Carmen meaning

: Garden, Orchard

Carmen Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-rmen, car-men\
Number of People 👶 155,000
Rate in 2021 842
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Mexican
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Carmen Name Meaning

The name Carmen carries a rich history and cultural significance. Derived from Latin, Carmen is a feminine given name that has captivated individuals throughout the ages. Let's delve into the depths of its meaning and explore its origins.

Originating from the Latin word "carmen," which translates to "song" or "poem," Carmen embodies a sense of artistic expression and creativity. It evokes imagery of melodic verses and lyrical beauty, making it an enchanting choice for parents seeking a name with poetic allure.

In addition to its musical connotations, Carmen also holds religious symbolism in certain cultures. It is associated with Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a revered figure in Catholicism who is believed to provide protection and guidance to her devotees.

Furthermore, Carmen has gained popularity as a given name across various countries and languages. It exudes elegance and sophistication, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking a timeless yet distinctive name for their child.

With its multifaceted meanings and cultural associations, Carmen offers individuals a sense of identity rooted in artistry, spirituality, and grace. Whether you are considering this name for yourself or someone dear to you, embracing the essence of Carmen can add depth and beauty to one's personal narrative.

Cool Info About Name Carmen

Additional name description Carmen
Additional name description Carmen

Diminutives and variations of the name Carmen
Some of the variants of the name Carmen are:
Carmela, Mamen, Carmelita, Carmenchu, Carmina, Carmina, Carmelina, Melina, Maria del Carmen, Maricarmen

The name Carmen in other languages
Catalan: Carme
Basque: Karmen, Karmele
Galician: Carme, Carmina
Italian: Carmela
Portuguese: Carmo

The personality of the name Carmen
Women named Carmen have a very strong personality. They are determined and full of vitality, which allows them to achieve anything they set out to do.
Carmen is usually a woman who always helps others and puts all her effort into making her environment a good one. He is a very familiar and close person, which can sometimes also make him dependent. Carmen will always give everything she has to her loved ones, unconditionally and dedicatedly.
They are also affable, pleasant, and highly intelligent women. Their loyalty and their ability to help others is the highlight of people who have the name of Carmen.

Celebrities named Carmen
Carmen Sevilla: es a Spanish actress, singer, and television presenter.
Carmen Alboch: Spanish writer, who was also a politician and socialist senator. She was also the Minister of Culture.
Carmen Calvo: is a constitutional jurist, currently vice president of the Government of Spain.
Carmen Villalobos: is a Colombian actress known for her role as Catalina in the telenovela Sin senos no hay Paraiso. (It appears in the following image)

Day of the Saint of Carmen
The Saint of Carmen is July 16.

< b>Numerology of the name Carmen
According to numerology, the number of the name Carmen is 9.

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Comments on the name Carmen
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Karmon, i've never'seen anyone else spell it this way. I also have a friend whose name is Carmen. I love my name and the uniqueness of how It's spelled. If anyone else spells it like this please share...

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Carmen also. I also never met another Carmin till high school and her mother had heard the name because of me. She'spells it in... Still never met anyone in person w same spelling. I think It'suits me. One of a kind.

12/13/2023 09:11:12

another carmen from canada here ahh i've put up with enough torment as a kid and i still don't really like this name... just doesn't suit me things i've been called: carman, karmen, carrottop, carmen san diego, and carmen eggo waffle (cause it rhymed with carmen san diego)...

11/14/2023 15:43:24

My name is Carmen, I love it! No one ever pronounces it wrong or spells it wrong, and I don't mind about the lack of nicknames :) my sister calls me 'Car'anyway

11/02/2023 03:22:08

we love it! =]] the name is beautiful

10/26/2023 16:47:00

ok... im a carmen.. and its kinda annoying because people will spell it carman, carmin, carmon... but i like how its not a popular name but my male teacher is named carmen so ther's jokes about that.. and im not 100 percent sure how u pronounce it.. is it like carmin... because thats how i say it.. and im not usually called carmen.. everyone just calls me car...but over-all... its AWESOME...

10/19/2023 13:26:46

My name is Carmen. I used to hate it as a kid but now I love it. I don't usually come across anyone with the'same name but I do get told that It's either'someone❤️s mom or grandmother's name.

