Ian meaning

: God Is Gracious

Ian Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ian\
Number of People 👶 232,000
Rate in 2021 139
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scottish
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ian Name Meaning

The name is Ian means "one given by the Lord" or "faithful follower of God". Ian is a name that derives from John, which also has the meaning of "God is merciful".

Ian Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ian
Additional description of the name Ian

The origin of the name Ian is Hebrew or Greek and its etymology is יוחנן. This masculine name is an evolution of the Hebrew term Yôhānnān and comes from the common name of John, which we can find in the Bible.

Cool Info About Name Ian

Additional name description Ian
Additional name description Ian

How is Ian?

Ian's personality has always been combined with God's directives. He is a religious and religious,s person, usually Catholic. He does not like lies and blindly trusts others, despite being disappointed many times.

At the business level, Ian is a man who doesn't have as many talents as other individuals. He has virtues, is versatile, and can take on any job he decides to do, but for this, he needs to have a certain passion. You like to work well in a team and if a complex challenge is presented to you, you will always have an idea to help you find a solution. Usually, their peers are satisfied and they can be very good friends.

On the love side, Ian is a very lucky man: he tends to be liked by the most devoted and loving women, those who want to have a serious relationship. It doesn't take long for a woman to fall in love because of her determination, passion for her job, sincerity, and romance. He usually does not fall into a routine and is always attentive to his partner.

At work, you'll find that Ian has qualities that other people don't. It is virtuous and versatile. so you can dedicate yourself to whatever you put your mind to as long as you feel passion. He works very well in a team and if there is a challenge for him, he contributes ideas that allow him to solve it. His colleagues are pleased with him, and some of them become good friends.

At the family level, he is a very friendly person who tries to teach his children religion so they can decide if they want to be followers, but he never forces anyone to do anything. He likes to teach others all the knowledge he has absorbed in his life, and there will always be a plate on the table for those who need it

The personality of the name Ian
Ian is a name many mothers give their children to transfer their belief in God. Among the traits that most define the personality of this name, we find sincerity, kindness, and reliability. They are very sincere people who run away from lies and who like to help others in everything they can without asking for anything in return. They have great honesty and are very reliable, which can sometimes cause them to be disappointed.
They are usually people with many friends and easily meet new people. Their affable character means that they are always surrounded by family and friends, with whom Ian is a great protector. One of the things they value most is the family, they ensure that there is always a good family atmosphere and that conflicts do not arise between the different members of the family.
In the workplace, they are also people who adapt easily to different work teams and professional changes. Beyond co-workers, they find good friends in their work environment. Their great initiative and disposition lead them to constantly learn and achieve all the challenges they set for themselves, always facing them with passion and interest.
In the love sphere, Ian's name symbolizes falling in love. They are people with ease to fall in love and who take their love relationships seriously, seeking mostly stability and trust. They are affectionate and romantic and highly value loving and thoughtful people. They like to constantly surprise their partner and not fall into a monotonous relationship.

Celebrities named Ian
Ian Gillan: British singer and songwriter known for being the lead singer of the band Deep Purple.
Ian Gibson: Irish historian is known for his biographical works on characters such as Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca, etc.
Ian Somerhalder: American actor and model who achieved fame for his leading role as "Damon" in the series The Vampires Diaries.
Ian Curtis: British singer, songwriter, and poet, leader of the group Joy Divison.
Ian Harding: American actor known for his role as Ezra Fitz in the series Pretty Little Liars.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ian
Ian is a very short name that does not allow diminutives.

The name Ian in other languages
Spanish: Juan
English: Ian or John
French: Jean
Italian: Gianni
Portuguese: Joao
German: Hans, Johann or Johannes
Catalan: Joan or Jan
Basque: Jon or Joan
Galician: Xoan or Xan
Greek: Ioannis
Russian: Ivan
Albanian: Gjon

Ian's Saint Day
Ian's Saint Day is June 24, the date on which Christianity celebrates the Feast of Saint John for the birth of Saint John the Baptist.

