Gail meaning

: Exaltation

Gail Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gale\
Number of People 👶 211,000
Rate in 2021 10621
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Gail Name Meaning

The name Gail has a rich and diverse meaning rooted in different cultures and languages. In English, the name Gail is often considered a variant of the name Gale, which means "pleasant or merry" and is derived from the Old English word "gāl."

In Hebrew, Gail is believed to be a shortened form of the name Abigail, which means "father's joy" or "source of joy." Abigail was an influential figure in biblical history known for her beauty and wisdom.

Additionally, in Scottish Gaelic, Gail is associated with the word "gall," meaning "stranger" or "foreigner." This reflects the historical influence of Gaelic-speaking populations in Scotland.

It's important to note that names can have various meanings and interpretations across different cultures and time periods. The significance of the name Gail may also vary depending on individual experiences and personal connections.

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Comments on the name Gail
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Names has meanings;good or bad!Gail is a beautiful name.It has great meanings.For example courageous, strong,a father's joy, peaceful,blessings etc.It also has origins in languages such as Hebrew,African,Arabic,English and the Bible.I personally love it because it has a 'soft-sound',uncommon and my mom choose it from the Bible.It'stands out.

12/11/2023 06:20:38

I'm 65 and my mom named me for the Irish "Gaelic." She told me had I been a boy, my name would have been "Gael." I would have told people, "call me Butch."

12/08/2023 20:09:14

My mom's name is Gail :P I couldn't imagine her being named anything else xD

10/06/2023 22:09:10

My uncle's name is Gail, it is unusual for a man, but very cool. The i'ventor of condensed milk was also a man named Gail! Gail Borden.

10/06/2023 02:27:44

My name is Gail ,born 9 dec 1966,my father cycled to the midwife when my mom was in labour.It was windy...gale force winds.When my dad came back he'said,the wind blew me off the bicycle..if that is a girl name her gail.I love my name and love the wind.

07/17/2023 23:15:12

I love my name. Born 1992. My mother wanted to pick something different. Imy glad my mom spelled it Gail, no one ever'spells it right so when I correct it then'they remember. Think mom might have picked more from the Irish relation to the word Gaelic. Proud 'gal' here!

06/17/2023 04:25:00

My name is Gail and I was born in the late 1962s. My best fried is Gail too. I never really thought about whether I liked it or not. I changed my name as a kid when I played house to "Leslie". I guess I liked it better than Gail. I never had any Gails in my class growing up but now I know several.

06/08/2023 13:13:30

I would have not chose the name myself, but my mother chose it a woman that was born number 9 of 10 children in 1926! She was a fabulous mother who had the patience of a saint. Who kept me sheltered from things that were a lot harder in my household that I needed to know. because my mother chose it I love it. I would like to change it now that'she has passed. I'm older but feeling younger. But somehow I feel like I lose the connection to my mother. I lost everything else because of those Wicked family things that happen when people are getting older. She was taken from my life what it was her choice to have me take care of her. So I have no pictures of her event she was taken along with everything I had including my father'so I'll keep anything I can get including the name love you Mama

06/02/2023 09:23:56

I personally love the name. We named our daughter Gail because we have a long last name, and it would be easy for a child to learn. Our daughter loves the name, as there are not a lot of Gails around. Today she is a strong woman, and we are very proud of her.

03/29/2023 20:01:00

I don't know anyone else with my name. I think It's old-fashioned, but cool. Very '60s.

03/13/2023 01:23:20

I don't like it when people spell it wrong, because they never took the time to ask. My dad named me and that makes my name dear to me. It has been an ok name to grow up with. It's just my name.

02/16/2023 23:18:34

I think Gail is a classic, simple name. I have a close friend named Gail -- she's hip, beautiful, and independent.

02/14/2023 11:56:38

my name is Gail and people dont think before they name their child after weather and they should!! or make it Abigail!

02/13/2023 03:19:20

My name is Gail and I love it. My mum liked this name and I was born in the late 50's in the UK and this was a very rare name during school time. Like the'sound and this particular spelling still appeals to me. My Gran was called Molly which I absolutely adore.

12/26/2022 19:38:12

I love my name its quite rare I do however get called windy witch I hate I think Abigail is nicer though

12/07/2022 07:10:40

I have always had a problem with people spelling my name. I don't know why. It is not unusal and the'spelling is just typical. I love my name. I am my Fathe's Daughter. I am associated with Abigail, which I love. And most of all, my bother named me after his kidegarden girl friend. How great is that!

