Superiority, Descended From A Ruler

Fallon Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \f(al)-lon\
Number in U.S 👶 10,000
Rate in 2021 1491
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Irish

What is meaning of name Fallon?

"Fallon" is a popular name for boys And girls that has Irish origin. Meaning of the name Fallon is: "Superiority, Descended From A Ruler".

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Comments on the name Fallon
12/8/2022 6:41:20 AM

I LOVE this name-- I work in children's media and I was reminded of the name when I watched "The 12 dancing Princesses" a Barbie movie, If you have a little girl named Falon, definitely buy her the movie, It's very cute and she'll love seeing her name appear as one of the princesses. :)

12/7/2022 7:48:54 PM

My first cousin's name is Fallon. Where I am from(Atlantic Canada), the name is extremely rare and people seem to like it, I do too. However, there was an ongoing joke in school with Fallon--a lot of people, especially the older boys would call her Fall-on all the time. It was a joke but I'm sure she didn't like it too much.

12/3/2022 9:46:14 PM

My name is Phalon i was born in 1997, and i was told that my name came from the'show Dynasty. I never got to see the'show but i heard the lady that was name Fallon was a strong, but mean. But i love my name and love the unique spelling of my name

12/3/2022 3:35:56 PM

my name is Fallon Francesca. im 13. i love, love, love my name. just as almost everyone else on here, i get called vallen, fall-on, and many other names. its annoying but im the only one with my name at my school (: i have met one girl with my name'she was 5 and we met her at disney. random, but i would not ever change my name It's different and i really like it. my mom got it off the'show Dynasty.

12/2/2022 11:26:06 PM

MY name is Fallon too! i've met two other fallon's. I actuall do love my name, but people mis pronounce it, lol.

11/29/2022 9:22:30 PM


11/26/2022 3:26:42 AM

My Name is also Fallon (Blood) I am a 6 year old BOY. My friends and family often call me "spider" - Its not just a girls name. From the Irish surname O'Fallamhain (descendant of Fallamhan). Fallamhan is from the Gaelic follamhnus (supremacy).

11/24/2022 4:45:58 PM

My name is Fallon,I'm twelve and whenever I'meet somebody if I don't speak clear enough they think It's Vallen, which they say reminds them of Valentine. :P My gym teache's used to pronounce my name wrong constantly, they would either'say Failon or Failyn. Which got annoying fast. I'm not very fond of my name, I hate it because It's so different. I guess it fits me then... >.< My dad says he got it from Dynasty too.

11/22/2022 7:30:26 PM

I'm thinking of naming my daughter Fallon. I'm due in a few months and I love the name. Everyone keeps telling me not to name her that. We live in Nevada so there's a town called Fallon...maybe that's why. But I was driving through and loved the name and once I found out the meaning I was sold! I hope my daughter will like the name as much as me!!

11/17/2022 11:42:54 PM

This name has been a pet peeve of mine for quite a while. I think it is a terrible name for a little girl, not the least bit feminine-sounding or pleasing to the ear. I can't fathom why it has become so popular. I urge all prospective parents to avoid giving their daughters this ugly, trendy name that will fall out of style as quickly as it came in.

10/25/2022 3:33:46 PM

my name is Fallon, my dad got tthe name from a soap he used to watch called Dynasty..i love my name

10/20/2022 5:42:48 PM

I'm thinking of nameing my daugher this, I think it has a nice ring to it

10/2/2022 12:03:48 AM

Falon is my name (one L). Falon Michelle as a whole. I used to HATE it. Introducing myself to people multiple times was a nightmare. I get called everything from salon to Caroline. But I can't imagine it any other way now!

9/21/2022 11:57:22 PM

if also fallon everyone i kno say its a very pretty name and the will name there next child if a girl will be named fallon

9/19/2022 7:35:40 AM

My name is Fallon too . Alot of people when I first meet them say Vallen . Nobody really teases me about my name and even if they do its just to have fun . My mom has always loved the name Fallon and when she told my dad he loved it too . I am a twin my twins name is Mikaela . After they had chosen'the name my gran was looking through a baby name book . when she found my name It'said a grand child of a rular Which i am !

9/15/2022 6:57:16 PM

Well Raina is a unique name, not a common name. I love the meaning and yes sometimes my name is pronounced wrong by othe's, like Ryna, Riana, Rehna otherwise Reena.

8/27/2022 10:06:54 AM

I have never heard that name but I think its a great name. so majestic and sounds like your the at the top of the list in society. kind of like a falcon! :)

8/17/2022 3:03:54 AM

My name is Fallon Nichole. My mother got it from Dynasty. At 28 I am finally able to appreciate It's uniqueness. I too have been'teased and called fall-on, fall down, falcon, falco, vallen and so on. I even went by my middle name for a while and even Fal for short. I will now and forever embrace my name after reading what othe's think of it. THANKS!!

8/6/2022 5:22:30 AM

My daughter is named Fallon & this fits her perfect.Fal is beautiful,smart,kind,funny & successful..unique name for the unique person Fallon is!! Fallon Jo Fallon Brooke.. born in the 80's & yes,we got it from Dynasty Emma Samms character..Love it!!

