Elijah meaning

: The Lord Is My God

Elijah Name Information

Gender πŸ§‘ Boy
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \e-li-jah\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 309,000
Rate in 2021 7
Numerology πŸ”’ 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Elijah Name Meaning

The name Elijah holds a significant meaning that has captivated individuals for centuries. Derived from Hebrew origins, the name Elijah is often associated with strength, power, and divine guidance.

In Hebrew, Elijah translates to "my God is Yahweh" or "Yahweh is my God." This biblical connection adds a profound spiritual depth to the name. Throughout religious texts, Elijah is revered as a prophet who displayed unwavering faith and courage in the face of adversity.

The name Elijah has also gained popularity due to its timeless appeal and positive connotations. It symbolizes qualities such as leadership, wisdom, and resilience. Individuals named Elijah often embody these characteristics and are known for their determination and ability to inspire others.

Whether you bear this name or are simply curious about its meaning, understanding the significance behind Elijah can provide insight into its rich history and symbolism.

Cool Info About Name Elijah

Additional name description Elijah
Additional name description Elijah

The popularity of the name Elijah

If you are considering the name β€œ Elijah β€œ, you should note that this name is not well known in Maryland based on the data from American reliable researchers in the United States ofΒ  America in the year 1942. For instance, imagine that about 5 newborn baby boys were given the name β€œ Elijah β€œ in the year 1942.

Also, a total of about 249 newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby during the year 1942 in the United States of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2017, the highest recorded use of the name β€œ Elijah β€œ is related to the year 2011 with a total of 13000 newborn babies.

Since the year 1880, the name β€œ Elijah β€œ was recorded 290000 times in the SSA public database. In the year 1880, the name β€œ Elijah β€œ appeared for the first time. This name was given to about 100 newborn babies in the year 1880. This name became a common one in the year 1995 with a rank of 93 nationwide and was registered 3900 times as a baby boy’s name. The name β€œ Elijah β€œ became more common in the state of Indiana in the hear 2010. The feminine name ranked 1 with only near 400 newborn baby boys in the year 2016 in the state of California with 1500 baby boys.

The personality of the name Elijah

Here we have the letter analysis of the name β€œ Elijah β€œ

E is for enriching, a quality you share

L is for love, everlasting

I am to ignite, the fire in you

J is for joyful, the spirit you spread

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

H is for something like happiness, you always bring

If you are considering a nickname for your baby named β€œ Elijah β€œ, you can select the reversed form of this name. The reversed form of the name β€œ Elijah β€œ can be β€œ Hejile β€œ, that’s interesting and also related to the main form of the name.

If you are named β€œ Elijah β€œ, your lucky name can be β€œ Red β€œ, β€œ pink β€œ, β€œ crimson β€œor any other shades of red. The lucky days of your name can be β€œ Monday β€œ and β€œ Friday β€œ.


Famous people named Elijah

Elijah Abel who is an American pastor

Elijah Abina who is a Nigerian pastor

Elijah Amoo Addi who is a Ghanaian chef

Elijah Adebayo is an English footballer


Names starting with the letter β€œ E β€œ

Eden, Earl, Elizabeth, and Eddie


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Comments on the name Elijah
01/14/2024 00:00:00

We just named our son Felix who was born this week - We love the name and its happy, lucky associations. Our parents' generation have some associations with Felix the Cat but we don't think that's a bad thing - as other mentioned above there is also Felix Mendelsohn and as architects we've always been a fan of Felix Candela. Never known a Felix personally, but have always loved the name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Im Swdish living in Sweden. My husband named our son Elijah and from the beginning I thought it was hard for me to pronounce it but now it just floats through my lips. I also call him Lijag and Eli. Here in Sweden its a really unusual name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

eli is a great nickname for elijah.i love the name elijah.this is the name of my older brother.i am going to name my first boy after both of my brothers elijah abbott is going to be his name

12/09/2023 03:30:04

my name is Elijah and I am a girl. The most common thing that I hear is " You know Elijah is a boy's name," or "Who named You❀️"

10/28/2023 19:19:56

My grandson's name is Elijah James. I love the name and him!

10/17/2023 14:07:48

I love this name, but my friend just named her'son Elijah, so now I feel like the name is taken.

10/04/2023 00:30:04

My oldest son is named Elijah. He loves his name. I love it too. I think it fits his personality perfectly.

09/23/2023 08:13:48

Elijah also means - Friend of God and/or Walks With God. Our son lives up to his name and is very gifted...

09/19/2023 21:21:12

i think It's a beautiful name. the man i love is named elijah... sigh...

08/30/2023 16:26:12

i named my son Elijah, Awwe i love this name

08/29/2023 16:02:38

Elijah is a great name. Everyone I met named Elijah has strong potential in achievements.

