Jacey Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \j(a)-cey\
Number in U.S 👶 8,000
Rate in 2021 3591
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 American

Jacey Name Origin and History

"Jacey" is a popular name for boys And girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Jacey is: "Happy".

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Comments on the name Jacey
3/9/2023 3:58:54 PM

I have a 6 yr old Jacey Lyn, always thought I would have a boy and loved the name Jace. When I found out I was having a girl we converted it to Jacey. The name fits her perfect!!

3/9/2023 1:17:14 AM

Our daughter's name is Jacey. We got the idea from the initials, j.c. , from my great grandfather all the way down to my bother. A great way to use a family name without actually using a family name.

3/7/2023 1:43:36 PM

I named my daughter Jacey. She was born in 2004. When I was 16 and babysitting one night about 2:00 am I was so bored I was reading the credits of an old black and white movie. I saw the name there and loved it. Thank God I had a girl!! Her full name is Jacey Lynn.

2/10/2023 2:46:52 PM

My daughter is 2 and her name is Jacey...we looked it up in one of those baby name websIt's and saw that it was actually a male, native american word for moon and spelled JACY. I liked it because it utilized the j in my husbands name with the y in mine and added the "e" because it looked pretty. I love her name and proud to say it out loud!

2/10/2023 8:54:12 AM

Thinking about naming our son Kale Diesel...what do you think?

2/5/2023 1:06:40 PM

I am not sure yet of what I am having, but we know for sure with a boy it will be Jace Auden and a girl will be Jacey. not sure of her middle name yet. But I love both of the names. Very unique and cute to me! My name is Jayde and my partner's name is Jed so I think it will be perfect!

2/2/2023 4:17:30 AM

I'm 15 and my name's Jacey. i usually like it but now that I think about it, it is kinda an unusual name. Almost everyone pronounces it like J.C. and asks me what It'stands for and that gets really annoying. My dad really gets ticked off when people don't say it I also get lots of different spellings like jacie, jaycee, jacee, and jaci; even my reletives get it wrong. Sometimes I wish it was spelled differently.

1/25/2023 10:50:52 AM

My name is Jacey and Im 19, Im the only person I know with this name. I like it other than introducing myself and people always say "Stacy? Tracey? Casey?" and then of course people need to know how to spell it. Other than that Im ok with it :)

1/20/2023 5:21:26 AM

My 5 year old daughter's name is Jacey. I thought I had come up with the name all by myself because I had never heard of the name until after I named her. Her brother's names are Jacob and Jesse. I was putting the two names together with spelling and rhyming. I love the name!!! She gets compliments all the time about how pretty her name is!!!

1/16/2023 11:25:38 AM

ohmigosh my name is jacey im almost thirteen and everybody, even my teache's and neigbors, halfway through the year spell my name wrong. its soo annoying, especially when'the computer thinks you spelt your name wrong. Who spells their own name wrong?

1/14/2023 7:09:52 PM

I named my daughter Jacy and love the name Jacy Elizabeth, it fits her to a tee. people at the beginning often asked what the Initials stood for and I always spell it J-A-C-Y..

1/12/2023 10:29:36 PM

my name is Jacey. I am 16. I love my name because it is diffrent

1/10/2023 5:15:00 AM

HI'my name is Jacey an I'm 52 the name has been a pain sometimes but i love it i was told it was short for Jacynthia (not so good eh)

1/7/2023 5:17:48 PM

my name is jacey erika!(: I'm 13 and I love my name! It's SO ORIGINAL!! people sometimes misspell it. Like jaycee or jayci. I have blonde hair and one dimple! I love my name cause It's unique! Just like me!

1/6/2023 6:01:48 AM

This was going to be my daughters name if she were to be born on July 4 but she missed it a day and went to July 5. She's a little firecracker and has redish hair. We ended up nameing her Lindsey. Which fits her even better!

1/5/2023 5:58:50 PM

HI'my name is Jacey i am 11. people always ask what does It'stand for, is your name jason, and be for real. Eventhough Jacey RULES

1/1/2023 9:06:42 PM

i have a daughter name Jacey never heard of It'spelt this was I got it from a baby name book out of the boy names and it was spelt Jay Cee, So I changed it around I'm suprised to see people with same names you never heard!

12/27/2022 12:37:58 AM

We named our daughter Jacey Layne. She was born May 1, 2002 and loves her name. The one thing she does not like and always corrects people is when'they call her J.C. She always says its JACEY not J.C.

