Ethan meaning

: Firmness, Long-Lived

Ethan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \e-than\
Number of People 👶 437,000
Rate in 2021 22
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ethan Name Meaning

The name “ Ethan “ is one of the names that has been a popular choice for families

Ethan as a boys' name is pronounced EE-than. It is of Hebrew origin

. Also this name can have different meanings in different areas.


Cool Info About Name Ethan

Additional name description Ethan
Additional name description Ethan

Popularity of the name Ethan

If you are considering the name “ Ethan “ you should note that the name is the 34th most common baby boy’s name in Montana based on the data given by reliable American resources in the year 2016 in the United states of America.

For instance, imagine that about 26 newborn babies were named “ Ethan “ in Montana in the year 2016. Also a total of 13 thousand newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby in the year 2016. From the year 1880 to the year 2000, the highest recorded use of the name “ Ethan “ is relayed to the year 2004 with a total of 22 thousand newborn babies.

Since the year 1880, this name was recorded 400 thousand times in the SSA public database. The name “ Ethan “ appeared in the year 1882 for the first time and about 7 babies were given the name “ Ethan “. It became a popular choice in the year 1989 with a tank of 87 nationwide and was registered 4 thousand times as a baby boy’s name.

The name “ Ethan “ became a popular name in the state of Montana in the year 2002. It ranked 1 with 79 newborn babies for this name was in the hear 2008 in the state of California with 2000 baby boys. This name is a consistent top ranking boy’s name in the state of Vermont for about 45 consecutive years. For the past 70 years, the masculine name was recorded 400 thousand times in the SSA database.

The name Ethan did not show up on the American popularity graphs until the 1950's. By the 1980's it was still only enjoying moderate to low success in terms of popularity. Then BAM! In 1989, everything changed. The name jumped 176 places on the chart and hit the Top 100. By 2002, the name Ethan entered the Top 10 and hasn't looked back. What exactly happened in 1989 to so abruptly change this name's favorability?

Personality of the name Ethan

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Ethan “

E is for endear, all those that you touch

T is for tender, loving nature

H is for handy, the helpful you

A is for abundant, your cheer knows no bounds

N is for natural, the genuine side of you

If you are considering a nickname for a baby named “ Ethan “, you can select the reversed form of the main form of the name “ Ethan “ as well. Actually name can be heart’s desire and destiny. And also the true meaning of the name “ Ethan “ might not be described in just a few sentences and words.


Famous people named Ethan

Ethan Albright who is an American football player

Ethan Allen for multiple people

Ethan Ampadu who is a British footballer

Ethan Allen Andrews, multiple people


Similar names to the name Ethan

Elizabeth, Eden, Earl and Edgar

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Comments on the name Ethan
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my first son Ethan in 2016. I feel that it is a very strong and timeless name. My second son will be named Easton because I love the name Ethan so much and that is just about as close as I can get to it without naming him Ethan also.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our newborn son Layton (born in March 2020). We love that it is unique but not too "out there." We've received many compliments on his name but are always asked how it is spelled since there are a number of variations (e.g. Lleyton, Leighton, Leyton...)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Its a good name, but I know 6 Ethans all under the age of 6 - Its a great name, but there is no originality.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love love this name my son's name is Ethan and everyone says he resembeles his name, I guess that is why many say that a special name is destined for evey individual, so far I haven't ran into too many Ethan's, which can be a good thing. However, if It's such a nice name that I wouln't blame anyone wanting it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our 2nd son Vance (2014). It's such a strong name. It fits him perfectly and everyone loves it.

01/12/2024 10:05:46

Love the name Ethan named my 2 year old son Ethan and I don't know any other Ethan's and so many people tell me all the time that aw I love that name aw that name is so cute and diff.

01/09/2024 18:54:36

We named our first born Hallie in 2014. We liked this name because it was a little different but not odd. Also Halle Berry won a big award that year, my great-grandmother's middle name was Hallie and my husbands grandmother's name was Hattie (similar). Hallie's initials spell HAT. I figured she'd get called Hayley in school and sure enough, she does. She also gets called Allie, Hollie, and one of my friends calls her a cross between Hallie and Hayley. I can't even say it. She's always been "Hallie-O' , "Hallie-girl" and "Hallie-gator". One of her friends calls her Hal. We have met 2 othe's named Hallie by chance in a restaurant and camping. I was surprised to see so many Hallies out there.

