Aubrey meaning

: Elf, Magical Being, Power

Aubrey Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(u)-brey, aub-rey\
Number of People 👶 146,000
Rate in 2021 149
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 German
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Cool Info About Name Aubrey

Additional name description Aubrey
Additional name description Aubrey

The number of the name Aubrey in numerology is 1. The motto of the name Aubrey and units in life: “I am the first!”


The patron planet for the name Aubrey is the Sun.

Aubrey's zodiac sign is Leo and Aries.

Talisman stones for the name Aubrey are aquamarine, beryl, copper, kauri, magnet, mica, muscovite, chrysolite, sapphire, sandstone, and turquoise.

The "one" in the numbers for the name Aubrey - the Number of Expressions, the Number of the Soul, and the Number of Appearances - indicates that a person has abilities that ensure his originality and uniqueness. The meaning of the number 1 - for the name Aubrey, is, first of all, the ability to find ways and means of self-realization that are fundamentally different from the well-known ones. The owners of the name Aubrey are freedom-loving, and often selfish. Such people strive for independence and invest in self-development and self-realization. The ability to direct indefatigable energy in the right direction will help units achieve great success in life. Among them are many creative natures, active and in need of constant movement forward. The one in Aubrey's name is the number of the leader. The name Aubrey has powerful energy and many ideas that he tries to implement on his own. Man - Unit (Aubrey) has willpower, and charisma, keeps his word and skillfully solves the problems of other people. It cannot be overlooked. A bright individualist with an exaggerated ego. Aubrey often makes mistakes in his personal life, divorces are not uncommon. A unit named Aubrey should not be aggressive, or angry, otherwise, it destroys its health and the path built earlier. You can please the owner of the name Aubrey by giving him respect, and constantly celebrating his successes and merits.


The number 1 for the name Aubrey means the planet Sun. The unit for the name Aubrey is the original, the source of everything. This number is part of any other number. People with the name Aubrey, whose patron planet is the Sun, are by nature very strong personalities, as a rule, leaders. They are characterized by impulsiveness, they will never go unnoticed. They succeed in almost everything they do. People of the Sun named Aubrey have such character traits as the desire for power, generosity, justice, responsibility, and initiative.


Aubrey's name is red. People with the name Aubrey, wearing red, are very kind and sympathetic, they will always come to the rescue, but they will wait for a response. And if she does not follow, then, perhaps, they will be seriously offended, but they will not show it, they will simply move away from the person for a while. Among the owners of the name Aubrey, many leaders lead to the end of the goal, demanding full dedication from the followers, which is why they are often disliked. Bearers of the name Aubrey are true friends, but, alas, they do not have so many friends. Positive character traits for people named Aubrey are kindness, responsiveness, and leadership. Negative character traits for people named Aubrey are selfishness and intolerance for the vices of others.

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Comments on the name Aubrey
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My little girl's name is Aubrey. I love it because it is old fashioned and sweet. People compliment us on her name all the time.

12/30/2023 16:44:44

I like totally like Aubrey; it is my bff's name, and I think It'suits her totally. It is a stronger girl's name but still feminine. I think we need more names like that!! -Lilliana :D

11/26/2023 09:16:08

personally.. i dont think it matters.. my name is jordan.. which is a boys name, but i'm very much a lady. its unisex.. just like corey and devon.. so its whatever you think fits.. i have heard of boys with the name aubrey and also girls.. more girls then boys though.. my baby girls name is going to be aubrey.. aubrey nicole is very beautiful.. that is my middle name i think it has a nice ring to it..

11/08/2023 17:11:14

It's my daughters name. It fits her curly blonde hair and big blue eyes perfectly! I don't see how Aubrey was used as a mans name. I think It'sounds so feminine and gentle.

11/06/2023 21:06:14

I think aubrey sounds more feminine and should be used more for a girl than a boy.