12/19/2022 1:36:18 AM

My name is Jacey and i love it. When i was younger, I used to hate it because it was never on the keychains that my sister used to get. Now that I'm 16, i loveee it. i get personalized stuff and It's so much more unique. ther's another girl in my grade who has the'same name as me and we always get confused in class when'the teacher calls attendence. my friends do call me jace, and i've gotten all the'spelling errors in the worldddd, but it just makes me laugh now

12/4/2022 3:03:38 AM

Our 5 year old daughter is Jacie. It fits her'so well. I can't imagine her name being anything else. People pronounce it J.C. or call her Lacey but they eventually get it. She is Jacie Emerson.

11/23/2022 12:50:48 PM

It's my daughter's name. We thought we were being original in that we simply modified the'spelling of another name we liked. Seems It's becoming more popular now! Our Jacey, now 5, is outgoing, confident, precocious and EASY. No, you won't find this name on a coffee cup in gift stores, but the uniqueness speaks for itself.

11/14/2022 2:15:30 AM

my names Jacey im 17! its a little odd but i dont share the'same name with anyone at my school ya! but yes they should make a "Jacey" keychain

11/12/2022 10:55:36 PM

My name is Jacey & I'm 55 so i've probably had to repeat it, spell it and explain how to pronounce it the longest. i've been called Lacey, Tracey, Casey, Macey and even Daisy. Rarely meet anyone with the'same name and I like it!

11/11/2022 7:50:22 AM

i saw the name Jacey on a name'site and havent been able to stop thinking about i since! i love it because its so unique and beautiful and now am going to call my baby girl Jacey Grace.

11/8/2022 10:28:54 AM

Hi, my name is Jacey Diane and I love my name. People sometimes think it is JC but I don't care. I was named after'sybel Sheppards character in the movie the last picture show.

11/4/2022 12:58:32 AM

My name is Jacey and I LOVE my name! People always say its pretty and unique(:

10/29/2022 5:40:20 AM

I named my youngest daughter Jacey. I had read the classic book by Larry McMurtry "The Last Picture Show" and the main female character's name was Jacy.(Played by Cybil Sheppard in the movie version) I added the 'e'. It's also the initals J.C. of my father and myself, so it fit all around. My Jacey is 7 now and gets a lot of compliments on her unusual and pretty name. Janet

10/28/2022 4:23:52 AM

My name is Jacey and I'm 26 years old. My name came from the movie, "The Last Picture Show". Cybil Sheperd was the main character and her name was Jacey. My Mom very much liked the character, so that's where it came from. I think it is such a great name and fits me perfectly. It is often mispronounced and misspelled because it is so unusual. I'met another Jacey, randomly, a couple years ago, and haven't met another one since.

10/19/2022 8:50:50 PM

I named my daughter Jacee because the hyacinth is my favorite flower and I chose the'spelling to match my name Jaimee. I had her in 2018 and she is 6. Used as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Jacy), is a variant of Jacey (American) and Jacinda (Spanish) Meaning Hyacinth. See Jacinda for more on meaning of Jacey. Jacy is also a Native American boy name. The meaning of the name is "the moon" The meaning of the name Jacey is also from The initials J.C. The origin of the name Jacey is American. It is also Greek meaning "the healer" Also possibly from the Latin name Gaius meaning "happy shining or beautiful".

10/16/2022 10:33:30 AM

My name is Jacey and I'm a guy. It is a unisex name not female... but It'sounds nice nonetheless for either'sex.

10/8/2022 7:27:56 PM

We will name our next boy Caden. It's a bit unique, and n't overly common. We will probably call him Cade, though, since Caden was a compromise to get to call him Cade.

10/3/2022 6:05:22 PM

I am the mother of two little girls. The first one is 7 years old and her name is Jaelyn. Our second one is 7 1/2 weeks old and her name is Jacey Nicole. I could not beli've it when I saw the comment dated Nov 17, 2020 with two sisters named Jacey and Jaelyn--that cracked my family up! To your parents--nice names you picked!!! PS, what are Jacey and Jaelyn's middle names?

9/23/2022 3:20:14 PM

My name is Jacey! I was quite surprised to find my name on this website. I have never in my life met another with the'same name'so It's quite surprising to hear that it is becoming a little popular. The year of my birth, 1995, my parents had never heard of the name before. My mother actually thought it up for me he'self by taking the last four letters of her name, Tracey, and taking the first letter of my fathe's name, Jim, put them together and voila! A very unique name is born. =) i've always had very warm feelings for my name. Occasionally growing up there were a few mispronounces and often misspellings because It's so unusual, but 'tis the plight of having such a fantastic name. ;)

8/20/2022 5:10:48 AM

We named our daughter Jacklyn in memory of her grandfather "Jack". When we added the -lyn to the end of Jack we really felt it was easy to spell and pronounce. Okay - it hasn't been. We have had to teacher our daughter to correct people. (She is only 3) The most common way for people to say it is "jackAlyn ". They tend to add the "A" in the middle. I have only met a handful of people with Jacklyn as a name. Some spell it different but pronounce it the'same.

