Audrey meaning

: Noble Strength

Audrey Name Information

Gender πŸ‘© Girl
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \a(u)-drey, aud-rey\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 289,000
Rate in 2021 164
Numerology πŸ”’ 11
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Audrey Name Meaning

β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ is a feminine given name. It is originally English. The given name is in the meaning of β€˜β€™ noble strength β€˜β€™ and it is derived from the β€˜β€™ Anglo-Saxon Aethelthryth β€˜β€™ the name later evolved into Etheldred or Etheldreda. Also, the related meanings of the given name include β€˜β€™ supernatural power β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ honorable β€˜. It has been most commonly used as a girl's name. β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ is a beautiful and classic name that is still unique enough to be considered by families to be selected.

This name is suitable for those who are looking for names that start with a vowel, such as β€˜β€™ A β€˜β€™β€˜β€™ U β€˜β€™ or β€˜β€™ O β€˜β€™. There is a positive point and that is, this name does not tend to get shortened to a nickname as most other names. This name is not hard to be pronounced at all, Its pronunciation is like β€˜β€™ awe – d – Rhee.β€˜β€™ e β€˜β€™

In conclusion, we hope you can make the best decision for your baby, based on the information given in the text.

Cool Info About Name Audrey

Additional name description Audrey
Additional name description Audrey

Famous people named Audrey

Audrey Flack β€˜β€™ an American Artist. She is also known for her paintings, sculpture, and her work in photorealism

β€˜β€™ Audrey Kitching β€˜β€™ is an American model. Also a famous fashion designer and blogger.

β€˜β€™ Audrey Meadows β€˜β€™ is a TV actress.

β€˜β€™ Audrey Tautou β€˜β€™ is a famous actress. She is famous for her star turn in the 2001 film β€˜β€™ Amelie β€˜β€™

The popularity of the name Audrey

These people have an effect on the popularity of this name. Although β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ is classic and old-fashioned, but it is still a common and popular name all around the globe. Also over the past century, β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ has consistently been in the top 200 names. The given name had a fairly consistent ranking of between 58 and 99, in the 1920s and 1930s. Based on the research on popular names, Audrey’s usage dipped a bit after 1920s. β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ has become increasingly common from a ranking of 115 in the year 2000 to 60 in the year 2020. Its most recent peak in popularity comes when the name was the No. Is 33 most frequently used girl name in 2013?

Similar names to Audrey

β€˜β€™ Addie β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Alberic β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Audre β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Drey β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Aldred β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Audrea β€˜β€™

If one of your children is named β€˜β€™ Audrey β€˜β€™ you would be able to select one of the names above for her sibling.

As it is written in the text, the pronunciation of this name is not hard and everybody can pronounce it, also there is not any shortened form of this name, but some parents might want to choose a meaningful nickname for their babies. Here we have a list of possible nicknames, such as β€˜β€™ Aud β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Auddie β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ Dree β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ Dres

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Comments on the name Audrey
01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is Audrey and i love it. The only problem is that people frequently call me Aubrey or spell my name Audry which I dont get. I really love how unique my name is. It'suits me so well.

01/09/2024 23:01:28

I am lucky enough to have been named Audrey. I used to hate it, thinking it was too odd, but I have come to really enjoy being named Audrey. I was named after the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, and it was either Audrey or Aubrey. (thankfuly my mom went for Audrey). I only know one other person named Audrey. People mispronounce and spell my name incorrectly all the time, it has become a joke in my family. Sometimes my family uses the nickname "Audge", but rarely. "Audrey" Isn't the type of name to be nicknamed, so says a great friend of mine.

12/11/2023 16:55:26

I'm english, I'm 12 and I'm called Audray, i love it!

12/05/2023 13:41:08

I really like my name. It's unique. I know a few people named Audrey but not many. This is a new realization for me! I can't beli've this many people are named Audrey! :)

11/24/2023 13:46:24

My name is Audrey, and i was born in 1976, and until today I never liked im name but after reading the above I LOVE It'so thanks everyone, also the meaning of my name truly describes me as a person.

