Jett meaning

: Hard, Black Mineral

Jett Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \j(e)-tt\
Number of People 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 525
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 English
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Jett Name Meaning

Jett is a brand-new name used for baby boys. It is widely used in America and Australia. The Australian and American citizens know Jett as a popular and modern name that fits their new baby. It is believed that it is only used in these two countries. It is somehow the shortened form of “Jet” which is of course a variant of the airplane which is a little bit faster because of its wings and motor engine. It can be also derived from the deep black color named “jet-black”. At last, it can refer to a deep brown color or black material called “jet” which is achieved through decaying wood under strong pressure. The meanings are summed up in these two terms; Aviation reference; or dark black color


Cool Info About Name Jett

Additional name description Jett
Additional name description Jett


Personality traits of the boy named Jett:

To know more about his personality, we can say that he is a strong and also competitive boy. He tends to compete with others in any case and tries to use his power to win or force them to do his intended action. He likes to be the head of groups and he is successful in it most of the time. He tends to use his strength more than his wisdom in managing groups.

The other characteristic of Jett is that he is a hard-working person who is always working. He is too stubborn to break the obstacles. He works hard to work an important matter out!

In other words, he is the best person for studying and keeping on working. He is used to burning the night’s owl and working as best as possible.  He uses his innovative and generative thinking skills to overcome problems in difficult cases. He is so confident that he believes in himself that he succeeds. He believes in his energy and vigor, too.

He is much more active than you think. He is always a pioneer for a new thing. There is a negative point here that you should pay attention to; he leaves a project or work suddenly and he is not a finisher. He tends to start it once and take into action the brilliant ideas and leave it incomplete afterward. Sometimes he has a bad habit of jumping from one branch to the other if they are not challenged enough with it.  You as his parents should care more about this subject.

His heart’s desire is always a priority to him. He tends to follow what he likes and what his heart wants. He cares much about his emotions and resents making them insignificant. He loves his achievements to be heartedly accepted.

Listening to his heart, he likes to follow the adventure! His heart’s desire is freedom. He likes getting around with his friends, painting the town red, traveling, visiting new places, and as a whole, adventure!

He has a sharp mind. He relies on his abilities a lot. He likes being the boss of companies or factories to be stronger in trading. He dislikes advertising for his work. His slogan is “work qualitatively to be bold”. He likes to be the head to have positive effects on other people’s attitudes in marketing and training. He likes to lead rather than follow.

All in all, he has these specific adjectives; ambitious, inventive, objective-oriented, individualistic, inventive, and successful.

Her most likely vocation: designer, teacher, music composer, curator, librarian, architect, President

Lucky colors: ocher, bronze, gold, yellow

Lucky day: Sunday


The popularity of the name Jett:

John Travolta (the famous American actor) and his wife (who is an actress too) named their first son Jett in 1992. This event made the American people more eager to choose this name for their baby boys. Until 1990, Jett did not have a nice and proper position in popular names’ charts. In the second decade of the 21st century, Jett began to climb the males’ naming charts. It started to turn into a well-used, famous name.

Although In Australia, it was placed in the top 100 most favorable male names, In the United States it was only used moderately and people were not got used to it as much as Australian people.

Jett is a very cool name. we know that it is in fact an admirable one, but parents should be very specific and careful about it. You should have enough reasons to choose this name for your boy.

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Comments on the name Jett
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Jett is my 2yr old grandsons name and i love it!! He is the best thing ever and i love his name and can't imagine him being named anything else!! Everyone loves his name when'they hear it!!

11/01/2023 15:19:10

Husband liked the name Jet, but didn't like the'spelling, so he used Jehtt to be different.

10/30/2023 05:43:02

My mother would have turned 95 this past February. Her middle name was Jett ; she lived to be 91 and was a very strong, driven, professional and a beautiful woman and mother. She liked her name and thought it was unique.

10/20/2023 23:14:36

My son was born in 2018. I wanted him to have a very strong yet not too common name. After brainstorming awhile I decided on the name Jett. He is the only kid in our neighborhood and at his school named Jett. He loves his name and all his friends thinks It's cool.

10/03/2023 08:37:52

We named our son Jiles! He is now going 4yo. Whenever'someone asks for his name, they always say It's very cool and unique which they never heard from before. His charming personality, charI'ma, always cheerful, and such a quick learner fits his name "Jiles" like he's miles away from everybody else. I'm sure he will have no problem growing with his name wherever he may be in the future because of his uniqueness and personable qualities.

