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Ian Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ian\
Number in U.S 👶 232,000
Rate in 2021 139
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scottish

Meaning of Ian

This name can be translated as "God's faithful follower."

What is the origin or etymology of Ian?

Derived from another well-known name of Ian origin , John , with Hebrew roots and etymology. Over the ages this name has been translated into other languages ​​such as Greek. It even led to a variety of female names, Juana.

How is Ian?

Ian's personality has always been combined with God's directives. He is a religious and religious person, usually Catholic. He does not like lies and blindly trusts others, despite being disappointed many times.

At the business level, Ian is a man who doesn't have as many talents as other individuals. He has virtues, is versatile and can take on any job he decides to do, but for this he needs to have a certain passion. You like to work well in a team and if a complex challenge is presented to you, you will always have an idea to help you find a solution. Usually their peers are satisfied and they can be very good friends.

On the love side, Ian is a very lucky man: he tends to be liked by the most devoted and loving women, those who want to have a serious relationship. It doesn't take long for women to fall in love because of her determination, passion for her job, sincerity and romance. He usually does not fall into a routine and is always attentive to his partner.

At work, you'll find that Ian has qualities that other people don't. It is virtuous and versatile. so you can dedicate yourself to whatever you put your mind to as long as you feel passion. He works very well in a team and if there is a challenge for him, he contributes ideas that allow him to solve it. His colleagues are pleased with him, and some of them become good friends.

At the family level, he is a very friendly person who tries to teach his children religion so they can decide if they want to be followers, but he never forces anyone to do anything. He likes to teach others all the knowledge he has absorbed in his life, and there will always be a plate on the table for those who need it.

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Comments on the name Ian
10/3/2022 7:30:34 AM

My wife & I plan to name our first son, due early next year, Ian. We feel it defines an intelligent, proud, insightful, clever, and friendly person; we've met only a few Ian's, not a surprise, but each have impressed us tremendously, been generally positive & spirited guys, and GREAT soccer players - surely a wonderful fit for the next generation ;)

10/1/2022 4:22:22 AM

This is my sons name and I love it!! Its uncommon and cool.

9/26/2022 1:52:14 PM

My little brother's name is Ian. i've called him Inkers since he was a baby!! Our parents would call us, "In and Out." he's a red head, so he totally looks the part of an Ian. There have been a couple people who pronounced it with a hard I instead of an E sound, but I think that bothe's me more than it does him!

9/16/2022 3:46:16 AM

Our 22-month-old son is named Iain, which is the'scots Gaelic version of Ian. We anticipate that he'll have to spell it out now and then, but we know a few Iains who love their name and don't mind the odd confusion over the extra "i". This spelling Isn't uncommon in Scotland or in the Canadian Maritimes, nor is it particularly trendy; It's actually just as traditional a spelling as Ian.

9/16/2022 1:42:50 AM

Ian is my father-in law's name and the name of our first born son! In case anyone was is completely Scottish :) My in-laws are from Scotland and will proudly tell you all about it! Ian is the'scottish variation of the name John

9/8/2022 5:22:50 PM

My son is named Ian after my husband John. Ian is a form of John. I like names that can not be shorten'to a nickname. My inlaws had some problems pronouning it Eon, but they are getting better. As far as popular, we know no other Ian's of any age.

9/7/2022 8:30:52 PM

HI'my name is Ian. Pronounced ee-in. Nobody ever really made fun of my name growing up. Peein Ian seemed a little too obvious and not quite clever enough, so I never really heard that. I got nicknamed Smian for awhile in college. It was a goog thing even it was a goofy name. Ian is a bit hard to pronounce for some, especially when'telling it to someone in a noisy place. There is no hard consonant to start it with. Pretty cool name though. Very Scottish, which is my ancestry, so that's cool.

8/29/2022 2:16:12 PM

I highly doubt anyone would choose a name like Ian simply because they beli've it to be "English" and therefore beli've it to be "sophisticated". Sounds like this Englishman is snobby and uptight, definitely not sophisticated.

7/10/2022 4:32:06 PM

Still a pain to spell it out to everybody. "ANN" "EAON" I wouldn't recommend it. Three letters and uniqueness is a plus, but that's about it.