11/18/2023 11:25:00

This is my grandmother's name. I have never heard of another Albina. She pronounces is Albeeena, too. People always say it wrong. Sometimes people call her 'Bina.

11/15/2023 10:31:56

My name is Audrey and I have to say I love my name. It's unique enough, yet still easy to spell and pronounce. I just hope it doesn't start becoming more popular. In the past few months I have met several people who told me they named their daughter Audrey. This deeply bothe's me!

11/11/2023 08:22:24

I was surprised to see how many Audrey's there are! I have yet to come across someone with my name with the exception of celebrities. Hard to find anything preprinted with my name. I have found that my name does not lend itself easily to nicknames - usually Aud or Audj - but that's okay.

11/09/2023 04:21:18

I have to say I hate my name, just seems too old fashioned and boring.

11/05/2023 00:08:20

Love it!, I'm an Audrey :-) My nicknames were Aud & Auds. i've met another Audrey and an Audra, plus I have a friend who named her daughter after me. Growing up though, no one ever had the'same name as me and I could NEVER find it on those mini license plate key chains! bummer!

11/03/2023 23:44:46

My name is Audrey and I love it! My name lets me have many nicknames from my friends including: Aud, Audball, and Audge and sometimes I don't like my name but I'mostly love it and when people call me "Aud" I don't care if they meant "odd" because I'm both of them and proud of my name!

10/30/2023 20:59:58

I like my name because it means noble and strength. I like it because I'm named after a famous actress.

10/18/2023 16:52:26

I think this name is Classy, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, who I love. It's not my number one choice for a girls name, but I like it.

10/07/2023 05:30:00

i like this name cause someone i like is named audrey :D

10/04/2023 05:47:28

I was born in the 1982s and have only met one other person with my name, though i've known several people named Aubrey, and one named Audra. The biggest mistake people make in spelling my name is writing it as "Audry," but that doesn't happen often. I love my name -- It's a classic name'so it fit me as a child and as a teenager, and still fits me as an adult. It's feminine but not frilly, and unique but not strange.

10/03/2023 10:23:40

My name is Audrey And i've always liked it. I have Audrey pride.I think it has a pretty ring to it. It works well for babies as it is a cute name but It'somehow also sounds sophisticated for an adult. It's really popular for babies right now, so I fear it will become the next Jennifer. However I think Audrey will always be a lovely name.

09/13/2023 21:38:30

This is on the top of our list to name our daughter

09/06/2023 23:35:40

I like being unique, grew up with 12 Debbie's; 6 Sandy's and so on, choose the name of your baby carefully as it has been said "popular" or current name "fads" are just that, make your baby a one of a kind!!!

08/30/2023 21:43:36

I love my name... I don't know anyone named Audrey... but my name is spelled Audrie... However the bad thing is that'sometimes people forget to see the 'r' and call me audie... funny but not so funny.

08/02/2023 13:04:48

My name is Audrey Dawn, and it fits me well! I never liked my name till I had kids, when I realized just how unique it is! I am proud to be the only Audrey I know!! I dont ever have to worry about being confused with anyone else!!

07/28/2023 14:56:12

Great name, original but not weird. Was very rare to meet someone with my name when I was younger, have since met a few but still quite rare. Think men like this name; my dad named me (have read similar here) and have always gotten compliments. Think It's the classy yet not "old" sound of it...thx Audrey Hepburn!

07/10/2023 00:13:32

I like my name, actually I love it but I frequently find people spelling it Audry and Audruy instead of the correct spelling, Audrey.

07/04/2023 14:01:58

My husband named our daughter Audrey. It was the only name he would consider. Luckily, I liked it, too. I think it is becoming quite common, though. And people get it mixed up with Aubrey which is traditionally a man's name but is now being used for baby girls.

06/14/2023 10:52:46

My name is Audrey and at QuΓ½bec we have tones of Audrey that will srprise me if it is the'second or third more popular name on list here.

06/07/2023 23:07:06

My sister is an Audrey. She is smart and pretty and mischievous. It's hard for me to think of a better name for her.

