Kaiden Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ka(i)-den\
Number in U.S 👶 41,000
Rate in 2021 252
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Kaiden Name Meaning

Meaning and originality:

Mac Cadáin (meaning son of Cadáin) was a Gaelic last name and it seems that Kaiden has derived from this last name. The Gaelic word “cadáin” possibly means ‘battler’, although the exact etymology is still up for debate. It is also possible that this name is somehow a variation of Adam.

As a family, the MacCadáin family had the responsibility of taking care of managing the church land in their Scottish motherland. They kept this position from late medieval times into the early modern era.

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Kaiden?

As a name, Kaiden represents the extreme spectrums of material wealth and success. This means that you either gain a lot of wealth or you don't gain anything at all. You will be good at ruling your own company. If only two words could describe you, they would be balance and power.

You are always trying to love and help the people who are around you. As a person you respect and abide your family values. Sometimes you even neglect yourself to help others. You are very good at giving good advice to others. Sometimes, you can be shy about showing your artistic aspects. People recognize and appreciate the love that you give them.

You are and informed person who relies on his instincts to make decisions. In short, you are a force to be reckoned with. You have a good memory and you also possess the gift of concentration. Your writing is on par with the best writers, so use this skill.

How do people react to you?

People consider you to be gentle and sensitive person. Predators will try to use your gentle nature, so do not let them. Your passion and attentiveness attracts people from the opposite sex. You have a great taste and that's why many people admire your choices. When other people tell you their problems, you give them your undivided attention.

People consider this name modern, youthful, and common.

Lucky colors: Dark colors such as dark blue, gray, purple, or black

Lucky day(s): Thursday


Kaiden is a relatively new name. it debuted in U.S popularity table in 2000. This name is another variation of Caden which itself can be considered fresh. Nowadays Kaiden is one of the most popular variations of Caden. There are only 4 other variations that are more popular than Kaiden. 

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Comments on the name Kaiden
3/7/2023 4:36:58 AM

My son's name is Kaiden Memphis. The name is very special to me. I'm glad all of you seem to enjoy the name as much as we do. ROCK ON LITTLE KAIDENS!!

3/5/2023 11:10:40 AM

My partner and i called our son kaiden (as in kai-den not kay-den) thought it was different to pronounce it like this, does any one else pronounce it this way.

3/5/2023 10:35:24 AM

Love this name! Heard it about 2years ago and thankfully my husband loves it too, our Baby is due 5/8/09 if its a boy it will most def be called Kaiden, just deciding on the'spelling since there are soo many ways to spell it :)

3/3/2023 5:59:02 AM

It is great Name, I named my 2 months child as Kaiden, he is borned on 16th Sep. 2021

3/2/2023 6:31:20 PM

My son is 11 months old and his name is Kaiden! My husband and I love it and have gotten a ton of compliments on it! I did not know that is meant strong warrior though. That makes me like it even more. My husband said in Japanese it means Teacher!

2/28/2023 1:54:58 PM

WHAT?? Girls name-my name. Never heard of it ever being associated with boy name.

2/26/2023 5:49:58 PM

My 7month old sons name is kaiden i love it and have no regrets picking the name,i just think that its a unique name as i have not met another child with the'same name.

2/25/2023 8:58:00 PM

What is wrong with the world? Barrett is a boys name. All our boys go by their middle his full name is James Barrett. He was born in '02.

2/23/2023 11:39:30 AM

i've got a son named Kaiden as it was the ONLY name my husband and I could agree on. Since he was born i've heard of lots of other Kaiden's, but they've been spelled differently. My Kaiden was the only baby with the name that was spelled K-A-I-D-E-N in our hospital for the whole year 2019. The meaning of the name fits "fighter" him well too as he was born with bilateral clubfoot and he's spent more than 3/4 of his life in plaster casts up to his thighs and braces.

2/20/2023 9:38:52 PM

I Am 13 and was reasearching a name for my aunts' unborn baby. Once i came along Kaiden i knew it was sweet but an official name for the baby.

2/14/2023 11:59:36 PM

I have loved this name forever. I am 22 now, and have planned on naming my son (when i have one) Kaiden since I was about 17. Actually, I had never heard the name...but had heard of Jayden. So I came up Kaiden, and then I looked it up online...and found that it was an actual name. All this time, and now all of a sudden, Kaiden is a popular name making its way to the top 100. I have never met a child named Kaiden, but I am sure that I am bound to before long. I adore this name'so much, and have for so long. But I don't want to name my child something that everyone else is named. In the next few years there will be too many Aiden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden, & Kaden's running around. When'the time comes and my husband and I decide to start a family, I fear the naming my son will not be as easy as I once thought.

