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: From Denmark

Dana Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \d(a)-na\
Number of People 👶 245,000
Rate in 2021 1821
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Dana Name Meaning

  "Dana" means "the goodness of the moon."

Dana is a unisex name because although it is more popular among women, there are also some men called that, especially in the United States. Although Dana is indeed a difficult name to trace, it is believed that it has Hebrew origin, from which its curious and interesting meaning is extracted: "the one who judges" or "the one who is good at judging"..

Cool Info About Name Dana

Additional name description Dana
Additional name description Dana

Dana's personality traits
     In early childhood Dana is fragile and endlessly being ill makes her irritable. She is mischievous which causes much trouble to her parents. She is courageous and athletic; she can be sharp and does not mind playing a practical joke on someone she does not like.
     "Winter" Dana is stubborn and resolute; she is self-assured and has a sweet tooth. She is sensual and easily falls in love; swept by emotions she is capable of reckless acting however she never regrets anything. She takes her time to choose a life partner and as a result, her marriage is unsuccessful. However, Dana born in the summer is more fortunate since she is milder and kinder.
     "Autumn" Dana is calculating and pragmatic so she often rises in the world.
     Dana is the true life and soul of any company.
     Dana can work as a bookkeeper, investigator, cook, hairdresser, or teacher

Diminutives and variations of the name Dana
The only known variant of the name Dana is Danna. Currently, in Spain, there are 514 women named like that. Some diminutives of the name Dana are:
Dani, Danni, Dan

The name Dana in other languages
If you wonder what the name Dana is in other languages, you should know that it is one of those names that do not have known variants. Dana is an international name, so it does not change from one culture to another.

Saint of Dana's Day
Saint of Dana's Day is very controversial because it can be celebrated on 3 different dates. The most common saint day is October 25, although many other girls named Dana celebrate it on November 1. Finally, it should also be taken into account that some people celebrate it on August 15.

Numerology of the name Dana
According to numerology, the number associated with Dana is 11. 11, along with 22 and 33 are master numbers, so they are considered more powerful than the basic numbers (1-9).

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Comments on the name Dana
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Dana, I love it, it Isn't a common name, and yes I get called Danna, Donna, Diana, Deena, I have only met 2 other Dana's

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Dana is a beautiful name. The name has a playful sound. Dana come easily to the tounge. Dana can be a youthful name, but is can also be a mature name. Dana means "Bright as day".

01/14/2024 00:00:00

im dana. im the coolest kid you ever'saw. word up.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is not Dana but is said the'same way (Dannah i dont know why my parents added an N and a silent H) lol and one of my firends name's is dana

01/11/2024 09:24:34

I'm Dana (Dannah). Spent 30 yrs. in NM and AZ and met only one other Dana ("Daynah"). People told me it was a boy's name or that I pronounced it "wrong". Moved back to TX (where I was born in 1947) and there were a few more Danas. When I filed for divorce they said I could change not only my last name but my first and middle. Never liked either but just couldn't do it. Dana Nadine (mom was a "Nadine" too) will be on my tombstone. After over 60 years... It's JUST ME...

01/07/2024 06:22:08

HI'my name Is dana...when I was 7 all the way til I was 13 I really didn't like my name..But now that im 18 I love it and its weird because people would pronounce my as diana,dayna,daina,donna hehehehehe its family likes to call me dana dane and this one guy used tew call me dana marie he' my older'sister calls me dana marie...... I love my name a whole lot thanks mom for giving me that name

12/19/2023 21:14:30

my name's dana marie as well. i never liked my first name, i feel like i should have a more exotic name to match my face. but oh well.

12/18/2023 04:23:28

love my name too! (i am a girl) Dana (Dayna) Nichole... graduated highschool with 2 boys named Dana. Always got called Dana Point (a beach town near me) Mom called me Dane or Daney...LOVE IT

12/11/2023 12:13:18

Growing up I always wanted a different name.. now I love my name. Dana is as common as you might think and It's pretty. The only thing I would change about it is that'some boys are named Dana. I don't think It's appropriate for a boy but I love it for me!

