Devin meaning

: Bard, Poet

Devin Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \d(e)-vin\
Number of People 👶 169,000
Rate in 2021 723
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Devin Name Meaning

The name Devin holds a profound meaning that resonates with strength, creativity, and individuality. Derived from the Irish and Gaelic origins, Devin is often associated with poets and artists who possess a unique ability to express themselves through their craft.

The name Devin is rooted in the Celtic word "daimhin," which translates to "fawn" or "little deer." Just like a fawn gracefully navigating through the forest, those who bear the name Devin embody a sense of gracefulness and adaptability in their lives.

Furthermore, individuals named Devin are known for their strong-willed nature and unwavering determination. They possess an innate ability to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams with passion and resilience. Their creative minds allow them to think outside of the box, bringing innovative ideas to life.

In essence, the name Devin carries an aura of individuality and originality. Those who bear this name have a natural inclination towards self-expression and are often drawn towards artistic pursuits. They have a unique perspective on life that sets them apart from others.

So if you are fortunate enough to be called Devin or know someone with this remarkable name, embrace its meaning wholeheartedly. Let it serve as a reminder of your inner strength, creativity, and unwavering spirit as you navigate through life's journey.

Cool Info About Name Devin

Additional name description Devin
Additional name description Devin


While the name is considered unisex in the United States, Devin fell off the women's charts in 2005 (after a relatively short 27-year stint) and appears to be exclusively for boys now. Devin debuted on the US charts for children in 1957 and enjoyed a slow and uneventful rise up the charts. He has carried the name for about 30 years, but finally reached a spot on the Top 100 list of most favored boy names in 1987 and saw most of his success in the 1990s. Devin never achieved a higher rank than #58 in America and eventually falling off the Top 100 list in 2007. The name has been in decline for 15 years and shows no signs of reversing. Nevertheless, Devin is a solid choice for parents interested in Irish Gaelic or sounding names. It still sounds very androgynous despite the fact that it is rarely used for girls. Devin is a confident female-sounding name reserved for parents who don't need to follow trends other than up-to-the-minute naming. This one stands out from the crowd.

Famous people named Devin

Devin Hester (soccer player)

Devin Neil Oatway (actor/artist)

Devin Thomas (soccer player)

Devin Setoguchi (hockey player)

Devin Harris (basketball player)

Devin Hester (soccer player)

Devin Neil Oatway (actor/artist )

Devin Thomas (soccer player)

Devin Setoguchi (hockey player)

Devin Harris (basketball player)

Devin Hester (soccer player)

Devin Neil Oatway (actor/artist)

Devin Thomas (soccer player)

Devin Setoguchi (hockey player )

Devin Harris (basketball player)

Characteristics of the Name Devin:

They have down-to-earth personalities. They like to be strong. He knows where and when to use his power against whom. It is not too late to realize his mistake when he makes a mistake. They like to be perfect and appear. It is very important for them to be systematic and organized. However, sometimes this can make them stubborn people. They know how to overcome difficulties.

They are rare people who live in love. They live for love and die for love. They look and have the ability to see and evaluate different aspects of events. They are inseparable from objectivity.

They are complete soothsayers. His senses are perfectly strong. Sometimes they can't even believe it themselves. However, they must be careful. Sometimes they can confuse feelings and real life, they can make mistakes. They have great ideals and goals. They work to achieve them and they succeed. They work efficiently. They are people who like to possess.

They are good observers in the business world and can be very important fashion designers and writers. However, they can sometimes have trouble dealing with too much work. They can be voracious and starting other businesses without finishing their work may lead to their failure. They should act in a balanced and careful manner. They are very thoughtful and compassionate people. They are artistic and creative people.

They are creative people. They have unique personalities. They have full confidence in themselves. They like to look at events from different perspectives. They are determined in everything they do. It is their first choice to live a systematic and orderly life. They love to write and read. Let's not forget that they keep a diary

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Comments on the name Devin
12/13/2023 13:53:20

I named my son Devin in 2005. I had not hear of the name but was looking for a name that'started with a De. My name is Deborah. My I liked the name Kevin because It'sound strong. I thought "DEVIN" went straight to the baby name book and there it was a real name and I looked no more. He is a great son and everybody loves his name and so does he.

11/12/2023 16:59:42

My son's name is Devin too, I like t because the'spelling is Irish

09/12/2023 04:47:28

My son's name and we get soooooo many compliments for it. Not your run-of-the-mill first name, unlike Michael or John!