7/15/2022 11:43:12 PM

My Name is Fallon, and yes my mother got it also from the name from the'show "Dynasty. i like my name, im from the natherland and it isnt popular so people al always tellign my ist a special name and i like it.... but do you know what it means? ----------------------------------- Fallon has multiple meanings and origins. From an Irish surname which was derived from ý Fallamhain meaning "descendent of Fallamhan". The given name Fallamhan meant "leader". and also In charge...... -xx- fallon

6/24/2022 3:19:12 PM

My daughter's name is Fallon Caroline. I chose the name because I'met a little girl a long time ago with that name. She was so pretty and sweet. The name'stuck with me forever. My husband was in the navy and was in Fallon, NV on a training mission. I decided then'that if we ever had a baby girl that would be her name. She tells me that'she loves her name and people always compliment her on how pretty it is. We always have to repeat it 2 or 3 times before someone understands. I hope it doesn't bother her for the rest of her life.

6/18/2022 5:29:42 PM

My name is Fallon, only once in a great while will someone pronounce it correctly. I also, have a last name that'starts with an "F" and people don't beli've that I was born with this name. The way I like it pronounced is "Fa- (sounding like 'Fat') lon (sounding like 'London') i've only know one other Falen in pre-school, or run into people that know another Fallon or with Fallon as a surname.

6/8/2022 1:17:42 AM

Hey my name is Fallon Fernandes. whenever i ask my dad or mom where did i get my name they always tell me from the bird falcon. but i hardly beli've them. when people ask me i don't have anything to say to them. still in my family some call me falcon. when i was in school the used to call me fall on but now I'make sure that they pronoun it write and then let them go. it fact FALLON is a really awesome cool and WOW.

5/11/2022 2:36:00 AM

When my son and daughter were looking at baby names for their daughter, They looked for a Galic name as their last name is considered Galic. That book said it was two ryming sylables Ca'ra' That is the way we pronounce it. It is a lovely name with a lovely meaning. Has no air or car involved.

5/8/2022 4:08:42 AM

Hi, My Name Is Fallon, And I'm 11.. People Always Mispronounce My Name;Always! But, My Last Name Is Very Unique So.. People Make Fun Of Me. Lol, i've NEVER Met A Girl With The'same Name As Me!:)

4/11/2022 5:14:24 AM

My name is Fallon Elizabeth and everyone loves it. It's often pronounced wrong though. "Falcon" "violin" "valon"

3/25/2022 9:37:12 PM

My name is Fallon and i think it is awsome! I am a very unique person and so fits my name! People do mispronounce it and i always got the " help! ive Fallen and i can't get up" joke but thats mostly because I'm so clumsey. = ) thanks for the love!

3/3/2022 1:32:06 AM

I know this boy called Fallon. although its a Girls name'so i think he might be a haemaphrodite.

2/20/2022 2:49:30 PM

I love the name Fallon and am thinking seriously of naming my next son this name.

2/1/2022 3:15:36 AM

we named our daughter FarrahSophia. We think It's the most beautiful name, well suited for a most beautiful baby- but we're biased. We like that It's unique.

1/31/2022 8:51:18 PM

My daughter's name is Fallon ReAnn, and i couldn't be happier with it. Hearing her angelic three year old voice say her full name is priceless!

1/12/2022 9:11:06 PM

My name is Fallon and I'm 18! My mother also got it from the old show Dynasty and I absolutely love it. I get made fun of a lot from people because my name is Fallon Painter'so I get Fall-on Painter. or just plain Fall-on or if they use my adopted last name it will be fall-on paint a house man but It's all fun and games. But I wouldn't trade my name for the world. I'm the only Fallon at my highschool and I have one of the biggest highschools in my county and I wouldn't have it any other way. I get that "oh that is a beautiful name" a lot and it makes me smile. It's cute and unique and I'd recommend it to any one.

1/11/2022 8:35:06 AM

My name is Fallon, and my mother also got in from the'show Dynasty. I love it, everyone always tells me how pretty and unique it is. My middle name is Star, so It's kind of like Fallen Star, but not intentionally. Anyway, It's cool to know that everyone else who has this name loves it too! Fallon's are awesome.

11/8/2021 11:51:18 PM

My little girl was my miracle baby, so when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to choose a beautiful, strong name for her. We choose Fallon Harper and her name fits her'so perfectly. We're frequently complimented for the name we gave her and overall we've had no issues with pronunciation or spelling. I couldn't imagine a different name for my happy, intelligent, courageous little redhead. :)

7/31/2021 7:14:06 PM

I'm having twin girls and they will be Fallon & Farrah. Don't even remember Dynasty, just love the name's. I really hope they love the names too as they get older. Everyone likes Farrah, but not Fallon. I don't care, I think It's beautiful... :)

7/15/2021 7:02:24 AM

First of all....FALLON is a males name. I was born in 1964 and I was the "ONLY" FALLON in the world!!! And Im a male! Because my parents knew Aaron Spelling he used it in Dynasty. So you girls stop using it!!!It means "Leader" so get off my tip!

7/9/2021 4:38:24 AM

ive never met another Fallon, i used to hate my name when i was younger but i think its a truly unique and beautiful name. im actually kind of glad i havnt met another fallon. oh and i think fallon's a wierd persons name =)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Fallon?
The origin of the name Fallon is Irish.
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Almost 10000 people are named Fallon.
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The names of Philip, Phillip, Felipe, Filip, Philippa