11/30/2023 18:28:52

My name is Dana and I really love my name.i've never had a problem with it.My Dad and Mom both liked the name equally they said.Day-na is how it is pronounced.

11/27/2023 20:14:30

Dana is the name of my little sister and I think it is beautiful (Did I'mention I got to help pick it, lol?). It is the name of an Irish goddess; the Tuatha de Danaan means "the people of the goddess Dana" and they are the ancient people of Ireland?

11/27/2023 17:18:10

My daughter name is Dana. i love the name. she was born in 2006. she has known a few Dana's most older than her.

11/22/2023 05:56:04

my name's dana, and everyone says It'suits me well. they say it fits my personality because i am quirky yet likable, kind of like the name i suppose.

11/16/2023 11:48:24

My wife's name is Dana. She is the love of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world....

10/26/2023 06:29:50

My name is Dana and i've had nothing but positive experiences with it. Everyone feel the name to comment on my name. I always thought it was a dull name really, but as I got older I noticed peoples attraction to it. Some are fascinated that it can be used for a boy or girl. A lot of older people like to tell me how it use to be more popular for a boys name. i've even met people who's last name is Dana. They love that It's my first name. I get a lot of compliments on how pretty it is. So I guess It's not so dull after all.

10/22/2023 14:19:50

I am a male Dana. At 47 I get a kick out of nurses looking around the waiting room at a new doctorýs office for the woman'they think Dana is, only to see me stand up. The look on'their face is priceless. As a kid I did get picked on a lot with ýDana.. that's a girlýs nameý. My favorite thing that has happened due to my name is getting free, unsolicited samples of feminine hygiene products in'the mail; great for polishing shoes I am told! As a side n'te: my dad wanted to name me Steven and my mom said ok as long as it could be spelled Stephen. My dad thought it was to close to Stephanie so they named me Dana in'tead. GO FIGURE!

09/29/2023 13:13:54

im 15 years old and so far i really do not like thi name. It'sounds boyish and clunky.

09/27/2023 16:51:16

I used to hate my name and wanted something prettier. As I grew up I love it because there aren't many and it really defines me.

09/19/2023 21:03:34

My name is Dana and I think its ok but it is pronounced darna and everyone gets it mixed up with Dayna. But still has been a good name'so far.

09/19/2023 07:50:04

My name is Dana (female) and have had the'same experiences. Some have spelled it Deana, Daina, Danna but most asked to spell it. I do often get mail that is addressed Mr. I never open it. If I get phone calls asking for Mr. Dana Lav, I tell them they have the wrong number. I love my name and I have met some wonderful people named Dana, male and female.

09/06/2023 10:39:48

My name is Dana Marie. i've never had a problem with it. It's a simple name that Isn't over-used. :)

08/28/2023 15:39:04

Hi! I'm Dana! I never liked my name as a child. I wanted it to be Julia because It'sounded ?romantic.? As I'matured I grew indifferent to it until recently. Now I think It's cool. My middle name is Leigh. Most of the time if people mispronounce it, they?ll say Donna or Deena.

08/13/2023 04:10:32

My name is Dana, I always have like It'spelled Dayna! I like my name and don't hear it very often so that's nice.

08/05/2023 05:26:30

My name's Dana and Im a girl, but My mechanic at works name is also Dana and he's a man. Ive probably met 3 other female Danas and 3 other male Danas in my lifetime that i can remember. All through schooling it was often mispronounced by substitute teachares as Danna. I live in Canada. I like my name, Ive never really disliked it. I pronounce it Day-nah

07/24/2023 18:21:42

I am a Dana and I have always really liked my name. I like that it is short and sweet. I also like that my close friends call me Dane... I have met a few Dana's but like that my name is not that popular.

07/18/2023 08:21:50

Hate the name Dana. Anyone with the name Dana I ever met was not a nice girl. Boo.

07/18/2023 00:25:44

I love this name because my daughter's name is Dana, it is pronounces Dannah and she is 21 years, it is very popular name in Arabic Gulf which means the large dark pearl

07/04/2023 21:58:04

My name is Dana - pronounced Dayna. I love my name. It's not a girly name or a tom-boy name. It's just great having the name Dana. The only problem is, a lot of people spell my name wrong or pronounce it wrong.

