Brian meaning

: High, Noble

Brian Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \b-rian\
Number of People 👶 1,200,000
Rate in 2021 520
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English , Irish
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Brian Name Meaning


It is a name given to the boys and of course, is an Irish one. It is originally coming from the Celtic-Gaelic word “bright” which means “noble and high”. It is a popular name mostly because of the last High King of Ireland “Brian Boru”.  He was a popular and lovely king in defending the country. So, people loved him and this leads to the prominence of the name Brian among Irish people in the 20th century. It started to spread all over English-speaking countries. Nowadays, many different names are popular and mostly used in America like Ryan, Liam, and Braden, but Brian is still a popular name as well. It gained no more popularity than it has had in Ireland from ancient times.

Cool Info About Name Brian

Additional name description Brian
Additional name description Brian


More about Brian’s personality:

He is amazing! A man who is full of wealth, abundance, and power. He is the right man you can rely on. Being Brian’s wife is a fortune that is hardly achieved. You, as his parents should be proud of having this son. So, step aside and rely on your son as best as possible, because he can do whatever you aim for.

He is always the problem-solver. He can overcome any problem. No matter big or small. He is powerful enough to get over it as soon as possible. Sometimes he uses his power and sometimes his wisdom. He may use his money in most cases to change the situation.

He is a hard-working person who is always admired by his boss or head. He is very active in doing physical and mental activities and this characteristic will lead him to great success than everyone else would hope so. He is very diligent in achieving a goal and never gives up on his way!

Not only he is good at achieving his personal goals, but also, he is very good at directing and managing a team to lead to success in any special field. He can recognize each individual’s potential to get the best of them out of the team. He is careful about the details while he is monitoring the whole. So, he is the best for group leading. His personality also takes him to the place of being a boss. This is an internal and integrated part of his personality and he does all in his power to achieve so.

Plus, people also admire his personality and sense of management. They see him as a powerful and respectable person who is worth praising. They like his personality in detail as well as being well-dressed, active, persistent, and so on.

Some exact adjectives he might pose are: authoritative, tough, rich, problem-solver, achiever, powerful, and persistent.

His most likely vocations: are writer, singer, administrator, builder, company manager, public speaker, leader, social scientist, philosopher

Lucky day: Thursday

Lucky colors: dark colors like gray, blue, dark green, purple, and black


How is the name Brian popular?

In 1925, the name Brian first appeared in the United States prominence charts. After a while and around 1947, it has grown well and placed among the top 100 popular names in the charts. It grew a lot till it reached its peak in the 1970s and became one of the 10 most popular names nationwide.

Some people believe that Brian is a little out of date and it is replaced by some brand-new names like Brandon, Brayden, and Bryson. True or not, many people still love the name Brian and prefer it to the new names showing off themselves in the modern world!

All in all, Brian was repeated and recorded more than a million times in the SSA database. Therefore, it is a famous, well-used name all over the nation.

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Comments on the name Brian
02/19/2024 14:28:29

Brian sound like Germany language that true facts

10/20/2023 12:42:08

This for you need Brian means high. ,noble, power, love, and Brian is love power name .

07/17/2023 18:48:45

Name Brian is masculine name and Brian is power name is popular for boys from Celtic culture history that true

01/14/2024 00:00:00

It's OK a lot of people spell it with a "Y" in'tead of an "I"

01/14/2024 00:00:00

HI'my name is brian and i hate when peeps say Brain

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My dad's name is named Brian as well, and he was the oldest of 5 girls! I do remeber one time when I spelled it as "brain" and he teased me about it for awhile; however, he is a great dad and I gald to be his child.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

HI'my name is Brian nor Bwian as Monty Python said it and since that movie I know I am next to godliness

01/03/2024 04:12:36

I too was named after Brian Keith. Kinda funny. When I was younger I didn't like the name, but It'sure beat my parent's original idea of combining my grandfathe's' names (Jacob and Edward = Jayward). I love my name now. I named my second son Brian, but gave him a different middle name'so he wouldn't be called Junior.