10/07/2023 07:15:48

My name is Carmen, and I think it is amazing and it is a strong and unique name to me

10/03/2023 08:55:30

my first daughter has this name but hers is spelt Carman. but for some reason people keep spelling it karmin. i dont know why. but i love this name, ive only met one other Carman/Carmen so its nice to know my daughter doesnt have an over popular name.

09/30/2023 03:02:40

We named our daughter Cassandra with the intention of calling her Cassie. She'said she likes her name and thinks its a happy young name. She's 14. She does hate it when I call her Gassy Cassie. lol She gets called Casey occasionally. We call her Cass too sometimes.

09/23/2023 08:31:26

Carmen is a really pretty name and I love it!!!

09/15/2023 13:36:38

My name is Carmen and I don't like it because It's bland and it doesn't have any nicknames.

08/28/2023 13:18:00

sounds to tomboyish. but i think It's cute for a baby

08/09/2023 19:56:38

My daughter's name is Carmen and I think It's absolutely beautiful. At a time when everyone is naming their daughters Emma or Sophia she will at least be the only Carmen in her class. My daughter is a fiery outgoing little girl and Carmen fits her perfectly.

07/21/2023 18:03:54

Sorry don't like the name Carmen. It'sounds masculine. CAR-MAN

07/16/2023 05:31:16

Could it be used as a boy's name❤️

07/15/2023 11:18:00

My name is Carmen, and as simple of a name as it is, I have always somehow loved it. I think mostly because it is unique and I didn't have to share my name with anyone else at school. I pitied those who did. I have no Hispanic heritage but was named after Berlioz's opera. As a musician and what everyone knows me for, I love that the name means "a song" !!

05/18/2023 17:36:50

My name is Carmen, after Carmen Miranda - just because my parents liked the name. I'm glad they chose it for me... because It's not hugelyly common and also not freakishly unusual. Family & friends call me Carm. Sometimes people spell it "Carman".

05/17/2023 05:27:56

One of my best friends spells her name Carmin. It's pronounced the'same. I think both names are beautiful!

05/14/2023 11:55:42

Another Carm here! I was raised in Canada and felt I was the only one in the world. They would call me CARMELITA though because I was a kid and I liked that! Never thought I go with Carmen, but after the age of 11 my sis called me Carmen /kar-min/, then we moved to Spain where everyone calld me Carmen /KAR-men/. I grew to love it. Before there were lots in Spain. Now not so much. It's powerful, feminine, not a sissy name! I want it for my daughter (7 months preg), but DH thinks two Carmens in the house is confusing. :.(

04/25/2023 09:10:04

My mom was going to name me Karmyn. But i am glad she name me Desiree. YOU ROCK MOM! Desi

03/24/2023 00:25:10

Carmen is too pretty to not to want to name your child. It is a very beautiful and unique name and should be used more instead of Ashley, Jasmine, Kayla, Michelle, Kelly, Che'sea... and the list goes on. People should consider this name more often.

03/22/2023 01:41:28

I was named Carmen after my grandma who was named Carmen after the opera. I like it... though It's an extremely common Hispanic name, It's exotic to non Hispanics. But It's extremely irritating when people think It's a boy's name! It's not! If there was a Hispanic male named Carmen, he would definitely be laughed at.

03/06/2023 15:23:28

Hi another Carmen here. I love the way my mother pronounces my name Car-Men. It really does suit me and I am proud to have it. when she was angry with me it literally looked like this CAR-MEN. Well that's about all an a big hi to everyone from Jersey in the Channel Islands, laters Carmz :o)

03/04/2023 21:21:54

My name is carmen The people at Ben Voster Named me Taiwan. Thy say I look like a Chinees. But it is nice, they also say I am cute. I love the name carmen.

02/20/2023 17:49:38

My name's Carmen.It's cool to know that my name can also mean Crimson or Red (i love those colours :) ) . When i was little, people would always think of Carmen as a male name, because it consists of the words "car" and "men". It was kind of anoyying hearing people making fun of my name and i had wished i could rename myself. But now, i love my name and i find that It'suits me very well :)

02/20/2023 04:53:46

Carmen is my mums name. Its also my grandmothe's name..they are both from spain so i guess thats where it comes from. I like it, but i dont think my mum does

02/15/2023 01:45:24

I named my daughter Carmen, after her great-grandmother (we are in the UK). I (of course) love the name and picked it because I am not so keen on feminine, frilly, polysyllabic names ending in 'a'. It's trenchant, more unusual but not poncey, it has family significance (both us parents are partly Spanish) and although it is Spanish everyone can spell and pronounce it without asking.

