Daniel meaning

: God Is My Judge

Daniel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \dan-yul\
Number of People 👶 1,900,000
Rate in 2021 24
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Daniel Name Meaning

"Daniel", one of the best known and most popular male names today, comes from the Hebrew "דָּנִיֵּאל", "Daniyyel" or "Dāniyyêl". While it is true that the words "Dan" and "El" can be translated together as "divine name", the whole of "Dan-i-el" is interpreted as "God is my judge" or, more commonly, "God's justice".


Diminutives and variations of the name Daniel

The most common diminutives of the name "Daniel" are:

Dan, Dani or Danny, Dann, Neil, Nel


Popularity of the name Daniel

The name "Daniel" is one of the most common name all around the English speaking countries. This name is the 25th most popular baby’s name in Virginia based on the data given by the reliable American resources in the year 1952 in the United states of America.

For instance, only 302 babies were given the name "Daniel" in Virginia in the year 1962. A total pf 23 thousand babies bear the same first name during the year 1962 in the United states of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of the name "Daniel" is related to the year 1985 with a total of 38 thousand newborn babies.

Since the year 1880 to the year 1000, the given name was recorded 1 million times in the SSA public database. The name "Daniel" appeared in the year 1880 for the first time on the popularity charts and at that about 600 newborn babies were given the name "Daniel". It became a common choice in the name selection process in the year 1880 with a rank of 23 nationwide and was registered 600 times as a baby boy’s name.

The name "Daniel" became a popular baby’s name in the state of California in the year 1994. This name ranked 1 with about 5 thousand newborn babies. Also the all time high record for the name "Daniel" is related to the year 1990 in the state of California with 5000 babies.

The name "Daniel" is a consistent top ranking name in the state of Connecticut for 109 consecutive years. This name is also popular choice for families in Alabama and Texas as well.

"Daniel" of the Old Testament is known for remaining loyal to the God of Israel. According to the Bible, he was thrown into a lion’s den for refusing to worship the1.


Personality of the name Daniel

Those named "Daniel" are usually kind, intelligent and very sociable men. They are calm and close people who avoid loneliness and enjoy being active; they like to innovate, discover new hobbies and do research on their own.

They are open-minded people who many turn to for advice, as they are great and generous communicators. Something that greatly characterizes those called "Daniel" is their ability to adapt to new situations; not only are they not shy about the new, but they enjoy testing themselves.

Here we have the letter analysis of the name "Daniel":

D is for desire, your thoughts do aspire

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

N is for neatness, your orderly way

I is for excellent, your passion and your drive

L is for lively, your life is full of energy

If you are considering a nickname for a baby named "Daniel", you can pick the reversed form of the main form of the given name.


The name Daniel in other languages

English, German and French: Daniel

Arabic: Dāniyāl

Greek: Daniel

Hungarian: Daniel

Lithuanian: Danielius

Basque: Danel


Famous people named Daniel

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Craig


Daniel's Saint's Day

"Daniel's" Saint's Day is usually celebrated on June 21 (Saint Daniel the Prophet).

Numerology of the name Daniel

According to numerology, the number associated with the name "Daniel" is 9.


Similar names to the name Daniel

Daksha, Daniel, David and Dylan

Daniel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Daniel
Additional description of the name Daniel

Etymologically, the Hebrew name "Daniel" means "my judge is God". The one who bears the name "Daniel" is distinguished by his appropriate notion of justice, his

kindness and his wisdom, something closely linked to the symbolism of the name and its origins. moreover, We find the origin of the masculine name "Daniel" in  the Hebrew language, since its original form is Danniyyel  