06/08/2023 05:35:02

My name is Dana! i really like it. it has a good meaning and my parents wanted it to match me perfectly. It Did. it means brightest of day or light haired. Im always positive, i have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes! sometimes i would like something a bit more girly. at the'same time it is a fun simple name that goes on things easily. sometimes people pronounce my name as DANNAH or DONNA. but i tell them and they know its DANA. DANA flows with many middle names well too. My middle name is Elizabeth! i love my name

06/07/2023 16:21:32

I named my daughter Dana Jo and she LOVES it! I heard the name Dana on a commercial years ago and liked it very much. I took her middle name Jo, from one of the girls in the movie "Little Women".

05/22/2023 23:35:36

My Name is Dhana which is just a different spelling. As i live in Germany the name ist pronounced the German way "DAH-na" oder maybe "DAR-na" with an unpronounced "r". The'spelling with the "h" doesn't make a difference. I really like my name although It's kind of uncommon here at least not as common as in the US. I heard of a few other Danas in my life but never really met one so far. I usually only hear it in American'tV shows. I really l

04/29/2023 10:09:04

My mom the best person in the world is named Dana (Miller) Forsythe I love my mom so so so so much. Mom if you are reading this i love you so sos so much and i just wanted you to know that. - love Shelby Forsythe (11) ( AKA Shelby bug)

04/25/2023 12:41:40

HI'my name is DANNAH...some people pronounce it DAH-na and some DAYNA which is sooo cool and awesome.! So im used to that, my name pronounced in 2 ways...what could be cooler than that! i also like that its a unisex name! it goes well with my middle name too!, Marie.

04/21/2023 16:42:26

I love my name. Dana Elizabeth. The name Dana is so classic and simple, yet, so sophisiticated and pretty. I also love how it means so many great things in so many different origins.

04/08/2023 21:00:20

Dana is the best name ever bc thats my name and it rocks!! Who doesn't want this name!! I am the best in the world!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!

03/24/2023 15:06:50

I gave my daughter the name 'Dana' because I specifically wanted a name for her that couldn't be mutated in a 'cutsey' way. On occasion a second 'n' shows up or it has been pronounced "Danna". She was intensely offended once when a magazine added "Mr." to her'subscription address...she no longer'subscribes to that magazine....

02/18/2023 19:23:34

My name is Dana. Most of my family and friends call me Day. I have had other nick names like Dayn'r, Dane, & Dyna. Love them all, but Day is my fav. I had an Eng teacher who insisted on calling me Danna. I couldn't stand him.

02/10/2023 18:53:44

Hello! I am Dana! Let me just tell you some of the beautiful meanings of Dana! #One who is highly favored* #One who is a discerning judge* #Blessed one #The goddess of seduction* I don't beli've in god's. I beli've in THE GOD! But I do like that last one? To all of the Danas, love your name! It's a privilege to have!

02/04/2023 10:22:02

I am Dana born in 1966, i have a twin brother named Dale. Dana Lynn and Dale Ken our names came from a book of twin names. i remember in Junior High There were 3 Dana?s in my English class, 2 girls and 1 boy. also at one of my jobs there were 3 Dana?s all female only one spelled her name Dayna.

02/03/2023 20:33:16

my mom don't like it but i do. It's different and one day i want to name my daughter that. It's not one of those like all flowy delicate names such as Lily... It's classy,but at the'same time It's kinda hard and grit. It's like combined. hard,grit. and classy,sophisticated. i just luvv it.

01/21/2023 07:48:26

my name is dana & i like it. It's unique w/out being weird. my only complaint is that people mispronounce it.

01/15/2023 23:22:40

I love my name Dana, it Isn't a very common name, I get alot of people calling me 'Danna' or 'Diana'

01/03/2023 14:33:00

I'm Dana (dayna) and haven't really thought too much about what I had rather my name had been so I guess I'm good with it. I like the'spelling Dayna but my spelling came from my mothe's, Lana. I was given'the name Dana Jo Marie but dropped the Jo when I got married so I'm just Dana Marie now (which seems popular by the above post). The Marie was after Lisa Marie Presley. People usually get it right unless they know of someone named DAN-a. i've only met 3 other Dana's and only really know one of them.