Numerology of the name Ian
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Ian is 6.

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Comments on the name Ian
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I like my name. Not many people have it, particularly in the US, and it helps people remember my name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am 32 and was named Ian because my Mom liked the name'shawn, but had already used it for my older brother. It means "God is Gracious". There was a little teasing when I was in grade school, but have received countless compliments on the name'since. Although it is not unique in the U.K., it is more so here in the U.S. I wonder if it has caught on here in the U.S. due to the popularity of "James Bond" written by Ian Fleming. I am proud to have this name and wouldn't change it for anything.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is ian. its greek after iwannys or yanni... duh

01/10/2024 10:46:48

My name is Ian. I didn't like it when I was younger, but now I love the fact that my name is not John, or Mike, or Bill. It took me a while to grow into it, and for a long time noone could get it. I was E-On, I-in, I-an. But now it fits and I love my name.

01/09/2024 13:37:12

its my name. People cant decide if the origin is scottish, or irish. The battle goes on, i like to think its irish. Its a more popular name in ireland as opposed to scotland. But, it is often misspelled or mis pronounced. I like it though, its different. Rarely do i find too many other Ians.

01/01/2024 17:31:52

This is ecatxly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!

12/30/2023 07:20:28

I'm Ian from Canada. Ian is a form of the name John. I beli've It's a re-anglicized version of the name Eoin... similar to a lot of other versions of the name John in countless parts of the world. I have found that my name, though unusual, is pretty common, at least where I'm from. I once had three Ian's (including myself) in one class... we all sat at the'same table which was very confusing. Although I like my name, and identify with it, there are times when I feel like it doesn't make the best first impression on people. To me Ian sounds like a goofy, nice guy. I suppose that's not the worst first impression imaginable but still. I can't say I was ever teased for my name, though as I said It's also not very intimidating. Notable people with the name Ian include Ian Curtis, and Ian McKellen. Alternate spellings include: Eoin, Iain

12/19/2023 23:35:34

My husband's name and I just love it. He was born in 1942 and I can see "Ian" has become extremely popular over the years.

12/08/2023 12:48:24

I named my son Ian as my wife and I decided long before pregnancy that this was the boy's name we wanted. When he was born, with fair reddish blonde hair and green eyes, we know we had made the right choice.

11/21/2023 14:03:52

My Brothe's name is Ian pronounced E-N. I am not sure why he was called that it is basically an Afrikaans version of John though with and I instead of a J.

11/20/2023 09:15:48

Last poster, is your Name larry. I think you are talking about me. dad❤️

11/17/2023 19:15:10

This is a boy's name not a girls name. Parents please stop naming your daughter's boys names because there are so few good boys names left. Jamie will forever be known as a girls name, but we all know that it makes a way better boys name than girls!

11/10/2023 12:40:58

I was born "Ivan" but have been known as "Ian" since highschool (it was getting confusing having the'same name as my dad). They say the name "Ian" conjurs up an image of a laid-back, relaxed, friendly guy! I think they are right!

11/01/2023 10:19:24

It's crapy.. iain (the way i spell it) is much better..

10/27/2023 18:03:28

i am a 10 year old boy named Ian Blue, im scottish.

10/18/2023 01:00:14

My husband is French so it is really difficult to find a name that'sounds good in both English and French. Apparently Ian fits the criteria for both languages, though it is pronounced more like "Yan" in French. I like that It'sounds strong and not at all geeky.

10/08/2023 22:03:24

My son's name is Ian Jeffrey. He is 21 months old. I fell in live with this strong, solid name.

10/07/2023 17:50:36

How could you spell that to make it sound like I-an instead of ee-an.

