David meaning

: Beloved

David Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \day-vid\
Number of People 👶 3,600,000
Rate in 2021 40
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

David Name Meaning

The name "David" means "the one chosen by the Lord".

Hear the Meaning David

David Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name David
Additional description of the name David

The name "David" has a Hebrew origin, specifically, it is written "דָּוִד" and it is a biblical name, since he was one of the most respected kings of Israel.

Cool Info About Name David

Additional name description David
Additional name description David

Diminutives and variations of the name David
The name "David" has no variations or diminutives.
Men named "David" are very nice and kind. They love being surrounded by people who love them and value them for who they are. In addition to having a united and exceptional family, "David" also has a great friends who will support him if he needs it and will be by his side for the rest of his life.

Numerology of the name David
According to the numerology, the number of the name "David" is 22, one of the master numbers!


Etymology of the name David

According to anthroponymic studies, the name "David" is considered to be a name from the Ancient Age. For that I follow IX a. C. As a historical figure in modern Zionism, he is revered as a king and prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. One of the most famous exploits was the confrontation between "David" and the giant Goliath, who was felled by smooth stones that "David" aimed with his slingshot. Another character who made the name popular is Saint David of Wales, who is usually venerated with great festivities and typical dishes from the Welsh region.



Dāwit in Amharic, Dāoud in Arabic, Davud in Azerbaijani, Davido in Esperanto, Dabit in Basque, Daavid in Finnish, Dawfydd in Welsh, Davide in Galician and Italian, Davit in Gregorian, Dawid in Hebrew, Dávid in Hungarian, Davio in Icelandic, Davids in Latvian, Dovydas in Lithuanian, Davìd in Sardinian, Davud in Turkish. The diminutive of him is usually Daw, Dave and Davy. The most common female variant is usually Davida.


Famous people named David

  1. David Bowie

British musician, composer, producer, actor and designer : He studied art and is considered an innovative artist in art rock, art pop, glam rock and new wave. His personality corresponds to that of someone dreamy, imaginative and with a great capacity for analysis to visualize what is beyond the apparent.

  1. David Guetta

French Disc Jockey and Record Producer – He was born in Paris in 1967 and is of Moroccan, Sephardic, and Belgian descent. He started his artistic career in local nightclubs in addition to the production of his records. He won the Grammy Award for Best Non-Classical Mixed Recording, Knight of Arts and Letters, and an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Electronic. He is considered one of the best electronic music artists and ranks 1st in the 100 DJs Awards 2020 ranking made by DJ Mag. He is a fun, cheerful person with a great ability to transform everyday life into artistic expressions.

  1. David Keith Lynch

American film director, actor, screenwriter and producer : he was born in Missoula in 1946. He won the honorary Oscar for professional career, the Palme d'Or and best director at the Cannes Film Festival, and the honorary Golden Lion at the Emmy Awards. He excels in a wide variety of activities and is also interested in photography, painting, advertising, furniture design, and even has a YouTube channel. He is a versatile, creative person with great ingenuity to show his proposals.


General characteristics of the most famous people named David

They are usually extremely creative, ingenious people who do not stay with the everyday. They are not conformists, on the contrary, they tend to be changeable and like to surprise with their creative capacity. They are also supportive, fraternal and loving people. They are very intelligent, easily understand conventions and seek to live from their own experiences. They do not like to limit their creativity and imagination, their personality is original, eccentric and that makes them easily stand out among other people.

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Comments on the name David
09/08/2023 03:26:17

Rate 2023

05/24/2023 09:13:41

David is Welsh name and language ❤️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I dated a lot of Daves. I'married a Dave/David. Meh.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

The is my name and i love it, however it is pronounced ZAHNAH as it is Albanian in origin, my family is from Albanian and so would know.Only stupid people say Zaynah it is so annoying because they don't understand the true pronounciation

