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Daisy Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \da(i)-sy\
Number in U.S 👶 144,000
Rate in 2021 356
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 English

Daisy Name Meaning

The name daisy means "daisy".

Destiny meaning “ Fate “

Daisy Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Daisy
Additional description of the name Daisy

The name daisy is an Anglo-Saxon name that derives from Latin. It is an English variant of Daisy, a white flower that opens during the day and closes at night.

Cool Info About Name Daisy

Additional name description Daisy
Additional name description Daisy

The popularity of the name Daisy

The name Daisy became popular in the late Victorian era. As it is mentioned the name is a flower name, Daisy has been one of the most popular flower names for many decades. The name Daisy is a name that has a “ Fresh, wholesome and energetic “ image. The name Daisy is mentioned in many books, as one of the most popular flower names.

Daisy has been used for literary characters. Daisy Miller is the little character in the novella by Henry James. Something that had a special effect on Daisy’s popularity, is that famous people have named their children “ Daisy “. The name Daisy was in steady use by people in the United States. American families have named their girls “ Daisy “.

The name declined in popularity between 1960 and 1980. The name also has been climbing in popularity since the 1980s and has gained ranked among the top 200 names for American girls since the 1990. It was the 294th most common name to all females during the 1990 in the United States. Also, this name has ranked among the top 100 names for girls in the United Kingdom since the year 1996.


The personality of the name Daisy

If you are named Daisy, you are strong in material matters and stubborn. You can have good business ability, you are a hard-working person and you are patient at the right moment. The abilities mentioned can bring you a position of authority and power.

You are a doer and you can have an impact on people’s thoughts. You are bold, independent, inquisitive, and interested in search. You are aware of what you want and you can focus on the things you are interested in. You can be focused easily and achieve your goals. You are very detailed and organized. You are practical and encouraging people is one of the most important characteristics of you.


Famous people named Daisy

Daisy, Princess of Pless

Daisy Aitkems

Daisy Al Amir

Daisy Alik Momotaro

Daisy Andrews


Similar names to the name Daisy

You can select names similar to Daisy as your next babies as Daisy’s siblings. The list below can help you in the name selection process.

Delilah means “ Delicate “

Daniel means “ God is my judge “

Dakota means “ from the alder grove “

Demi means “ earth “ or “ mother “

Diminutives and variations of the name Daisy

Women called Daisy are women with a strong characters. They are a mix between flirtation and affection, and firmness and authority. They are always impeccable, well-dressed, groomed, and made-up. They love to be the center of attention and want to be perfect for any occasion.

Celebrities named Daisy

Daisy Ridley: she is a British actress who is famous for his appearance in the Star Wars saga. Daisy Johnson is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books from Marvel Comics. Daisy: She is a South Korean singer, vocalist, and dancer in MOMOLAND. Daisy Duck: is a cartoon created in 1940 as the female part of Donald Duck.

Numerology of the name Daisy

According to numerology, the number of the name Daisy is 22, one of the master numbers!

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Comments on the name Daisy
10/01/2023 20:46:36

That's the name of one of Hyacinth Bucket's sisters in the'sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances', the one married to the layabout Onslow. Whenever Hyacinth would have social events going on chez Bucket, the last people on her mind are her own family - Daisy, flirtatious other'sister Rose, Onslow, and their dear old "Papa"

10/01/2023 09:01:16

My name is Daisy - hated it as a child but realised as a teen how cool and unique it really is...I think It's such an adaptable and transcendent name: gorgeous on a little girl, sexy as a young woman's name, classy as a woman's name and suitably sweet for a elderly lady. A name is what you make it and people ALWAYS comment on my name. Someone above said that you always remember a Daisy...It's true: no-one forgets my name. Daisys unite! Our name'steals the'show.

09/28/2023 02:33:10

My name is Daisy and I love it!! I'm 18 years old and I love how my middle name goes with my name,Daisy Madeline :) I'm Hispanic so I feel unique because not that many Hispanics have it lol

09/26/2023 14:41:54

love it. and its NOT limiting. girls named Daisy can grow up to be whatever they strive to be.