2/11/2023 3:07:28 AM

Our son was born 10th August 2013. We liked the names jayden and caleb so combined them to get caiden and then changed the'spelling to kaiden. We have never'seen It'spelt this way before and It'seems to be gaining popularity. He does seem to get called hayden when'telling people his name. We would not be able to get things with his name on it unless we order It'specially, but at least he wont be able to leave his trademark name without us knowing it is him..

2/8/2023 12:46:14 AM

We chose Gage because it is a last name and we simply liked it for a first name. On Walker Texas Ranger, a fictitious character's last name was Gage. Also, several other people have that last name as we researched. Our son is 16. Moreover, really speaking negatively about someone?s name is not very kind. The name has a person behind it. Rate the name'sure-but remember I am sure that no person has a name that can't be picked on if someone chooses to be ugly about it.

2/1/2023 11:35:22 PM

My boyfriend heard the name kaiden and told me that was what we should our son who was born dec 3 2021. So we did and everyone loves the name

1/23/2023 5:59:50 PM

What a pretty uncommon name! It'sounds like the name of the lady from "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. I would name my daughter this if I could.

1/21/2023 7:13:10 AM

my name is kaiden and its amazing, no one else has my name, never have I'met anyone with anything remotely close to my name, and it means baby dragon in a sacred language in my family that i do not speak or know the name of

1/20/2023 6:17:18 PM

i love the name kaiden i think it is a really cute name for a boy

1/18/2023 4:54:54 PM

its Irish was Aiden but American spelt it Kaiden just there tongue lol we named are wee man kaiden i like it

1/15/2023 9:54:30 PM

We are planning to name our son Parker. It is my maiden name and I think it makes a great first name. I am excited to be able to continue my family name with my son!

1/13/2023 5:15:10 AM

do you pronounce kaiden as kayden? anyone can help?

1/10/2023 3:46:50 AM

my sons name is Kaiden as well. When we discovered the name 2 years ago we thought it was so original and now we see more and more kids with the name!

1/4/2023 12:50:10 AM

my aunty had a baby boy named kaiden and he was very big wene we got him he was 9 pond .

12/31/2022 7:29:38 AM

It's my friends name, he pronounces Kai as in 'I' not 'ay', It's kind of like a cutesy name when You'relate it to him tho. Though sometimes we call him Kei as in Kay, but It's all seemingly Japanese with him. he's 16 shockingly enough, some of the teache's have called him Kiden, as in Key-den, not sure why though. anyway, we all love him It's great

12/25/2022 3:40:04 AM

We named our 4th daughter Lexie Rose, love the name just having a hard time thinking of it has an adult name.

12/17/2022 5:34:16 PM

kaiden is my name, im from java (indonesia). its means permitted by God. my parents give this name because they want a boy, and i was borned.

12/17/2022 1:09:46 PM

my baby brother is called kaiden daniel maguire he is one and i need to kknow his meaning

12/16/2022 12:46:12 PM

my son;s name is Kaiden Richard. i was listing off names while i was pregnant and my boyfriend liked Caden i hated the'spelling so i looked up alternatives and was either going with Caedon or Kaiden, i didn't like how i wrote Caedon on paper it looked sloppy but i loved how Kaiden looked!

12/14/2022 9:58:36 PM

Our son is called "Kyden" which we made up. We liked the name "Kye" but wanted to give him something more (and use Kye as a nickname) ... so came across Kaiden and tweeked the'spelling (we didn't want to his name to be shortened to sound like "Kay". i've since realised/heard that the'spelling "Kai" can actually be pronounced to sound like "Kye" too).

12/13/2022 12:46:02 PM

My name is Keiden pronounced like Kaidan. Same name, different spelling, plus there's the Japanese meaning of the word's Kei and Den which is somewhat cool.

12/10/2022 6:56:10 PM

We named our son kaiden who was born (02/03/07) i liked the name ever'since i heard it a few years before and now i've noticed there are a lot of little boys called Kaiden.

