Gavin meaning

: White Falcon, Little Falcon

Gavin Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \g(a)-vin\
Number of People 👶 179,000
Rate in 2021 258
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Welsh
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Gavin Name Meaning


Gavin is the late medieval form of Lowland Scotland and the Old English Welsh masculine name Gawain (although its etymology is not entirely certain). Gawain, in turn, is generally associated with the ancient Celtic Gwalchgwyn, from the Welsh elements "Gwalch", meaning "falcon" and "Gwyn", meaning "white, fair". Gawain is best remembered as Sir Gawain, one of the notable Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legends. It was said that Gawain's power grew as the sun rose in the sky, and diminished as the sun set. The name was made most famous by a long medieval poem written in a dialect of some Middle English in the 14th century (author unknown) called "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (or "Sir Gawayn and la Grene Knyӡt" in its variation Intermediate English). Sir Gawain is idealized as the perfect gentleman; the embodiment of all that is excellent. He is handsome, loyal, strong, brave, and chivalrous. See the literary references below for more details. Although Gawain/Gavin is essentially an old Celtic name, it was more or less forgotten by the 18th century. Fortunately, this "white sparrow hawk" is flying again (after a 20th century revival). He was first revived in England and Ireland, but today Sir Gavin is more popular in the United States and Canada. it was more or less forgotten by the 18th century. He was first revived in England and Ireland, but today Sir Gavin is more popular in the United States and Canada. it was more or less forgotten by the 18th century. He was first revived in England and Ireland, but today Sir Gavin is more popular in the United States and Canada.

Cool Info About Name Gavin

Additional name description Gavin
Additional name description Gavin


The number eight personality has a lot to do with power, wealth, and abundance. In some ways, this personality has been blessed on the material plane, but his authoritarian and problem-solving traits provide evidence that his good fortunes are not just lottery luck. They are well deserved. This is the personality of CEOs and senior military personnel. Eights are intensely active individuals, with high energy. They are remarkable for their ability to see the bigger picture down to the smallest details and organize a strategy around success. They then can lead a group around them towards any goal and develop the individual potential to get the most out of their team.


Although Gavin got in and out of the American male naming charts in the 1950s, the name didn't take off until the 1960s. Gavin's popularity was mostly low to moderate in the second half of the 20th century. Breakthrough came in the 21st century when, in the year 2000, Gavin achieved Top 100 status for the first time in history. They may have already reached their peak success, however, because they now seem to be leveling off at the upper end of the upper 50 scale. Even though Gavin has become somewhat of a fad in recent years, the name doesn't feel worn or used anymore. There is a simple manliness to the name; a certain quality of gentleman.

Famous people named Gavin

Gavin Newsom (politician)

Gavin Rossdale (musician)

Gavin Macleod (actor)


The golden color of the name Gavin. People with the name Gavin, wearing a golden color, are stubborn and unshakable, they are intolerant of the shortcomings of others since they consider themselves ideal. In principle, outwardly it is impossible to find fault with the bearers of the name Gavin - a carefully selected wardrobe and a well-groomed appearance. But, if you look under the golden shell of people named Gavin, you can see a domineering and insensitive person. They are often disliked at work, as they are tough and domineering, and at home they are dictators. Positive character traits for the name Gavin are fortitude and steadfastness. The negative character traits of the name Gavin are authority and rigidity

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Comments on the name Gavin
12/30/2023 02:38:20

My cousin just had her baby boy on the 19th of Febuary, and his name is Gavin. I think its such a sweet little name for a boy and very different.

12/25/2023 05:05:00

I am expecting in June and Gavin is the only name Hubby and I both love, so Gavin it will be!

10/23/2023 01:12:16

Being my first pregnancy, choosing a name for a child was hard and often my husband and I would becker over the name. I wanted something unique and well he...he wanted a John. After months to choose a name Delivery Day came and so did the finaly decision on the baby's name. After changing my son's name twice and giving the medical records a hard time, I pulled out the Baby Name Book closed my eyes and pointed to the first name that appeared. God must of spared a huge ordeal for us, cause the medical records lady was flustred by now, and I announced the name Gavin, but spelled it Gavynn. To my surprise we both loved it. Today Gavynn Tyler is 4 years old and beautiful as can be, I wouldn't change his name for the world.

10/07/2023 10:12:08

yeah, dating a guy named gavin. hes pretty awesome. I wanna name a kid gavin. pretty awesome. yeah

03/28/2023 05:31:02

Gavin was the only name my husband and I could agree on. I was thrilled when my husband said yes to that name! Our son is almost 2 months old now!

02/19/2023 05:40:44

Our son's name is Gavin. We liked it because it's not your everyday normal name, yet it's not a crazy name either. People really like his name when they hear it.

12/12/2022 07:40:20

i just luv this name lol im absolutly naming my little boy Gavin!!!! I luv the meaning it sounds so foriegn!!!

10/21/2022 21:20:20

i named my little boy Gavin, he'll be 3 months old tomorrow ... he name fits him well !!!

10/18/2022 10:10:06

My son, Gavin, will be turn 2 June 27th. I've loved that name ever since the band Bush. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, I told him I'd always loved the name Gavin ~ he did too. Now we both love our little Gavin everyday!! Awesome, strong name.

10/14/2022 11:14:32

My son is named Gavin and he will be 10 in October. I have loved this name ~ It's been great name and will still be a great name when he is grown.

10/05/2022 18:17:14

I just asked my fiance if he liked the name Gavin!!! and he did , we agree....I love Gavin.....4 more months

07/16/2022 20:45:54

When my boyfriend and i where looking at baby names, Gavin was the only one that we both agreed on and i luv that name so much. when people here it they tell me how much they luv it. he'll be 7 months this month.

06/12/2022 23:19:48

I love it. My son's name is Gavin. He will be 9 years old in Sept.

05/07/2022 01:36:36

I'm gonna name my baby gavin after his dad.

11/13/2021 20:03:36

my sweet son name is Gavin. that name is so cute. everyone loves it.oh, and his birthday is on Halloween.

08/19/2021 15:14:42

After about 37 names one night in the garage, my husband, sister in law and I finally decided on a name. My Husband out "I got it! What about Gavin?" So we settled and that is our story. He is 13 months old now.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gavin?
The origin of the name Gavin is Welsh.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Gavin?
White Falcon, Little Falcon
*️⃣ How many people are named Gavin?
Almost 179000 people are named Gavin.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gavin?
The names of Alexander, Isaiah, Mae, Gary, Smith