Aviana meaning

: like a bird.

Aviana Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-via-na\
Number of People 👶 6,000
Rate in 2021 1006
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Aviana Name Meaning

Aviana name meaning is a beautiful and intriguing topic to explore. The name Aviana holds a sense of mystery and uniqueness, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a distinctive name for their little one.

Derived from the Latin word "avius," meaning "bird," Aviana embodies the essence of freedom, grace, and soaring above boundaries. It evokes images of birds in flight, symbolizing the ability to rise above challenges and embrace new opportunities.

This enchanting name carries a sense of elegance and femininity, while also exuding strength and resilience. Aviana is often associated with qualities such as independence, intelligence, and creativity.

Parents who choose the name Aviana for their child are embracing a moniker that is not only visually appealing but also carries deep symbolic meaning. It reflects aspirations for their child to spread their wings, explore the world fearlessly, and embrace their individuality.

Whether you're considering naming your baby girl Aviana or simply curious about its significance, this captivating name holds a special place in many hearts. Its melodic sound combined with its profound symbolism makes it an exquisite choice for those seeking a meaningful and memorable name for their little one.

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Aviana Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Aviana
Additional description of the name Aviana
The name Aviana is of Latin origin. It is derived from the Latin word "avis", which means bird. The name was popularized by actress Amy Adams, who named her daughter Av in honor of her birthplace, Aviano, Italy.

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Additional name description Aviana
Additional name description Aviana
Famous people with the name Aviana include Aviana Olea Le Gallo, the daughter of actress Amy Adams. The name Aviana is also used in literature and media, such as Aviana, a character in the video game "Hearthstone".
In terms of personality, people with the name Aviana are often perceived as graceful and free-spirited, much like a bird. They are known creativity and independence. The name Aviana is unique and luxurious, making it a great choice for parents looking for something different.
In conclusion, the name Aviana is a name with a beautiful meaning and a rich history. It is a name that carries a sense of grace and freedom, making it a great choice for a baby name.
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Comments on the name Aviana
01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is my daughter's name. We spell it Callista, and nickname Callie. This is the perfect name. I have gotten so many compliments on it all her life. It means "most beautiful" in greek, so thats pretty self-explanatory!

11/23/2023 13:40:28

My g-daughter is named Aviana (long a). We call her Avi (long a) for short. We have never met anyone else with this name. I do know of a celebrity whose daUghter has the name. Also, I have seen a couple of boys named Avi, but pronounced AH vee.

11/06/2023 09:56:10

My daughter's name is Aviana. She was born in 2019. If she was a boy, the name was going to be Avian. (Pronounced Ay-vee-ahn)But,she was a girl so an "a" was added to make Aviana. We did not know anyone with the name at the time. Sometimes it is mispronounced as (Ah-vee-ahn-a). Love this name! Nicknamed Avi with a long "A".

10/04/2023 18:25:42

My name is Aviana (Ah-Vee-Ana) I have substitutes pronounce it wrong all the time but overall I love my name and have only ever met one person with the'same name but her's was spelt with two n's but overall I would definitely recommend the name to anyone looking into it

04/08/2023 03:04:42

This is my name and people usually say Kalee or Kari but most of the time they get it right. Correct way to say Car- lee.

01/09/2022 21:48:54

i've never heard this name but i absolutely love it

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Aviana FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aviana?
The origin of the name Aviana is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Aviana?
like a bird.
*️⃣ How many people are named Aviana?
Almost 6000 people are named Aviana.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aviana?
The names of Akosua, Ax, Aixa, Aqsa