12/30/2023 22:37:24

Hello im from the U.K and my 3 yr old son is called ethan the name is biblical not irish like people think, it means strong and fI'm . he is a very strong character and the name is aswell . it was also the name of the guy in mission impossible ethan hunt lol its a beautiful name and should be used for special children god bless xx

12/29/2023 22:31:28

I love the name Ethan and am proud to say that I was 22 years ahead of the curve with my son !!( he was born in 2000 ). The name Ethan is found in the Bible as Psalms 89 was written by a minor prophet named Ethan to the people of David. Ethan is a very solid name although as a preschool teacher I can say it is way too popular now just like Isabella ans Emma !!

12/25/2023 09:29:30

I also love this name. I named my son Ethan Antonio. He is the best. Such a polite young man. People always comment on how wonderful he is and teachers say he is a pleasure to have in class. All the other Ethan's we have met seem to follow the same pattern. Great name for a very good looking boy.

12/18/2023 07:55:04

We named our son Ethan almost 25 years ago. At the time there were no other Ethans and we felt that his name was quite distinctive. That has certainly changed. Now he has joined a Facebook group made up of guys like him who originally had felt their name was unique, but now feel like the new Jennifer. Oh well. I still love the name.

12/13/2023 13:00:26

It actually means stren'th in Hebrew. (aytan) I think It's a solid name.

12/12/2023 20:50:36

I named my son ethan 7 1/2 years ago. it wasn't common here in NZ I never met an Ethan or heard nof someone with the Name. I heard nit years ago in Dr Quinn Medicine Woman her beau was called Ethan and I loved it ever'since and I always said if I had a boy he would be called Ethan! and I did and now I have met another Ethan at his school 1 year older than him, but no othe's and I still love it and i love It's meaning too! Tena mother of ETHAN

12/12/2023 11:08:42

When I am older and married if I have a girl I am gonna name her Paris. It is a beautiful name and It makes you think of great places

12/01/2023 14:10:18

My 8yr old us named Ethan Shane...its a great name!

11/29/2023 01:55:28

Love it! We named our now 11yr old Ethan. It is classic and cool. Favorite nick-name: E-man.

11/23/2023 16:01:32

I am 30 and my name is Ethan Todd. growing up i was ET which i liked. i wouldnt trade my name for anything else

11/13/2023 23:33:34

My name is Ethan and I am 8 years old.I pronounce it this way:e-than.I like to play computer games. I have met people with the'same name before.

11/08/2023 09:32:46

My grandson is called Ethan, and we all love it. Is it common❤️ Not as common as some names.

11/02/2023 14:49:50

ethan is the greates name ever. I think everbody should name there kids ethan

10/26/2023 13:33:02

I named my son Ethan in 2019, never heard of the name and knew noone called it. It was such a strong UNIQUE sounding name and the best part was it couldn't be shortened. My son is super cute and the name'suits him well but am finding that more and more people are calling their child this name, I don't like that lol.

10/10/2023 20:47:06

I was looking for something that reminded me of 1800's early 1900's Pollyanna feeling. My son was born in 2014 and I even went so far as looking up names Shakespear used as characters in his plays. I don't know what made me settle on Ethan and yes was dissapointed at the popularity after I had him however I couldn't imagine him with any other name. It's perfect he's perfect and am proud to confI'm there is absoulutely no association to Tom Cruise/Ethan/Mission Impossible. If I would associate a suggestion it would be Ethan Hawke. I almost named him Ethan Alexander till someone pointed out 'Ethan Allen'.

10/04/2023 11:04:52

It's a strong, masculine Biblical name -I love it!

09/02/2023 09:23:10

I absolutely love this name! Ethan is what I want to name my son when he graces our presence in 7 months, if its a boy.

08/11/2023 02:48:08

My husband and I named our 1 year old Ethan and we just LOVE the name. We have loved it for years and finally had a chance after being married for 12 years to use with our only child. I first heard the name given'to a child character on the'show "Thirtysomething" years ago on TV. It'seems to be very popular now, but we have just always loved this name'since we were in college that it does not matter. We still have not met another Ethan his age though(:

08/10/2023 21:13:06

my name is ethan willI'm songy and i live in a two story house

07/30/2023 20:25:28

My son's name was Ethan, he was born March2002. He was named after John Wayne's character in the movie The'searche's. I always loved The Duke. My son passed away just hours after he was born, I'll always love that name.

07/28/2023 17:34:54

We named our son Ethan in 2015. It is a name that is common enough people dont look at you funny, but I haven't heard of any other child go by this name around us.

07/24/2023 11:53:46

I have always loved this name because I thought it was "different," but in the last couple of years It'seems to have gotten alot more popular.

07/21/2023 06:36:12

It's a cool name. Trendy, but not too much so. The boys I know with this name are really well rounded and good, solid kids.