12/11/2023 04:17:12

My wife has one sister (no brothe's) and both married to Brian"s. We were born in'the 1930's. Has been confusion at times but we live in different countries so n't too bad except when we visit, and then it is a pain.

11/22/2023 00:38:40

I'm glad everyone out there is trashing my name! It's a good name for an Irish boy such as myself, and I wouldn't trade it for an'thing except maybe a bucket filled with gold shillings.

11/16/2023 08:16:48

People misspell my name all the time, so I just take it in stride as a compliment - who wants to be stupid❤️ My wife is of Irish descent so I like to think that it might have been one of the reasons she was attracted to me!

11/14/2023 11:01:16

This is my sons Name. I picked it and then'the hubby agreed. We dont pronouce it as Jackson either his name is Jaxon pronouces Jax-un. I do like it but people always spell it wrong and he is only 16months

11/14/2023 05:43:52

after reading all this, i feel surrealistically detached to my name and question my identity.

11/10/2023 13:16:14

It's also my name and I was born in'the mid-seventies (apparently when'the name was at its height of popularity).

11/03/2023 08:27:50

My brother's name is Brian and I've always liked it. It's fairly common, but not over the top. It's such a clean, simple name and I've never met a Brian that I couldn't stand. I probably won't ever use the name, but thought I'd weigh in and mention its simple durability.

10/29/2023 03:33:40

i have a lad in my form who's called brian and i thought his name was soooooo weird but i guess It'suits im becoz hes weird too :P he's rea;lly cute too!

10/21/2023 02:46:12

My name is Brian and I was born May 17th 1990 in Minnesota. Growing up with this name, I'm neutral about it and to be honest I feel kind of awkward with it. It just, IMHO, seem like a little boy's name and I don't feel it is strong or masculine like David or Richard. For those wondering, Brian means High, Noble, Strong, Virtuous.

10/11/2023 16:28:32

please i need the meaning of the name becaouse is my sons name please help me

10/07/2023 01:40:46

My name is Brian, and for some strange reason when people type emials to me they spell it as BRAIN, I think spelling the human "brain" just seems more subconciously acceptable as the way to spell it.

08/12/2023 17:53:22

BRIAN IS AN AWESOME NAME my name is brian. You can't take out a letter with It'still sounding like brian. -b rian -r bian -i bran -a brin -n bria

08/07/2023 04:27:50

My dads name is Brian. I love the name Brian. n't spelled like 'Bryan.'

08/01/2023 15:55:12

the name Brian has always been the number 1 Irish name for boys in my oppinion. as the name Shannon (Shannan)is # 1 Irish name for girls. So much so my children were named Brian Daniel, Shannan Denise.

07/13/2023 05:48:44

I am n't a person was born in'the U.S. but i changed my name to brian, it is very cool name with good means.

07/08/2023 09:08:18

My mans name is Brian an we have a son we named Braiden it has Brian in it an as you look at it the way the letters go spells BRAIdeN/ BRAIN. LOL crazy. Love both my Brains. There the best. An'thats why I love the name Brian.

07/02/2023 11:46:40

I was born Brian in 1970 when it was n't particularly popular. I liked that there was only one other Brian in my entire high school. I wasn't thrilled that it became very popular through the 70's. I kind of liked being one of the few Brians around. Good name, I'm glad my parents chose it.

06/20/2023 19:24:28

My boyfriends name is Brian. he's really strong, in many ways. He plays lots of sports so he's physically strong. he's also very mentally strong, as he doesn't let what people say get to him. And the best stren'th i think he has is the'stren'th to deal with me on a con'tant basis. Haha. Takes a lot to deal with me :P I love him to death.

06/18/2023 06:16:44

Terrible name! I named by son Matthew Brian just because It'sounded good with Matthew. i've regretted it ever'since - hate the name!

