Jaydon meaning

: Thankful or Grateful one.

Jaydon Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ja(y)-don\
Number of People 👶 9,000
Rate in 2021 3537
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Jaydon Name Meaning

The name Jaydon carries a strong connotation of gratitude and thanksgiving. Typically, it's taken to mean "Thankful" or "Grateful one," symbolizing one who appreciates life's blessings.

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Jaydon Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Jaydon
Additional description of the name Jaydon

The name Jaydon has roots in ancient Hebrew culture. It stems from the Hebrew name Jadon, which means "He is thankful" or "He will judge". This connects Jaydon to a sense of spiritual gratitude as well as justice. In the Old Testament, Jadon is an Israelite acknowledged in the context of rebuilding Jerusalem's standing walls, securing its historical significance.

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Additional name description Jaydon
Additional name description Jaydon

Jaydon is a popular name within the general populace, as well as among celebrities. For example, professional basketball player Jaydon Mickens. In terms of personality traits, individuals named Jaydon are often innovative and independent, armed with strong leadership skills. They're typically seen as charismatic and outgoing individuals who love social interactions. They're also appreciated for their warm-hearted and caring nature. According to US birth name statistics, Jaydon has gained significant popularity, especially in the 21st century, reflecting its modern appeal.

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Comments on the name Jaydon
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Jaydon, and people often misspell it "jayden". Actually, a little-known fact is that it (usually) is spelled "en" for a girl and "on" for a boy, but it really does work either way, I guess. Ps- I am a guy, which is why it irritates me when someone spells it "jayden".

12/31/2023 18:18:50

I'm due around April2021, my finace and I settled on the name Jaiden Isaiah...if we have a boy and Jayden Nicole if its a girl.

12/20/2023 09:52:44

This is a lovely name. I don't know why we don't hear it more often.

12/15/2023 03:12:46

This is my little cousins name (female.) I absolutely hate it. I think it is horrible. I live in hartlepool and we often call potatoes taties and this is her nickname. I have never heard of anything more stupid!!!

12/02/2023 23:58:08

this name doesnt seem 2 be lucky for me, ive had alot of bad luck.... but i am pretty smart and lazy.

11/13/2023 05:55:34


11/13/2023 01:13:26

My name is jaydon and my cussion is in the military and me too

11/03/2023 21:58:58

My son's name is Jaydon Amax and really like the name. Some people have difficulties making out the right pronunciation but a like calling him using the diminutive baby Jay

10/25/2023 14:55:16

I Named My Son Who Was Born October 2013 Jaydon. I Love The Name And So Does Everyone Else That Meets Him.

10/22/2023 14:02:12

My son was born Dec22 08. We love the name and so do other people. We decided on it because it is from the Hebrew name'spelled Jadon which means "God has heard".

10/15/2023 20:59:08

My son's name is Jaydon. People usually pronounce it Jaden. I like his spelling. I thinkg it is a strong name. His name is Jaydon Andre. Nikki of Detroit, MI

10/05/2023 19:42:10

What a name! It's my name. Gotta love the "k", it is kicking out some appendages to put some emphasis on that hard "k" sound at the end. You can spell it with a "c", but I wouldn't recommend it.

08/24/2023 07:01:36

this name is precious it means a servant of the lord

06/03/2023 16:33:04

I'm due in march 09 and if It's a boy we'll be naming him Jaydon/Jadon which means.."God has heard".

05/20/2023 11:03:08

I named our son Jaydon Samuel. It is often misspelled as Jayden, but I think the 'O' makes it more macsuline looking. I have always loved it.

04/12/2023 09:38:44

My name is Jaydon. My parents got the idea from an episode of Star Trek, and spell it like my dad's name, which is Corydon. People always try to spell it like Jaden or Jayden.

04/06/2023 20:30:50

my sons name is jayden ashton he was born 1-26-08- and i love his name!

03/17/2023 12:39:30

my names jaydon this is awsome and it made me smile :) :) :) :) :) i loved it <3 <3 <3

01/04/2023 15:14:12

I kinda feel special my name come from this my granpa was Jadon my dad named me after him except "JDon" i cant find the'same spelling anywhere pronouced "Jay-don" a lot of people mistaken my name as jaden or jadon im a white male a lot of people think its a black persons name to..

01/03/2023 05:26:22

My name is Jaydon and the only person who can spell my name right is my mom everyone else spells it jaden or jayden.

11/25/2022 01:34:58

My son's name is Jaydon and he name gets spelled wrong all the time some of the'spelling jadon jaidon jaydin jayden and most of the'spelling come from family member even after they have been corrected.....

09/28/2022 03:29:18

My name is Jaydon, I was born in 2005 and went almost my whole school life without meeting anyone else with the name. It's a rare name and I like my name, most people including teache's will spell it jayden or jaden. People have named their kid my name because they like It'so much.

06/14/2022 21:04:48

Im having a boy in June 2020. I really like the name Jaydon/Jadon! But cant decide on the'spelling yet!! His full name most likely will be Jaydon Andrew! =) And i think It's a wonderful name for my little guy!!

10/09/2021 10:01:30

jaydon is a rare name , i suppose ..... But i like dis name very much ! its my little nephew's name.

08/07/2021 03:07:30

my little boys name is jaydon and everyone speels it with a e lol

08/02/2021 15:09:18

This is my brother and my dad's name. It's actually their middle names, but that's what they go by. i've never met another Wright. It's a cool name though.

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Jaydon FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jaydon?
The origin of the name Jaydon is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Jaydon?
Thankful or Grateful one.
*️⃣ How many people are named Jaydon?
Almost 9000 people are named Jaydon.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jaydon?
The names of Jerlene, Jerelyn, Jerilynn, Jerilyn, Geralyn