06/01/2023 16:56:28

I think Audrey Muchelle would be a very cute name. (:

05/30/2023 17:55:08

I love the name audrey..=) i want to name my daughter Audrey Elaine=)

04/26/2023 11:19:26

I am due in december...and if its a girl, I will be naming her Audrey Claire. I love Audrey Hepburn so in a way its a bit to do with her. :)

04/07/2023 19:43:52

My name has been Audrey for 49 years. My Dad named me. I was born 2 or 3 years after Hurricane Audrey caused so much damage to southern Texas (where I was born) and northern Mexico. I always wondered if there was a connection...❀️ I hated my name as a child. I wanted to be a Cathy or a Linda, something common. I certainly LOVE it now. I enjoy NOT having a name'shared with a million other women! I like being the "Aud" one. My knicknames have been Audball (which i hated-gradeschool. Made me think of an eyeball), Aud, Audly, Audone and Audi (as in the car). I wouldn't change my name for anything. And I'm glad kids don't name the'selves! I'd have been something stupid like Snow White instead of the name I carry with pride. Audrey...I like it, I think I'll keep it. Thanks Daddy!

01/16/2023 01:08:28

i was also named after my grandmother - when i was young no ever had the same name as me i was never a sarah #1 or a jessica #2 -{and i like that } but i hated it when i would tell people my name the would always ask is it abrey or aubrey cause i never cared for those names they were to common were im from or the fact that im italian and audrey never fit in and everyone would ask how did you end up with that name !!!!! but as i got older i now love my name cause its mine

01/09/2023 13:22:48

No offence to the late Audrey Hepburn, but I would never name my daughter Audrey. It makes me think of Audrey Rober's in the northern BrIt'sh soap 'Coronation Street'.

01/04/2023 06:25:12

My daughter's name is Audrey. I love how classic the name is. Simple, tasteful and elegant. Her middle name is Fallynn, adds more uniqueness and flair!

12/26/2022 11:06:50

My name is Audrey Zhou. I live in Australia and I go to The Knox school. I turned 9 on 18 of jan 2018. I'm in year four. I have a little sister Joyce. she's turning 4 on march 10 2018.

12/03/2022 14:25:24

Beautiful classy name. I'might name my daughter this.

11/10/2022 15:05:16

Very council estate, you can be sure he'll one day own a pit bull to go with it...

11/10/2022 08:37:20

I have a friend named Audrey. She was one of my best friends. I envied her name for a while. The meaning for Audrey is noble and stren'th; that's exactly what she had. Especially when she got AIDS.

11/07/2022 00:41:04

My baby girl is called Audrey as I think It'suggests grace, elegance, style and intelligence. (Much like the late Ms. Hepburn who I adore!) My husband luckily loved it too. Everyone agrees It'suits her and we don't hear of any other babies her age with the name. The nurses in hospital were just reli'ved it was a sensible name as they are used to really off-the-wall ones!

10/29/2022 00:40:34

I think this is such a pretty name! Yeah, it does kinda sound old-fashioned, but probably only because people tend to associate it with Audrey Hepburn. It is still such a classy, beautiful name and it really portrays elegance, grace, intelligence, and charm, in my opinion.

10/18/2022 04:17:26

My youngest daughter is named Audrie. When I was expecting my husband and I were inspired by Audrey Hepburn and decided it was a perfect name. I put the "ie" on the end to make it more individual and my name and my older daughter's name end in "ie". Audrie is a beautiful, classic name and suits my daughter perfectly.

10/14/2022 01:15:00

Well my name is Ayla as well but i thought that i was the only one who had it and after'seeing so many people who have the name to me it doesnt seem like my name is unique anymore. so when i name my child its going to be a name no one has ever had so she can say that'she is the only one in the world that has that name. I pronounce my like A, luh.

10/05/2022 23:34:38

My second daughter is Audrey, It'suits her'so well -- and she is feminine, intelligent, beautiful and independent. And funny enough, we've nicknamed her Audgee (my oldest daughter was 2 when she was born and that's how she'said it and It'stuck, lol).