10/17/2023 22:56:48

my mother chose the name aubrey after hearing the'song by ❤️bread❤️ while pregnant with me in 1987. she told me she just knew that'should be my name. as a child i was not particularly fond of my name. why couldn't I be a ❤️michelle❤️ or ❤️jennifer❤️ like my friends❤️ as i got older, i began to appreciate that my name was not so ordinary, just like me. of course I'm often called ❤️audrey❤️, ❤️auburn❤️, even ❤️ashley❤️! i know that i will always have to correct people, but that's okay. i love that i was and am an original despite the name's increasing popularity over the years. recently, i listened to the'song that is my namesake. i had no idea how emotional i'd get! very beautiful. thank you momma for bestowing the name aubrey to me. i hope i can give my child a name that he'she will grow to appreciate as i have.

09/01/2023 01:38:46

I like this name. My husband insisted on this name for our daughter because it is the only one in the baby book that just popped out at him, he liked that It'sounded pretty and he had never heard it before. We named her Aubrey Rayne in August of 2018. She is just as unique as her name'she is kind, fun, smart, active, loving and sweet. My family thought it to be more of a boy name until I sent them an email showing that it is used for girls around 86% of the time and just rarely for boys in this day and age.

07/08/2023 22:39:26

Aubrey is my daughter's name. My husband begged me to name our daugter Aubrey after hearing the'song by Bread. Now, 23 years later It's so cool that our daughter's unique name has jumped from #250 to #20 in popularity in the country.

06/29/2023 16:28:38

People always call me Audrey instead of Aubrey. They also associate this name more with males than females. I'm constantly having people tell me their father/grandfather/uncle, etc. is named Aubrey. That is kind of annoying at times considering I'm a girl. On the flip side, I do get several comments about how beautiful my name is.

05/19/2023 07:07:58

Hi I'm Aubrey and I love my name it is a great name people some times call me AuDrey but I just love the name

05/03/2023 12:00:58

My name is Aubrey and i've always loved having a different name than everyone else. I was named after the artist Aubrey Beardsley however, and not after the bread song.

04/02/2023 06:35:58

The name Aubrey is a girl name! Aubrey-Elizabeth is a character from a book I'm writing!

03/24/2023 20:59:30

I love my name, and my parents named me after the'song called 'Aubrey' by Bread. I often get called Audrey, and a lot of mail is sent to me with a Mr. title because Aubrey can be a male or female name apparently. I definitely prefer it as a female name!

03/08/2023 07:39:14

I think that Aubrey is a beautiful name and im thinking of naming my baby girl that if i have one.

02/20/2023 11:56:58

My name is also aubrey my middle name is nicole... My mother thought it was a pretty name. My sister also has a unique name ...Leeanne

01/20/2023 19:45:28

My name is Aubrey, but I like the name Audrey better. :(

01/15/2023 00:27:16

Aubrey i a boysname. We named our son Aubrey after his fathers middle name and great great grandfthers first name. Now evryone is naming their little girl's Aubrey.

01/01/2023 19:56:10

My eldest sons name is Aubrey and his name is preferred for males in England. I would have never even thought of naming a girl Aubrey. Aubrey is the KING of the elves in three German fairy tales and then there is an Aubrey who is the son of a king in a Nordic tale. To even think of a girl named Aubrey is funny to me. Kind of like naming a boy Elizabeth or Caroline. Perhaps a girl Henry or Michael. I guess it just proves there are some serious cultural differences between places.

12/30/2022 15:55:04

My name is Aubrey and i am 11. I was't named after the'song Aubrey. i was named Aubrey because my grandmas name is Aubrey and they wated to name me after her but not exactly so they changed the d to a b and thats how i got my beautiful name.

12/16/2022 13:39:06

i'm naming my little girl aubrey may

12/13/2022 15:42:22

thanks to bread, I'm aubrey and i wouldn't change it ever!