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is David, when I was born in 1973 it topped the boy baby name list. I never really liked my name and always wondered why my parents named me David. I asked them once and they told me they just liked the name. The other males in my family all have Irish first names as we are of Irish descent. When I turned 50 for some reason I started to have a new respect for my parents decision and am now grateful my parents chose the name, but I still wonder why they chose it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am David. My mother named me after King David of the bible. She taught me that this king's name meant 'beloved of God'. She also said that even'though this king made mistakes, he did n't let those mistakes keep him from getting right back up and moving forward again, and that he came to be known as one of the most successful and loved rulers. My mother wanted me to be reminded that when I'made mistakes I should draw up courage and pick myself up and move forward, and I always have. Thanks to my Mom for giving me such a dignified name and with it a sure heading in life. On an'ther n'te, many of my freinds just call me Dave and I like that they are comfortable enough with me to do so. I am proud of my name and it has served me well. I'm okay with there being other Davids. They are n't me. Each person either makes their personal name Good or Bad in people's eyes by the kind of character that they display. I cann't answer for the bad character of othe's who have this name, nor can I stand on'the laurels of those Good persons with this name. Yet I hope that I am giving this name dign'ty by my personal actions.

12/10/2023 10:56:50

I love the name David! It's my brother's name. But I hate the name Dave and almost everyone calls my brother Dave. It's annoying for me. Only I call him David and It's a beautiful, manly and strong name, but there is also something cute and calm in it. My grandson have middle name David. I love Biblical names, my name is also biblical (Judith), and all my children and almost all grandchildren has biblical names like me, my brother, my mum and my younger'sister. It's great.

11/21/2023 07:35:56

I love a David very much. Its a good strong name.

11/11/2023 18:39:34

i love this name ma bro has this name m havnt seen him in years a wud lv 4 sum1 2 call der beby boy this

11/02/2023 07:29:00

My brother's name is David and even'though I know other Davids, his name remains unique, individual and very special. We call him David, Dave, Davey, and Davey-doo!

10/25/2023 19:55:02

My father is named David, and my husband is a David, and I am going to name my first son David. It may be a common name, but that's because it is so good! Honestly - David will never go out of style (It's been "current" for thousands of years) and is name an adult wouldn't be ashamed of.

10/14/2023 00:18:52

I don't think one can go wrong with "David," or a variation'thereof. But take it from me, Dave, when I say that I have never been a part of a group setting - school, Little League, work - where there wasn't at least two other Daves or Davids. I love the name, mostly because of its tried-and-true n'ture, but it can get tiresome turning your head every time someone says it aloud.

10/12/2023 23:37:40

its iight. I know a few, mostly kinda ner's (no offenese to no one)

09/30/2023 00:06:20

It's alright, I can'think of a few better names than David

08/31/2023 11:14:44

David is ok but I prefer my name, cause i've always like the way It'sounds! Dovid (Sounds like Dove-eed) ...As for popularity, it really depends where I am! Sometimes I don't run into other people with the'same name and sometimes I run in'to one or two Dovids (Dove-eed and Dove-id). ~Dovid

08/12/2023 18:11:00

My name is David and I love my name. Some people call me Dave and I just correct them politely. I hate Dave and I'm strictly going by DAVID!

07/28/2023 18:27:48

The kindest hearted guy I know is named Jeff. Jeff, and I'm speaking of the'spelling J-E-F-F, is the kind of name that'seems like a happy name to me. It is a warm name. I love it. The G-E-O-F-F spelling seems stuffy, snobby, but not Jeff.

07/24/2023 16:35:54

If people find the name David boring, It'says a lot about the'selves as owners of bored and unmotivated minds. Be proud of the ancient and stately name of David and think yourselves lucky you were n't called Plantagsn't, Groible or Shane.

07/21/2023 21:17:52

David is a good, strong biblical name meaning beloved. I love having the name "David," and would never want any other name.

06/29/2023 14:25:12

It is a good stable name but it is n't "exciting".

06/18/2023 10:58:52

I was born at the end of the baby boom, when David was nearing its peak in popularity. I have never liked it -- wayyy too common. Once I went on a camping trip with 13 other'strangers (friends of my aunt), and 3 of us were named David, out of a total of 13 campers. I think Dave is more casual than David, but even'then, It's frustrating to have so many other guys called David around. Fortun'tely, on Facebook, there is only one other David with my same last name. On'the other hand, my brother Joel has dozens of people with the'same first name, even'though Joel is much less common'than David. I am glad, however, that at least David is a Hebrew-derived first name, as I am Jewish!