11/10/2022 03:02:18

Gail is my name. I absolutely love it! It is a little different, not common...has a pretty sound and a pretty spelling. Im complimented on it all the time.

10/16/2022 07:01:54

My Grandma named me Gail. I was born on her b/day in 1975. She named me after her favorite actress on a soap opera in Couer"d Alene ID. I didn't like the name growing up. I was over weight and kids called me Gail the whale. i've only met two othe's named Gail. i've come to like my name. It's not popular and every one remembers me.

10/10/2022 10:33:10

I think It's a beautiful name, beautiful like Gail Russell!

10/09/2022 05:45:06

Love it great name. It is associated to weather. Gale winds. Yes people want to spell it Gale, but mine is Gail Thanks

09/19/2022 15:31:46

I went to grade and middle school with a girl named Gail,still remember her face and slender athletic figure,never once thought for a moment that those lovely attributes would be imbued in my mind forever.I'm approaching 72 years of age and have never known another with that name. I'm now positive it was her name that makes her'stand out in my memory still today.I'mean the girl just absolutely sparkled.

09/10/2022 07:17:32

I seldom meet other people named Gail. I don't like the name myself and wish I had another name at times. It is unappealing to me and plain.

07/25/2022 02:24:18

Gails are strong, capable people. . . according to my mother. The name is not my favorite. I didn't know any "Gails" growing up so I always felt the name was strange. I'm very glad I wasn't a boy, though. I would have *hated* the name if I was. - I am fairly strong and independent so I guess my mother got some mileage out of naming me Gail after all.

05/10/2022 02:48:36

My name is Gail. I am 70 years old. It was a popular name in the 40's. I spent most of my life not liking it and thinking that it wasn't exotic enough sounding. I have only started to think that it is a rather pretty name in the last few years. My mother loved it. Guess she wasn't so wrong after all.

03/05/2022 06:36:18

gail is a whale who used a pail to cry a wail but she'soon dearailed on a plane to kail everyone cuz she was a giant name greeen ogre gail the whale who sat in a trail and bent over the rail to see the pail that once dereailed

01/15/2022 03:10:12

I was named Gail in 1968. I never liked it. It just seemed such a "hard" name and people loved to make fun of it by rhyming it with something. Gail, whale, jail, snail, anything, so that made it harder to bear, I think. For me, I always wanted a nice soft pretty name, so when I was about 30 years old, I changed my name. I don't use Gail anymore and haven't for about 30 years.

01/08/2022 01:53:42

I love it. It's my name, and It's rarly heard these days.

12/29/2021 01:15:00

My mother's name is Gail, my sister's name is Barbara Gail, her daughter's name is Julia Gail and I named my daughter Gail. She's 24 now and claims she hates it because she's been'the only one. I say It's better than being 4 Brittany's or Stephanie's or Samantha's that'she had in classes.

12/12/2021 08:28:48

I like it. My mother name me after a nurse in Brooklyn New York; where I was born. I am grateful. I could of been named with a weird name that would of meant nothing.

11/22/2021 15:25:30

The gentleman that'served me my dinner last night was named Ocie. He only knew that he was named for his father. He did not know what the name meant. He told me to "Google it", so I did! Thanks Ocie, for another learning experience, and for your kindness.

10/29/2021 07:39:18

In the '50s it was a very popular girls name. I have always been called "stormy Gail" and I love it! Not many of us out there. I like to stand out from the popular :)

10/18/2021 09:57:54

My name is Gail and I was born in 2004. I barley meet anyone with my name, if I happen'to come across someone, they are much older. Bring the name back!! ❤️

08/22/2021 18:16:30

i've had no problem with this name, everybody knows how to spell it. In the 70s there was maybe one other Gail in the'school, so I was usually the only Gail in the class. In the big corporation where I work there are like two or three other Gails, worldwide. I was born in '63. It'seems to have been more popular in the old days. Sometimes I wish my Mom had spelled it with a y , just to spice it up. i've always liked my name though.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gail?
The origin of the name Gail is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gail?
*️⃣ How many people are named Gail?
Almost 211000 people are named Gail.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gail?
The names of Eve, Guinevere, Jean, Jenny, Jenevieve