Berry Clearing, Bailiff, City Fortification

Bailey Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ba(i)-ley\
Number in U.S 👶 122,000
Rate in 2021 385
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of Bailey

This name is a given name that has been used mostly for boys all around the world. The given name was originally derived from the Old English term “ Bailiff “. This masculine name means “ agent of the law “ or “ debt collector “. The other variations of this name are “ Bailee “, “ Baileigh “, “ Bayleigh “, “ Baily “ and “ Bayley “.

This name has been regularly used as a boy’s name in the England for 2 centuries, also this name was common for female in the late 1990s. The name was the 70th most popular name for new born babies in England and Wales in the year 2007. Also it was the 91st most popular name for parents who look for a special name with a unique meaning .


Popularity of the name Bailey

It might be notable that this name is not a popular name in Tennessee, based on the data given by reliable resources. Only 7 babies were named this name in Tennessee in the year 1935. Also a total of only 37 babies bear the same first name during that year in the United States of America. The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 1998 with a total of 5196 babies.

This name also was recorded 119849 times in the SSA public database, since the year 1880 up to 2018. You should note that this name first appeared in the year 1880, this name was given to 13 new born babies. In the year 1995, the name became a popular name with a rank of 96 nationwide and was registered 3488 times as a baby girl’s name.

Although this name has been popular as a boys name, but it does not mean that the popularity of the feminine form of this name should be underestimated. The name “ Bailey “ became a popular girl’s name in the State of Wyoming in the year 1997. Totally the given name was recorded 117518 times for the past 4 decades.


Personality of the name Bailey

Here we have the letter analysis of the name Bailey

B is for bygone, never forgetting golden memories.

A s for absolute, for you know your mind.

I is for instill, the lesson of life.

L is for life, that you live so well.

E is for extra, those little things you do.

Y is for young, the years never show.

This name hints you are a humanitarian and generous individual. If you are named “ Bailey “, you use your creative and artistic talents to promote a cause. Actually when people hear the name “ Bailey “, they perceive you as someone who is full of life, inspiring and charming. Also other will fund you as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention.

Is is very important that you look younger than your age and love beautiful clothes and pieces of jewelry. Your most likely vocations are, artist, dramatist, writer and actor.


Famous people named Bailey

Bill Bailey, Pearl Bailey, Champ Bailey, Eion Bailey and Laura Bailey.


Similar names to the name Bailey

Baily, Bennett, Blake, Baker and Bela.

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Comments on the name Bailey
9/10/2022 2:20:44 PM

My names bailey im 15 and a halfback for my high school football team im pretty popular so people don't really say an'thing about my name'so im fine but if i was unliked at school i would probably get teased and people spell it baily

9/10/2022 5:14:06 AM

I named my son Dustin Bailey in 2011. My husband & I couldn't agree until I came up with this particular name. I absolutely love it but he(my son) gets very upset (he's 11 yrs old now) when I call him by his middle name. he'says he gets teased in school, also because he has 3 girls in his class with the'same name & 2 were spelled the'same as his. Ive tried telling him his whole life that I found it in a book of baby boy names back in 2011 & as far as I knew, it was a boy name, as he got older I realized it was a unisex name. Also gave him examples of other names that could be boy or girl. He now feels better that I ran across this website to show him othe's have the'same thing in common & that he is n't alone. Thank you to those who have posted their opinion & experience with the name "Bailey" xxx PS he'says he'still likes the middle name Blaze or Flame lol

6/19/2022 10:46:30 PM

My son is called bailey, its original trandy and sets him up to be a right cool little chap

5/18/2022 1:56:24 PM

n't sure how to react to this as grandson's name! hope he won't have a problem as different generation!

5/5/2022 6:30:00 PM

I love the name Bailey for my baby that is due Oct 3. Everyone says Bailey just like the drink, that's funny. I don't care and that will be his name. any suggestion for middle name?

4/1/2022 9:10:12 AM

Be nice last poster ... I am an (American) Mom and I am 32...My son Bailey is going to be 11 on Valentine's Day in 2021 ... I picked this name 11 years ago for him .. he's the best - so in my eyes, It's a boy's name ... but AMERICANS come up with the craZiest IDEAS!!! Peace Every Where! LUV, xoxo Tara

3/25/2022 6:58:48 AM

After finding out me and my girlfriend were going to have a child we searched every namebook to find a name we both loved.As soon as i saw the name and read it out i was hooked and so was my girlfriend.My son is now six and I still love the name,its quite rare in England and everyone always says what a great name it is.I can't imagine his name as an'thing else!

1/9/2022 6:15:36 AM

My daughter is 9 years old and I found the name Bailey in a baby name book and fell in love with and her middle name Elizabeth after my best friends daughters middle name

12/25/2021 12:09:18 PM

My son was born 9/19/96 and I named him Bailey Tate. I got the name from Party of Five as well. I had never heard the name for a girl until he was 5 or 6. I was upset to see so many girls named it because you never want to give kids ammo to tease. he's now 16 and says that nobody has ever made fun of him for it yet :) I love the name for a boy. I still think It's a terrible girl name.

12/24/2021 5:51:18 PM

my daughters name is Bailey ashlyn. she has a friend name bailey as well and let me tell you the have tonss of personality. I think its the name :)

12/13/2021 7:15:00 PM

I love it! I know It's unisex name. I like it for a boy but I'moved to the US and It's a LOT more common for a girl here.

10/5/2021 8:07:12 AM

My daughter is twelve. Her name is Bailey Elizabeth. Her name was originally going to be Katelynn Elizabeth. But a few weeks before I had her I was purchasing a collector's Boyd's Bear for my mom and one of the bear's name was Bailey. I fell in love with it and changed her name. Unknown to me, my mother-in-law had purchased a blanket with Katelynn Elizabeth on it and was going to go back after she was born and have her birthdate added and give it to me later. She had to take it back, take it out and change it to Bailey - OOPS!!

8/15/2021 6:01:12 AM

We name our middle daughter Aubree because of the'song by Bread "Aubrey". We new it was going to be a girl when my wife woke up in the middle of the night and that'song was on. It was also on the radio when she went into labor. Beautiful song, beautiful name and a beautiful girl.

8/2/2021 11:23:24 PM

I think its the best name ever. We decided on'the name as soon as we saw it.

7/26/2021 7:28:30 AM

I have a puppy name Bailey, its a boy, but people often ask if if he's a girl because his name is Bailey, I think its unisex, but I love it for my male puppy. Ame


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The origin of the name Bailey is English.
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Almost 122000 people are named Bailey.
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The names of Beecher, Bashir, Bashar