Evan meaning

: God Is Gracious, Born Of Yew, Youth

Evan Name Information

Gender πŸ‘©πŸ§‘ Boy And Girl
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \e-van\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 275,000
Rate in 2021 180
Numerology πŸ”’ 6
Name origin 🌍 Welsh
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Evan Name Meaning

The name β€œ Evan β€œ is the name that means β€œ the Lord is gracious β€œ. β€œ Evan β€œ is originally Hebrew and the English form of the name is β€œ John β€œ and the Spanish form is β€œ Juan β€œ. The word β€œ Evan β€œ means β€œ rock β€œ in Hebrew. Even β€œ Evan β€œ is the shortened form of the name β€œ Evangelos β€œ meaning β€œ good messenger β€œ and β€œ Evander β€œ means β€œ good man β€œ.

A person named β€œ Evan β€œ might be considered a clever and creative person. This name might not be unique but this is classic and quite versatile.Β 

This name is originally Hebrew and this is mostly used for baby boys. Its pronunciation is β€œ EH - v uh n β€œ. Although many names are separated by gender this name is a unisex one and this is also given to girls, girls with the name β€œ Evan β€œ are rare. Β β€œ.

Cool Info About Name Evan

Additional name description Evan
Additional name description Evan

The popularity of the name Evan

since the 19th century β€œ Evan β€œ has been consistently used in Wales. Also, this name has been a powerful choice and growing in popularity over the decades. β€œ Evan reached the 35th most popular name in the year 2009 and that duration was its peak position. But if you are considering this name as your girl’s name, it can not be underestimated that, β€œ Evan β€œ has not been common and popular for females over the decades. β€œ Evan β€œ for Gils has never been in the top 100 names and it has been considered as a rare choice.Β 

Variations of the name Evan in other languages

Hans β€œ which is German, β€œ Ian β€œis Scottish or Gaelic, β€œ Iain β€œis also Scottish or Gaelic, β€œ Ivan β€œis Slavic, β€œ Giovanni β€œis Italian, and β€œ John β€œ is the English version of the name β€œ Evan β€œ.Β  Here are some similar names to β€œ Evan β€œ, so if you are considering β€œ Evan β€œ as your baby name, you could also consider the names bellow: β€œ Aiden β€œ and β€œ Andrew β€œ and β€œ Caleb β€œ and β€œ Cole β€œ and β€œ Jaden .β€œ

Famous person named Evan

β€œ Evan Alexander β€œ and β€œ Evan Bayh β€œ the two American politicians, β€œΒ  Evan Berry β€œ and β€œ Evan Brown β€œ are the two famous American football players, β€œ Evan Dara β€œis an American novelist, and for the last one β€œ Evan Meek β€œ a baseball player in America

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Comments on the name Evan
01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our son Gabriel Arthur. Its a beautiful name. He gets Gabe or Gabes for short. We get alot of compliments.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My first grandson's name is Joshua Evan. He is now 5 months old. I love the name 'Evan'. However, they call him Josh. But Im sure when he's older and he get's into trouble they will call him JOSHUA EVAN! *smile*

01/13/2024 05:11:56

We decided not to spell it Isla because we live in a state with lots of Spanish speakers and to them it is their word for Island, as pronounced EeesLah... like La Isla Bonita. Therefore we chose ILA!

12/28/2023 05:22:48

Definitely a wonderful name. However, you need to learn to speak English properly. " suits our son perfectLY..." not "perfect." Learn to use an adverb "mother" and teach your perfectly named son how to us the English language perfectly.

12/26/2023 15:10:28

My baby'son is called Evan and I find It's not a comman name in the UK but originates from Wales. I love this name as he's a piece of Heaven'to me or should I say Evan. Alot of people get confused with how you prenounce the name. He gets called Avan, Even, Heaven. His dad is called Jonathan and apparantely Evan is welsh for John.

11/28/2023 07:42:12

I really like the name Evan. i've only known a few people with this name. That's why I like it, plus It's easy to say, not hard to spell and I don't think It's over'sed.