8/13/2022 12:14:42 AM

i am the only guy i know with Jacey. My real name is Jaleel Curtis, but people struggle with my first name'so they came up with JC, as a preteen it became Jacey now im 18 and i wear it with Pride

8/7/2022 6:53:24 PM

My Grandaughter is called Jacey, she is one year old and I cringe every time some one asks me for her name, It's a cheap and crass name!

8/6/2022 5:16:12 PM

Im about to have a baby girl. Her name will be Jacey, but we're going to spell it Jayci! Its so unique, I love it!

8/1/2022 9:58:48 PM

HI'my name is Jacey and I like my name for the most part but people spell it wring all the time! I'm thirteen and I have a cousin who's name is Janey and we're really close so we enjoy have similar names. My dad calls me Jace, but I don't let anyone else called me that because there are guys at school who's names are Jace. I like having such a unique name because there aren't any other kids at school with the'same name.

7/20/2022 7:06:54 AM

My 16 year old daughters name......beautiful girl with a beautiful name!

5/11/2022 7:59:06 PM

It's my name and I NEVER meet any body with the'same name as me. I guess we are all special!

4/30/2022 4:48:18 PM

We named our daughter Jacey, also thinking we were being original ;o) I'm Dutch and my wife's Canadian. I wanted to have at least my late father's name as one of her names, so we named her Jacoba (My late dad was Jakobus). As that's not a very... pleasant name to have for a girl (;o) and she's probably going to spend a lot of her life in Canada, I'made up Jacey from Jacoba. We like it and everyone we've met seems to love it. We'd never heard it before either, but more thumbs up for more people named Jacey!

4/24/2022 10:44:42 AM

I think my name is okay. People get it mixed up with Jaqi a lot. Or ask if they said it right. I hate it when friends call me Jace, Jay is fine with me. I am asked how. People always ask what does It'stand for. I never in a million years thought I would find somebody else with the'same name as me. i like it because it is unique.

4/5/2022 11:53:06 PM

My name is Jacey, Jacey Nicole. I was named after my two uncles after my mom was told she couldn't have anymore kids. Jason is her older brother hence Jacey and Nicolas is her younger brother hence Nicole. People have said my name different in many way Josie, j.c., Jacky, c.j., lacey, etc. My name'sounds like lacey, Stacey, tracey. And I have met other jaceys but the'spelling was different.

3/16/2022 4:17:42 AM

I am 38 and have always loved my name. I was 18 before hearing of anyone else with the name. It was nice being so unique, but it is much more popular now. I get the'same mispronunciation of JC, but it is worth it for all of the times that people look at my name and say how beautiful it is.

3/13/2022 2:59:24 PM

My daughter is 16 and her name is Jacey. lots of times it is mis-spelled, but she loves her name. it is after her grandads, whose names were J.C. we call her Jay alot.

3/3/2022 12:30:54 PM

Im 50 now, and get to pick my new name. I chose Jacey. My initials were J.C. Its a name Ive been called my whole life. I like it because its a Gender-Neutral name (IMO)

2/10/2022 3:05:42 PM

I am a 44 year old, and want to beli've I was the first Jacey. :) My mom says she made up the name from my dad's initials "JC." The way i've found to help people not call me J.C. is to tell them It's like Tracey with a "J." It works every time because you'd never call a Tracey "Tray" "C". I hope this helps all the other Jaceys out there. I absolutely love my name! :)

1/3/2022 7:31:12 AM

Wow! This is a cool web page. I had no idea that there were so many other people with the name Keyla. For years I thought I was the only one. When I was a little girl I wanted a more common name like Michelle. Now I love it and I'm very happy that my name is different. It's so funny to hear all the'stories of the mispronunciation of this name! i've been called Kayla, Keylee, Kylie, Keyah, Khyla and my favorite is Killa which is the way my grandmother has always pronounced it. I'm so pleased that there are so many Keyla's in the world. I pray that you all have the most wonderful lives that anyone could have. All the Keyla's of the world unite--Love and Peace!!!

1/2/2022 2:08:06 PM

Hey hey! my name is Jacey Lynn <3. I have two older bros named Joe,Jeff and a older'sis named Jenn. We are all Js! I like my name cuz no one i no has it. yah old people think my name is jason, people say my name wrong like J.C. and spell it wrong all the time in new ways ive never'seen before ;p But its all in the fun of tellin them wrong and showin my unique name off more :)!