07/19/2023 16:41:30

Our gorgeous son Ethan was born in 2016. His name is Ethan Steven David - the two middle names being my husband and my husband's father. The name has grown hugely in popularity in Wales over the past few years so what I thought was a relatively unique name has turned out rather popular now but I think It's a good, strong name and I love it.

07/12/2023 21:35:00

I have a 2 year old and named him Ethan. I thought it was unique and a few weeks after he was born I had random people tell me how they know someone that just named their baby Ethan as well. I am a little bummed to find it was so popular.

07/04/2023 19:54:38

Sorry, but this name is becoming common, not in a "James" or "Steve" kind of way, but in a do what everyone else is doing but still think You're being original kind of way.

07/01/2023 05:48:04

Correction for this name: In hebrew it's pronounced Ei-tan/Ei-than

06/30/2023 12:10:04

everyone always spells it "Eathan" instead of Ethan. i dont know why.

06/23/2023 18:14:06

We named our son Evan ( born Jan 04) and had his name picked out years before he was conceived. I think the'show Joe Millionaire kind of drew attention to the name and since then i've been hearing it all over the place. I figured that would happen, but I love the name'so much that I don't regret it.

06/09/2023 15:05:14

My boyfriends name is Ethan AI'man and I love the name very much! I don't know if he likes it but that doesn't matter cuz I love it!! His favorite nickname is EA!!

06/07/2023 00:46:58

I named my son Ethan in 2015. i've always loved the name. I had a hard time coming up with a middle name,but finally Ethan Truitt was chosen for him. It'seems to be an extremely popular name now!!

06/06/2023 09:12:24

I love the name Ethan because it is masculine and sounds strong to me. I plan on naming my son Ethan :o)

05/12/2023 12:36:44

My name is Ethan, im 18 year old, ive never met an Ethan who hasnt been at least 5 years younger than me so ive always had the impression that i was kind of a pioneer, at first i never liked my name because no one else had it and It'sounded so foriegn on my tounge but i feel that ive really grown into it, great name the ladies love it and i ther's no mix-ups, when someone shouts Ethan! I know exactly who they're looking for

05/03/2023 15:32:34

I named my son this because I love it and It's beautiful BUT when my husband and I'moved back to Jamaica, EVERYONE pronounced his name like EAT-TON. I'm constantly correcting people, It's EATH-an

05/03/2023 05:50:40

My son's name is Ethan, when we named him that I only knew of one other Ethan at the time and at the hospital the'staff told me it was a nice unique name. Now it is everywhere! But I still think It's a great name for a boy, very strong and handsome sounding :)

04/22/2023 22:58:40

I had a friend in high school named Ethan. He was a very fun guy and very cute. I think that this is a serious possibility for one of my twins!!

04/05/2023 16:00:24

People do spell it wrong occasionally, though that happens less & less as its popularity rises. I do sometimes get called Ian and Nathan. I guess my one disappointment with the name is that I had to suffer having a "weird" name back in the '70s and now that I'm in my mid-30's and want a cool & unusual name, It's become fairly common.

03/29/2023 09:26:12

This is my name! I live in denmark. I love my name because its very speciel and beautiful. But nobody says it right, lol. It'sounds like ''Nata-lee''

03/28/2023 01:59:26

My name is Ethan born 1992 and I feel my parents should have tried harder in naming me becuase it doesn't match my creative authenticity.

03/24/2023 00:07:32

My Grandmother And Grandfather Always Spell It Ethen! My Grandmother Is Always Calling Me Etthan

03/15/2023 10:41:50

I love this name and hope to one day name my son Ethan, It is also a biblical name.

03/07/2023 20:11:32

For the guy who joined a facebook group b/c his name was once unique and now it is more popular get out a little more and enjoy life would ya❤️ Seriously. It's a good name, move on.

03/04/2023 13:43:26

My Nephew is called Ethan i love his name so much. His name suits his little charcter brilliantly, Strong and determint and he is just so handsome. His Full name is Ethan David James.

02/24/2023 03:49:20

just turned 18 and going to college. He is a ray of sunshine in our lives.

02/18/2023 04:41:54

I'must be the only one that cant STAND it, what a horrid sounding name

01/30/2023 12:13:26

Born in 1972, for the first 35 years of my life I'met only one other person named Ethan (in 1983). Alone, but unique. Then, all of a sudden, for some reason, it became popular. It used to be when my name was uttered, I was being spoken'to. Not any more. Last year, my name was called in the Doctor's office, but they called for someone else. "Sorry sir, not you." Weird feeling.