10/03/2023 00:59:24

Hi, my name is Mirco, I'm from Italy. Silvia and I are going to become parents in something like ten days!!! he's a baby boy, so we have decided for "Fabio Ian". Ian will be then'the'second name. Here in Italy the name Ian is not used at all, but we like it very much. It is one of those very few English names that are pronounced as they are written (for Italians, I'mean). Ian means "gift fom God" and will be also a tribute to one of our preferred artist: Ian Curtis, from Joy Division. Ian is short, direct, delicate and powerful at the'same time. Very nice (second) name for our first beloved son. :-) Regards, Mirco & Silvia Ferrara - ITALY

09/29/2023 08:31:46

I named my son Ian in 2012 because of all the names we looked at, this one seemed to fit our English and Irish heritage the best. Not only this but it reminded me of a more common person's name, rather than someone who would be snobby or up tight, something my son as no chance of being :)

09/22/2023 18:07:24

i love the name ian! is short and cute and is good for a young baby and an adult! over all, its a really cute name.

09/15/2023 14:11:54

It's a very common name in the UK, but mainly for middle-aged men, a bit like Brian or Alan. You would never meet a child with this name. I am somewhat confused about its current popularity in the US, where perhaps It'sounds 'English' and 'sophisticated', whereas in the UK It's just a boring old name.

09/15/2023 11:33:12

My son (2017) is named Ian Calin (I pronounce it Ian Allen - LONG story) I LOVE the name. I thought everyone would be able to pronounce it because it is so popular now, and for the most part they can - but I still get some WEIRD pronunciations - Ethan❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love that it is only 3 letters but can be pronounced with 2 E-N -- In fact I'm naming his baby'sister Ivy (I-V) because I love the name Ian so much - I want to name her Ivy Allen, but dad won't let me! His spanish -speaking grandma stumbles over the name and calls him E-N (with a gap)She was terribly confused when we told/showed her his name! I don't like how popular the name is -- there is another kid in his class named Ian -- I only met 2 Ian's in my 30 years, so its odd its SO popular now. I still LOVE it!

09/11/2023 09:58:56

In a Power Rangers-like show called Kousoku Sentai (i.e. High-Speed Squadron) Turboranger in 2001 (and this has NOTHING to do with Power Rangers Turbo which is based on the 2008 Super'sentai program entitled 'Gekisou Sentai Carranger' which means 'Violent Speed Squadron Carranger'), the character of Youhei Hama, a.k.a. Blue Turbo, was renamed Ian when'the'show was aired in the Philippines.

09/10/2023 16:03:18

My name is Ian. Growing up in a mainly French community (I am from Quebec but my parents are English) I have found that the only ones who can pronounce and spell the name correctly on the first try are native Anglophones. People of all other languages struggle with it (French or other European languages, etc). However, with the name being so short, it is quick to explain and spell so it is not a long drawn-out agnozing process to acclimatize someone to the name.

09/04/2023 05:28:10

what does the previous comment have to do with the name carlotta

09/03/2023 05:57:30

Hey my names Ian. I like the Name Ian, I'm one out of the three Ian's in my school. The other two Ian's are scumbags though. Everyone in my school likes me for the most part. My teache's like me and think I'm funny. But when i have a Substitute teacher'sometimes they pronounce my name like "I-An". Like seriously who would name there kid I-An, its pronounced (E-N , E-In). well that's all i got peace other Ian's

08/25/2023 02:07:46

My two month old son's name is Ian. My husband and I liked the name, simple, easy to pronounce, nickname-proof. Our choice for the name had nothing to do with being 'English' or sophisticated' it just seemed like the right name for our little boy.

08/19/2023 09:28:16

My name is Ian. Growing up I was called Ian-peein'. Especially bad in the bathroom. "I see Ian peein'!!!" Not as funny. I heard of one guy who was laughing everytime someone said my name because "it is a stupid name". You'll be glad to know he is a piece of turd who has 3 kids at 19 and sells vacuum cleaners. He is unsuccessful. I have a degree, great job, and own a home. Who's laughing now❤️! Seriously folks, Ian is a great name for a boy, especially if you have a wierd or comical last name. I have only ever been known as "Ian". Not guys named Paul who are called Paulie, Paul B., Fat Paul, Paul from the Hood, etc...