09/11/2023 16:44:30

The gaelic spelling Eibhlin looks much nicer rather than the ugly anglicised version.

09/06/2023 16:32:28

I sometimes like my name because it is original.Sometimes I dont like it because i want to have a normal name like everyone else.

08/25/2023 00:21:58

I love the name daisy but i plan on using it like this: Daisy-Mae I think this looks really sweet and sounds nice

08/18/2023 08:11:48

HI'my name is Daisy and i always seem to know absoloutly noone called Daisy and like i always think im the only one named Daisy

08/05/2023 11:36:48

I LOVE IT!!! this is my Daisy is my name , but speled diffrently..people are always complimetning on my name especially since my last name is Flowers ryhmes.. I'm glad my parents gave me this name.

07/26/2023 23:15:42

my new puppy that im going to be getting her name is going to be named Dasie because my first dog that i had was named Sadie and was the best dog i have ever had so in memory of her my family and i decided to name her Dasie and i really LOVE the name!

07/19/2023 23:09:26

My daughter is named Daisy and it fits her'so good, I can't event think of her with another name. Daisy is my favorite name in in the world!

07/18/2023 07:11:18

I really like the name Daisy. It's delicate and quite unique (in a good way).

07/17/2023 22:04:40

hey im daisy. yes a lot of people have spelt my name but i looooove it. i always have!

07/11/2023 18:15:06

It's a really cool name! Sounds peaceful and happy! Sounds great!

06/30/2023 17:09:50

I love the name Daisy, I named my dog Daisy after the Countess of Warwick

06/28/2023 14:01:38

Daisy is a great name for a stuffed animal that is white with a yellow nose. Mine looks realy sweet.

06/16/2023 19:53:38

Yet another 36 year old Rahsaan whose name has been mispronounced and misspelled. The worst, I'must say, is inadvertently selecting change on spell check and my letters are signed "Raisin." I'm sure y'all can relate. Roland Kirk is a favorite: "Volunteer'slavery," "Blacknuss," "Three for the Festival," and the list goes on. Glad to see so many of us out there. Question: Are we all African American?

06/06/2023 00:58:40

I love It'so much I named my dog Daisy! I think good middle names are May Lilly Ann Jane and Grant (May sound ugly on It's own, but sounds cute with DAISY!

06/05/2023 10:34:38

my name is daisy. Its a good name who ever dosent lol. personaly i never another daisy exept my mom by from nyc

05/23/2023 04:17:44

My name is Daisy; I only know one other, and I like that It's uncommon. I do sometimes wonder how it will suit me at different ages but so far, so good. I love it actually!

05/17/2023 23:23:34

I am Daisy and i feel very femininity and proud of it..

05/11/2023 00:45:28

I'm called Daisy, and I really dont like it. Especially with my middle name of 'Mae'. I know one other person with the'same name of 'Daisy Mae'.

05/09/2023 19:39:46

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05/02/2023 08:41:04

My name is Daisy and im hispanic. i love my name'sometimes.but when i see girls that have the'same name as me nd they are ugly . i feel better because im the only pretyy daisy in my school. people give me nicknames that i days <3

05/01/2023 13:17:16

my name is daisy and im a wwe fan and a tom boy so that dosen't really suite me. but also no one in my school has the'same name'so its really cool being the only one in the'school with the name daisy.

04/29/2023 18:05:10

Hi I have the name Daisy and I worried if people would think I was weird when I first started school.But now that I'm older i've had experience with a lot of different names.i've also learned to love my name, especially because everyone says It's so unique. <3

04/27/2023 11:43:00

I'm Chinese, 22 years old. I planned to study abroad for a while and I'm trying to pick an English name in case people have problem remembering my Chinese name. Personally I love Daisy. I think It's really cute and special considering not a lot of people are named Daisy. But I'm not sure if it may sound childish for my age. ??