09/03/2023 20:03:54

My son's name is Devin and I love it. The only problem is that It'seems to be evolving into a girl's name. We recently moved to Pennsylvania from Arizona and have encountered several girls named Devon. Apparently there is a town here by that name and it is a popular name for girls.

08/17/2023 19:15:56

Thats my name my girlfriend and my ex loves It'so deal with it!

07/27/2023 17:28:58

excuse me. my little brother's name is devin. so u just need 2 shut the heck up. got good. he is not the devil. so u just need 2 shut the heck up.. got it got it good

06/24/2023 03:20:44

My name is Devin, I really like my name, although people do often alert me that it is one letter away from being devil.... Anyways i've heard It's a variation of David.

05/27/2023 08:30:42

Hello, My name is Devin and I am 14 years old.I am American but moved to Germany when I was 3 years old.Here they call me Kevin but I think It's kinda funny❤️ I like my name!Girls say It'sounds handsome and strong❤️❤️.So if people also call you Kevin ignore them and take it with ease! Thanks for reading have a nice day Devin R.

03/20/2023 17:21:48

My sons name is Devin and all the girls love this name!

02/08/2023 16:20:48

My oldest son is named Devin. i've loved the name'since college. A good friend's boyfriend had the name. I was complimented frequently on his name and in the years to follow there were many Devin's in our town. He is 15 now and I still love the'sound of his name.

01/11/2023 17:23:54

My sons' name is Devin, he's 15. It may be Celtic but its not Irish - we live in Ireland and the translation of poet is not Devin. People here thinks its do with Devon, England (hence its usually spelt Devon). Getting popular though now as we know a boy and girl with the name.

01/05/2023 16:48:18

When I named our daughter Ava in 2013, the doctor who delived her'said he had never deli'vered a child with that name. She's been'the only one at her'school and etc.. However, EVERYONE is naming their daughter Ava now. In my workplace three co-workers have a daughter with the'same name. At least we're a couple of years ahead of the trend.

12/19/2022 18:56:40

Great Name for a male. Very strong name. I spell my name Devin but most pften spelled Devon. Devin is gailic for poet.

12/02/2022 04:02:18

I love the name for a Man not a Girl It is a Masculine name I know Devin he is a very masculine very handsome man. I wish I had the'same name!

10/22/2022 03:13:00

My name is Devin and I was born 7/11/89. People often miss pronounce my name Dev-on. And even when'they know its pronounce Devin (vin as in vin diagram or Vin Diesel) they will spell it as Devon. ("on" as in on or off). How do you get Devon from Devin. And people that really don't care will call me Damon, Damien, Devron, or Devlin. Other than that its an okay name. Better than a Michael, John, or a Chris. Oh and by the I'm black.

10/11/2022 02:43:00

I was born in 1977 and know of no one older than I am with this name, I thought I was the first, is it possible❤️

10/01/2022 12:36:06

I named my son Devyn. I wanted him to have a strong name. People love his name! My daughter's name is Ashley, we wanted a name with y in it. Choosing his name to match was easy!

09/27/2022 05:44:26

this name i think is absolutley gorgeous!!! Man, there was like a big Amy explosion in the 70's. If i have a daughter, I'm namning her Amy Leigh!

07/07/2022 06:11:06

The dinosaur friend of Mario and Luigi is called Yoshi - which as a name in Japan can be either male or female (the Yoshi in the Mario games/cartoony TV shows is male).

03/18/2022 06:37:12

my name is Devin. I'm 22 and no one has had problems with it. my neighbor growing up was named Devin, same spelling, and she was a girl haha

01/18/2022 15:21:00

my boyfriend is named Devin and i love him very much

08/02/2021 10:34:48

My name is Devin. I spell it Devin. I love my name. I don't see why anyone would hate that name. It's perfect for me!!!

07/11/2021 15:12:00

My son was born 2005. How does this happen'that 93 is one of the peak years❤️ We had never even heard the name, looked in a baby name book for boy's names starting with D and came up with Devin. I don't get it!

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Devin FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Devin?
The origin of the name Devin is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Devin?
Bard, Poet
*️⃣ How many people are named Devin?
Almost 169000 people are named Devin.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Devin?
The names of Teodoro, Dedra, Detra, Deidre, Deedra