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Isabel Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \i-sa-bel\
Number in U.S 👶 123,000
Rate in 2021 380
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Spanish

What is meaning of name Isabel?

Everyone knows the name Isabel, its popularity has accompanied us throughout history to this day. Without a doubt, the most powerful and kind women have honored this classic name. Isabel has a special meaning: "health and beauty". Women named like this are affectionate, generous and hard-working. And, in Spain, 266,967 women are called Isabel.
If you want to know the meaning of the name Isabel in full, keep reading this MyCuteName article in which you will also discover curiosities such as its origin, saints, variations, personality and numerology. It will surprise you! Isabel is a girl's name.

What does Isabel mean?
The meaning of the name Isabel is "health and beauty", but it also has the biblical meaning "faithful to God".

Origin of the name Isabel
The origin of the name Isabel is uncertain, since it presents several theories.

Diminutives and variations of the name Isabel
Some diminutives of the name Isabel are:
Isa, Bel

The name Isabel in other languages
Isabel presents different variations in the following languages:
English: Isabel, Bella
French: Isabelle, Belle
Galician: Sabela
Hungarian: Izabel
Polish: Iza, Izabela
Russian: Bela, Izabella

Saint Elizabeth's Day
Isabel's saints are celebrated on November 5.

Numerology of the name Isabel
According to numerology, the number of the name Isabel is 3.

Additional description of the name Isabel

Isabel : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Isabel is a female name that has been used all around the English speaking countries. This name is a Spanish name and pronounced as “ Ise – bel “. A variation that is similar to the name “ Isabel “ is “ Isabelle “ and is originally French. It originates as the medieval Spanish form of Elisabeth.


Popularity of the name Isabel

Actually Isabel is not a popular feminine name in North California, based on the researches by reliable American resources in the year 1919. Only 17 babies were name Isabel at that time in the United states of America.

Also the highest recorded use of this name was in 2006 with a total of 4008 babies. The name “ Isabel “ was recorded 120955 times in the SSA public database. The name fist appears in the year 1880 and given to 80 babies.

The name “ Isabel “ became a popular name in the year 1999 with a rank of 97 nationwide and was registered 3404 tomes as a baby girl’s name. Also as a girl’s name, this name became popular in the state of Arizona in the year 1910.

The all time high record for this name was in 2003 in the state of California 813 baby girls and for the past 50 years this name was recorded 82428 times in the SSA database.


Personality of the name Isabel

I is for impress, for impress you will

S is for sweet, your pleasing way

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

B is for bestow, as you give so much

E is for excite, your spirit is catching

L is for luster, your shine

If you are named “ Isabel “, your name can be your destiny and personality. The name Isabel is a name that indicates a gift of gab the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are also expressive, optimistic, outgoing and inspiring. You fascinate others with your creativity, especially writing. Also explaining complex concept is one of your innate abilities.

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice is a natural ability for you. You are somewhat hesitant to show your artistic talents. People appreciate the love you give to them. When people hear the name “ Isabel “, they perceive you as someone who is sympathetic, compassionate and generous. People also can count on you for support.

You have great attention to details from fashion to composition. You are intense, compassionate, generous, artsy and creative. You can logically interpret conditions and events. You are prone to anxiety so make sure to sick close to projects and have direction.


Famous people named Isabel

Isabel Jones who is a Bassist

Isabel May who is a TV actress

Isabel Macedo who is a TV actress

Isabel Durant who is a TV actress

Isabel Bedoya who is an Instagram star


Similar names to the name Isabel

Iakopa, Ian, Ianthe, Ib and Ibbie

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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Isabel?
The origin of the name Isabel is Spanish.
*️⃣ How many people are named Isabel?
Almost 123000 people are named Isabel.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Isabel?
The names of Isaiah, Izaiah, Isa, Izzy, Iziah