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Comments on the name Daniel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is the name that i'm giving to my son. Because Daniel in the bible was a great and wise man who received visions and had great faith in God no matter the circumstance. I had a lot of visions that my son is coming to this earth to be great and my pregnancy happened against all odds but because of constant faith in God he's here in me. I can't wait for him to be out here in the world and for God to start using him as he did Daniel form the Bible.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Daniel... and I really haven't met a lot of people with the name. I know It's pop... I guess I just live under a rock. I also like it because you can spell it like this ( D@n!eL ) and it just looks cool! :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Daniel is my name. I don't really like it because people make fun of it a lot. Like, for example, people, mostly enemys though, call me Danielle. Also, i've had many people mispronounse it: Daniel looks a 'lil like Danielle and... well you figure it out.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name... there is a boy in my class named Daniel and he is so cute.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Well, my name is Felicity and I only know one other person with my name and they're a cousin I'met at a family reunion. Most people love my name and usually people pronounce it right but some times people pronounce it totally wrong but not usually.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Daniel, too. I like it. i've been'told It's a strong name with gentle undertones.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My 6 week old son is named Daniel. We've always wanted to name our boy Daniel. It's a strong name and It's a defin'te boys name (n't like Stacey, mandy etc that have been used for boys names) . His grandpa calls him Danny boy and It'suits him I'm sure as he gets older he'll consider himself "Dan'the man" but if that's the worst they can'throw at him then he'll be ok!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Daniel is a cool name. The only thing is It's tough to get people to call you Daniel - they all want to use the name Dan. I'much prefer to be called Daniel.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm called Daniel and I really like my name. It's never been spelled wrongly and It's never been made fun of.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

when i decided to name my baby Brayden i havent heard before and then a few months later i heard alot! and then i had an'ther baby boy and named him kaden,never realizing that the two rhyme,

01/14/2024 00:00:00

May name is Daniel........ I love this name very very much..... Yea God is My Judge.......

01/11/2024 02:39:00

Daniel' is my name. No doubt It's a good name. I hate being called "Dan" in'tead.

12/24/2023 18:12:34

Boring name,every guy i've met for the last six months without regard to their age: young, old, or in between had some form of it. Come up with something different! Dan-you-alls!

12/20/2023 20:27:32

I have a friend who once wrote my name as danyiyel

12/15/2023 23:11:50

People usually call me Daniel or Dan but my family sometimes call me Danjo

12/08/2023 02:31:14

I am planning to give this name for my future baby-boy.

12/03/2023 12:54:00

Its a conservative one though sweet suits my cousin anyway.

11/16/2023 13:16:34

My brother is called Daniel, and no-ones ever made fun of his name (I think!) It can be shortened to Dan/Danny as well. I think It's a great name!

11/05/2023 23:21:22

No i am a daniel it is dull dry and boring. Gaelic names are the best

11/05/2023 08:39:42

An'ther Daniel here. I love the name. The only thing I hate is that most people keep calling me "Dan". My close friends and family call me Daniel at least. Luckily i've never been called "Danny". I was name Daniel after my grandfather, and I plan'to name my future son Daniel as well. Aswesome name!

11/04/2023 20:36:44

Well, my name is Daniel...and yes i gots me them baby blue eyes :)....I quite enjoy the name. But only people who have known me since grade school are allowed to call me danny.

11/01/2023 00:37:30

i love the name daniel. daniel is the love of my lifes name. and it is the most beautifulest name for a boy, its sweet and can be sensative, but can change to dan if you wanna be different. i love this name. and Daniel, i love you with all my heart.

10/27/2023 18:21:06

An'ther Daniel here. One thing i've n'ticed is that people seem to always think my name is David. Some other Daniels i've met have encountered the'same thing.

10/24/2023 20:24:22

My name is Daniel as is my late fathers. My father judged me and threw me away forever. I though, do not judge but feel that judgement is upon me. Conclusion; the meaning fits the name.

10/23/2023 05:36:46

my names Daniel but since my dad is a french canadian its pronnounced 'Danielle' i was made fun of alot when i was in grade school so its a bit embarracing its mine and im comfortable with it in short....dont call your french baby daniel

10/23/2023 04:43:52

My name is Daniel after my grandpa and my father and I like that name and thats going to be the name of my first born son. And thats all there is to it.

10/15/2023 22:27:18

My father's middle name & my brother's middle name. Also my uncle's first name, but he's n't blood-related, so It's just conincidence. It's a nice name. I plan'to have kids some day & one of them will defin'tely have Daniel somewhere in'their name. If I only have girls, I'll make it Danielle.

