Strife For Wealth

Edith Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \e-di-th\
Number in U.S 👶 268,000
Rate in 2021 935
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 English

Edith Name Meaning

The name Edith means "the one who fights for wealth" or "the one who fights for the treasure". It is a proper name that has been used since ancient times, but it had its greatest boom during the Middle Ages and in the 16th century, in honor of Saint Edita of Wilton, the illegitimate daughter of King Edgar the Pacific.

Edith Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Edith
Additional description of the name Edith

Edith is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, composed of the English words “Ead”, which means wealth, and “gyð” which means fight or war. Therefore, its etymology comes from Eadgyð, which means "the one who fights for riches".


Cool Info About Name Edith

Additional name description Edith
Additional name description Edith

Diminutives and variations of the name Edith
When dealing with a short name, Edith's name does not have many diminutives or variations, but even so, we can find some like:
Edita, Edit, Edi, Edy, Edyta, Dite, Edii

< b>The name Edith in other languages
Next, we will see how to write Edith in other languages:
French: Edith
Lithuanian: Edita
Portuguese: Edit
Czech: Edita
German: Edhita
English: Edie

The personality of the name Edith
Edith is a sweet, kind person responsible, and brave. He also likes to dream big, so his projects are ambitious and he fights to achieve what he sets out to do. On the other hand, she is sensitive and vulnerable to injustice, which sometimes makes her seem cold, when what she tries is not to get too involved to avoid suffering.
In love, she is faithful, and loving and he would like to have his own family. Edith is one of the protective mothers, but without limiting the independence of her children. Likewise, she likes to be with someone who shares her ideals and who helps her achieve great things in life.
At work, she is a woman who stands out for her great professionalism and dedication. He never doubts his ability, which is why he manages to occupy excellent positions within organizations. They may opt for professions that are related to science and technology, although, due to their creative spirit, they can also be great artists.
In turn, Edith is also characterized by having a small circle of friends, since she is usually not very open with others. However, those who know her come to appreciate her for the sweetness and transparency of her feelings. In addition, she is a good daughter, mother, and sister and will always watch over the well-being of her loved ones.

Celebrities named Edith
These are some of the most famous women Celebrities with the name Edith:
Edith de Roosevelt: was the wife of Theodore Roosevelt and former first lady of the United States.
Edith Frank: mother of Anne Frank, who recounted her experience of the holocaust in her famous diary of Anne Frank.
Edith Gonzalez: famous telenovela actress born in Mexico.
Edith Piaf: singer and lyricist of French origin who stood out for being a great contralto.

< b>Edith's Saint Day
The name Edith celebrates her saint on September 16 Saint Edith of Wilton.

Numerology of the name Edith
Numerology assigns Edith the number 1 as the lucky digit. This is explained because it is related to kindness, independence, and an energetic spirit.

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Comments on the name Edith
09/22/2023 04:18:38

My name is Sabrina Edith, and they call me sabrina.. but i want people to call me edith, its prettier and no one is called like that here in spain but i dont really know how its pronounced like edith? idiz? idit??

09/18/2023 23:53:58

My mom's name was Edith and she and my dad named our baby'sister Edith as well. Our baby'sister tends to use her nickname 'Eddi" all the time because she thinks the original name'sounds like it belongs to 'older woman.' I think it was a wonderful gift bestowed unto her from our mother and while the world calls her 'Eddi'...I only use Edith.

08/22/2023 12:07:08

My name is Edith and I'm 17 years old. I LOVE my name. I don't think It's a name for old women at all. It was just common at one point back then, but know not so much. I think It's a very pretty name. I get compliments at all. Plus It's not very common. My parents couldn't have chosen a better name for me.

08/04/2023 13:34:18

This is most certainly my name and I have to tell you... It is the most misunderstood name of all times. I have been called the devil, omen, demon, etc. An'thing that is associated with evil is automatically paired with my name. However in reality, my name means ruler. I am a genuine sweet heart that is on'the'side of light workers. I am a healer n't a destroyer. I beli've in God, love, life and happiness. You people must learn how to deprogram your minds from all that indoctrin'ting bullcrap from Hollywood and its sick agendas and deception. To all the Damien's alive and that may have ever existed peace, love and blessings to you all. Our conn'tates power and rulership! Damien power all the way.