06/14/2023 09:42:14

David is a Hebrew Name

05/18/2023 16:26:18

This is my grandmother's middle name, and was her grandmother's first name, and upon doing genealogy, i've found that almost every generation of my family had a Sabina in it going back to the late 1600's in England. It is also, coincidentally, the name of the church I attended when I was a child (my family was not from the area that the church was in). i've long thought that if I have a daughter, I'd like to name her'sabina. I have always heard it pronounced "Sah-bye-nah", incidentally.

05/10/2023 13:00:08

I was pregnant in Saskatoon, and watched the newspaper to find a nice name that was n't too that the poor lad would n't be one of a crowd all the way through school.. no Davids for months in'the birth column so when baby was born I called him David.... then I'moved to Victoria, and there were 3 Davids in his pre-school class of 14 boys! What's a mother to do but call him Davey❤️ lol....

05/07/2023 16:13:56

My name is David and I find that there are to many David's. My neighbour is David, my brother-in-law is David, I work with two Davids.

05/04/2023 10:56:22

My dads biological name is James David and I was thinking about naming my boy that... what do you think❤️

04/18/2023 04:04:02

My Name is David. I love the name. King David was, as described by the Lord himself " A Man after God's own Heart." I do n't like to be called "DAVE". I only answer to David. If some one calls me "DAVE" I politely correct them and if they still call me "Dave", I ignore them or call them some weird form of their name they don't like to make my point.

04/06/2023 10:48:56

the name derek probably sounds all 'royal' because of the movie swan princess :L

03/24/2023 17:45:32

I used to go by Dave all the time, because for some odd reason I felt like only my parents and brothe's should call me David. I sort of felt like if anyone else did, it was condescending or something. Foolish of me, I know. Well I'm nearly thirty now, and i've only been introducing myself as David for about the last year. I'much prefer to go by David. Whenever'someone who i've met calls me Dave, I usually reply "Who's Dave❤️" hehehe. Then'they call me David, and I'd rather that anyway. :) Also, it is very humbling to have the'same name as the great ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ. I'must try very heard to live up to this great name.

03/23/2023 00:36:52

As one of the many David's in'this world, I'must say, I have never met one I don't like. Seems as though its popularity has faded as of late so You'really don't run into that many.

03/20/2023 05:54:06

My name's David. And I don't mind in'the least if someone calls me "Dave". It's all good. I named myself David. I went to court and legally gave myself that name.

01/27/2023 02:13:44

My best male friend is named David, and so I think good things when I hear the name David.

01/07/2023 04:39:34

The name, in Arabic, is an expression meaning "flower." It is used in the'spanish language as well, although, nowhere i've read has been able to give the'spanish meaning of the name. I'm giving this name to my baby if It's a girl. It's really pretty. I like it.

12/31/2022 04:15:40

This is my brother's name and he totally reminds me of David Spade! He has the blond hair, and is really funny! I think this is a great name!

12/16/2022 13:21:28

true, It's a polish name...i didn't like it at first, because it was special, no one else had it (yeah, i don't live in the us)..but then i realised that It's actaully nice..sounds everybody called my name over and over just cuz they liked the'sound of now i think It's one of the most beautiful names in the world(not just bcz It's mine:)

12/13/2022 07:28:38

My husband's gunning for the name David for our unborn child if It's a boy, but I'm n't sure. A lot of middle-aged men (like my father in law!) have the name and while it is a good, strong name, I fear It's a bit too common, like John.

12/09/2022 10:01:14

its very traditional in'the uk. but to be honest ive know so many davids and daves its just a really boring name to hear. i dont think people are using it as much now as a decade ago.

11/29/2022 23:08:18

My sons name is David, despite It's popularity he was the only David in his year at school., in Australia. Of course now he is a teenager he calls himself "Dave".

11/15/2022 16:27:50

As a fellow David, I have to say every David I come across as well as myself is actually beloved but David's like the Biblical King expect to be treated like royalty (arrogance). Outside of that David's have great character and are intelligent.

11/04/2022 21:32:52

My brother's name is David, my dad's name is david... my exboyfriend's name is david... my other friend is david... It's just way too common in New England!

10/24/2022 11:03:20

My name is David and I love my name. When I get introduced to strangers, they often ask, "do you go by David or Dave❤️" Inter'sting question but I always say that I'm a David and I strictly go by David.