12/8/2022 10:15:54 PM

My baby boy is named Kaiden and I LOVE the name. I love the meaning and I love the'stren'th behind it. Patrick is his middle name after his grandfather who passed away before he was born... I love the way the two names flow together. Kaiden Patrick. Such a handsome and strong name. When he's older people will call him Kade I'm sure and that's just awesome.

12/7/2022 9:31:44 AM

love it, just named our boy Kaiden pronounced kai plus den as we loved Kai for short!

12/6/2022 6:14:48 PM

ive gt a 20 mnth old called kaiden before i didnt hear it but now It'seems common i fink It'suits him so much wen i was lookin in d babybook it meant excitin

12/5/2022 6:08:52 PM

My son's name is Kaiden..I thought I was truly though no one had this name. We originally found it as "Caden" then changed the C to K since my name begins with K. My husband added the I and we thought we came up with "Kaiden". Little did I know that there are a ton of kids with the name. Oh well!! I'm thinking about keeping the name with my future children. "Jaiden" "Aiden" "Braiden"

12/4/2022 5:42:20 AM

so there is this kid named kaiden he is tottaly awesome cause my name is kaiden davis and im cool like that

11/29/2022 9:40:08 PM

You and all the othe's slouhd be proud of yourselves Caleb. It took alot to get into C-Corp and you guys proved yourselves worthy. Keep it up! Bob

11/22/2022 6:52:12 AM

My son was born in Nov 2009. We couldn't find a boys name to agree on; combined Aidan with a "K" and my husband spelled the name wrong on the birth certificate= Kaiden. We love it and have met LOTs of kids with that name'since. Both boys and girls and spelled many different ways.

11/19/2022 11:19:30 PM

My daughter's name is Kaiden. I know that it is a unisex name and many parents name their sons Kaiden but I LOVE it!! My oldest is Mikayla so their names are very cute together. Mikayla & Kaiden!

11/19/2022 11:01:52 PM

my babies due in 10 more days and ive decided to name him Kaiden i love the name!

11/19/2022 6:34:24 AM

lol my name is kaiden friesen sweet and im kick ass

11/15/2022 6:45:56 AM

My son was born on 5-2-2015 and me and my husband only agreed on one name and that was Caiden. I only heard it one other time when i named him, but now i hear it where ever i go. Sometimes i wish i would have named him something else. When we decide to have another child, i will not pick a name thats on the most popular baby name list.

11/7/2022 11:18:50 PM

This is quite popular in sweden but most people spell "Karin".

11/4/2022 8:19:22 AM

Named my son Kaiden pronounced ky-den but of course everyone pronounces it Kay-den which annoys the hell out of me but oh well guess we will be correcting people for life lol

11/4/2022 12:05:38 AM

my son is called kaiden and it is pronounced kai-den and he is often called kayden

11/2/2022 11:03:50 AM

We named my son, born 4/21/11, Easton Michael. Easton because we just loved the name and Michael after his Daddy. We've gotten lots of compliments and It'seems to suit him well. Definitely a strong boys name!

10/31/2022 5:19:54 PM

I named my Daughter Kaiden. I had to be different, people love it or at least they say they do? lol

10/28/2022 7:58:26 PM

My son was born in 2017 and we named him Kaiden. We thought the name was unique at the time, but then found out otherwise lol.

10/28/2022 2:20:26 AM

Me and my Fiance named our son Kaiden. We feel that its a name that is different - without being too different. Just annoyed that people cant spell it correctly. Cayden, Caydan, Kayden, Kaydin. LOL

10/25/2022 3:48:26 AM

My name is Kaiden and I love my name. The only challenge is people tend to mispell my name all the time.

10/20/2022 7:25:38 AM

We named our son Kale Andrew. I like the name. I agree with what othe's have posted. It'sounds cool, and the name has a strong sense about it.

10/17/2022 11:52:56 PM

We named our now 6-month-old son Rafe. I wanted something I haven't heard a million times already. I affectionately call him Rafey (ray-fee). We really have to enunciate when someone asks his name and people have quite often'thought I said race or something and is constantly mispronounced. Still love the name though for its meaning and individuality.

10/15/2022 3:59:38 AM

I was reading a magazine and there was Kaiden. I knew right then'that would be the name of my son if I am carring a boy!

10/14/2022 5:07:12 PM

We named our son Kaiden also. (06-06-06 6:28 am) It'seems I'm like eaveryone else I thought I was being original =) I added the K becuase I liked the name Adian but like 4 couples in my lamoze class were using the'same name. I had no idea Kaiden was so popular!