10/01/2022 11:25:34

lovely name, makes me think of wrapping paper and flowers...delicate things.

09/30/2022 20:43:54

My baby girl is 2 months old and her name is Audrey Brooks. Audrey is my husbands great grandmothers name and we just came up with Brooks together. I think this is a very beautiful name!

09/10/2022 07:35:10

I love Audrey! I agree about It'sounding mysterious and feminine. And I think its really cute and different.

09/10/2022 06:24:38

My friend's name is Audrey. It's really funny because in her journalI'm class there are atleast 5 of them.. It's a very common name here in Quebec, Canada..

09/06/2022 06:36:10

My name is Audrey, i've never really liked my name growing up and nobody in my high school has it. But, I have grown to love it now. My brothe's call me Audge and Aud. And my grandpa calls me dree. My only pet peeve is that people call me Aubrey sometimes. Other than that I love it.

07/30/2022 16:54:36

My friends name is Audrey, And she Is Very Loyal! Her Pretty Blond/brown Hair, and her beautiful brown eyes, And a caring personality, And the wonderful age of 9. Her nickname is "Audge"

06/30/2022 19:33:00

I think this name is gorgeous, timeless and classy. I love it and it is my top girl name and has been for longer than any othe's I can'think of. I plan to name my daughter Audrey Leila. I think it is too commonly associated with Audrey Hepburn which is annoying and I have no idea who Audrey Rober's is, I live in the US.

06/06/2022 07:12:18

My name is audrey not a lot of people in my school have that name'so i feel uniuqe there i was born in 2017

04/27/2022 18:21:00

As I say in my profile info, I'm not pregnant nor planning to get pregnant anytime soon (I'm still too young but definitely want to have kids at some point!!) Anyway, I love coming up with baby names for the future when I do one day hopefully get pregnant, and Audrey is my favorite girl's name -- it's so pretty and also unique without being "weird"! As someone else said on here, I would go with Grace as a middle name -- it was funny to see someone else mention Audrey Grace! And also funny to see someone mention Audrey Bella, as another girl's name I like is Autumn Bella!

03/12/2022 09:42:36

I love the name Audrey. Plus, that is the name of my favorite character on my favorite TV show, 24. The name rocks!

01/25/2022 21:12:00

I was named after Audrey Hepburn, I like my name but didn't as a child. I wanted to be called Jessica or Jennifer as a teenager, but then'that got too popular. I like the name now. There was always another Audrey in my class in grades 1 through 6.

12/24/2021 06:52:30

Named my daughter this name. Not too popular, not too unusual, not too cutesy, will work on a child or an adult. I can see this name not limiting my daughter, she can do whatever'she wants when she grows up.

12/02/2021 07:50:06

I named my daughter this! I love it! It is not too common, but not too odd either. i've been a teacher for 10 years and I have not come across an Audrey in my class. That was important for me when I was naming my daughter.

11/25/2021 02:54:00

I absolutly love this name. I plan to name my daughter Audrey Layne

11/21/2021 12:53:24

I named my daughter Audrey. I get so many compliments on her name. Her pediatrician says its "Awwwwdrey" because she's so precious. I chose the name because its common enough to not have to sound it out or spell it for people like I do my other two kids, Jayla and Rowan, but uncommon enough to where she'll be one in 10 in her class, hopefully anyway. I dislike that most people mispell it as Audry for some reason.

08/08/2021 15:43:30

well i recently came across this name and i have fallen in love with it for my future daughter. I think this is a georgous name for a girl.

07/28/2021 12:32:42

Please don't name your daughter this as I am naming my daughter this because I am naming my daughter this and I don't want it to become too popular.

07/24/2021 07:53:42

My name is spelled Audree but pernounced the'same way. I dont find many people with my name.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Audrey?
The origin of the name Audrey is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Audrey?
Noble Strength
*️⃣ How many people are named Audrey?
Almost 289000 people are named Audrey.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Audrey?
The names of Arthur, Arthor, Auther, Authur