Mr. Authur Ree Murry. It bothered me at first, but I began to love the uniqueness, because it fit her perfectly, she is a very unique person.

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Arthur FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Arthur?
The origin of the name Arthur is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Arthur?
Bear, Thor, The Eagle
*️⃣ How many people are named Arthur?
Almost 534000 people are named Arthur.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Arthur?
The names of Asad, Asaad, Assad, Aissatou, Assata