06/17/2023 02:21:34

I know a guy named brian, he lives across the'street, from my old house. he'skateboards alot.

06/15/2023 09:30:32

My son born in 01 is named Brian Allan Montgomery. Even with the popularity of the name i've only even known one other Brian. It's a good strong Irish name.

05/10/2023 18:52:48

My name is Brian. Yes people do spell it wrong and say Bryan or Brain for some reason. I got my name from an actor named Brian Keith. Some reason my mother liked this guy when i was born in 1991 named Brian Keith for his acting or that he was hot. I would take it as he was hot...

05/07/2023 20:03:10

Actually, the name Brian; with the I spelling; comes from Ireland and literally means: "High Hill." It was latter that the King of Ireland, named Brian, that it took the meaning of "High Noble."

05/07/2023 17:42:06

my brothers name is also brian and i have a guy friend named friend says that ppl never ge the spelling right and often spell it like

04/28/2023 18:34:30

It is a beautiful Irish name...that is why it is popular!!

04/22/2023 21:30:30

Been BRIAN my whole life...:) I only met one BrYan in my life that I didn't like and he'spelled his name with a Y so go figure...!❤️!❤️

04/12/2023 07:17:40

my name is brian and I'm fine.I'm a good kid I'm 15

03/30/2023 20:24:34

yes my name is caitlyn and people spell it rong all the time they spell it caitlin or kaitlin or yn! my side of the family that i dont see much doesnt spell it right!

03/17/2023 15:00:34

My 2 1/2 yr old is named Brian and I love it. It is such a strong and handsome sounding name.

03/14/2023 14:42:46

Brian is very much a BrIt'sh name. I know it is of Irish origins, but I think most people associate it with Englishmen. When I hear the name I automatically assume the guy is BrIt'sh or Canadian.

03/05/2023 17:56:14

My dad's name is brian. He is 40 years old . He loves the name brian'there are 35,000 people in'the world thet have the name brian it is a great name! : ) I love when he telles me story's at night time. They make me smile.

02/25/2023 18:01:40

I love the name Brian - the love of my life is Brian & hearing his name is music to my ears!

02/19/2023 17:26:04

i love this name. its my name

02/17/2023 00:11:28

My name is Brian and I was born in 1990. A funny story was that in'the 80's, my Army uncle was over'seas somewhere and he bought me a He-Man jacket. They stitched my name on'the chest but spelled it Brain. I didn't realize it until later in life when I found it at my Grandmas house!

02/14/2023 06:56:52

I named my son Brian because both my parents are of pure Irish decent. I have always loved that name. It was a popular name when my son, who is now 33, was growing up, but I defin'tely did n't choose it because of its popularity. My Irish roots run deep in our family.

02/12/2023 03:13:24


02/02/2023 06:20:56

I'meet people all the time with the name Brian, however'sometimes you find those that'spell it with a "y". I find it annoying when people assume I spell it with the Y, hello....its n't RYAN. Regardless, It's a great name and I am very happy my parents chose it. My middle name is James, so as a kid i went by Bee-ggghh. A play on BJ.

01/18/2023 19:15:58

Our Brian was born in 91 and we know no other boys his age or younger with that name.

11/21/2022 01:11:14

i think brian is a cute name for a baby boy.

11/17/2022 18:43:08

I was born Brian and I have never really liked it--I guess It's a good name for some but i've never felt like a Brian (I don't even like saying it).

11/14/2022 23:42:44

I love this name! I has the honor of naming my youngest brother "Brian Luke"

11/12/2022 02:03:38

hey my name is sarah and my boyfriends name is brian ......YAY WOOT WOOT TEEHEE cyaz lata homie g dogz

10/23/2022 05:40:00

I like the name ALOT. But I like it better'spelled as BrYan (Bryan).

09/10/2022 20:13:24

My boyfriend is a Brian, and it just seems like there are so many Brians out there. Two of my girlfriends have Brians for significant othe's...It's very over-used.