12/23/2022 18:45:08

I am a Dana, and I think it is a great name. It is classy and sophisticated, and you rarely meet any Dana's. I have met only 2 other people named Dana throughout my life. No nicknames.

12/23/2022 03:10:34

I'm a Dana prononced "Dayna" and I am not a big fan of my name. I get teased sometimes cause Dana is a boy name. But its not Dana is a very much a girl name I know a Spencer who's a girl and I love her name it fits her perfectly. People out there need to wake up and smell the roses and realize girls can have Guy names and guys can have girl names and that is that.

12/13/2022 23:38:28

i really like the name dana, my sisters name is dana and even'though she is a pain i still really like her name and i really really like it for a boy i think that is confedance builder if your names dana and your a boy it just adds to your personality!! Dana's sister

12/05/2022 22:51:00

I'm a Dana (pronounced Dayna), and i've never really liked my name, because It's too unusual. i've been called Danna, Donna, Diana, Dinah, name it...everything but the right thing. You'd think in 60 years, I'd be accustomed to that, but I still wish I had a more common name.

12/01/2022 18:02:46

Dana is my name and i love it! All other Danas out there should appreciate their name. Because it was originally a males name, i feel it makes it a "strong" name meant for strong women.

11/29/2022 02:16:20

I am a male and my name is Dana pronounced (Dan-nah) . My name annoys me. It is constantly mispronounced as Darna Dayna Dena Dano Dahna. i've never met anyone with the'same name as me.

11/28/2022 04:49:06

I love my name Dana! My father picked it out. He named me after the actor Dana Andrews. My mother liked it as well. People call me Dane Dane. My Middle name is Lynn. I was the only Dana in my grade in school. The name'suits me well I think.

11/21/2022 18:13:58

My name is Dana, pronounced Day-na, but most of my childhood I had to correct every substitute teacher etc because they'd always call me Dan-a. I always wished for a more common name that people could read on paper and say it correctly. I also always thought It'sounded like and older person's name like Donna. I guess I'll grow into one day. ha!

10/30/2022 12:14:12

I have a grand daughter named Dayna Leighton. I love her and her name. :) She is 7 and has proclaimed this summer that'she gates her name. I will be very happy to tell that othe's felt the'same way when'they were younger but now appreciate how strong, femine beautiful it makes them feel. Thanks, all of you Dayna-Dana-Darna-Danna-Dhannas out there!

10/18/2022 02:31:38

I'm Dana (pronounced Dayna). I like it more now than I did growing up. The worst nickname I was ever called was "Danish," so I guess I got off easy.

10/08/2022 20:03:12

I have always liked my name. I have only run into a handful of men and women in my 38 yrs with my name. When someone says Dana, I know they mean me. The men I have met do not like the fact that I have the'same name and pronounce it the'same. I had one guy tell me that I was wrong and only men pronounce it Dana(dayna) and women pronounce it (dan-na)no matter how it is spelled. He was really upset. I thought it was a hoot.

10/03/2022 03:06:04

My name is spelt Dana but is pronounced 'Darna' and hardly anyone ever'says it right and or can spell it which is really annoying. But I still love my name. I was born in the UAE and in Arabic it means "the most perfectly sized, big, round, and beautiful pearl".

09/28/2022 11:25:24

People some time pronounce it wrond or spell it wrong and every time i have to confront them and tell them how to say and spell it.

09/24/2022 06:54:48

This is my name and I love it! Did you know it means most beautiful woman or shining light. PEACE OUT HOMIES!