12/08/2022 23:08:48

It was my maiden name, so when I got pregnant with a girl, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to name her Aubrey! I think It's special to have given her a name that has a lot of meaning to me! I know It's a boy's name as well, but to me It's completely girly. It'seems like it will also age well!

11/23/2022 19:01:06

This is my my name and I feel exceptionally special for being named Cecile. I was told that the correct pronunciation (at least for me ) is CESyuhl. About 80 percent of people call me suhCILLE, and most of the rest just call me Ces. It's a rare thing for someone to actually say it right. Regardless, I'm happy to have my name!

11/09/2022 13:48:48

My little 2 year old is Aubrey and I think it is just a beautiful name all around. It was a last minute choice out of the blue after'she was born and I have never regreted naming her that. I love the'sound of it and the uniqueness as well. It is not overly used, but not strange and unheard of either.

10/24/2022 09:17:32

I don't really care if it's a boy's or girls name. Personally though, I like it on a girl better than a boy.

09/27/2022 12:30:00

My name is Aubrey, and I must say, I love it. I was named after the song by the band Bread, and my middle name, Linda, is my grandmother's first name (Linda Lou). My mother's name is Michelle. I guess you could say we all came from songs, haha. I love this name however. Aubrey Lynns are very common, so I am glad my name is Aubrey Linda.

08/26/2022 01:10:30

I personally hate the name Aubrey. I think It's masculine and unoriginal, besides you never know if It's spelled e-y or i-e or e-e. Everyone I have known with this name was at best fine with her name.

08/22/2022 03:50:42

My daughter's name is Aubrey (she's 2 1/2) and people always compliment us on her name. Nowadays, Aubrey is definitely more common as a girl's name. Sort of like how the names Ashley and Jamie transitioned from male to female names. And since the name is gaining so much popularity, nobody under the age of 70 ever mistakes her name for AuDrey.

04/19/2022 12:42:36

My name is Kayla. and i plan on nameinq my little qirl Aubrey. I love this name because like said before its unique. its not qhetto or preppy. its simply classy and sweet. Im also in love with the names Jayden,Julian, and Addisyn:)

03/30/2022 07:45:36

my last name is aubrey

02/13/2022 04:24:00

I like the name Aubrey a LOT!! It is pretty and I enjoy meeting little two-or three-year old Aubreys. I was born in 2016, so that was just a little before the name got really popular! I especially love the meaning because I am the oldest of five, so 'Fair ruler of the little people suits me to a T (or an 'A' :)

12/07/2021 17:45:54

My name is Aubrey, I am currently doing a research paper on my name. Everyone I have intervied says the name is classy. I personally love this name because it is so unique.

11/30/2021 21:58:48

My third daughter is Aubrey Nan. She is named after a great aunt that has past.

11/06/2021 07:48:18

Aubrey is my daughters name it originally belonged to my grandfather and he was the best man in my life so it was a no brainer to name my daughter that. It is more common now a days for girls. Its simply classic

10/19/2021 09:45:18

It's great! Rather than getting tired of it, i've grown to love its sound and meaning. It was inter'sting for me to grow up with girls whose names meant "love of God" or "beloved" with my own name meaning something about Elven power/wisdom! (It can mean "noble and bright" as well.) I think it was kind of the rage when I was born because of the'song by Bread - which I don't mind at all.

10/01/2021 17:11:42

This is my best friend's name and I think It'suits her very well. It works well for a little girl as well as a grown women. Neither of us have ever met another "Karina".

09/04/2021 17:22:30

I have always liked the name Aubrey for a little girl but i have 2 boys and now i am hearing the name more often, so i don't know if i want to use the name anymore her name would be Aubrey Joan, i still love it

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aubrey?
The origin of the name Aubrey is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Aubrey?
Elf, Magical Being, Power
*️⃣ How many people are named Aubrey?
Almost 146000 people are named Aubrey.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aubrey?
The names of Anna, Ana, Annie, Anne, Ann