Eric meaning

: Forever, Alone, Ruler

Eric Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \e-ric\
Number of People 👶 884,000
Rate in 2021 352
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English
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Eric Name Meaning

The name Eric has been used as a masculine given name all around the world. This means “ always ruler “ or “ forever ruler “. The given name has been derived from a Norse word which is “ Eirikir “ which means “ sole ruler “ or “ ever powerful “.  The name Eric is originally Old Norse. There are several theories about the meaning of the given name in different cultures.

This name has been used as a boy’s name in Germany and also popular in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The name Eric is a unique name and has been given to members of royalty. Although it is mentioned that this name has mostly given to boys, but families can select “ Eric “ as child’s name of any gender. If you are considering this name as a girl’s name, you can select the feminine version of this name such as “ Erica “ or “ Erika “.

The name Eric has been used as a nickname for the name “ Fredric “, but you can also select a nickname for the name “ Eric “.

From the old Norse name Eirikr, derived from the elements ei "ever, always" and rikr "ruler ".

Eric Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Eric
Additional description of the name Eric

The origin comes from the old Norse name Eirikr, derived from the elements ei "ever, always" and rikr "ruler" . A notable bearer was Eirikr inn Rauda (Eric the Red in English), a 10th-century navigator and explorer who discovered Greenland. This was also the name of several early kings of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Cool Info About Name Eric

Additional name description Eric
Additional name description Eric

The popularity of the name Eric

This name is a name with a historical background behind itself. Also this name is popular in the religions of Europe. The name experienced a surge in popularity in the 19th century. Also Eric is the 198th most common name for boys in the United States based on the data given by the reliable resource.

From the mixed sixties in the Unites States, the name Eric enjoyed the most popularity. The peak of Eric’s popularity was in the year 1970. In that year the name was given to 23574 babies. In the last 2 decades the name was one of the most common names, but it is not as popular as in was before.


Variations of the name Eric

There are other forms of the given name in different languages, such as

Arick which is originally English

Eerick which is originally Estonian

Eirik which is originally Norwegian

Eirikur which is originally Icelandic


Erico which is originally Portuguese

Erikas which is originally Lithuanian 

Eryk which is originally Polish


Personality of the name Eric

If you are named Eric, people perceive you as someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring and charming. You can be shining in the hardest position, you are intelligent, easygoing and independent; You are able to make decisions by yourself. You actually do not need anybody. Other people find you as someone who is an attractive person.

Eric is very clear about what he wants from life and uses all the means at his disposal to achieve it. Although he is a fairly conventional and even conservative person at heart, he likes to appear original.
This common Norse name was first brought to England by Danish settlers during the Anglo-Saxon period. It was not popular in England in the Middle Ages, but was revived in the 19th century, partly due to the children's novel "Eric, or Little by Little" (1858) by Frederic William Farrar. Eric is a boy's name.

Famous people named Eric

Names bellow, are people who have influenced the name Eric’s popularity positively.

Eric Andre who is an American comedian

Eric Bana who is an Australian actor

Eric Bazilian who is an American songwriter and artist

Eric Burdon who is an English singer

Eric Clapton who is an English guitarist, songwriter and artist

Saint Eric's Day
Saint Eric's Day is May 18th. Eric IX died on May 18, 1160, also called Eric the Saint, Saint Eric, Eric the Lawgiver, was a Swedish king c. 1156-60. The Roman martyrology of the Catholic Church names him a saint remembered on May 18. He is the founder of the House of Eric which ruled Sweden with interruptions from c. 1156 to 1250.

Numerology and personality of the name Eric
Eric's number is the number 5. People with this name have a deep desire to travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being ruled by tradition. They are individual people who like things their own way.

Similar names to the name Eric

You can select the name bellow as Eric’s siblings

Ava, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Emma and Lily

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Comments on the name Eric
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Eric is still a highly popular name in French-speaking countries. In Costa Rica Eric was a popular name for babies born in the 60's 70's and 80's.Universal, simple and elegant name!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name! You can't pronounce it wrong! Just keep that K away from me!

01/08/2024 19:06:18

My name is Eric and I cannot tell you how many times I people have misspelled it, and in my area it is a pretty common name, in fact when I was a freshman in highschool I had a class where there were three of us all in the'same class. It was a nightmare for substitute teache's, but even with its shortcomings being commonly misspelled and very common in general, I would never think of changing my name because I personally think It's kinda funny to see like five different people look up from what they❤️re doing when someone calls my name, plus it just sounds like a nice name to have like Nathan or Mitchell.

12/01/2023 18:17:10

Our oldest son is Eric. It just fits him. And even'though it is a pretty common name, there aren't that many that go to his school.

11/28/2023 07:06:56

Eric is a wonderful manly name, that's the reason I named my 1st son Eric.

11/22/2023 18:51:56

Eric Aldana is the best name EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/23/2023 16:11:34

My middle name is Erich. I named my son Eric, after his grandpa Erich. I left the h out because of stupid people not knowing how to say my middle name.

09/06/2023 19:46:26

Every morning I wake up and think "Oh No! Eric's gonna beat me up today!" This name'symbolizes a gang leader and killer. Please send help!

08/21/2023 16:25:42

go me! my name rocks!

08/04/2023 21:48:02

My mom told me she had two reasons for naming me Eric. When I was born (1974) she didn't know any Erics, and thought it would be unique. She was surprised by how many Erics I'met in school. Also, it is a short enough name that if I turned out to be a bit dim, she figured I could still learn to spell it :)

08/01/2023 15:02:18

I was born in 2013, and know very few fellow Erics, I like the name due to how unique it is. My only complaint is that It'sounds similar to Aaron, which is a much more popular name.

07/03/2023 14:13:40

I love the name Eric, never had a problem with this name, I thank my parents when ever the idea of boys names comes up.