07/30/2022 22:24:00

My name is Dana (pronounced Dayna.) I really like my name. I was named after Dana Scully because my mum and dad were major fans of the x-files at the time. I think the name'suits me really well because it is feminine but not too girly, just like me. Some people spell it wrong, but honestly it doesn't bother me. What does bother me though is about every second person I'meet pronounces it as Dar-na. I don't have an issue with that name, but it Isn't MY name'so it always bugs me. I get tired of correcting people because it feels like I have to do it all the time. I do find it quite amusing when a relief teacher pronounces it wrong and the whole class shouts "It's DAY-NA!!" Another thing that used to bother me was the fact that because it is such a short name in itself, there Isn't really any nicknames. It was only in the past couple of years that my friends came up with 'Danasaur' which I quite like because it is a unique nickname! I have hardly met anyone with the'same name as me and I have always (to my knowledge) been'the only Dana at my school/s. I live in Australia and it doesn't seem anywhere near as popular here as it is in America. The main critique I really have with the name is, I wish people would be able to know how it is pronounced just by reading it on paper, there is Dayna but I have never really been a big fan of that'spelling.

06/02/2022 19:56:24

My name is Dana. The most common mistake people make is adding an "i" to it and call me Diana. I hate that! I have had it misspelled as Danna, have been called Donna. I didn't like my name when I was younger because it was more a boys name. Now it is more a girls name. I am almost 50 now and I am okay with my name.

05/20/2022 15:21:00

I am a 50 yr old Dana (Day-na) My mother named me after Dana Andrews - the'singer in the 50's and 60's. She thought it made a better girls name than a boys name - I love my name and that it is not very common! I have seen It'spelled Danah, Daina, Daynah,and Dayna

04/27/2022 22:55:30

My name is Dana and I love my name. Sometimes when I was younger I didn't like how short and to the point it was, but now my close friends and family call me Dane, Great Dane, Danish, all kinds of silly stuff. I am 18 and i've read previous comments about "Dana Marie's", and I find It'strange that this is so common because it is my first and middle name as well!:) I'm outgoing and girly but I'm outdoorsy so my name is perfect for me.

04/16/2022 19:44:42

my names dana and im a guy, i get made fun of rarely, my middle names james so i go by D.J.

04/06/2022 09:57:00

I am Dana Lynn, born in 1943. At that time, both Dana and Lynn were uncommon names for both boys and girls. When I graduated from high school, I received offers to join every branch of the US Military (no thank you). I was placed in a men's dormitory at my university (briefly!). A few years ago, a young couple were in line behind me, and they--especially she to him--were talking during our wait. It quickly became apparent that his name was Dana. Finally, I asked him if he had experienced strange reactions from strangers because of his name--reactions similar to those I had received when I was young. "Oh yes," he'said. But I'm used to it because my dad's name is Leslie." Big smile from me as I said to him, "My mother's name is Leslie!" John's and Mary's don't have these kinds of experiences. BTW, I have always loved my name! Thank you, Leslie :-D

12/30/2021 17:30:36

My name is Dana I'm 47 and when I was a child I thought it was a girl's name but as an adult I see it is truly a unisex name and it has grown on me but earlier in life it wasn't nice for me.

11/13/2021 16:24:00

My name is Dana. I do like it, but I always wanted something a little more girly when growing up. As an adult, I like it a lot. I guess that's what counts.

10/01/2021 20:51:18

I enjoy having the name Dana. I have met probably only two other Dana's in my 21 years. I have met one lady with the'spelling "Dana" who pronounces it "Dahnna". I pronounce it "Dayna." My name helps me in the work place too, because it doesn't sound too girly, It'sounds like I am a capable individual.

08/30/2021 07:26:42

My Congressman is Dana Rohrabacher. I wonder how many people have voted for him thinking he's a woman. I n'tice he's always "U.S. Representative" on'the ballot in'tead of "U.S. Congressman" (probably taking advantage of the gender confusion).

08/13/2021 15:35:24

i love the name dana is really awesome and the good thing is that u dont find that many dana's in the world

08/12/2021 09:23:42

Well my name is Danica and i pronounce it "Da-Nih-Ka" I know a girl in my class who pronounces it differently and since people have known her longer they make fun of my name. But I know its beautiful and that there are different ways to say it and whatever way you say it, its still beautiful

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Dana?
The origin of the name Dana is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Dana?
From Denmark
*️⃣ How many people are named Dana?
Almost 245000 people are named Dana.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Dana?
The names of Daniella, Danyal, Tamryn, Danyelle, Danyel