Brody Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \b-ro-dy\
Number in U.S 👶 71,000
Rate in 2021 318
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Irish

Brody Name Meaning

The name Brody meanings and variations

This name is an unisex name that has been used all around the English speaking countries. The given name in either Jewish or British. This name has another spelling too, that is “ Brodie “. The name is found in Hungary and Ukraine. Although this name is an unisex one, but it has been used more as baby boy’s name. The name is pronounced as “ Broh – dee “. The name means “ dutch “. This name is also related to “ brathair “ meaning “ brother “ in Irish. Also the given name is used as “ Brodie “ in Scotland.

Personality of the name Brody

If you are a person who is named Brody, we want to inform you that your name has a secret behind it self ! As this name is made from five letters, they can be : B > is for buddy? Everyone is your pal. R > is for romp? You know how to have fun. O > is for ornate, nothing plain here ! D > is for diamond, the brilliance you shine. Y > is for youthful, your eternal look.

You as Brody, can give advice to others people, you are smart and comfortable with new ideas. Your  heart’s desire is to help others and you care for other people as well. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others !

Your most likely vacations are, engineer, writer, music composer, teacher and graphic designer. Also your lucky colours can be, all yellows, bronze, gold. Orange and ocher. Lucky gems are, Yellow diamond, citrine, amber and topaz. Lucky botanicals are, Borage, chamomile, eyebright and lavender.

The name’s popularity

When it comes to popularity we should mention that near 81691 babies were named Brody in the year 1880 to 2019. At that time most families gave this name to their baby boys. Also near 588 girls were named Brody. The most usage of the name is related to the United States of America that 69250 boys were named Brody while just 5 girls were named Brody. Also in United Kingdom near 4300 boys were named Brody and just 124 girls were given this name in the year 1996 to 2019. The third area that this name was mostly used is Ontario, it can be notable that the number of girls named Brody was 0, but 3124 boys were given Brody in 1913 to 2018.

Famous people named brody

As you know, famous namesakes can have positive impact on the name’s popularity and usage. For example, Adam Brody and Adrien Brody who are American actor | Alan Brody who is an American writer | Ann Brody who is an American actress, these people have influenced this name’s popularity. Although Brody is their surnames, but it does not mean that the name should not become common as a given name !

Similar names to Brody

Bready | Bradie | Brady | Braidy | Broddy | Bradly | Bray | Broc | Buddy

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Comments on the name Brody
05/26/2023 06:03:42

I love uncommon names and so i picked out Ashley for my daughter 38 years ago and I picked it because no one had ever heard of it and thats the way I wanted it..Well within'two years everyone and their dog got my name...So when I had my son I vowed that it would never happen'to me again and so i came up with the name Brody...this was 32 years ago and well we see what has happened...His middle name is Champion and he is gorgeous athletic and a great guy!!!

05/23/2023 04:35:22

My son is 11 and his name is Brody. I couldn't imagine him by any other name. His friends and family call him Bro. Great name!

05/21/2023 18:29:54

We are due in December and are planning to name our son Kaden Michael. My husband loves the meaning it has, "fighter" and feels he could be a warrior if need be on the playground.

05/15/2023 11:44:00

Love the fact, with no disrespect to any one with the name Brody, we gave this name to our fox-red labrador retreiver puppy. Awesome name.

05/13/2023 00:04:26

I'm the only one i've ever met with my name and people often mispronounce it as brady and spell it brodie

05/08/2023 02:31:06

When I was pregnant Jayden was the only name my spouse and I could agree on. We had the name decided since I was about 6 months pregnant. When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant an aquantance of mine had a baby girl who named her daughter Jaden. At the hospital I delivered my son at they said they delivered about 5 Jaydens in the past month. Now everywhere we go we run into baby Jaydens. We thought we were being original.

05/05/2023 12:12:50

Im also due in a few weeks and our son will be Brody. We have defin'tly gotten some mixed feedback from friends and family but we love the name

04/22/2023 08:34:38

my 4 month old son's name is brody and i absoutly love it! but most of the time when we tell people what his name is...they think we said birdie! so me and my husband are always correcting people.

04/17/2023 08:04:58

My sons name is Brody. I loved it from the moment I heard it. Knew a guy named Brody Tyse who was probably born in'the late 1982's. I adore the name and it brings to mind a strong attractive guy.