04/17/2023 05:43:54

My cousins nn is daisy! her first name is Daislinn(dais-Lynn). The name is beautiful and unique, I love it!

04/15/2023 07:17:50

my name is daisy and my friends all think its cute u LOOVE it!! haha

04/09/2023 03:28:16

I love my name! Im named after my mother. Most of the women in my family are named after flowers! I hardly meet anyone with my name I love it!!!

03/31/2023 22:16:18

My name is Daisy and my surname goes excellently. I think It's a beautiful name for a little girl, but i've been'through stages where i've wondered how it would suit me as I aged. Now, I'm 17 and it is actually perfect, I love my name. However, I know a few people who just HAD to find nicknames, so now I'm known as 'Daisy, Daisy' sung with the old nursery-rhyme tune, 'Daisy Dukes' as in the'shorts and that character from In The Night Garden, Oopsie Daisy. Regardless, as long as you don't get easily aggravated, there are very few problems with the name. But I do think It'should be spelt "Daisy" or, at a push, "Daisie". Definitely not "Daisey." However, that might be because I'm English.

03/16/2023 20:29:40

My girlfriend's name is Daisy and she's fine as hell! :)

03/15/2023 06:34:58

I love floral names, they are feminine, but what the heck we are female... It's okay to be female and feel female. Nothing is stronger or more fragile than a flower, the perfect expression of womanhood. I study genealogy and many of the women who gave birth to this nation over the last 200 years had names like: Daisy, Violet, Rose, Lily, Amarilys, Ixia, DelphinI'm, Iris, Tansy. If you think floral names are weak you should check the hardiness and stren'th in your flower garden.

03/08/2023 00:53:40

It's the best name ever It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and my name is daisy and I'm 8 years old

02/25/2023 10:58:28

My name is to much of a girly name for me. But it alright.

02/22/2023 00:41:08

my name is daisy, my friend loves this name. People send me daisys as a present! its so cool!

02/05/2023 01:56:36

my name is daisy any i hated it when i was younger . but now I'm used to it and i like it . the only other daisy i no is an old teache's baby , i taught that was sweet , she only liked the name when she'started teaching me , but then agen its not very common.but its unique . and for the person who said its inappropriate , get a life , everyone has different names what they want to name there kids . and id much prefer to be called daisy rather than mary or something every second person is called. anyway thats my opinion:)

01/25/2023 23:46:44

Hello. I named my dolly Daisy because I thought it was so pretty! She even has pink cheeks!! -Cassie, age 5

01/12/2023 21:54:20

This name is fabulous because there are lots of famous bollywood stars named "Rahul". I love my parents because they give me love and spend quality time with me I am not sure if i like this name or not that is a big challenge. Thank You for this oppurtunity to tell my feelings!!

01/09/2023 10:44:06

My daughter's name is Daisy. My young son is named Davey (after me), and we wanted their names to sounds cute together. Davey and Daisy! Of course, he can go with David or Dave when he gets older, but for her It's always going to be Daisy. It's a great, fun name. Plus it rhymes with crazy, which my son thinks is hilarious! He calls her Ms. Crazy. He is 2 and she is 1.

12/31/2022 02:12:14

My daughter's name is Daisy - It's a beautiful name, but not so uncommon that it can't be pronounced or spelled correctly. She now has an Aunt Jasmine and a cousin named Lily!

12/18/2022 16:47:18

my name is Daisy and i love it i think its the best name'someone could give there baby girl if someone dose not love that name then you are supid and i dont like you

12/06/2022 12:04:30

I'm thinking about naming my unborn baby girl Daisy. My three year old daughter's name is DeLaney and I want my girls names to begin with the'same first letter and end with same sound. I'm just worried it will be cute when she's a little girl, but not so much as an adult. I don't know my Mom's the one that brings it up all the time and I think it just kind of grew on me. Now I love it.