11/21/2023 13:28:36

I love the name. It's my second son's name. My only regret is that It's become a little more popular than I wanted it to since 2004. I noticed that othe's said the'same thing. I did know an adult Evan as I was growing up, but that was the only person I'd known personally with that name. Then I read a story called "Evan's Corner," and the name'stuck with me as a possibility for a son's name'someday, even'though I wasn't even married then. All I had to do was convince my husband when'the time came. That wasn't easy until I told him It's the Welsh form of John, as so many othe's have pointed out!

11/17/2023 09:33:16

I ran across a little girl named Evan, spelled Evyn. I think its a beautiful name for a girl but so popular as a boys name.

11/14/2023 01:54:38

its short and easy to spell It'sounds like a name that would be really over'sed but suprisingly ive only met four ever.

11/12/2023 11:42:18

My first son's name is Evan. His fathe's name is Shawn, so we settled on Evan which is the Welch form of John and Shawn is the Irish form of John. This way he is sort of named after his father without being a junoir.

10/16/2023 08:09:12

Hey, my brothe's name is Evan too! it is an awesome name and It'suits him well. some people spell their names "even or evin" but as long as It's "Evan" it rocks!

10/13/2023 08:26:40

my one and only child name is Evan it means "the young warrior" i love his name!

10/01/2023 11:39:58

I love the name! It's masculine, simple and yet "classy" sounding. If I ever have a boy, I would definately consider this name.

09/16/2023 05:28:50

On my son's (Evan) mom's side there is very heavy use of the name John. We wanted to do so again but settled on Evan to avoid confusion. I wanted an creative snappy Anglo name that'sounded common but never actually used or heard. We have learned from several sources later that Evan is Welch for John afterall.

09/05/2023 07:02:16

my friend megan thinks even is a hottie I'm not gunna lie. he is pretty freekin sexy !

09/01/2023 06:03:16

I am a 63 year old FEMALE and my name is Evan. My mother had chosen'this name before I was even born, and of course she did not know the gender before hand. (Middle name Dale). It was difficult when I was young, but i've "grown into it". Many people really like it. Also, many, many times I'meet people and they're expecting a man, then'they meet me. My mother liked the name, and that was that. And as for pronunciation❀️ When people see me and THEN see my name, they can't just say "Evan" they twist it and turn it until it comes up to something they think sounds feminine. Yvonne, Evonne, Evelyn, E-VAN... *sigh*

08/21/2023 09:04:52

Dearest Eve, If you are going to correct someone's English, make sure you are perfect too. The word you were looking for was use, not us. But for future reference, women come on here to share not to be corrected.

07/21/2023 23:38:56

I love the name Evan its the only name we could agree on and it suits our son perfect!

07/19/2023 09:38:18

That's my brother's name! But he has down-cyndrom.

06/29/2023 02:39:52

Evan is Welsh for John. My youngest son is Evan. My husband is named John and I have another'son named Sean, which is Irish for John. My husband is Irish and I am Welsh so it was a good way for us to honor our heritage!

05/29/2023 01:39:22

I named my son Evan. It was my grandfather's name and I love it. Also, I have an older'son Ethan and I liked the way they sounded together... I do not hear of many Evan's, is it popular now❀️

04/30/2023 06:25:46

Evan is a gr8 name but I'm not sure what does it mean anyway

04/28/2023 09:10:14

My brother's name is Evan. He was born in 1991 - I never heard anyone else with that name until recently (2016). Now all my friends are naming their kid Evan.

04/27/2023 01:08:12

My oldest son is named Evan, in 2006 it was a different but not too unusual name. Now the name is very popular but we still love the name. At that time I had only met 1 other person with that name.

04/20/2023 07:12:14

I am 6 months pregnant with a little boy and i want to name him evan keith well the keith part after my father but I love it!

04/11/2023 16:00:44

My name is Evan, I hate it when ignorant people try spelling it Even, the a makes a schwa sound, not a short e or a short i.

04/04/2023 15:19:12

My son's name is Evan. There are quite a few in Indiana (which I beli've is owed to the ex-governor, Evan Bayh). Evan occassionally gets called "Ee-van" or they spell it Even.

03/24/2023 12:10:30

my son's name is evan and he was the first baby to be named evan in the hospital he was born in

02/22/2023 23:36:32

My grandpa's brother was named Evan, but they pronounced it even (like 2,4, and 6) I really want to name my first son Evan Gabriel.