04/02/2023 23:38:42

We are having our first child in May of 2021 and It's a girl! We are going to name her Reagan Elizabeth. We just love this name and think It's unique, feminine, and strong!! I love this name and am so excited to see how it fits our little girl!!

03/13/2023 14:36:50

Brody Randall, born 9-9-09, awesome name that is n't overly common.

02/16/2023 05:40:34

This is my youngest son's name. He was named after the town that my relatives live in, "Sawyer, ND". I love it, and It'suits him very well. He has a twin brother named Gavin, I like the fact they their names are different from one another.

02/09/2023 18:30:10

We are naming our son Caden and will be calling him Cade for short.

02/07/2023 19:28:50

I love this name. Our baby boy is due in August and his name will be Brody!

02/01/2023 04:29:12

I love the name, sounds cool, yet not common

01/29/2023 18:35:26

This is my son's name (born sep 2018) and if we had had a daughter it would have been her name. I feel in love with teh name after reading a book in which the lead female character was named Landon. As a techer I had never taught one (important) - but we have run into many kids with the'same name - but no worries we still love landon -

01/25/2023 20:32:46

I named my son Brody in 2007. It was a very unusual name especcially back then. I liked chief Brody's last name from jaws so I used as my sons first name. He is called Bro, the Brodster and othe's. I still love his name it fits him. He loves fishing and is fascin'ted by sharks

01/25/2023 10:33:14

it is my grandson's--born a twin'to his brother Jack on October5th, 2021-I love it!

01/17/2023 02:42:34

We are due this week and will name him Quinn. One son likes it and the other'said It'sounds like a girls name.

01/16/2023 21:42:48

I actually heard Brody from an actor that I was in love with (Adam Brody). About a year later I found out I was having a boy and I knew I wanted to name him Brody (n't after Adam Brody, but just because I loved the name).

12/15/2022 20:01:06

Cute - worried about the dog thing though - my neighbor's dog is Brody and a million othe's.

12/12/2022 13:15:22

Love it, if I'm having a boy that's the name I am going to fight my hubby for. I'm sure he won't like it.

12/10/2022 10:24:48

This is the name i've chosen for my baby. I love it and think it is so pretty.

12/01/2022 16:52:14

We too named our son Talen, his birthday is July 19, 2001. I too saw the movie The'sword and Socerer, staring Lee Horselee. It was kind of different at the time but the boy loves it now. he'says "the chicks digg it dad"! His mother wanted to spell it Talen.

11/26/2022 18:08:22

My sons name is Brody Lee. We get so many compliments on it. I love it because its unusual but not so unusual

11/22/2022 18:19:54

Grandson due in June 2019 will be named Brody, he has strong Scott-Irish roots with an Irish last name. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. I envison a very athletic active boy/man with that name.

11/16/2022 10:58:44

Our son is named Brody Ethan and I love it... every since I heard it I couldn't call him an'thing else!!!

11/13/2022 19:29:56

My second sons name is Brody Knox.. I love it because its original but not out of this world crazy and is accepted on the playground!

11/02/2022 06:56:58

I like the name brody! Its sounds athletic and strong.its n't over'sed and very nice, I'm n't just saying this because I'm in love with a boy called brody ?

10/22/2022 13:47:48

I love the name Brody… I plan on naming my son Joseph Brody. Joseph was the name of my older brother that died and Brody is my husband’s name…great names

10/15/2022 05:45:26

We just named our son Aiden and he is a "little fire" so its perfect.

10/13/2022 22:53:56

My name is Brody and have had it for 24 years now. Its n't around alot and i like it. Never get mixed up with someone with the'same name besides Brody Brown (close friend family) Good thing its n't Davis, is common for dog names tho around here(utah). All your kids will grow into it and love it like i did. Parents orgin is irish and has been in'the family many years ago. My middle names is James so guys stay aways from J's cause when kids get older they figure slang and kinda make fun of ya:) oh well.

10/12/2022 13:23:44

My grandson will be arriving soon and he will be named Brody James. I love it. Masculine and uncommon.

10/08/2022 11:31:50

my son's name is Brody Mathew. I only heard this name one other time a few years before I got pregnant with him. I figured if his first name was unique is middle name is going to be kinda common just with a unique way of spelling it. Now I hear this name all over but of course they are younger than my Brody, he just turned 10 last week. =)

09/30/2022 10:09:06

My son is named Brody. I chose it as an Irish name. His older brother's name is Shane. If you look up the meaning of Brody the way I chose to spell it is "ditch". If spelled Brodee or Brodie it means "second son" which he was! I thought the other'spellings were girlie/weird. I have received many compliments on my sons name.