01/27/2023 09:34:34

I named my son Ethan 4 years ago...never actually knowing an Ethan. I thought it was unique and then all of a sudden everyone is naming their son Ethan. I feel bad for when he'starts school and there's 7 Ethan's in his class. If I have another child, their name will not be a common one.

01/23/2023 11:31:54

My amazing boyfriend's name is James Ethan. He goes by Ethan though. He's an amazing boy. So strong willed and smart and an over all good guy. I've always loved the name Ethan. It will be a part of my future sons name for sure.

01/09/2023 20:43:38

We named our youngest son Dallin. We really like it, but no one ever pronounces it correctly or has ever heard of it. That's o.k though, we still like it.

01/09/2023 20:26:00

I think Ethan is a great name the girls like it and no one has a problem with it. plus it rules

01/03/2023 11:36:40

i like the name Ethan Alexander. i think it's really cute. it flows nicely together.

01/01/2023 11:07:10

Ethan is one of those timeless names where It'sounds cute for a baby, and strong for an adult. Best name in the world!

12/30/2022 04:45:00

my little 6 year old brother is named ethan. we were debating between'the name ethan and the name logan and we all ended up agreeing on ethan. the name really says "bold" and thats my little bro. hes so energetic and fun and hyper 24/7. even'though im 12 and hes 6 he acts so much closer 2 my age and hes really mature 4 his age.

12/30/2022 02:06:18

My son is 21 and in 2003 there were very few boys in our area of Connecticut with the name Ethan. Now to our surprise we meet young men over 19 named Ethan all the time. Strong name.

12/17/2022 16:06:06

At first ETHAN was going to be named after his father Sergio and a old friend brought up the name Ethan, i look it up and meant Strong, Bold, etc.... I didnt think to change our son's name. But when my water broke @ only 7 months and 4lbs he was a Strong 7 month old baby boy i just push out our son, his father look at me and ask "What would u like to name our son❤️" I said ETHAN and looking into each others eyes as our healthy son was in the background crying at that very moment we both exactly knew that Ethan was a perfect fit and to this day 9-5-2008 Ethan is now 6 years old playing baseball strong and healthy as he can be=-] I LOVE THE NAME ETHAN!!!!!!!!!!

12/09/2022 14:08:06

Makes me think of ether - anaesthetic. Looks ugly written down. Sorry.

12/07/2022 07:45:56

This spellng of the name reminds me of those round Brenon crackers. I like the'spelling B-r-e-n-n-e-n.

11/29/2022 16:58:00

I was born in 1995 and my mom and dad were originally going to name me Ethan, but they decided on Brian, after a close family friend. So, my wife and I named our son Ethan Malachi, for my mom. We love the name, and he's the only one in our town with that name (we live in a very small, very rural northern CA town where everyone knows everyone!). he's 2 1/2 now and we're expecting our 2nd child in July (again! Ethan's birthday is the 25th). So yeah...we love it! Brian, Danielle and Ethan Oh, and "Annelise Selah" (if we have a girl) or "Ezra or Ezekiel or Micah or Noah Maddox or Derringer" (if we have a boy)

11/15/2022 16:45:28

it is v hard to name a boy..there is an Ethan in my family, always thought it was ok, but as i studied boys names, it just seemed so meaningful and suitable 4 any age, so 4 our 2 month old baby his name is...u guessed it Ethan!! v uncommon around me area in the UK at mo xxx love it xxx a strong name 4 our physically strong baby xx

11/10/2022 17:08:42

I was born in 2000. Growing up, when it was not as popular, people constantly mispronounced or misspelled my name wrong, especially teache's at school. These frustrations don't change the fact that I am very proud of my name.

10/28/2022 15:51:34

im ethan, and people never mispernounce my name, im 11 about to be 12. being ethan is a trouble maker's name.

10/16/2022 02:37:24

This is my name, I often hear that it is a pretty name. It is always spelled wrong, normally Kenisha. I have not really had a problem with people pronouncing it wrong, unless they are from another country. Lately I have met alot of people with the name Ka-Ni-sha, but with a different spelling.

09/30/2022 04:34:04

Ethan is my son's name. It is a good strong name. My husband named him. There is usually another Ethan wherever we take him but that is okay.

09/17/2022 05:20:22

I named my 2nd son Ethan after the character from the popular TV show Mission Impossible and Tom Cruise movies, Ethan Hunt. The funny thing is after watching Mission Impossible 3, I found out Ethan Hunt's middle name is Matthew, and that's what I gave my son as his middle name.. a coincidence really. But I also looked up the meaning of the name, and it was a no brainer. It also sounds manly, tough, smart and cunning to me and my wife. We're glad the name is becoming more and more popular...