09/09/2022 00:43:40

When I was born in 1998, it wasnt a widely used name. 20 years later It'seems that everyone has it!

07/21/2022 01:24:54

My husband's name is Brian. He was born in'the 1982s and his mom thought it was a unique name - however, just about half the guys we know who are our age are named Brian. He hates having the'same name as everyone else.

06/22/2022 09:20:06

It'seems to work for me and sounds pretty darn good when my wife says it...

06/09/2022 02:54:54

it means strong and I give it a strong thumbs up. also, a thumbs down'to anyone who spells it the wrong way (with a Y)!

05/15/2022 18:13:48

Guys that'spell thair names with a Y as in Bryans are n't cool. They are up tight and want to be as cool as they who spell it with an I > Brian, long live and love the Brians

04/26/2022 17:38:42

I don't understand why they say Bryan is the wrong way to spell b r i a n seems weird to me to me and I spelled my son's name Bryan. Middle name first name WillI'm bryan. he's never'seem to have a problem with it. Fan asking the wrong way to spell it is rather an insult. My name is coral like in'the ocean. Thats what i have to say 4 them to get it right.didnt there was a wrong way to spell a name.guess there is n't that many creative people.and he's a firefighter'so its n't a "n't cool" way to spell it.It'seemed ok,back in 1984 when he was born.

03/25/2022 09:43:30

i have a daddy named brian oldest out of the 4 he is the only boy as well

01/24/2022 10:25:48

My name us spelled Bryen. I have never met anyone or met any one that has know if this spelling

12/22/2021 11:52:12

Well i love the name Quentin im actually gonna name my first son that when i decide to have kids so who really cares if other people can't say it or anything like that i love it and anyone else with that name'should love their name as well

12/19/2021 09:45:18

I love the fact that my name is sometimes (often actually) spelled Brain. I was born in 1983, at the peak of the name's popularity. I remember at least three kids in every class sharing my name. They were ner's, and I guess so was I. We were all three always the'smartest in'the class.

12/10/2021 10:43:48

Named Brian, born in 1987. There were 5 Brians in my kindergarten class. Everyone I'meet shortens it to just B (like Bee) on'their own, It's always been'this way. I get a lot of ❤️what's up B❤️❤️ Type phrases. Seems to be common with this name for some reason.

10/04/2021 04:40:12

My boyfriend's name is Brian and my friend's name is Bryan. Both have such a strong personality. It's hard not to like them the moment you meet them.

10/03/2021 20:26:06

I once knew a guy named brian. He committed suicide and we used to call it "bruicide"

09/25/2021 04:43:48

I'm biased because I use a secondary name more often. There are too many people with my name. It is con'tantly mispelled. and yes i use Brian. But I get Bryan, Brain, and now a new one Brayan. n't sure if It's purely the name or if people are getting dumber.

09/13/2021 14:34:12

Has been my name for 38 years and very proud of it. The "Y or I" will always come up; Brain will be an auto correct or Heck, even I'misspelled it, at least its a smart mistake! Either way, you can't go wrong with a name meaning Strong. Everything the meaning says is true about me. Very safe name and will last well past the trendy names. I hope I can do for my son what my parents did for me!

08/24/2021 21:30:54

My husbands name is Brian & I guess he likes it.He was also born in'the 70's (1988 to be exact) I like it, It's kind of a macho but careing guy name.

07/17/2021 12:06:36

I love this name! Actually It's my father's name and I find it really classy and important. However'sometimes they mispell it as "Brain" on some of his pacage deliveries. He gets a kick out of it though!

07/16/2021 11:24:18

Ever'since I saw The Life Of Brian I know I was born "Next To Godliness" That is spelt BRIAN n't BWian . o.k.

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Brian FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Brian?
The origin of the name Brian is English , Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Brian?
High, Noble
*️⃣ How many people are named Brian?
Almost 1200000 people are named Brian.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Brian?
The names of Bryson, Brycen, Brysen, Briton, Brayson