Bella Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \b(el)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 66,000
Rate in 2021 172
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Italian , Latin

Meaning of Bella

The name ‘’ Bella ‘’ is a Hebrew name. It means ‘’ Gift of God’s favour ‘’. It also has a Spanish version that means ‘’ Beautiful ‘’. The name ‘’ Bella ‘’ is originally Italian. This name is similar to ‘’ Beautiful ‘’ in Spanish, ‘’ French ‘’, ‘’ French ‘’, Latin, Portuguese and Greek. This name is derived from the name ‘’ Isabella ‘’.

The name ‘’ Ella ‘’ from ‘’ Ella ‘’ to ‘’ Bella ‘’ to ‘’ Arabella ‘’ is red hot right now. ‘’ Bella ‘’ is one of the most beautiful and common names starting with the letter ‘’ B ‘’. If you are considering ‘’ Bella ‘’ as you baby name, you have to consider that there are lots of girls named ‘’ Isabella ‘’. Although that sex does not need to play a role in children lives, but this name is mostly used as a girl name all around the world.

This might be interesting for you to know that ‘’ Bella ‘’ has been used for animals, such as cats and dogs as well. Actually ‘’ Bella ‘’ might be considered as the short form of the names like ‘’ Arabella ‘’ or ‘’ Isabella ‘’, ‘’ Isabel ‘’, Isabelle ‘’, ‘’ Belle ‘’, ‘’ Annabella ‘’, ‘’ Mirabel ‘’. These name are with different origins in different languages.

‘’ Mirabel ‘’ is originally Latin means ‘’ wonderful ‘’ and that’s not on the top 1000.

‘’ Annabelle ‘’ is the combination of ‘’ Anna ‘’ and ‘’ Bella ‘’ and ‘’ French from of ‘’ Amabel ‘’. This actually is a charming name on the rise along with other-Bella names.

Hope this text helps you with selecting the best name for your baby. We recommend you to be aware of the strong history of the name ‘’ Bella ‘’, cause ‘’ Name ‘’ is the first name you give to your little baby. As name selection process is the most important part of your responsibility as parents. Also name is something that your baby would hear that spoken during her life. So pay a lot of attention to this process.

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Comments on the name Bella
9/25/2022 5:00:16 PM

belle Bella issabell izzabella arabella Annabelle (my preferred spellings)

9/11/2022 12:55:32 AM


9/9/2022 4:53:30 PM

I have had the name "Bella" picked out for about 12 years now...I'met a "Bell" in college, who was the most beautiful girl, smart and very outgoing, I knew right then someday I would have a "bell." I had a son 3 years ago and now am 23 weeks pregnant with our little "Bella" although so upset b/c of Twilight! I see "Bella" being as common as "Ava" or "Emma" was years back. I still am sticking with the name regardless!

9/8/2022 11:12:32 AM

im 22 weeks pregnant,and only just thought of the name!!! i think its absolutely gorgeous! so pretty for a little girl,cant wait to have my owl little "bella"

9/7/2022 11:06:36 AM

How does Bella Grace sound? I am due August 4th and if I have a girl I want to name her Bella Grace? I love the name Bella but I am having trouble finding a middle name, can you guys please help me?

9/3/2022 3:09:18 AM

My name isn't Bella. But I wish it was. It also means beautiful in Latin, Italian, and Spanish. Those three countries are also it's orgin.

9/1/2022 6:19:12 AM

My Granddaughter is named Bella Rae and I'm a very proud to say i love her name. I don't ask for people's advice about baby names because as you can see not all have the'same opinion so hey guess what all negative people who says you have a great name .... just saying

7/22/2022 10:21:18 AM

It's a nice name, Isn't it? I can say it because my name is Bella, too. But sometimes many persons hurt me, 'cuz they say that the name "BELLA" is dogname...But i thought It's a great name.

5/21/2022 10:27:36 PM

I personally think bella is an awful name. Something youd name a horse or a cow. And even if its just a barnyard animals name and not your childs its still pretty bad. Isabella annabella if your latin or italian is much prettier. I know a father of a bella the mom named the girl without his consent. He detests the name never calls her the name. And the daughter'since age 3 hates her name always wants to be called something else.

5/18/2022 11:11:42 AM

My full name is Annabel.. but I was never an Annie or Anna for short cos it just didnt suit me.. everyone i know calls me Bella, it just sort of 'happened' lol.. tbh, i dont really like Annabel, so i get well annoyed when people call me that now.. im Bella .. Bella Rose (thats my middle name) - i love itt!

3/29/2022 3:23:42 AM

Bella is the prettiest name ever!! when i hear the name Bella i think of Bella from twilight the book and movie. i would name my baby girl that!

3/17/2022 1:20:24 AM

This name is ANCIENT. As in Morgan La Fey. Sounds mythological and i suppose you'd have to be very special to deserve it and not sound ridiculous.

2/8/2022 3:37:12 AM

My daughter was born on September 9th, 2021 and her name is Bella. Not Isabella or Anabella...JUST BELLA! I love her name'so much. It fits her perfectly since she is simply beautiful! I wanted to name her what I would call her, so even'though Isabella is a great name it wasn't for me since I knew she would end up with a nickname and I didn't want it to be Izzy. LOL! I have had a few people ask if she was named after the movie Twilight, but it doesn't bother me since I know she wasn't. Her middle name is Avery, so she has a VERY original name. I love her and her name and I am so happy I went with it =) My beautiful Bella Avery <3

1/16/2022 12:06:36 PM

Bella is a beautiful name and goes great with anything. i lovve the fact that my best friends name is bella!!! ohh and by the way even if people think of twilght when'they hear bella.. if the name was jacey then it would be the'same way!

1/6/2022 3:07:30 PM

im a bit annoyed actually, i really like the name isabella, and im writing a book, isabella was going to be the main character (bella for short) and then'twilight came out.. and now i cant use it! its one of those things that once a book hits the bestseller list like twilight has, to use the'same name is just silly if you want your book to be unique. its killing me coz its hard to find another name that'suits a character! nevertheless, its a beautiful name

10/30/2021 1:51:00 PM

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10/3/2021 10:15:54 PM

Bella's my name! HAHA! well isabella but i go by bella

9/23/2021 1:29:24 AM

I much preffer the Isi part - so nice - bella is ok - but a bit like Bella Pasta!!

8/27/2021 1:40:12 AM

I went on a trip and came home yesterday and was surprised with a new kitten. she was beautiful. so we decided to call her Bella. It's perfect for her.

8/19/2021 5:10:48 AM

Actually in Twilight, Bella's first name is Isabella. But Bella is still a nice name.

7/5/2021 9:57:00 PM

My cousin has a daughter named Isabella and we call her Bella. I'm also pregnant and if it's a girl I'm naming her Gia Bella

7/5/2021 4:27:36 PM

My name is Bella and just that. No Isabella or anything. I kinda liked my name cuase it was uncommon but ever'since twilight everytime someone says 'bella' i turn around and they say 'no not you stupid the girl from twilight' or something like that. Its a nice name to have but now people say 'yeah right thats not your name.' 'is that'short for isabella.' I wish I could change my name becuase now a bunch of twilight fans are going to make it the most popular name ever. Im an unusual person therefore I need a name to match but it wont be that way for long.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Bella?
The origin of the name Bella is Italian , Latin.
*️⃣ How many people are named Bella?
Almost 66000 people are named Bella.
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The names of Harper, Luke, Elizabeth, Rylan, Brinley