07/30/2023 18:04:24

Normally I'd think of this name as an old lady's name, but a well-known Edith today is the'scottish-born radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman, born in 1987, although I will never forget the EdIt's of yester-year including E. Nesbit who wrote "The Railway Children", Edith Wharton, Edith Cavell, Dame Edith Evans, Dame Edith Sitwell, the fictional Edith Artois in the UK sitcom 'Allo 'Allo, or the'singer Edith Piaf who sang "Non, je ne regrette rien"

05/05/2023 12:48:06

people say my name is weird, well it is not it is pretty and classic. people say it wrong and it bugs me.Im lucky to have my name Edith rocks!!!

04/08/2023 23:56:40

Not all EdIt's are older women. In fact, the BrIt'sh radio DJ Edith Bowman is only 32, and she presents her own show on Radio 1 every weekday. However, it is impossible to get away from such dowdy television characters as Edith Bunker in the American sitcom 'All In The Family' and Frenchwoman Edith Artois in the BrIt'sh sitcom 'Allo Allo'.

11/09/2022 07:38:30

In Britain this has both positive and negative associations - the positive side of the name is Radio 1 DJ Edith Bowman (born 1987), and I find her really funny, and the negative side is the fictional Edith Artois in the overrated UK sitcom Allo Allo (aired 1994-2004), set in wartime France, where Mme Artois' husband Rene (pronounced 'rennay') is the owner of the cafe, featuring Mlle Yvette Cartier-Blanche, waitress of the cafe, and the English Officer Crabtree, a regular in the cafe who says "Good Moaning" instead of "Good Morning".

11/09/2022 04:24:32

My name is Edith and I'm 14 years old. People call me Edie and I haven't been called Edith since I was a baby. I still like my name but it is a little unusual. My parents wanted to call me Edie but put Edith on my birth certificate as they thought Edie was a nickname. Haters will hate but every Edith i've met is pengggg.

10/21/2022 18:59:16

Despite Edith Bowman's popularity on Radio 1 in Britain at the present time (and no offense to Ms Bowman), but It's impossible to escape the memories of those other EdIt's who made enormous impact many years ago but unfortunately made this name'sound somewhat old for a modern child, and even'though Dame Edith Evans was a great BrIt'sh actress until she died in 1988 aged 88. As along as Allo Allo the UK television sitcom is repeated in Britain (and All In The Family in the U.S.), It'seems likely the name will retain some old ladyish associations for years to come. J.R.R. Tolkien's wife, of course, was an Edith, and Frau Otto Frank, mother of Fraeulein Anne Frank, was an Edith too. It'seems that there are one too many famous EdIt's - in England and in America too (think Edith Wharton, author of 'The Age Of Innocence') - were born between 1860 and 1920, and there was also an infamous Edith - English murder'ss Edith Thompson, who was hanged in 1923 for her part in her husband's killing, also by her younger lover.

10/21/2022 11:20:48

my cousins called edith and shes bullied because its so old fashined

09/27/2022 04:16:16

My name is Edith. I was born in 81 so It's not common at all. I LOVE my name but only if It's pronounced correclty. It's pronounced Editte (as in Edith Piaf... you know, how the French pronounce it). I get compliments on it all the time and it is a beautiful name when pronounced correctly. I would name my daughter Editte except it would be very weird.

04/20/2022 11:35:06

BrIt'sh radio DJ and television presenter Edith Bowman, originally from Scotland, presents her own radio show every weekday afternoon on Radio 1. Until recently she presented it with Colin Murray, but she has now gone solo.

02/26/2022 04:24:54

Was thinking this name for my baby... I think cute name right?

12/31/2021 01:44:42

I am Edith. I love my name, its not common. Its a name that'speaks respect and honor. I am 36. I know a 3yr old Edith

08/03/2021 21:21:00

I love my name. It is classic, intelligent and commanding. Yes, commanding. It is definitely not a cute name. Both of my grandmother's were named Edith and I am proud to carry the name. The name makes me stand tall.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Edith?
The origin of the name Edith is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Edith?
Strife For Wealth
*️⃣ How many people are named Edith?
Almost 268000 people are named Edith.
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The names of Elisha, Elysia, Elicia, Elisia, Eilish