02/03/2023 12:37:10

My son's name is James Evan (we call him Evan). It is an awesome name, but we had trouble settling on it. His name was actually Ian for the first 3 days of his life until we changed the paperwork at the last minute in the hospital! There is a not-so-nice song by Sublime about an Evan. Which is sorta what brought it to our minds, but he is definitely not named for that'song.

01/25/2023 22:36:12

My name is Evan and it is a family name (Welsh for John). It was my great-grandfathe's name on my mothe's side. I was born in 1976 so I have not run into too many othe's until a few years ago and one was a woman that is several years younger than me. She also said it was a family name and she never liked it because she knew it was a masculine name (or was). It'seems to have gained popularity over the past several years.

01/25/2023 19:39:52

Its so cool to have an awsome name like Evan. Some people pronounce it (EE-vahn)

01/14/2023 16:48:48

My sister just had a little boy and they named him last minute from Bryan to Evan. He's looks like a little doll, maybe its just the aunt in me. I love this name!:)

01/11/2023 03:35:08

I oten greet people who hear "Kevin" when I tell them my name. Another rare exception is people who call me "Edwin". When I was little, kids in my kindergarten class spelled my name Even.

11/28/2022 15:23:54

My name is Evin, and my mom spelled it that way because she took the beginning of my grandpa❀️s name Everard, and the last two letters of my other grandpa❀️s name which is Kevin. My middle name is Charles after my great grandfather.

11/18/2022 18:13:48

My husband and I loved this name but to make it a little more unique we spell it Evyn. Everyone thinks that is really neat.

11/15/2022 13:13:52

Stop naming your kids Evan. My name is Evan and back in the'sixties when I was growing up I never met another Evan and got used having a unique name. When ever anyone spoke Δ±EvanΔ± I knew they were talking to me. Now I have a conditioned response to turn my head every time I hear the name called. With all the parents calling for there young Evans I'm getting whiplash. Stop it. (But if you do at least spell it right.)

10/15/2022 17:13:08

I was thinking about naming my son Evan but spell it Evann and maybe call him Van..... what does anyone think about that❀️❀️

10/02/2022 20:55:46

I was born in 2019 and at first I never really liked my name and as soon I looked up on Google what my name meant and then I seen it young Warrior I love my name'so if you don't like your name i just what to let you know that your parents gave you that name I jest what you to you know that they picked it for a good reason if your name is Evan we stand strong together we love each other we never make fun of each other names we stand with our blood and our name

09/27/2022 14:15:48

It is the name of my 1st who is now 3yrs. I think it is a strong name!! Got it from Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher! Imagine that!

09/15/2022 11:36:26

I also spell my name with an I - Evin. I like to think I spell it the correct way, because It'seems like you would pronounce Evan as "Eh-VAN".

08/12/2022 07:46:30

I didn't know ANYONE named Evan when I was growing up, but have always loved the name. It's masculine, but with a sensitive side, and familiar but not trendy. I named my son (born in 2018) Evan Grey, and now all of a sudden everywhere we go there seem to be a hundred Evans! I was definitely hoping the name would stay out of the limelight! Still, I don't think it will ever'seem dated the way something like Jaden or Isabella will 20 years from now.

07/11/2022 19:59:06

First i spell my name EVIN not EVAN so i never find stuff with my name on it, i know alot of kids with the'same name but no one spells it like me so thats kool!

12/02/2021 15:09:18

My friend is called Evan and I like his name It'sounds cool on him. And now i have a crush on him but i've been keeping it a secret.

11/14/2021 04:17:42

The first time I heard the name Landon was when I watched MTV's Real World and there was a hot guy named Landon on the'show. I fell in love with the name and said if I ever have a boy he will have that name. Sure enough, I had a boy in 2018 and named him Landon. I think It's kind of neat that I have a story behind how I got his name.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Evan?
The origin of the name Evan is Welsh.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Evan?
God Is Gracious, Born Of Yew, Youth
*️⃣ How many people are named Evan?
Almost 275000 people are named Evan.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Evan?
The names of Nicolas, Facunda