09/14/2022 22:40:34

to name our baby like halle barry n I look up diff ways to spell it n I fell n love with HAYLEIGH n come to find out its not HALLE ugh now we have to change it on her birth cer im so mad at my self

09/14/2022 00:02:48

my sons nick name is Ethan his full birth name is ethaniel i havent meet anyone else with his name. everyone always thinks his name is nathaniel but its said ethan with an iel at the end lol

08/20/2022 02:26:06

The name is said Ah-My-Ah. I found this name and the meaning so beautiful I named my 2 year old Amaya and had no clue it was so popular!

04/30/2022 22:17:42

he is hawt and sweet and hilarious but just an awesome friend! go Ethan's out there especially my Ethan from da middle of nowhere with his awesome personality!! YAY!

04/14/2022 09:11:06

I picked the name because of its meaning, "fI'm, srong, stren'th" and it was uncommon. That being said, it has been a number one name used for baby boy born in BC for the past few years. Nevetheless, I still love the name. In the Bible, God's names represent His characters. Since Ethan was born, it has been my prayer that as he follows God, he "can do anything with the'stren'th of the Lord" in his life for the glory of the Lord. Ethan, an awesome name!!!

03/27/2022 06:33:36

i could not choose a name for my son for the life of me! i was on my way home from a dr.s appt and we were stuck in slow phoenix traffic.. i was chatting with grandma and we were behind an ethan allen truck and she looked at me and said omg thats perfect. i love the name ethan. my ethan is 8 years old now. frederick was after my grandfather he was the greatest man to walk the world in my eyes. but ethan is a nice strong manly but not too preppy

03/16/2022 23:30:36

i've only begun to appreciate my name in the recent years. Everyone has always told me that the name fits every aspect of my life. The girls love the name, they say it is a masculine name. Through out my whole life ive only met one person with my name. It has been great being the only person that can say that their name fits them and very unique.

03/07/2022 18:59:42

I named my son Ethan in 2005 from the western TV series Paradise from 2000 - 2003 where Ethan Cord was played by actor Lee Horsely. His character made the name'seem like such a strong, handsome name. My son says he likes his name.

03/02/2022 16:23:06

My second sons name is Ethan, in 2010 it was not a popular name it was different but not too unusual. We had never met another Ethan till years after he was born. We love the name.

02/17/2022 12:42:36

My husband I chose the name Ethan after contemplating for months over names. We both agreed on Ethan because to us It'sounds like a cute name for a baby and a strong name for a man. When we found out it meant stren'th we knew this was exactly what we were looking for. I never knew any Ethan's growing up and thought it was an uncommon name. I later found out after naming our 1 and 1/2 year old Ethan that it is becoming popular. However, this does not make us feel like we chose a bad name. We feel flattered to know that other's have found the'same beauty and stren'th in it that we did. We don't feel it makes our son less "special" because his name is not made up or one of a kind! We get compliments on our son's name all the time and I am happy we gave him a strong name to carry with him through life.

01/17/2022 15:33:36

I name my first son Ethan Shane and I still love the name. I get a lot of great comments regarding it.

01/10/2022 02:23:24

my boyfriend's name is Ethan and I lovee him oh so much!!!!!!

11/07/2021 03:56:06

Ethan is a strong hansome name Karl and i fell in love with that name as soon as we heard it. When my hubby was a young man he watched 90210 and his favourite charecter was Ethan and since then he made up his mind that his son will be called Ethan. When Karl told me about the name a straight away i said yes. Ethan is now 8 and strong and good looking. His name is Ethan Zac Court. ETHAN !!!!!!!!

10/05/2021 13:36:36

my son's name is Ethan It's a biblical name meaning everlasting stren'th and live long .ohh boy he is strong, healthy and the name'says it all.l love It'so much and l feel that if l have another boy l will call him Nathan as it has same meaning.

09/16/2021 17:36:00

I named my son Ethan on 2002, it is the name of a character that John Wayne played in the'searche's. He also named his youngest son Ethan, he played his grandson in the movie Big Jake. LI'm Neeson also played character named Ethan in the movie Ethan Fromme. Sadly my son passed away just hours after he was born, I still miss him.

09/08/2021 20:11:42

We named our first son Kai and think it is a real nice name that is a bit unusual

07/14/2021 08:09:54

My Ethan will be 28 this month:) I also love the name!

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The origin of the name Ethan is Hebrew.
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Firmness, Long-Lived
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Almost 437000 people are named Ethan.
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The names of Everson