08/17/2023 22:47:32

My name is Ian and i like the name. But people call me ian peein and i dread it. some people call me E-Dude but only my friends,I like the name E-Dude. Ian has more than one meaning but one of the meanings is John.

08/10/2023 15:02:48

My son is named Ian. He is 18 MONTHS old...It's funny - one family member calls him In and spells it that way.....It's okay we love her just the'same. But Ian is a great name. I love it and my lil' man!!

07/30/2023 05:08:32

Oh, I have to comment or get directed back to this page, but the question clearly states an "if" that I don't meet.

07/21/2023 22:10:46

My Dad's name is Ian. He was born in 1939 in the UK.

07/08/2023 17:39:40

Just boom no k in kian and rubbish name! Kian is good Ian is an big no

07/08/2023 02:22:44

My dad's name is Ian, and as a sidenote, my brothers middle name is Iain. Different spelling that's just not listed here.

07/02/2023 19:25:08

this is my name lol no one can ever'spell it right the first time, like its so hard

07/01/2023 18:26:18

Ian is the name of my, 1 month old, baby. I like the name because it is short and you will pronounce it the'same way in English and Spanish, which is really helpful (I live in Mexico)

06/19/2023 17:32:44

Ian Michael is my 5 yr old son's name. We liked it because it wasn't so average you heard it everyday but not weird either. He is a strong, mature, funny, focused child who wants to know everything there is to know!

06/18/2023 11:34:08

Thanks to Beverly Hills 90210, people incorrectly pronounce my name "EYE an" instead of "EE an" many times.

05/27/2023 23:30:00

can't add any IGC file to flight book 2.0 beta 4. I tried drag&drop; and did not worekd. I can't find a button for adding a IGC file. Also The KML convertor doesn't work, I hit the convert button after loading an IGC and select the output folder, but nothing happened.VA:F [1.9.20_1166]

05/17/2023 16:02:44

I named my son Ian. The major reason is that its pronounciation is close to his Chinese name. Also, I know some great guy of this name. No matter this name is great or bad, I will cher'sh this name'since now my dearest son has this name.

05/16/2023 14:28:38

My son's name is Ian, and he is 2.5 years old. he'says It'so funny with his full middle and last name -- Ian Alistair McAnally. I LOVE the name. My husband picked it out. His ancestors are Scottish. I did not know it was a version of John. Good to know. Yes, some people mispronounce the name, but some people always mispronounce something. I dislike common names -- when you call a common name 5-6 kids look at ya at school! :)

05/14/2023 22:30:30

That 1st comment is very offensive to me. My name is Ian and I'm proud of my name. And if 1st comment person has something to me or any other Ian then say it. So, its like this You think you know me, well the name Ian is like a pinwheel so you can go ahead and blow me.

05/09/2023 08:47:20

i know lots of people called ian and they are all very kind and funny.i think ian's a great name.

05/09/2023 01:44:08

I am called Ian, my colegues just goggled "famous people called Ian" the to two were Ian Huntley and Ian Brady (both child killers) so I think I will change it to sally or something nice

05/08/2023 02:13:28

my name is ian and to me any one with the name ian is wealthy its a rich name in my country trinidad and tobago i know about 10 people name ian and only one of them have know no wealth and thats just for now cause he is 2 years lol the'son of a dentist Doc Ian Cedeno . dont worry my wealth is near

04/15/2023 23:10:02

I absolutely love this name! I'm expecting a son this Fall and we are naming him Ian Michael... Ian means "God is gracious", and Michael is my husband's name, so It's just perfect. It's a strong, simple name... and since my hubby and I are both blonde with blue eyes, I am sure our little fella will fit the part perfectly! :)

04/05/2023 20:24:54

My husband and I wanted a unique name for our son due in February. We didn't want a name that was in the top 10 or too different. We saw Ian in the baby name book and fell in love with it. We fell more in love with the name Ian when we found out it was Scottish for John which was my husbands grandfather name and great grandfathe's name'so we knew it was the perfect name.