12/05/2022 00:13:14

My name is Daisy, I was named after my Grandma. I am 22 years old and I have yet to meet any one else with my name. I am a little concerned for all the other girls named Daisy on this page seeing as how not one of you can capitalize your own name. I did get teased quite a bit growing up, but it was okay because I had a mean right hook, not what they expected from a girl named Daisy. LOL. I had a science teacher that would sing that'song Daisy oh Daisy give me your answer true, everytime he wanted me to answer a question and that got pretty annoying. Its okay though my husband says that everything is better with a dallop of Daisy LOL.

12/02/2022 14:01:50

My friends name is Daijah but she goes by Daisy. Daisy is cute and not alot of people have that name or that name for a nickname. she loves this nickname and she has everyone call her this.

11/29/2022 00:30:32

i have name ma daughter daisy her full name is daisy day glen and think is gose with he very welll wht do u think

11/26/2022 19:36:32

It's a pretty name and fairly rare - I really like it!

11/12/2022 18:48:44

My name is Daisy too! I like it! BUT i hate how people always call me Daisy Mae cause my middle name is NOT Mae its much better! Its Renee.... Daisy Renee

11/05/2022 17:31:56

best name EVER.. well duh cause its mine. its cute and colorful.

10/31/2022 22:37:18

oh my gosh! my BFF's name is D a i s y :D she is my carpool buddy and omg okay one time on valentines day we went to la garra aka the flea market with a certain someone and it was soo cool and we like totallly love to be on gmail even'thogh its kinda lame but its super cool oh and this other time we were walking home and the dogs of that one lady almost like ate us and she was like OMG and then I was like OMG and omg it was friken coool i friiken loooooooove daisy

10/24/2022 11:20:58

I named my daughter Daysi and i love ti and so does everyone else around her

10/13/2022 16:26:00

my name isz daisy and ii love it! ii've never really had a friend named daisy ||except on myspace|| umm.....when ii got to [toys r us] ii alwaysz look for my name in keychains, pens, & cups but ii never find anything with ||DAiSY|| in it! ii alwaysz find my brothe'sz names && my middle name but never find daisy! ii get mad sometimesz but then ii feel special, its like there's nobody else like me =D

09/25/2022 19:03:42

My name is Daisy and I love it. Its great to have a name that everyone always comments on how nice it is and always remember it too. Im an adult now and I think it is a very 'respectable name for an adult'! I have only met a couple of other Daisys in my life but have noticed there are a few celebrities popping up at the moment!

09/16/2022 19:38:28

Sounds like the name of Hyacinth Bucket's slob-of-a-sister in the 2002s TV sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances' living in the council house with senile Papa (or Daddy), beer-drinking Onslow with the tattooes and the vest as well as his "Oh, nice" catchphrase, and the'short-skirted man-eater Rose. There is also one of the'super Mario Bros. characters called Princess Daisy, which Princess Peach (or Princess Toadstool) was often wrongly addressed as by the creators of the Nintendo games and people playing them. The truth is that Peach and Daisy are two different characters with Peach wearing pink and Daisy wearing yellow (just like the two original female Power Rangers Kimberly and Trini who wore, respectively, pink and yellow). The 2005 fI'm version entitled 'Super Mario Bros' with Bob Hoskins as Mario and Dennis Hopper as the evil Bowser (or King Koopa) starred Samantha Mathis as Princess Daisy wearing pink rather than yellow.

09/11/2022 20:36:58

i love the name daisy its a good pet name aswell i have called my kitten daisy and It'suits her'so much. she likes to chase them aswell

09/10/2022 08:45:42

Beautiful, charming and sweet. We will definitely use this name if we have a girl!

09/05/2022 05:19:42

It's fine for my name. When asked for my name, and it is provided, the response is always 'Daisy?' And WHY do people try to spell it DAISEY? i've even seen Dasey. So lame. Kind of inter'sting that it wasn't as popular in the 70s. Darn those Duke Boys during the 80s.