07/24/2023 06:01:06

I rarly ever meet Elijahhs. My mother named me Elijah Solomon, and when I tell people that, they know that I'm destined for great things.

06/28/2023 08:08:58

Im a girl named elijah! I hate when people call it a boys name, even'tho it is one

06/16/2023 06:57:46

We called our second child Quinten and everyone we know and meet love the name! He is now 5 and as far as I know he likes it too!! Many misspellings as most people think of Quentin but also Quinton, Clinton!!

06/03/2023 13:19:06

My son's name is Elijah and oddley enough some people ask if it is a boy or a girl after hearing his name. I love the name..I think it is unique and a strong biblical name.

05/26/2023 14:52:42

Have loved this name'since I was little and Elijah Wood was in his first movie. Now I'm having a son and am afraid It's just too religious sounding and I'm really not. I just don't want to keep having conversations about religion when really I'm probably athe'st. Bummer, It's a beautiful name.

04/28/2023 16:48:42

It's an excellent name and Eli is a great nickname for Elijah. I'm going to use it as a name for a character in the book I'm writing and probably for my future kid. It's the name of one of my favorite actors and I like that it has Biblical origins.

04/14/2023 21:35:56

This is my son's name. The only one we know with this name. So unique. Always receive compliments on it. Our daughter is Scarlett.

04/07/2023 02:05:52

My sons name is Elijah. He was born in 2009 when it wasnt so popular. Then many thought it was way different now its very common. We usually call him Lijah and skip the E. I call him Eli though it hasnt stuck and no one else calls him that. I love the name Elijah but also love the nick name Eli for short. Great name choice.

04/02/2023 17:28:24

I love this name too! There are so many names to choose from! I would love to name him Elijah and then call him Eli!

03/24/2023 19:13:42

I love the name Elijah. I am 2 months pregnant and I already plan on calling my son (if It's a boy) Elijah. It'sounds so strong and always wanted my son to have a biblical name. I discovered that it was a male counterpart to my name (Alecia). So I am sold!!! My boyfriend informed me that he always loved that name for a boy and now there is no stress in the baby-naming-battle!

03/05/2023 05:53:16

This name is pronounced ASH-AH, but can be mispronounced as AK-SAH

02/23/2023 05:46:50

I am due 4-24-08 and will name my son Kendall Elijah - I knew I wanted his middle name to be Biblical and was torn between Emmanuel and Elijah but in the end everyone I knew loved the name Elijah. It also means the Lord is my God and my son will be blessed to have that name...

02/10/2023 18:00:50

i choose to name my sons middle name elijah because its has such a strong meanning! his first name is actualy going to be king witch means a surname comming from a royal household in other words royalty:)

01/28/2023 04:40:44


01/19/2023 14:04:30

Great taste to give this name. Strong and meaningful. Thumb way up!

12/26/2022 08:10:30

I love the name Elijah my crushes name is elijah!!

12/08/2022 01:59:12

We named our son Ethan Alexander, its a great name but very popular in our area. Our daughter has an unusual name, Talia, and I wish we had picked something a bit less common for our son.

11/29/2022 14:54:34

I do meet people with whom we share the'same name and i feel great ....So awesome

11/14/2022 22:32:12

i named my oldest son elijah. he's 5 and everyone seems to love his name. even though everyone shortens it and calls him eli.

10/20/2022 23:53:06

Our eldest son's name is Elijah. When he was first born some in the family looked at us funny when told the name, but everyon we meet loves it!! Luckily no one has tried to shorten it to Eli yet.

10/16/2022 04:58:28

im pregnant now n i think this would be a great name for my son...

08/22/2022 05:40:30

I am planning on probably using Elijah in the future for my little boy's middle name. It flows so pretty with other names and I would like to give my little boy a Biblical middle name.

07/17/2022 05:54:54

My husband says it is a bit 'religious' with too many biblical connotations, but I like it.

06/02/2022 11:42:18

It has a soft, unique sound... I like it and would consider it for a child. The only thing I dislike is the nickname Eli.

05/15/2022 06:20:06

Elijah is my favorite boys name and i love Eli for short. i am going to name my first son Elijah

04/24/2022 04:20:24

my brother name is elijah,it is such a nice name for those christians out there jahova is god not jesus

01/29/2022 06:38:06

I love the name Elijah. It has a very appealing sound. When I named my son Elijah it was not common and does sound ethnic. We call him Eli.

11/08/2021 19:16:48

i love this name i want to name my child this if it is a boy but my partener thinks people will call him elisa have any of you seen any one shorten it to make fun of them

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Elijah?
The origin of the name Elijah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Elijah?
The Lord Is My God
*️⃣ How many people are named Elijah?
Almost 309000 people are named Elijah.
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The names of Elmena