1/1/2022 6:55:12 PM

my name is jacey, im 12 years old and i used to hate my name. everywhere i go there like what does jc stand for im like my name is jacey, thats my name lol. but now i like how its unique it fits me perfect (:

12/17/2021 5:36:00 AM

My name is Jacey Alexandra and i am 13. I absoloutly LOVE my name escpecially my middle name but also i love my name because becasue it is unique and rare. Now yes people spell my name wrong I'mean even my family members such as my aunt spelled my name jaycey and my grandma on my dads side spells it all different ways such as jaycee or jayce but i try not to let it bother me it only bothe's me when my friend caley spells it J.C.

11/27/2021 9:48:00 AM

I'm 15 and my name is Jacey. People I'meet always ask me what It'stands for, then I have to explain that it doesn't stand for anything, which gets pretty annoying. Almost everyone pronounces it Jay-cee and that gets really old. I used to correct them but now It's like whatever. I also get lots of different spellings like Jacie, Jaycee, Jaci, and Jaysee; even my aunt doesn't get it right. But for the most part I like my name and the fact that no one else in my high school has it.

11/3/2021 7:24:54 PM

Jacey is my name. It's almost like no one else but me has it because It's so unusual but still I love it because It's unique and so pretty!

10/13/2021 9:59:42 PM

Hi!! My name is Jacey Lane, and I'm 11 years old. People often pronounce my name Ja cey, like there is a space in it or something, and i HATE IT. but i really like my name (when its pronounced right.) There is one other Jacy in my class, and we r both Jacey H. and Jacy H. So it gets kinda confusing, but i like the way my name is spelled better!!! :)

10/10/2021 8:47:42 PM

my names Jacey. I'm 15 and i hate my name. people always ask me what It'stands for and how to spell it or they call me jc penny. I'm the only girl at my highschool with that name but i guess its better than being called applesauce or something..

9/26/2021 1:40:12 PM

My full birth name is Jacey Christa-Marie Novell. My mother "made it up" in 1983 when I was born. She liked the'sound of Stacy but not the name and wanted something different. So, she went through the alphabet and landed on "J". I loved growing up with a unique name.

9/26/2021 1:46:30 AM

My name is Jacey Danielle. All my life people have mispronounced my name as J.C. The funny thing is I got married in October and my last initial is C. So you can only imagine te confusion. I love my name. It was a lot more unique when I was younger. I think it is becoming more popular. My mom came up with it. I'm not sure if it was from Cybil Shepard's role in The Last Picture Show or not.

9/23/2021 6:58:48 AM

My name is Jacey and i am 16. When i first say my name people mistake it for Jason. If someoe who don't know me hears my name they ask who is that is that a boy or a girl. i personally love my name now but i first i thought it was a boys name

8/24/2021 10:32:06 AM

My Niece is named Jacey. Everyone thinks It's such a beautiful and unique name. We all have our little nicknames for her like Jace or Jay. A lot of people spell it wrong. They spell it Jayce or Jacy.

8/22/2021 3:31:48 PM

I had my son in 2012 and named him Jalen and in 2018 I had my daughter and I named her Jacey .. everyone including my family members still call her j. c. and it gets a bit irritating when you have to correct them a million times.. I always say.. It's like Lacey but with a J ..

8/13/2021 5:25:12 PM

My name is Jacey. I was born in 1983 and my mother named me after a lady that worked at the county court house, so it has been around before 1983.

7/31/2021 9:58:48 PM

i work at a pharmacy and my name is jacey and people always ask me if It's short for something or how I got my name. my dads name is jay and he wanted to incorporate his name into mine, and i guess my mom came up with Jacey. i love my name but sometimes it bothe's me that people say or spell it wrong. and I wish I could find one thing with my name on it ahaha

7/29/2021 5:49:30 PM

my daughters name is Jacey- she is 3 and she loves it! the first thing anyone says when'they hear her name is how cool it is

7/28/2021 10:42:54 AM

My name is Jacy ReAnna. I am 33. Throughout life people have often misspelled or mispronounced my name. It used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. I am happy to have a unique name. It doesn't even bother me if its pronounced J Ceeee.. Which happens quite often. Lots of people don't know to pronounce It'smoothly with all the'syllables. So glad to see its becoming more popular..I see it way more often now than I did growing up.


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The origin of the name Jacey is American.
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Almost 8000 people are named Jacey.
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The names of Jodell, Jadiel, Gittel