08/08/2022 12:16:30

I have a friend name Daisy,She is the best friend ever.

07/11/2022 17:14:24

I'might be weird but iv always liked a z to be in their rather than the's, as in daizy

06/17/2022 03:58:48

I just had a quick question. Are you going to be at the Arlington, TX scobraopking convention? And if so, are you going to have your paper and clothing?Let me know. Thanks,Taresa Sessions(480)299-2334

05/15/2022 00:50:42

my girl friends named daisy and i really like her'shes the only person i know with that name plus shes fabulous

05/12/2022 06:03:00

the name Dameon ROCKS!and its n't in my computer dictionary,which makes it more unique than i thought. and just cuz It'sounds like demon doesn't mean it is cuz my name is Dameon and I'm a little angel. O:-)

04/11/2022 18:57:54

My daughters name is Daisy. I named her after my mum and Nanna who were called Margaret but didn't think she'd appreciate that and Daisy is such a pretty name I felt sure she would love it. She is 2 1/2 and loves her name already.

02/18/2022 12:30:00

My daughter wanted to use this name for her baby if she has a girl but I was not a fan. After reading these comments maybe it is not so bad.

02/10/2022 10:31:12

my girlfriends called daisy and ive loved her the first day I'met her and been with her for 30 years

01/09/2022 20:54:00

For a boy's name, I really love it. Even'though it has traditionally been a girl's name, I think It's darling for a boy's name. It's certainly unique, and the flower itself is wonderful, so It's hard to go wrong.

12/01/2021 12:37:12

Eye of the day? What does that mean exactly?

11/26/2021 23:44:06

If I had a daughter I would probably name her Daisy. It's such a bright, cheerful, sweet name. I do have a kitty named Daisy.

11/15/2021 15:58:48

Im daisy hated it when I was little wanted to change it to grace lol my my last name was a Disney character in the duck family too lol

10/25/2021 11:14:24

love this name! just dont know if it might be too girly for some people, but i do adore it!

10/23/2021 09:49:48

Hey, I'm joining the party, my name is daisy :) i love It'so much. im so glad i was named something unique and fun. i would HATE to be named something plain. I love wearing daisies in my hair and singing famous "daisy" songs. tutti frutti, "daisy daisy give me You're answer..." im even a theme song! haha "just a dollop of daisy!" (guys get a kick out of that one XD

09/29/2021 13:02:24

The name is fit only for a king... It takes a special person to carry this name. Definitely not fit for the common boy soon to be a man.

09/19/2021 05:59:24

That is n't a good boy name!! It's a girl name!!! Anyhow I'm sure guys with the name are great, but.. It just has always been a girl name.

09/14/2021 09:47:06

Nice enough but can you imagine tyour daughter growing up to be Chief Justice of the'supreme Court with this name? Too limiting...

09/04/2021 09:08:24

Sweet, innocent, pure and simple- images of a daisy.

09/03/2021 22:09:36

i think of the great gatsby and daisy buchanan when i hear the name. not exactly a role model character for woman, but still, its so effervescent and fun and beautiful

08/20/2021 18:41:42

ew gross daisy for a person? my dog's name is daisy i would never name a kid daisy theyd get made fun of around where i live like really reminds me of a cow or dog

08/20/2021 06:48:00

I didn't like my name when I was younger. Now I am older I embrass and appreciate It's uniqueness. Most people tell me It's a pretty name. I am shocked by the number of people who have difficulty spelling it!! I try not to get annoyed because I realize i've known the correct spelling for years...but gosh!!! How hard is it to spell D A I S Y??? You gotta love it!

07/27/2021 09:05:42

I was so close to being named Angelica..

07/21/2021 19:30:18

my name is daisey i didn't think anybody had this name but it makes me feel better that there a lot of other grils that do too.


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The origin of the name Daisy is English.
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Almost 144000 people are named Daisy.
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The names of Jessica, Tamir, Tamara, Demario, Tamar