Astrid meaning

: Fair, Beautiful Goddess

Astrid Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-st-rid, as-trid\
Number of People 👶 10,000
Rate in 2021 895
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
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Astrid Name Meaning

The name Astrid carries a beautiful and significant meaning. Derived from Old Norse origins, Astrid is composed of two elements: "ast" meaning "divine" or "godly," and "rid" meaning "beautiful" or "fair." When combined, Astrid can be interpreted as "divinely beautiful" or "godly beauty."

This name holds a sense of elegance and grace, evoking images of a person who possesses both inner and outer beauty. It conveys a sense of strength, as the divine element suggests a connection to higher powers or spiritual qualities.

Astrid is not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries depth and substance in its meaning. It resonates with those seeking a name that reflects their unique blend of beauty, strength, and spirituality.

Choosing the name Astrid for your child can be an empowering decision, giving them a name that embodies timeless beauty and inner radiance.

Astrid Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Astrid
Additional description of the name Astrid

Astrid is of Nordic origin . Etymologically, it comes from the word Astriðr which is made up of the roots “God and beauty”. Therefore, it translates as the princess or the goddess of beauty. Also, in Greek, Astrid means "the best".

Cool Info About Name Astrid

Additional name description Astrid
Additional name description Astrid

The personality of the name Astrid
Astrid stands out for her jovial, cheerful, and fresh personality. Therefore, it is a magnet to attract people around you. Likewise, she is a dreamy woman, full of creativity and who likes to face new challenges day after day.
At work, she is very responsible and likes to participate in different activities. Likewise, she is a companion who always maintains her good sense of humor and her helping hand ready to help. On the love plane, she is a romantic dreamer, who believes in true love. In addition, she is also understanding, communicative and detailed. For this reason, she usually has many suitors at her feet. However, she is somewhat reserved in establishing relationships, that is, she takes her time to decide on the ideal partner.
With her family, she is sweet, attached, and attentive. She takes great care of her parents and is very close with her brothers and sisters. Without a doubt, she is very familiar, so it is usual for her to organize many meetings to be with her loved ones.
Another of the characteristics that stand out in Astrid's personality is that she takes great care of her appearance. Therefore, she is always neat, elegant and dresses with very good taste.

Celebrities named Astrid
Astrid is a name that many celebrities have borne. Especially women who belong to the crowns of Scandinavia, such as:
Astrid of Belgium: she is the Princess of Belgium and the Archduchess of Austria.
Astrid of Sweden: she was the Queen Consort and the first wife of King Leopold III.
Astrid of Norway: she is the daughter of King Olaf V and the princess who will inherit the throne of Malta.
Astrid Carolina Herrera: former Miss World and renowned actress of Venezuelan origin.
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey: a famous actress who has a Franco-Spanish origin.
Astrid Pastor: a character in Greek mythology who was one of the goddesses of Olympus.
Astrid Klisans: architect and wife of the singer Venezuelan Carlos Baute.


etymology of the name Astrid:

It is the modern version of Norse Ástríðr, made up of Ás meaning god and tríðr meaning beautiful or beloved. Hence, she is interpreted as loved or protected by the gods. In Greek, this term designates the best and in Armenian, it is a star.


Astride in French, Asta in Swedish, Asta in Norwegian, Asta in Danish, Ásta in Icelandic, Astrid in German, Astryda in Polish, and Aszti in Hungarian.

Famous people named Astrid in detail:

  1. Astrid Carolina Herrera

Miss World 1984, Venezuelan: She was born on June 23, 1963 in Yaracuy, Venezuela. She was a beauty queen and an actress. She won the Miss World contest in 1984 in London and became the third woman from her country to hold this title. She previously competed in the Miss Miranda pageant and later in Miss Venezuela. Winning the pageant as an international beauty, she was also awarded

the Photogenic Award and was also crowned Miss World Americas. She has participated in numerous TV shows such as Arroz con leche from 2007-2008 and La viuda Joven from 2011.

  1. Astrid Jorgensen

Australian singer, director, and songwriter of New Zealand origin: born in 1998 in Hamilton, New Zealand, but emigrated to Brisbane Australia. In 2011 he formed the group Astrid & the Asteroids, which received the Billy Thorpe Scholarship at the Queensland Music Awards in 2012. 2017 he founded the Pub Choir in the West End which is a musical act where he arranges a popular song and teaches it to the hearing in three parts. The performance is filmed and shared on social networks. In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, she uploaded and arranged three vocal harmonies for The Carpenter's song The Long To Be- Close to You on social media. 2021 she was a consultant for the television show Australia's Biggest Singalongwhich was broadcast on SBS from Sydney Town Hall.

  1. Astrid Noak

Danish sculptor: born on January 30, 1888 in Ribe, and died on December 26, 1954 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She specialized in the representation of the human figure. Her most famous work was known as Standing Woman. She was also the author of the statue of Anna Ancher in Skagen. Her sculptures are inspired by contemporary French art. She reflected on an intense relationship between life and art. She focused on the human figure often standing, sitting, or kneeling. She regularly exhibited in Denmark, Paris, Budapest, Helsinki, and Rome.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Astrid:

Women with this name are dreamers, positive and visionary. They are willing to fulfill their dream and achieve great goals in their lives. They are romantic and value the relationship as a couple, and a good family life.

Diminutives and variations of the name Astrid
Astrid is a short name that has few known variations or diminutives. However, let's see some of the most used:
Astri, Ase, Asta, Estrid, Essi, Esi, Astride

The name Astrid in other languages
Do you like the name Astrid for your girl? Next, you will see how this name is written in other languages:
German: Asta or Estrid.
Hungarian: Aszti or Asztrid.
Norwegian: Asfrid.
Portuguese: Astride.