10/12/2023 23:02:24

I like the name Daniel. For one, easy to spell, which is always a good thing. Plus my brother is called Daniel, and It'suits him down'to the ground. It's very difficult to take the micky out of his name because It's short. He always got called name because of the colour of his hair HEHE

10/11/2023 07:39:32

my dads name is daniel but we call him danny. he is a great man with a great meaning

10/08/2023 14:07:18

my names daniel and its great always properly spelled and great for monograms

09/29/2023 12:56:16

I think Daniel is a really nice name. My cousins name is Daniel, and I have always liked it. It's one of my favorite boys names.

09/25/2023 12:32:32

my names daniel and i love my name i have met so many othe's so that just proves my point

09/20/2023 03:31:30

my name is daniel this is the blessed name because one who had lived with holy in presence of jesus christ

09/08/2023 13:48:00

my 17 year old son's name is Daniel after my dad, loved the name Stiles and that is what he has gone by from day he got older he wanted to be called Daniel by his friends, so I and his family get the privliage of calling his Stiles.

09/08/2023 12:02:12

I want to name my son Daniel but I cant decide what name matches with it. Help I need a middle name for my son.

09/02/2023 17:54:32

my bro is called dan even'though i love him 2 bits i think it just so commom and neraly everyone has It'sorry bro i think it turning in2 a boring name no offences all 2 u dans out there im sure ur all beautiful ppl

08/24/2023 22:36:10

The boy I love is named Daniel and he is strong, handsome, kind, caring, and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He is a very special friend.

08/19/2023 12:59:52

I love this name, n't only because it is in'the Bible but it is my husband's name! I couldn't imagine him being named an'thing else.

08/12/2023 09:22:00

My husbands name is Daniel but most often goes by Danny. He has the most amazing hazel eyes that change from blue-gold-green all depending on what he's wearing or whatever colors are around him. His name fits him perfectly. He is a child of God, His Momma's pride and joy, he's a lover...never a fighter, he's generous, kind and very affection'te.

08/08/2023 04:51:24

i like it but it is quite popular," says Daniel. Im sorry but Daniel's a tad indecisive and cant decide exactly how he feels about his name... so he would also like to add the follwoing, "I'meant to say, i like my name but its... i like the D in Daniel." Ahhh, all is explained.

08/04/2023 08:34:32

I know a daniel and once I was talking and someone and they thought I said danielle and i didn't! but that's how simlar It'sounds. and i love my daniel!

08/04/2023 06:13:28

My hubbi's name is Daniel. I loved the name ever'since I was a kid and had. 'Daniel' sounds soft and sweet and you can shorten it to 'Dan' and that'sounds rough and tough or 'Danny' and that'sound fun and free. Daniel means 'God is my Judge'

07/19/2023 16:06:14

My wee brother is called Daniel James,thats what Im going to call my first son, its the most beautiful name ever

07/03/2023 02:28:20

Well my name is Daniel James so I appreciate you calling it the most beautiful name ever.

06/30/2023 05:24:30

Daniel is my son's name. I have loved this name for a long time. It fits him well.

06/19/2023 10:29:32

My firstborn son's name is Daniel. My husband and I chose that name because of Daniel in'the bible. The biblical Daniel did what was right in God's sight, even if it meant going again't the king - and possible death. We wanted our son'to grow up with that kind of faith. he's 11 now, and so far he is one awesome young man! Also, when he was born, I said no nicknames like Dan or Danny. His name was to be Daniel. However I ended up shortening it to Dee!

06/12/2023 04:30:36

My grandfathe's name was Daniel. I am going to name my son after his great grandpa. So I love the name!

06/07/2023 18:24:58

Daniel is my brother's name and I named him when my mom was pregnant and I was six years old. I love that name and always will.

06/06/2023 14:12:10

I love the name Daniel, it is my son's name. Right now he goes by Danny and It'suits him. One day if he likes he can grow into the name, Dan and/or Daniel when he is older. It is a wonderful name. In a time where all parents are trying to "out-name" their kids.. Dec. 13, 2018:

06/02/2023 13:48:26

My granfather's middle name was daniel, my father's first name is daniel(but called danny) and now my three year old son Trenton carries on the name Daniel in his middle name..I love it..It fits with any name!

06/02/2023 03:31:16

Daniel has always been used in a formal application or when you were being yelled at by your parents. Dan was used by most friends and some siblings. The fun name was Danny. This was the name of a carefree kid with no concer's or worries.