03/27/2023 20:06:46

short and simple, difficult to bastardise - a great SCOTTISH name.

03/12/2023 14:13:16

I'm a 68yo man named Ian. I grew up in the Midwestern part of the U.S.but my mom was BrIt'sh. It was (and still is)constantly mispronounced or misspelled. All my life friends and classmates called me "Inn". I was shy back then and didn't correct them until I was in my 20's. After my teen years, I found that girls liked the name,as it was different. I didn't meet another Ian until I was 30yo.

03/11/2023 02:57:16

hey my names Ian. I think the name is strong and shows ther's a compasionate side within you even when everyone around you is named a common name

03/06/2023 03:20:30

It is commonly spelled "Ean" when I give it to people here in the US, I won't even get into details about my last name and how that is spelled.

03/04/2023 10:29:28

Love the name Ian. If I have another boy I'may name him Ian.

02/18/2023 12:02:44

The first name of American silent fI'm actress Lillian Gish and the middle name of the fictional Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy, one of Batman's foes, known for her deadly kisses and poisonous plants.

02/18/2023 03:49:00

It's a name with Irish Galeic origin, from Eoin, and in meaning 'God Is Gracious'. Iain and Ian formed from Gaelic Scottish spelling, also translated as John in Hebrew). Could 3 letters form a better name❤️

02/17/2023 14:53:08

My son's first name is Ian. He is 3-months old and when we were expecting him, we sat down and thought of the perfect name for him. My hubby is so picky and he rejected most (if not all) of the names I came up with but when I suggested Ian he did not hesitate and said "yeah, lets go with that one!". I also like it because my hubby's first initial is "I" and the letters I-A-N are part of my name: vIANey. It's simple, strong, and fits his personality. He is so handsome! :-)

02/07/2023 14:46:42

My names Ian. My parents named me after a BrIt'sh friend of my parents. He was climbing a mountain in New Zealand when an avalanche took his life. He was preparing for a mountain climb on K2. And so my parents honored him by naming me ian. I feel very lucky to have this name and im proud to carry this name.

02/03/2023 00:51:50

My son was named Ian, since his heritage is from SouthAmerica the name was chosen in order to have a form of name which might be used in both worlds, this name normally is not well pronounced in a Spanish setting where stress is given at the a letter instead of at I as I have heard is common in the US. This name is very uncommon in SouthAmerica where I have only heard that before once in my life in somebody else

02/01/2023 16:32:10

My first name is IAN too. It wasn't picked out in the manner that othe's seem to have done. It was handed down through ancestry. In my family the names are passed on through the centuries and Ian will continue to be passed on down through the family. All my families names are passed on in this manner. I kinda like this family tradition and I think it is unfortunate names have lost their national and family origins as people just pick names they like the'sound of with no reference, no regard to the ethnic origins of names or family traditions.

01/29/2023 11:32:14

its my best friend's name.i love It'so much and oftenly use it.would you please tell me what it means

01/17/2023 19:45:18

Hey my names Ian Sean Fitzgerald. I was born with this name because my parents thought it was original at the time and I like it. I know 5 other Ians and have never been'teased about it. Now though a lot of people call me fitz ( girls call me fitzy. A name I don't like)

01/12/2023 10:26:38


01/11/2023 07:24:22

Ian is "mainly for middle-aged men❤️" Don't you think little boys eventually become middle aged men❤️ Why does everyone insist on giving their kids only cute baby'sh names❤️ Grow up people!

01/09/2023 15:26:14

People spell it 'Ean' more than I care to admit here in the US.

12/31/2022 01:54:36

Seems to be more popular among Brits. I think it would be beat to see an Ian name his daughter Iana. ("yana" or "ee-AH-na")

12/30/2022 01:31:02

i love the name ian thats what i want my sons name to be

12/23/2022 06:42:10

I'm the only guy named Ian in my school. Everone mispronounces it.

11/30/2022 21:28:26

My name is ian. its greek after iwannys or yanni... duh. KJ is a stone head.