10/10/2022 11:43:42 AM

my son was born nov 11 2015, strong active talkative and very loving, fun and soooooo handsome. i absolutely love his name. many people try call him haiden jaiden, how hard is it to remember'such a perfect name, KAIDEN! lol i thought I'made it up by just changing the'spelling, now everyone has named their son it, you are all so very welcome, lol!

10/8/2022 12:07:06 PM

my sons name is KAIDEN and he was born with positional clubsfeet.... and he gave the name a meaning before the fact we knew that he did have the clubsfeet!!! we named him KAIDEN...

10/1/2022 7:36:20 AM

We plan on naming our son walker. Not sure about a middle name yet!

9/30/2022 10:44:22 AM

we named our son Kaiden Caine Smith I had only heard of it one other time. I love the name a lot.

9/28/2022 9:39:36 AM

My almost 2 year old's name is KAIDEN and I still LOVE it till this day. Originally we were going to name him Jaiden but didnt want his nickname to end up being "Jay" I wanted to stick with the "aiden" family and we came up with this unique name. He completly fits this name he is handsome,smart,tall,funny and very masculine..haha! (So he thinks) :)I had know idea this many people had actually spelled it the'same!!

9/19/2022 10:32:00 AM

I named my son Kaiden on 1-8-94 he is 12 now. I have never heard this name and beli'ved it to be original. I see it a lot now with other variations. Has anyone seen it before 95.

9/18/2022 2:15:18 PM

I have reciently had a son who i named Caiden, i knew there was many ways of spelling it but i hadn't seen It'spelt Kaiden. i chose this name because i am cornish and was told it was a cornish name that ment spirited. which i thought was very fitting for my son. i beli've each spelling has a different meaning as the american way of spelling it is kayden and the meaning is fighter.

9/12/2022 10:25:44 AM

The name Kaitlyn has become very common, but I love my name beacause of the'spelling. A lot of people spell my name Caitlin, and I love telling them It's with a K. I absolutely love my name. It is SO NOT pioneer name... :-] haha but I understand we all have different opinions!

9/5/2022 9:44:12 AM

we r expecting a baby boy in April..we have a three year old daughter olivia husband for as long as i have known him 7 years has always said if he ever has a son he wants to name him cade...recently i was looking at baby bedding and there was a brand called caden lane...i told my husband i'll meet him half way and we'll do caden...what a strong name.

9/2/2022 6:55:12 PM

We named our son Kaiden. We love the name. It's just different enough so that's not common, but used enough so that It's not bizarre. People sometimes have a hard time spelling it, they keep wanting to use a C instead of a K, but other than that, there has been no problems.

8/23/2022 12:47:06 PM

My sons name is Kaiden and he fits the name! I have only met about 5 other people with that name but i have heard that it is on the rise! I have never heard anyone pronounce it wrong. We pronounce it like Kay-Din!

8/21/2022 1:12:18 PM

We thought we were being so original with this one and then BAM It's one the top 100 names this year?! SO MAD!!!

8/19/2022 1:37:30 PM

I wanted to name my son Aiden, but my husband wanted to name him Kade, so we agreed with Kaiden

8/19/2022 5:23:24 AM

gawjuss name :) if i have a boyy thats the first name ill be considering :D x

8/14/2022 12:57:00 AM

ive just found out that im expecting a boy an i live in the uk, kaiden is not a name ive ever heard b4 so i typed it in2 google an came up wiv this page!! i absoutely love it and im slowly swayin my partner 2 it aswell. i know a couple of children in my town with the name 'kai' and because i did like the name jaiden'ther's also a few of those about so i put them 2gether not realising kaiden is actually as popular as It'sounds on here, double thumbs up 2 me :)

8/8/2022 6:40:48 PM

I am planning to name my soon to be born baby boy Kaiden. I basically did not want my son to be one of a million Aidens, and also the nickname Kaid really appealed to me. With Aiden you don't really have any nickname, but with Kaiden you can at least call him Kaid, which sounds strong and masculine.

8/7/2022 9:44:24 AM

My son was born Jan 24 2020 and we called him Kaiden. My husband liked Aiden and I liked Kade, so we put it together and came up with Kaiden. It was the only boys name we agreed on. We hadn't heard of any other Kaiden's before. Later on we read in a baby name book that it meant friend and companion. Since then'the name has been coming up everywhere spelt many different ways.