06/01/2023 07:14:34

My name's Daniel and I don't really like it. I don't like having it, rather. I'd prefer a more unique and meaningful name. People don't name their children Daniel because of its meaning, but rather because of its popularity and tradition. Oh well.

05/31/2023 16:15:16

My name is Daniel. well at least my mother'still calls me Daniel. I was always a Dan'to friends but my grandparents always called me Danny. When'they passed away I took on Danny as my name and have been a Danny ever'since. I like Daniel, i like Danny or Dan. I think it is the best name I could have been given.

05/29/2023 05:10:58

I love the name Daniel, its a perfect name with a great meaning. Who cares if its common, there's only one you. I DO n't like dan or danny, if that case u shouldn't use the name Daniel.

05/29/2023 03:42:48

Daniel is defin'tely a name that I am proud of being called. I truly cher'sh the meaning of it, "God is my judge". Only He knows my heart and my true thoughts and feelings.

05/19/2023 01:32:56

My husband is named Daniel and it fits him. Attractive, yes. Irish, yes. Cocky like every Daniel I know, yes! Great name, typically great men!

05/18/2023 14:05:14

My name is Daniel but I have gone by the name of Dan for 66 years. As I get older the name Daniel seems more responsible and gives me a sense of commI'ment to do and be better.

05/04/2023 04:28:26

Daniel is my soulmate and the one I will spend the rest of my life with--Everyone i've ever met with this name has been awsome!!

04/11/2023 21:00:30

As a kid, name was Danny (grandma still calls me that!). Then some people want to call me Daniel. A tad formal. But the name has sooo much versatility. It is a great name!

04/06/2023 15:31:04

Daniel was my grandfathers' name who passed this past year. He was a great man and is still loved to this day. I'm honerably deeming my sons' middle name Daniel.

04/04/2023 14:08:40

Daniel is my boyfriends name. So i guess i like it :)

03/29/2023 07:05:08

One of my best friends is named Daniel. He is like an older brother, because he always looks out for me and makes sure I'm OK. Once when I fell and hurt myself really bad, he went all berserk at the guy who had hurt me. Then he hugged me and laughed about how I should be more careful.

03/25/2023 16:40:56

I named my firstborn son Daniel. It's a wonderful , God given name.

03/24/2023 23:02:56

Its to hard when'ther's a danny and a danie together!! Other then'thats its ok1!!

03/22/2023 07:51:46

My name is Daniel my dad's name is Daniel and my dad's uncle name was Daniel and we all share the'same birthday, so one day I'm going to name my son Daniel too.

03/06/2023 13:37:40

My name is Daniel, and yes everyone wants to call me Dan, too. My family only calls me Daniel, but most all of my friends have started to call me Dan. I don't mind it too bad now, but Id much rather be called Daniel. I love the name and love what it means in hebrew.

02/24/2023 22:37:52

Some people say Danielle which I do n't know why. I have had no problems with the name. "God is my Judge"

02/22/2023 15:58:04

I'm glad that my parents named me Daniel although I'm surprised that 50% of Americans cann't spell this common name correctly. They keep misspelling it Danial or Danielle. At first I thought it was just Californians, but now I can confI'm that people in Oregon also do n't know how to spell Daniel.

02/22/2023 01:16:24

The boy's name Delton \d(e)- lton, del- ton\ is pronounced DEL-tun. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "from the valley town; the'settlement in'the valley".

02/08/2023 01:39:08

My brother's name is Daniel and it's a nice name. I agree with Clair that the short form of Dan is awful. My brother shortens it occassionally and it makes my mother cringe but he's 40 so it's up to him I guess. He's always liked his name.

02/05/2023 09:35:04

My little brother's name is Daniel. I like the name Daniel. He personally doesn't like the name Dan, so we just call him Daniel. (When he was younger he called himself Nano Bay for Daniel Clay)

02/04/2023 01:15:24

daniel is the best name ever

02/01/2023 07:43:10

I love the name. I had a huge crush on a guy named Daniel. He broke my heart and never'saw him again. Although i still think of him everyday and been missing him like crazy for almost 2 years :-(

01/28/2023 14:22:38


01/19/2023 18:46:38

My gorgeous son is Prince Daniel and I love him to bits. The name'suits his personality and I pray he grows to be like Daniel in'the good Book - The BIBLE! Fantastic guy he was! Bless - my daniel will surely be like him.