11/27/2022 01:29:12

Ian is my son's name. It is basic and simple without being too mundane.

11/17/2022 18:07:52

My son is named Ian. I think It's beautiful and strong.

11/14/2022 06:40:00

My name is Ian and I find it to be a very uncoomon name here in the'states. It comes across as a good name to othe's because it is easily remembered, and not as common. It gives a very large distinction to people who have it as thier name because normally you dont know but maybe one or two Ians.

10/26/2022 18:18:24

My name is Ian deeds, I'm fifteen years of age and is in a circus I think me name fits me because it is a very uniqe name and not many people have it

10/20/2022 13:00:40

My name is Ian I have never liked it, to me It'sounds weak. My mother used to call me Benjamin because I was the youngest. She'should have stuck with it. I beli've in 2019 there were no Ian's registered at birth in the UK.

10/19/2022 04:58:38

Love it! I also named my son this. My husband and I chose this name I'mediately and never even considered another. So he is Ian Patrick Lancaster, my blonde haired, blue eyed, 4 year old!

10/16/2022 00:33:58

My name is Ian so yes I like it but the only problem I have is it is hard for some pepole to say.Ive been called Dan Ann Dean but my favorit was yang. A co worker could not say Ian to save his life so yang came out and It'stuck.So as a joke alot of my friends still call me yang to this day.

10/06/2022 14:33:56

this is douglas and this name'should have never existed. I think that weird people have wierd names

10/03/2022 07:30:34

My wife & I plan to name our first son, due early next year, Ian. We feel it defines an intelligent, proud, insightful, clever, and friendly person; we've met only a few Ian's, not a surprise, but each have impressed us tremendously, been generally positive & spirited guys, and GREAT soccer players - surely a wonderful fit for the next generation ;)

10/01/2022 04:22:22

This is my sons name and I love it!! Its uncommon and cool.

09/26/2022 13:52:14

My little brother's name is Ian. i've called him Inkers since he was a baby!! Our parents would call us, "In and Out." he's a red head, so he totally looks the part of an Ian. There have been a couple people who pronounced it with a hard I instead of an E sound, but I think that bothe's me more than it does him!

09/16/2022 03:46:16

Our 22-month-old son is named Iain, which is the'scots Gaelic version of Ian. We anticipate that he'll have to spell it out now and then, but we know a few Iains who love their name and don't mind the odd confusion over the extra "i". This spelling Isn't uncommon in Scotland or in the Canadian Maritimes, nor is it particularly trendy; It's actually just as traditional a spelling as Ian.

09/16/2022 01:42:50

Ian is my father-in law's name and the name of our first born son! In case anyone was is completely Scottish :) My in-laws are from Scotland and will proudly tell you all about it! Ian is the'scottish variation of the name John

09/08/2022 17:22:50

My son is named Ian after my husband John. Ian is a form of John. I like names that can not be shorten'to a nickname. My inlaws had some problems pronouning it Eon, but they are getting better. As far as popular, we know no other Ian's of any age.

09/07/2022 20:30:52

HI'my name is Ian. Pronounced ee-in. Nobody ever really made fun of my name growing up. Peein Ian seemed a little too obvious and not quite clever enough, so I never really heard that. I got nicknamed Smian for awhile in college. It was a goog thing even it was a goofy name. Ian is a bit hard to pronounce for some, especially when'telling it to someone in a noisy place. There is no hard consonant to start it with. Pretty cool name though. Very Scottish, which is my ancestry, so that's cool.

08/29/2022 14:16:12

I highly doubt anyone would choose a name like Ian simply because they beli've it to be "English" and therefore beli've it to be "sophisticated". Sounds like this Englishman is snobby and uptight, definitely not sophisticated.

07/10/2022 16:32:06

Still a pain to spell it out to everybody. "ANN" "EAON" I wouldn't recommend it. Three letters and uniqueness is a plus, but that's about it.