05/18/2023 07:54:56

My little brother is Eric, born in the midwest in the early 90s. It goes well with his middle name (our dad's first name) and our unusual last name -- our mom's rule when naming us was that'she had to be able to scream our full names from the back porch without feeling embarrassed or getting tongue-tied. Some of his family nicknames growing up included "Eric the Red," "Rickie-roo," and "Rickets." I actually think It'suits him better as an adult than it did when he was a kid, but he's never had any issues with it as far as I know. I never thought it was an unusual name, but come to think of it I only met maybe one or two other Erics growing up. Now I have two in the'school I teach at, so It'seems to be coming back.

05/11/2023 01:56:00

Liked my name'so much we named our son Eric too. This can make it a little confusing when friends phone especially now that he is older. I still think It's a great name; it can't be shortened (except for "E" which we used for our son)or turned into an "ie" like Stevie or Donnie or Johnnie. Grow an auburn beard and you may be called Eric the Eric and how bad is that❤️ Now if I can get one of my kids to carry on the lineage that would be awesome!!

04/29/2023 01:20:04

I don't think anyone i've met has ever pronounced it wrong though due to the many spellings (Erik, Erick, etc.), it can be slightly irritating, but it only happens in situations such as a crowded Starbucks asking my name for an order. People by large do like my name. One person I know occasionally calls me "Rick" and in reference to my presence at lunch, uses the word "Erictude." I currently attend a school with about 10 Erics, out of roughly 400 students. i've never met an Eric I didn't like. i've never been'teased or mocked for having that name.

03/22/2023 15:30:14

I think Eric is a great name, but I was born in 1982 and there are enough Eric's in my age group that other people hate the name.

03/14/2023 04:25:36


03/12/2023 17:44:52

my father and brother are named Erick and Eric is my husband's name and we just found out we are having a boy in July and he will be Eric the 2nd

02/19/2023 18:01:20

This is my boyfriend's name, and very fitting. He is a leader, resourceful, well liked by all, kind, handsome, and intelligent among many other wonderful things. :) I have never met an Eric that I didn't like.

02/10/2023 19:11:22

My boyfriend of 9 years is also named Eric. He is very intelligent, charismatic, handsom and charming. He is extremely patient with me and genuinely cares what I think. My brother's name is also Eric. He is very popular and a wonderful father to his 3 boys.

01/21/2023 00:09:58

I was born in 1960 and went through elementary and high school never knowing anyone else with that name. My mother named me Eric because of a character'she liked in a book. I never liked the name because I never felt like I fit in and therefore was not comfortable with it. In my teenage years I introduced myself as Rick and it fit me. Eric is ok now, but I still prefer Rick.

01/08/2023 11:31:04

Many people think that Eric comes from Erik the Red, the Norwegian Viking, but in fact the first Eric was the 13th apostle. His writings were excluded from the Bible because he was black.

01/03/2023 04:15:50

the only reason i like this name is because my mother was named this

12/05/2022 21:05:12

I like it mostly because It's not very common (at least I don't think so). Having said that, I found an "Eric Howk" (Band singer) in Seattle that really surpised me...S"INCE THAT'S MY NAME TOO!!!" Good luck Eric.

11/17/2022 19:00:46

I love the name Eric. I named my son Eric James. He is now seventeen has blonde hair, blue/green eyes and a wonderful smile.

11/14/2022 07:50:32

its been easy but many spell my name as erik which is wrong

11/04/2022 07:08:50

Eric is not a danish name, but Erik is...

10/19/2022 06:26:48

I love this name!!!!! It is very common but can fit alot of people!!!!!!!!! When i have my baby I'm going to name him......ERIC!!!!!!!!!! love you!

10/11/2022 03:35:54

It's a great name. I named my 1st son Eric. It was really a no brainer, it was just right for him. It'sounds strong, tough and manly. Me and my wife are very happy with Eric. It's popular, but we don't care if there are a lot Erics in our neighborhood, and this name cannot be made fun of when our son goes to school!!! Truly is a great boy's name. :P

10/05/2022 14:10:22

also my boyfriends name... he's so attractive in many ways, yet unique for this common name if i have a boy i will name him eric

09/28/2022 07:18:32

I fit my name quite well and I love it, wouldn't change it for the world.

09/18/2022 19:15:04

Wondering if I'm the oldest Kayli...born in 1997. I was named after an 80's song called Kaleigh by Marillion. Its a really che'sy song but its kinda cool. You should google it :)

09/07/2022 13:45:18

Eric is a sexy fits most nice looking men so it will fit just right for a baby

08/23/2022 10:02:24

A lot of people spell my name with a K instead of a C

05/27/2022 21:12:00

I met ERIC my freshmen year...i thought he was sooo FINE when i saw him..he is kind,well known by everyone,very intelligent,and he means the world to me......I LUV HIM!

01/12/2022 18:26:24

My name is Eric and I like it! I like Erik better but what ever..... Id really liked to be named Sascha in homage to my German acestry.

12/18/2021 09:03:00

My name is Eric, and I like it a lot! There aren't too many people with my name. Back in the 60's/70's era it was very popular. My mom named me it because she liked the name, i like it for the meaning: Powerful!--Although I have seen a trend for Eric' name to come back! Go Eric's!!

12/02/2021 00:30:54

My name is Eric. I knew and ❤️Irek❤️ at the Bronx H.S. of Science. As pretentious as you would expect with that bogus spelling.

10/28/2021 22:30:18

Who dices up the name Carey and turns it into Carie, honestly

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Eric?
The origin of the name Eric is English.
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Forever, Alone, Ruler
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Almost 884000 people are named Eric.
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The names of Stella, Estrella, Estelle, Estela, Estell