Saint Astrid's Day
The Catholic saints assign Saint Astrid's day to October 17.

Numerology of the name Astrid
For numerology, the name Astrid is associated with 8. This number indicates serenity, balance, courage and leadership.

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Comments on the name Astrid
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My sisters called astrid, shes very beautiful very scandinavian. blonde hair and very tall and skinny, she couldnt be named any other name than astrid it just annoys me that english people butcher the name; asttrit, asthret all sorts of ugly names.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am 26, my name is ASTRI. No D. I hated my name all growing up, I always got made fun of to the point that when we moved when I was I'middle school I started going by my middle name. I switched back when I went off to college, but It's still not my favorite. I have to resign myself to repeating It'several times every time I'meet someone new....or just give up and nod my head when'they keep saying "Ashley❤️"

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am called Astrid and I love it it means Devine beauty witch is not down my street but also means stren' the only one in my school with this name and I am proud of it and you should to

01/04/2024 04:18:32

My name is Astrid and It's annoying when people call me Astrin or Ashley. Sometimes I even get Esther. I like my name but sometimes I wish it were different.

12/31/2023 01:16:06

My name is Astrid and these comments are so weird tf. Nobody messes up my name only my last name, no one has every made fun of me for my name. For the people saying they hate it, i hate you and you have no taste. If you dont like your name because people made fun of it just get over it because its an awesome name. periodt.

12/24/2023 20:16:00

Not a fan of this name. Looks and sounds a lot like "Asteroid".

11/09/2023 00:49:42

My name is Astrid and I'm the only person in my school with that name and I really love it

10/17/2023 10:18:34

Horrible name; It's mine and It's always been butchered and made fun of. It'sounds masculine too; rhymes with David. I hate it!

10/10/2023 08:08:52

I am thinking about naming my baby Astrid! I hope It's a girl.

09/09/2023 09:47:04

Queen Astrid of the Belgians was born 17 November 1905 as Princess Astrid of Sweden and at the age of 21 she married Crown Prince Leopold of BelgI'm, who became King Leopold III in 1934 following the death of his father, King Albert I, in a climbing accident. On 29 August 1935 Queen Astrid's life ended so tragically when she was killed in a car crash, leaving behind three motherless children including the then-future kings Baudouin (who died in 2005 aged 63) and Albert II (the present king of BelgI'm since his brother's death). Queen Astrid was described as kind of like the "Diana" (as in Diana, Princess of Wales) of the Twenties and Thirties.

08/10/2023 23:34:10

My name is Astrid, it was awful growing up with (lets just say, the first two letters spell a bad word) and i've always felt that its difficult to say with the "d" on the end. However, it is very nice to have such a rare name.. I know It's become very popular lately, so I guess I will be meeting some little Astrids soon!

06/16/2023 21:57:04

my sisters name is astrid but she wonts to change it to something no one in the US has

06/15/2023 15:40:50

I ADORE this name, it reminds me of a Scandinavian princess. It would be my first choice if I ever had a daughter, especially the combo Astrid Victoria.

06/06/2023 19:47:12

My name is Astrid and people have called me Esther, Ostrich, Astrin, Ashley, Aisha, and so many other names. Nobody pronounces it correctly except for me and my family. However, I still love it because It's so unique.

04/27/2023 03:29:16

It was an ackward name to have growing up because everyone butchered it but I LOVE it now.

02/18/2023 06:10:04

My daughter's name is ASTRID and yes I just fell in love with it when I red the White Oleander book and then saw a movie. I heard it before-there is a writter Astrid Lindgren who wrote "Pippi Longstocking". I like when people name their kids differently. It is thou pretty hard for people to pronounce it, but my 27mo daughter know her name and my family & friends too-so we're good.

01/10/2023 07:36:04

im called astrid also..i live in the netherlands so its a very comman name here..dont have to spell it..people get it wright away so im glad to not have to repeat myself all the time ;)

01/06/2023 03:23:06

One of the most beautiful girls name ever! I am thinking to name my baby Astrid.

12/14/2022 21:23:20

My name is Astrid and i've always liked it. I was born in the Netherlands where It's a very popular name and pronounced. Uhstrid I like that pronouciation best as It'should be. When we emigrated to an English speaking country we had some dumb pronouciations like Ostrich, Asstrid but they are just dumb reactions and truthfully those people can butcher any name. I introduce myself as Uhstrid and there's usually no problems.

07/27/2022 15:42:36

Everyone always thinks that I am saying Ashley. It is my daughter's name and she learned to spell her name at a very early age because she heard me spell it for people all the time.

06/26/2022 18:33:36

Beautiful turn of the century name recently popularized by the movie "White Oleander", as the role of Michelle Pfeiffer's daughter.

09/28/2021 20:34:12

Astrid was my grandmothe's middle name named after Princess Astrid which my great-grandmother fell in love with. My daughter who is now 9 months old is called Astrid after her great-grandmother :) I wanted a less common name and it was perfect and she certainly suits the name :)

09/16/2021 04:47:24

I adore the name Astrid It'sounds so unique compared to other names i've heard of. I'm calling my character in my book Astrid.

09/01/2021 00:37:12

I think It's a beautiful name. I'm a writer, and I use it in stories all the time! It really describes the person; you can'tell someone named Astrid. In fact, I named my daughter Astrid Isobel! She loves her name, and other people have no trouble pronouncing itnulike some other comments on here.

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Astrid FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Astrid?
The origin of the name Astrid is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Astrid?
Fair, Beautiful Goddess
*️⃣ How many people are named Astrid?
Almost 10000 people are named Astrid.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Astrid?
The names of Aubrey, Aubree, Aubrie, McKayla, Aubri