09/20/2023 10:52:20

We named our son Jett and we absolutley love it!! He is now two and where ever we go he gets a compimant on his name..and looks:) He is a very strong, big bright boy. When my husband first suggested the name I thought it was weird but now I cannot picture him with anyother name than Jett!!

07/06/2023 05:24:50

I named my youngest son Jet, with one T. It's strong, simple, easy to spell and pronounce. he's the only Jet at his school, making it memorable. People never forget his name. The only complaint I would say about the name is that when he's introducing himself verbally, sometimes people have trouble hearing the T sound. They think It's Jed, Jeb, Jeff, Jack, etc. Just a little confusion and he always ends up having to say it two or three times.

04/03/2023 03:45:34

My son is due a few months from now and we are going with the name Jett! He is Philipino/Japanese so I think it'll suit him perfectly! Nobody knows what we are going to name him, so I can't wait to hear people's thoughts etc.

03/22/2023 16:23:08

Grandson is named Jett and It'suits him so well and he is the most precious 2yr old you'll ever find!!! Love the name and him, couldn't imagine him being anything but Jett and we get very good compliments on his name!!

02/18/2023 11:09:50

My son is 10 months old, and his name is Jett! We lovvvve his name! We wanted a name that was short and started with a J, because we have a long last name that'starts with a J. It fits him so well though. The only thing my husband and I worry about is if we have another boy one day....he'll probably be jealous of his older brothe's "cool" name. The only downside is old people always think I say "Jack," so I really have to articulate when one asks his name. But other than that we love it :)

11/04/2022 17:08:22

Named my son Jett... My name is Scott and I wanted him to have a part of me in his name. I love it.

11/01/2022 11:33:10

I named my son Jett. He is now 3 and I have always received a good reponse to it. Now that he is getting older all the little boys love his name and tell him how cool it is.

10/22/2022 12:02:00

We named our son Jettrin which is a Thai name (he is half Thai half Aussie). It is shortened to Jett most of the time.

10/18/2022 06:38:30

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09/08/2022 22:40:14

I named my son Jeht. I have had a TON of compliments on his name! I just couldn't see him as anything other than Jeht!

09/06/2022 11:53:34

Our son's name is Jethro but goes by Jett. Everyone loves Jett ... though sometimes it is pointed out that John Travolta's son's name was Jett too.

09/06/2022 01:18:46

We are naming our baby boy Mahlon. My husband's grandpa's name is Mahlon. The only problem is people don't always pronounce it correctly. He pronounces it like "May-len" but people use the h instead.

08/06/2022 18:11:06

We named our son "Mac", (Meaning "the'son of" in Gailic) with his mothe's maiden name as his middle and my last mame...very manly indeed! rough and tumble wee boy!

07/10/2022 14:42:18

I am a 41 year old woman named Jette. Growing up, no one could pronounce it (or were afraid to) when seeing it written. They always loved it when'they heard it. Now, It'seems like the general public is more aware of the name (maybe because more boys are named Jett or Jet) and people don't hesitate to try saying it. i've always liked the name, but do wonder what happens, at least subconsciously, when people see the name on a resume. Do they skip ahead to Jane or Jill, wondering what someone named Jette must be like❤️ My parents thought it was both elegant and rock-n-roll. In Scandinavia, It's pronounced Yetta, which is the ending of Henrietta. When I think of the name Jette, I think of Denmark. When I think of the name Jett, I think It's cool, but also can't help but think of Jon Travolta's late son, and when I think of the name Jet, I think of an Asian male. Good luck with name choices!

06/27/2022 00:57:54

I am a 32 year old woman named Jett. People seem to love it. I didnt when I was a kid but I like it much better now.

05/18/2022 02:57:36

I named my son Jett, he is 8 months old now and I have never regretted it! I love the name because I think It'sounds so masculine, strong, cool, and unique all at the'same time. This name just suits him perfectly and we get compliments on it all the time!

04/30/2022 19:33:00

We are naming our first-born daughter Belle. Her mother is half Japanese and half Chinese and father is American, so we needed a name that was easy to say in all 3 languages. Besides, she really is a beauty.....

03/07/2022 08:55:48

I love this name for a girl. The'spelling "Jette" is lovely, too.

09/13/2021 07:15:00

My son is 2 months old and his name is Jett and the reason I named him Jett is because my husband is an avation mechanic for the navy and if it wasnt for getting stationed here I wouldn't have met him! and he works on jets so thats the'story of my Baby Jett!!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jett?
The origin of the name Jett is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Jett?
Hard, Black Mineral
*️⃣ How many people are named Jett?
Almost 16000 people are named Jett.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jett?
The names of Jodell, Jadiel, Gittel