7/12/2022 5:08:06 AM

I named my boy Kaiden and hadnt heard of it much at the time, (nov 2016). I had heard of Kayden but I changed the'spelling myself and now I see its quite a popular name after all... although not so much in England. And we get compliments everywhere we go for his unusual name.

6/18/2022 3:46:12 AM

we know a little girl called Fay, and she is realy nice , pretty and full of fun.

6/14/2022 6:26:24 AM

My little boy is called kaiden Lee, I love his name I saw the'spelling Kayden but didn't like It'so chose KAIDEN. Some people call him Hayden sometimes but I soon correct them!

6/12/2022 3:05:42 PM

HI'my husband nd I had our son jan 5th 2019 and his name is kaiden louis I love this name and he fits his name perfect

5/30/2022 3:04:48 PM

My son's name is Kaiden WillI'm, I picked the name before it got so popular. I love it, fits him well. Little Fighter, It's also Celtic.

5/28/2022 8:59:24 PM

My 9-year-old brother is named Kaiden. People usually think It's something between "Kay" and "Aiden" and they try to spell it this way. My parents and I call Kaiden "Kai" (pronouced "Kay"), because It's shorter and cuter. When he's older, he will be proud to have such an unusual name.

5/15/2022 4:30:18 AM

MY 7 month old daughter is named Kaiden. Hubby and I loved the name, and looked it up...even'though It's supposedly a boy's name, the meaning fits our little miss quite well!

5/15/2022 3:35:24 AM

My 13 month old nephew is called Kaiden. Its a lovely name for a Boy i love it x

5/1/2022 12:56:06 PM

I have had my name Kaiden for 14yrs and i always get the whole thats a cool name and it makes me proud to have such a name

4/16/2022 12:25:30 PM

My names kaiden but its really hard beacuse like 20 other guys are named kaiden and i have never EVER heard of anouther girl named kaiden. But suprisingly when i went to a website, It'said since the 1800's only 2 girls have been kaiden. Whos the other i wonder?

3/7/2022 9:50:42 AM

My 21-month-old son's name is Kaiden. People always ask "WHAT'S his name?" We love it, and I think that it is different enough to be cool, but not crazy so that he will feel embarrassed. I am proud of the name that we chose for our great, cool baby!

3/4/2022 5:54:00 AM

I named my son Kaiden as i had never heard it before, now It'seems its not as uncommen as i thought. Kade or Cade is just as nice but less common.

2/25/2022 6:21:00 PM

I named my son Kaiden Riley. My husband liked Kade and I like Aiden. It'seemed like a good solution.

1/23/2022 3:12:54 PM

my son is named KAIDEN i kind of made the name up when i was pregnant and fell in love with it, id neva heard the name before but have since heard it more and more, people usaly spell it kaydon which annoys me lol i wrote down all the diffrent ways to spell this name and chose KAI-DEN,although i do pronounce it kayden. i sometimes call him kai as in ky. i loved the name and as soon as my baby was born i new it was the name for him,i dont understand were all the criticI'm is comeing from with people saying its a fake name- you sound pathetic how can a name be FAKE ITS A NAME NOT A PIECE OF GOLD you silly person!! names are all made up from somewhere anyway. my son is now 13months and 5 days old hes so amazeing and im still loveing the name :-D

1/9/2022 9:55:12 AM

i've been a Kaiden for 18 years now and its been a unique experience. Aside from having to pronounce it and spell it to people over and over and over again, its a good name. I get comments on it all the time... so much so that it gets annoying. Roughly every other person I'meet has something to say about it. I suppose that now its getting more popular and more mainstream but I was one of the first, so thats cool.

12/29/2021 10:24:00 AM

My wife Anna loved the name from the'start I told her we should name our son Kaiden. Now he is over 8 months old and all of our close family members just can't get enough of calling him Kajdus, is sounds cute in Polish. It does not have a strong sounds/meaning as much as Kaiden.

12/23/2021 4:14:06 PM

We are naming our son Quentin Paul. Very rare and strong name for a boy and a man. People are already calling him Baby Q and I love it.

12/17/2021 5:29:42 PM

We had a very difficult time getting pregnant for many years,when I finally became pregnant it was considered a high risk pregnancy. My husband actually found the name and we loved that it meant stren'th and warrior of battle. Our happy and healthy son is now 4 and his name'suits him perfectly. Whenever anyone hears our son's name they think it is very cool.