10/19/2022 15:33:26

My daddy's name is David I think It'suits him but I know like 20 other people named David so BLAHHHHH

10/18/2022 03:06:54

When parents cann't think of a baby name in'the hospital while they are filling the paperwork to get birth records, social security cards, etc. for their baby, the government goes ahead and fills the first name as "baby" and the parents change it later. All in all it looks like the indecisiveness of having to find the "perfect" name has gone down.

09/24/2022 03:58:28

This Is the best and most well know name in the country, and people respect you if you have this name

09/20/2022 17:41:08

My boyfriend's name is David, and we both dislike it. Part of the reason because of us are athe'sts, and do n't agree with the idea that David is chosen because of religion. I call him by his named name, Benji, and so does the rest of the world besides his parents. David is a very common name, and It's very... ugly. It doesn't just roll of your tongue, It's like coughing up a hairball.

09/17/2022 18:33:52

David is a common name for catholic or Christian people, my boyfriends name is david

09/16/2022 13:45:48

I think that the name David is great because It's my brothe's name and I think that it is better then dave

09/08/2022 18:33:22

i have a friend named david he's my every thing I'm going to name my first little boy after him he alway been'there 4 me It's an alsome name

08/08/2022 19:35:42

GOD said HE will give us a new name... Since I was Baptised as David my life has been wonderful. Praise GOD! When someone says, "I am David" He is saying "I am Beloved"

07/21/2022 18:48:00

man i love the name DAvid It's my name and i think that It's the best name any parent could give there child. GO DAVID!!!

06/04/2022 03:03:00

I named my youngest son David, I really like the name. My husbands name is David (he's n't my son, David's, father) and my son calls him "Big David".

04/23/2022 18:16:30

my boyfriends name is david, and i love that name. its a classic name, but doesn't sound old fashioned. i love that its a biblical name too. i also have never met an ugly david. haha

04/18/2022 01:01:30

I Love this name, It is my boyfriends name:) And I adore the meaning...beloved and friend.

02/18/2022 10:40:12

My son (college-age) is named David and there weren't too many other Davids around when he was growing up. And if there were, well, It's a classic name. It's n't like there suddenly being a bunch of kids all with flash-in'the-pan names. If I'meet an'ther Tyler, I'm going to plotz.

01/16/2022 17:36:00

what do you think of the name jamie lynn❤️

12/20/2021 13:12:18

I think that although David is a very common name, it is still somehow special and very pretty...

12/19/2021 02:26:06

My name is David. There's n'thing wrong with me, but everyone else who's name is David is ither annoying, fat, stupid, or a liar. The only exception is my dad. I love him. So I would say, if You're going to raise your kid right, name him David. If n't, please don't add to a already bad-ish reputation.

12/13/2021 04:36:36

My dad's name is David. He hates being called dave, but people call him this without asking. He was davey when he was little and Daisy in'the late 60's & early 70's. It's on'the top 10 list if we have a boy.

10/29/2021 18:38:06

it rules you wish your name was dave! dave's rule you drool!

10/19/2021 16:09:36

It's my mane and has been good for me. I wanted to name my 1st son David, wife said no - 2nd son, wife said no - 3rd son's name is David!

09/19/2021 23:22:30

Every David i've ever met is an a****** fact, if I hire someone to do work for me or have a choice in who I deal with, I stay away from Davids. I'm moving to Europe, thankfully, where I don't beli've David is a common name.

09/14/2021 07:57:18

My brother's name is David. My husband's name is also David. my brother was born in 1969. My husband was born in 1967. My whole life It's been Donna and David. i love the name. I also like the bible names..

08/24/2021 00:28:12

David's are losers. but my name is DAvid, (n'te the capital A): DAvid, n't David, n't dAvid, just DAvid. It'stands more "data video" Just like that STNG robot Data, but also with video feed.

07/12/2021 05:50:24

There are many Fionas in Scotland. Sometimes shortened to Fee.

07/11/2021 22:31:12

Maybe a bit too common (though I don't think boys really care about this sort of things as much as girls do), but you really can't ever go wrong with it.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name David?
The origin of the name David is Hebrew.
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Almost 3600000 people are named David.
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The names of Michael, Mariah, Destiny, Deja, Felton