01/26/2023 14:28:24

My name is Carmen I didn't like it for ages and now I'm starting to like it when my sister was little she used to call me Car Car and my friends and some of my fave teache's call me Carms which I love and it has so many nice meanings the only thing I get annoyed about is when a few people spell my name wrong either Carmin or Carman ❤️❤️

01/22/2023 11:25:58

in my opinion i think It'sounds plain. I wouldn't say i hate it but i wouldn't say i love it.

12/22/2022 10:07:50

I love this name I think it's so pretty and different and it never sounds tired or plain some names do over time. My grandmother named her oldest daughter my aunt Carmen and I think it's so pretty and it fits my aunt to cause my aunt is very different and unique in her own way.

11/28/2022 17:44:58

My daughter's name is Carmen but spelled Karmyn. I think the name is absolutely beautiful. I just pray she will like it when she gets older.

11/18/2022 21:27:46

i love this name so much =]]

11/12/2022 19:06:22

I have always loved my name. Kids used to sing "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego" but it never bothered me too much. I liked that I didn't know anyone else growing up with the name until high school. I always felt special. Definitely not like all the "Ashley's," "Amanda's,"and "Jessica's" at the time.

10/27/2022 19:34:52

I never liked my name growing up but I love it now that I'm an adult! I like that It's uncommon but people have heard of it before. The character Carmen in the opera was a badass babe and so was the cartoon character Carmen San Diego and It's really cool to have the'same name as two badass women like that. Plus if you google the name Carmen, every famous women with the name is a gorgeous actress or model. And i've also noticed in person that gorgeous women always have this name. i've heard that It's becoming more popular these days with the hipster crowd as a lot of them are naming their daughters Carmen because they know how cool it is. But I hope this Isn't the case because I don't want it to become too trendy!

10/25/2022 02:55:32

Carmen means "song" in Latin.

10/15/2022 15:09:42

I know a lady named Carmen, she is like 77 yrs old. She's really rude.

09/03/2022 06:48:54

surprised no one has commented yet. anyway i like this name ok. its too masculine to be for a girl and too feminime for a babe. but w/e not my choice i will name my daughter noel and son philip.

07/01/2022 10:11:24

carmen is my brat like sisters name but you gotta love her!

06/18/2022 20:14:24

I Think Carmen Is A Great Baby girls Name If you Are Going to Have a Baby Name it Carmen Or Any Name You Liked . I Love The Name Carmen'too Or Mary Or Che'sea . I Know But Its Your Cholice

05/29/2022 04:18:36

even'though this claims that Carmen is popular people still seem to not get Carmen...juswt everything else out of it. i've only met one other lady with the'same name as mine. i like how its not a name you get a ton of

01/25/2022 18:27:18

My name is Carmen. I'm spanish so I know a lot of people named Carmen as well. I didn't like it at all, but I like it now. It means garden, song, red... I don't think It's a male name, i've NEVER known a boy named Carmen. I pronunce it Car-Men. And there's a Lana del Rey song named Carmen and I really like it haha. But people make fun of me because it has the world car and men in It'so they say I'm a transformer huh. But I'm glad people outside spain has it, because i thought only spanish people knew that name :)

12/02/2021 21:33:36

my mommys name<3 i love the name & of corse my mamaaaa<3

10/24/2021 05:02:42

I think the name is really pretty. It's exotic and different from all of the popular names right now; emma, isabella, grace...etc.

09/03/2021 10:15:54

If I have a daughter I will use this name, however, I will spell it Karmann because my husband's favorite car is his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Beautiful name wiyh a personal meaning

07/27/2021 16:24:54

Carmen its my name and i Hate it! well people with this name have a strong character we dont put w crap.. but the name its tooo strong.. i always go by my second name!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Carmen?
The origin of the name Carmen is Mexican.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Carmen?
Garden, Orchard
*️⃣ How many people are named Carmen?
Almost 155000 people are named Carmen.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Carmen?
The names of Caylyn, Charissa, Kashlyn, Kashlynn, Cashlynn