01/16/2023 21:25:10

This is my brother's name. It's n't a common name and people usually have to ask twice, just incase they heard me wrong and It's really "Brett."

12/28/2022 12:29:14

i've always wanted to name my kid Daniel cause Danny I think is a great name.

12/14/2022 22:33:52

My name is daniel john s. everyone calls me dan, and when close friends are drunk they call me dannyboy or sanny because my last name. I want to try danny because ive never went by that'so maybe il give it a try!

12/04/2022 09:49:12

My Parents named me Daniel but Daniel I certainly am n't. I'm a Dan'through and through and even considering changing my name legally. can't stand when I tell my mum n't to call me Daniel she'says its my name and its on my birth certificate.

11/20/2022 20:29:06

daniel is my big brother the names great except rather common

11/18/2022 20:17:14

my boyfriends name is daniel john and mine is sarah jane its strange cause we both have very popular names! but over all i love it!

11/16/2022 21:33:32

though i spell my name anika, its pronounced aneeka, as this gives it an arabic meaning of graceful lady, and though im not vain, i love my name. i beli've it gives me a lot of confidence and its a very complimentary name.

11/13/2022 06:34:04

There are too many names that'sound alike... jaiden, hayden, caden, aiden.

11/12/2022 20:34:32

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I'must say I have had a terrible experience with the name. One day, I was walking down'the road, when somebody (sob sob) shouted 'Oi you, whats your name❤️', to which I responded, 'Its Daniel'. They looked slightly bewildered for a moment, then shouted 'Are you a Spaniel❤️'. Upon hearing this malicious and viscous insult, I ran very quickly to the town hall to change my name. I now live a very happy life as 'Spaniel Daniels'. Thank you for your time, kind regards, and thought in my time of need. Best wishes, Doggy

10/27/2022 10:10:36

My cousin/godfather is named Daniel and my cousin/godmother's husband is named Daniel. It's my brother-in-law's middle name and a friend's name. I might name my future kid Daniel.

10/26/2022 08:54:08

i love this name because it is my love name i love him to death and i think this is the best name in'the whole wide world i love u daniel

10/21/2022 07:49:12

My names Daniel and actually ive only met 3 people with the'same name! Love my name to bits!

10/20/2022 09:11:26

Great name! It's different enough that It'stands out a bit but n't uncommon enough that it would warrant too much teasing by kids

10/15/2022 07:48:52

It's so classic and the Biblical Daniel is worthy of naming a kid after. Carry Daniel with pride!

10/10/2022 00:33:38

my first born son is called Daniel Ian, I love the name Daniel, but hate it being shortened to Dan, Daniel is now 16 loves his name, and it hasnt been shortened.

10/02/2022 07:59:54

Daniel is the most beutiful name ever! My boyfriend's name is Daniel Jacob and I love his name! It is a really sweet name... you can have the nickname Dan or Danny which are sooo cute! My boyfriend is the most gentle, respectful, sweet, hot, smart, talented, cute, charming, loving, caring, sensitive and perfect boy in'the world!! And it is n't because of my boyfriend that I like this name... I really do!! By the way... I love you my Dan! Love: Your girl Yessy ^^!

08/25/2022 18:46:12

My sister and I have a close connection. She is pregnant with her third baby and with each pregnancy I have dreamt baby's sex. This time I dreamt a baby boy named Danny. I didnt really think the name in my dream was significant until recently she informed me that they have named baby Daniel! She felt a strong connection with this baby to Daniel and had also been dreaming about it. :)

08/12/2022 14:10:48

I think it is a great name. Each time I was pregnant, it was my first choice for a boy's name; however, I have two girls so I never got to use it!

07/14/2022 12:57:00

well my name is Devon, im 18 and in high school. yea alot of people say my name wrong when reading it, but im popular enough to other'students to correct them right off. one thing i love about my name is that all my friends call me Devo, like the band. i love it its catchy. i even have it tattooed really big down right side of my body. i'v met one other boy when i was younger with the'saem spelling and everything but since then no one else has my name . i like it.