12/13/2021 9:11:06 AM

I have never heard of the name Kaiden... My wife and I just named our son (12/12/07) Kaiden. I thought I had made up a new name. Apparently not. I never researched the name.

12/4/2021 5:28:48 PM

Im 15 and i was pretty sure I'made this name up for a story untill i googled it haha, made it out of Overlord Kai (I was 8, dont critize me!!), and din(den). I'made it for a guy who carries a sword so i guess all in all "sword warrior, friend/companion, and teacher." are all suitible meanings. i've always thought of it as sounding japanese in origin...i even gave my character the last name Takuya. I pronounce it Kay-den usually, but ive decided that'sometimes, It'sounds better as Kah-eye-den.

12/4/2021 5:35:06 AM

My son is almost 15 months and his name is Kaiden(kay-den), which i am Scottish and has special meaning to me. It means warrior companion, warrior heart(above), and in arabic it means lucky companion. My son is very smart and handsome and will know his name means something special and his roots, and not because It's a cool name.:)

11/15/2021 1:20:24 AM

I was writing a novel, and the name Kaiden popped into my head, so I named a character General Kaiden. Then I started seeing it everywhere. I love the name though, I loved back when I thought I'made it up.

11/6/2021 5:03:36 AM

My husband and I have an 11 month old son named Kaiden. We love the name, it was the only one we could agree on and we get compliments everywhere we go.

10/30/2021 6:31:48 AM

I'm thinking of naming my baby kaiden,my name is karen and my husband loves the name aiden so I decide to put a (k) infront of it that's how I came up with kaiden. I just love it very much

10/25/2021 8:23:24 PM

my beloved son is 5 months old and I love the name Kaiden. Even'though my mom-in-law objected this name before he was born, she asked me to name him some other name. I insisted and I am proud that I did.

10/10/2021 5:08:06 PM

My name is Kaiden and I have truly loved it my entire life. Its a truly unique and amazing name, there aren't many who actually have the'same spelling but i find it better than caden or cayden, I feel that if you place this name as your childs that they will be one of the best the world has to offer

9/30/2021 3:40:48 AM

My 6month old son's name is Kaiden!!! It's the first and only name his father and I agreed on!! :)

9/16/2021 9:15:36 PM

My husband liked the name Kai (pronounced Ky), so I looked it up and found that it is a Hawaiian name that means "ocean". I thought that was so cool because I love Hawaii and the ocean but I thought It'sounded more like a nickname than a full name. So, I started tacking endings onto it and came up with Kaiden. We prounouce it Kyden. Sometimes we call him Kai too! I love his name and think It's so special but EVERYONE pronouces it Kayden!

8/20/2021 11:22:30 AM

This is my sons name as soon as I found out he was a boy I loved the name and It'stuck he's now two and I still love it just as much we spell it Khalil and say it the'same

8/17/2021 1:01:30 AM

We named our youngest daughter (4 years old) Macy Jessica. She has a twin brother named Sam. We knew I'mediately that if we had a girl, she would be named Macy and all of our older children agreed. We all just loved the name. She is a fun-loving, smart as a whip blonde that we love to pieces!

7/24/2021 12:34:30 AM

We named our daughter Kailee (ki-lee or maybe kigh lee. "Kai" is the Hawaiian word for waterý lee (nautically) means away from the wind or sheltered. Literally Kailee means sheltered water. Now 14 years old, the name'suits her, she likes it, and, so do we.

7/18/2021 8:14:24 AM

my little boy is names kaiden hes nearly 4, i hadnt heard it when i named my son but now its become more common

7/16/2021 7:38:24 PM

hey, im the original kaiden. i was born 12 5, 2006 in denver and my parents have researched and i am THEE original Kaiden. KAIDEN WAYNE SHULTZ

7/14/2021 7:08:42 PM

Our four year old's name is Kaiden. It took us five months of going over existing names before we finally made this one up out of sounds that we liked. I was dead set against doing this, but after five months I was at my wits end. We love it, It'seems to fit his personality quite nicely.

7/7/2021 9:31:48 PM

the most misspelled name ever!! I love my name though... so Original. Rahsaan D.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kaiden?
The origin of the name Kaiden is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kaiden?
*️⃣ How many people are named Kaiden?
Almost 41000 people are named Kaiden.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kaiden?
The names of Kamari, Kimber, Cambria, Kamara, Kambria