7/9/2022 8:24:18 PM

My husband is Australian and it is a common name over there. We named our son Ian and thought we were being quite unique. In the past few years, we've really seen'the name popping up.

6/21/2022 6:48:00 AM

I named my son, who is now 8 years old, Ian. I love this name & had it picked out for years before he was born. It is a simple, strong & classic name. Ian is the'scottish form of John so it was a perfect way for us to name him after my husband without too much confusion, since my husband's name is John, my brother's name is John & my father-in-law is also John.

6/3/2022 1:19:30 PM

Hi everyone!! When we discover I was pregnant we looked for names everywhere and we find a lot of names and finally decided for Ian cause we like the meaning. So baby Ian arrived on Dec 21 2020 a premee baby.

3/17/2022 5:00:00 AM

My name is Ian - pronounced EYE-yen - and I'm a woman born in 1983. Given'the name from the author of James Bond novels Ian Fleming.

3/16/2022 1:26:42 PM

Ian is an awesome Scottish name. My husband has wanted to use this name for years but has never been able to because we've had three daughters! Maybe one day.

2/19/2022 4:03:18 AM

We are going to name our son Reagan when he is born in December! I love the name! Cute and unique!

2/12/2022 2:46:48 AM

I like it a lot! But in Texas it is way too popular.

12/17/2021 9:09:18 PM

My son's name is Ian. Since his heritage is Scottish and Ian cannot be shortened we chose it.

12/12/2021 2:59:24 AM

My son's name is Ian Cole. (Born in 2015) Love it!

12/1/2021 7:01:30 PM

Ian sounds like a bit of a nerdy, dorky name, but I love it. It'sounds rather quirky and distinctive

11/16/2021 12:12:54 AM

My names Ian I love life , god is forgiving and my only nickname has been peein ian Be prepared for something amazing.

10/25/2021 7:28:30 PM

My name is Ian! and I live in Canada...its popular kinda here but I like my name...its original and not like any othe's. My name is short and easy for all to say...Ive never had a bad comment on it!

10/24/2021 12:28:12 AM

I chose the name for my son in 1996 amid a deluge of Jasons, Justins and Scotts. It wasn't over'sed in the USA, complemented his last name and was familiar to me as in Ian Fleming, the author, Ian Tyson, the'singer and Ian McKellen, the actor. Back then people did insist on pronouncing it long "I" as in "ion", but he doesn't seem to have a problem now.(Long "E" stressed, then'the letter "n").

10/7/2021 10:20:24 PM

I agree this is a strong yet simple name. Very classic name. I have twins and I named one of my twins Ian, and his sister twin Sofia. Ian sounds great in English and Spanish too.

9/23/2021 12:28:12 PM

It's my first name, the'second being Paul. As far as i've seen, people easily get used to saying Ian except for some friends I have from China who call me Yan but that's cool. They have a good laugh when'they try to teach me Cantonese. My pronunciation is apparently hilarious. Paul however just sounds wrong even when I say it. So...yeah, Ian it is...

9/4/2021 2:44:06 AM

name ian is a very lucky guy cuz he is cute and some hhas a crush on him!

9/3/2021 4:40:12 PM

Ian is my son's name. Here in Spain it is becoming very popular.

9/1/2021 11:36:00 AM

Our son was born today -October 5-, I am mexican but my last name'straffon came from England. Many brIt'sh people arrived arround 1870 to Pachuca (Hidalgo State in Mexico) to work at si'ver mines. Now Straffon family is huge in Mexico. So, his name is Ian Straffon, we like the name, simple, short, cool...!

8/28/2021 7:51:54 AM

this is my son's name. I have had almost all positive feedback. It is easy to pronounce, spell and so far there have been no associated nicknames. We have never met anyone else with his name.

7/21/2021 10:15:00 PM

My friend's parents named him Ian specifically to avoid nicknames. Its a great name - very solid. He has one friend that calls him "E" so it is in theory possible to shorten it further, but the parents' gambit was overall a success.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ian?
The origin of the name Ian is Scottish.
*️⃣ How many people are named Ian?
Almost 232000 people are named Ian.
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The names of Inaya, Inaaya, Inayah, Eniya