07/10/2022 11:57:36

My sons name is Daniel, however i've always called him Danny. So when he'started school, and he was learning how to write his name the teacher wrote Daniel and my son promply brought the paper up to her and expained that his name is Danny n't Daniel! :-) Gotta love kids!

06/26/2022 07:34:48

Daniel is a classic, strong and great name. It is popular but never trendy.

06/14/2022 19:15:00

I go by Daniel, Dano, Dannyboy, Daniel'son, but mostly just Dan. The occational Danielle❤️ WHO CARES..... You're Dan'the Man!

06/10/2022 03:37:12

I love my name and think that it is very strong and It's n't wierd.

06/09/2022 07:29:24

people make fun of me all the time by calling my name as a gil

06/04/2022 14:01:48

Danny here! i've found as 45 that I'm back to Danny! Seems more playful and fun! Called Danny when child and only Daniel when I did something wrong! Lol became Dan most junior, high school, and college! become Danny once again'to bring the playful side of me back! i've been call also Danbo! Uncle "D" and do cases a "Di_k" from xwife! Lol Cheers Danny L. Salem Mass.

04/28/2022 22:42:54

Daniel is what everyone calls me. In my opinion it is the best name i could have ever possibly been given. Sometimes, people call me Dan of Danny, still, i think its the best name.

02/13/2022 08:58:30

I was thinking about naming my son Daniel, but I have my doubts. I think that the name has a lot of drawbacks, such as Danielle, Dannyboy, Dano, Dan'the man, and Daniel Boone. My name is Tiffany so I know alot about ugly nicknames that come with certain names.

01/28/2022 11:25:12

I love the name Daniel and two of my grandsons have that name ... one has it for a first name and the other has it for his second name! No one calls Daniel, by the name, Danny, but as he's getting older, he's being called Dan ... and he'suits it!!

01/12/2022 01:58:12

Daniel is a great name you can make you name Dan,Danny, Or Daniel for a Boy

01/06/2022 18:47:06

my brothe's name is daniel and everybody calls him daniel his middle name is michiel and is last name is galal

01/04/2022 16:27:36

I'm n't keen on'this name. Also, there are so many Daniels everywhere, it has to be one of the most common names at the moment!

11/11/2021 15:54:18

Nice biblical name "Daniel"... How about second name Daniel Ethan !❤️

11/08/2021 06:28:12

I-I like the name Daniel. I have a cousin Daniel but we call him Dan or Danny, and I even have a cousin Danielle, too. I asked Dad: "Can I call her Danny❤️" Dad said: "Well, maybe sometimes Aunt Rachael calls her Danny." But if It's a boy's name, It's Danny. If It's a girl name, no. Danny's unisex, but It's more popular for boys.

09/27/2021 22:36:36

I was born a Daniel, went by Danny until I was sixteen, then I dropped the ny and haven't looked back. Daniel or Danny makes you sound like a six year old, no matter how old you are.

08/26/2021 15:36:18

i love this name is so awsome i nw someone named like that he is so nice and funny

08/12/2021 13:03:18

Daniel is a really nice name and suits good looking people

08/10/2021 19:52:48

my name is daniel an i've had maybe 3 people mispronounce my name.

07/29/2021 00:26:24

My little cousin's name was Daniel and we just adored each other... great kid. Wonderful personality and just an overall pleasure to be around. I said to myself at about age 10 that I was going to marry my own Daniel... and I did. Best thing I ever did for myself and I gotta say... EVERYBODY LOVES DAn'tHE MAN... cuz he has the plan and he's a fabulous guy!

07/19/2021 19:55:30

well my name's haley. and all i gotta say is, its not my favorite. i really like the names kayla,lindsey, or kara. i wanna change my name. i like being indifferent, so havingg a not common name would be alot better. "haley" is TOO common, and i think it got even popular-er aha lately. :PPP and what makes me veryvery maadd is when people spell it like "halle","hayley","hailey" :P anyways, thanks kbyes <3

07/18/2021 17:23:24

A great name, considering who it represents. I love you Daniel Miller!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Daniel?
The origin of the name Daniel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Daniel?
God Is My Judge
*️⃣ How many people are named Daniel?
Almost 1900000 people are named Daniel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Daniel?
The names of Olivia, Dorian, Monica, Darren, Denise