09/30/2022 03:41:10

Our daughter is Brodie, yes more common as a boys name but here in Scotland its occasionally used as a girls name.

09/26/2022 07:24:18

My son's name is Brody and we get compliments all the time about how manly it is. It is a great baby name that will work well his whole life.

09/12/2022 21:53:26

I have a 4 yr. old son named Brody Joseph. He calls himself Bro-joe. I loved the name the first time I heard it and my husband thinks it is the coolest.

09/10/2022 02:35:24

My Name is Brody im 13 years old at the moment and i love my name

09/01/2022 19:07:48

We are due in March of 2018 with our first little boy! We plan to name him Easton Cody! I know it has sports relation and I think that is one reason my husband likes it but I think it is just an all around solid name and sounds great!

08/29/2022 04:12:18

My son is also named Broderick and we call him Brody. I thought we were the only ones!

08/26/2022 04:50:06

My son was 6 this year and we decided on Brody, we wanted something n't common neither to unusual and this is defin'tely neither. I love this name and he is a defin'te character.

07/10/2022 21:06:36

love it!! my 4 month old is called Brody john, hes gorgeous and suits the name. its cool and uncommon and i hope It'stays that way!! jack, harry and callum are far too common!!!

07/10/2022 19:16:48

I named my son Brody, he was born Oct. 2017. I have had many compliments on his name. I only know 1 other boy that was named this. We found this name in a baby book. Its different, but n't weird.

06/11/2022 22:37:30

My Grandson was born 27th Jan 2020 and my daughter and her husband have chose the name Brody he is so cute and really suits his name, he is the only Brody we know off.

05/17/2022 17:48:36

I love this name. It's very masculine but gentle at the'same time.

05/07/2022 09:50:42

My son will be born in October and his name will be Brody. As a teacher, there are several names that I will n't use because I associate them with a student. However, I have NEVER had a Brody! ;-)

04/30/2022 10:24:00

My son's name is Brody. I don't think too many people like it judging by their reactions. I hope he will when he grows up! Brody Brown - Nice ring to it. It's better than Jack. EVERYONE is called Jack these days !! Cheers Dave

04/14/2022 11:00:54

We named our son Brook in 2018. We love the name. People often were surprised when we told the we were naming our son Brook forgetting that before "Brooke" the girls name became used and popular, Brook was a boy name. To us It'sounded like a strong boy's name. However he is often assumed to be a girl when just the name is presented. And even when people who have met and know him write his name they often spell it with the "e" on'the end. To me that'seems to feminize It'so I don't like when people do that.

02/19/2022 22:21:18

I absolutely love the name Brody. It is my boyfriend's name and I love him too!

01/09/2022 22:43:48

Our boy is Due Dec 3rd and he will also be named Brody.

01/03/2022 08:26:06

My 6 week old grandson was named Brody Daniel - I love the name,and I love him!

12/31/2021 09:03:54

I am due in a couple of weeks. Our son will be named Broderick Paul and will be calling him Brody for short. Very unique and very cute!

11/03/2021 08:26:06

Had our first son in Feb of 2020. Named him Brody Daniel. He is the coolest baby I have ever met but I'might be biased. We love the name!!

09/26/2021 10:00:36

My husband and I are expecting our first child in May and just found out It's a boy - Defin'tely naming the little guy Brody!!

09/16/2021 23:05:24

we are planning on naming our baby boy Brody Cole we love that name.

09/15/2021 17:48:36

My 12 year old son's name is Brody. Even'though I wasn't sure if I was having a girl or a boy at the time, it was the only name I liked and had ready when I went to the hospital. Good thing it was a boy! We call him Brody, Brod, Bubba, my husband calls him Brodyman sometimes... people seem to have fun with his name!

08/15/2021 08:45:54

i have always loved this name. my dream is to have twin boys and name one Braden and the other Brody.

07/19/2021 14:26:06

i love this name i want to name my son'this but im only a teenager'so its atleast 10 years till im sure i want to name a son brody :)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Brody?
The origin of the name Brody is Irish.
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Almost 71000 people are named Brody.
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The names of Bryson, Brycen, Brayson, Brysan