07/09/2022 20:24:18

My husband is Australian and it is a common name over there. We named our son Ian and thought we were being quite unique. In the past few years, we've really seen'the name popping up.

06/21/2022 06:48:00

I named my son, who is now 8 years old, Ian. I love this name & had it picked out for years before he was born. It is a simple, strong & classic name. Ian is the'scottish form of John so it was a perfect way for us to name him after my husband without too much confusion, since my husband's name is John, my brother's name is John & my father-in-law is also John.

06/03/2022 13:19:30

Hi everyone!! When we discover I was pregnant we looked for names everywhere and we find a lot of names and finally decided for Ian cause we like the meaning. So baby Ian arrived on Dec 21 2020 a premee baby.

03/17/2022 05:00:00

My name is Ian - pronounced EYE-yen - and I'm a woman born in 1983. Given'the name from the author of James Bond novels Ian Fleming.

03/16/2022 13:26:42

Ian is an awesome Scottish name. My husband has wanted to use this name for years but has never been able to because we've had three daughters! Maybe one day.

02/19/2022 04:03:18

We are going to name our son Reagan when he is born in December! I love the name! Cute and unique!

02/12/2022 02:46:48

I like it a lot! But in Texas it is way too popular.

12/17/2021 21:09:18

My son's name is Ian. Since his heritage is Scottish and Ian cannot be shortened we chose it.

12/12/2021 02:59:24

My son's name is Ian Cole. (Born in 2015) Love it!

12/01/2021 19:01:30

Ian sounds like a bit of a nerdy, dorky name, but I love it. It'sounds rather quirky and distinctive

11/16/2021 00:12:54

My names Ian I love life , god is forgiving and my only nickname has been peein ian Be prepared for something amazing.

10/25/2021 19:28:30

My name is Ian! and I live in Canada...its popular kinda here but I like my name...its original and not like any othe's. My name is short and easy for all to say...Ive never had a bad comment on it!

10/24/2021 00:28:12

I chose the name for my son in 1996 amid a deluge of Jasons, Justins and Scotts. It wasn't over'sed in the USA, complemented his last name and was familiar to me as in Ian Fleming, the author, Ian Tyson, the'singer and Ian McKellen, the actor. Back then people did insist on pronouncing it long "I" as in "ion", but he doesn't seem to have a problem now.(Long "E" stressed, then'the letter "n").

10/07/2021 22:20:24

I agree this is a strong yet simple name. Very classic name. I have twins and I named one of my twins Ian, and his sister twin Sofia. Ian sounds great in English and Spanish too.

09/23/2021 12:28:12

It's my first name, the'second being Paul. As far as i've seen, people easily get used to saying Ian except for some friends I have from China who call me Yan but that's cool. They have a good laugh when'they try to teach me Cantonese. My pronunciation is apparently hilarious. Paul however just sounds wrong even when I say it. So...yeah, Ian it is...

09/04/2021 02:44:06

name ian is a very lucky guy cuz he is cute and some hhas a crush on him!

09/03/2021 16:40:12

Ian is my son's name. Here in Spain it is becoming very popular.

09/01/2021 11:36:00

Our son was born today -October 5-, I am mexican but my last name'straffon came from England. Many brIt'sh people arrived arround 1870 to Pachuca (Hidalgo State in Mexico) to work at si'ver mines. Now Straffon family is huge in Mexico. So, his name is Ian Straffon, we like the name, simple, short, cool...!

08/28/2021 07:51:54

this is my son's name. I have had almost all positive feedback. It is easy to pronounce, spell and so far there have been no associated nicknames. We have never met anyone else with his name.

07/21/2021 22:15:00

My friend's parents named him Ian specifically to avoid nicknames. Its a great name - very solid. He has one friend that calls him "E" so it is in theory possible to shorten it further, but the parents' gambit was overall a success.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ian?
The origin of the name Ian is Scottish.
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God Is Gracious
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Almost 232000 people are named Ian.
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The names of Inaya, Inaaya, Inayah, Eniya