Kali meaning

: Black

Kali Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-li\
Number of People 👶 27,000
Rate in 2021 532
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Indian
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Kali Name Meaning

The name "Kali" has deep significance in Hindu mythology. In Hinduism, Kali is a goddess associated with empowerment, time, change, and destruction. The name "Kali" itself means "black" or "time" in Sanskrit.

Kali is often depicted as a fierce warrior goddess who destroys evil forces and protects her devotees. She is also seen as a symbol of transformation and liberation.

In modern contexts, the name "Kali" can also be used as a given name for girls, symbolizing strength, power, and independence. It carries with it the rich cultural and spiritual heritage associated with the goddess Kali in Hinduism.

Kali Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kali
Additional description of the name Kali

It is the Hindu Goddess of time, empowerment, and change. As one of the most prominent Gogoddessesf of India, Kali is used for naming Calcutta. She was used to guiding people toward God and religion and destroying ignorance. She had an infinite knowledge that is sometimes called a legend.

She was able to defend people against Evil she is a strong and powerful woman in the Hindu tradition. She was announced as the Divine Mother. She is the mother of enlightenment rather than death and destruction that she is sometimes related to. She is a gentle mother as a whole!

Cool Info About Name Kali

Additional name description Kali
Additional name description Kali

Personality traits of the name Kali:

She is an energy bomb. She cares about all of her loved ones. This care is not limited to her loved ones or family; she takes care of anyone who needs help and of course, she can. She loves love. She likes to produce love and define it precisely to others. She can attract people very easily because of her magnetic personality.

She is a balancer. She is always making a balance between her life and her career. She Is almost always successful in doing so. She likes harmony both in life and occupation. She wants everything in complete compatibility with each other and can never tolerate incompatibility or mess. Everything should be harmonious and well-designed anywhere she enters and she is very serious about it. So, you are comfortable with having your daughter messed up!

She is a money maker because she is a hard-working girl, but she has a passive personality. It means that others should push him to do significant work and she is not an active one. This may need more patience and care from you. You should always encourage her to start work and continue it. Be careful not to force her to do something, you should encourage her instead and appreciate her hard work after achieving the predetermined goal.

She is an active woman. She can be a good home manager. She can easily manage and plan for her family’s life. She likes being a head, but she likes to be encouraged by her acquaintances and family members. She can earn good money in her job. She is a good employee. She likes doing her job as best as possible.

She is a good minister, teacher, and counselor. She likes teaching and learning. She has this desire to give all she knows t others. She attempts a lot for her goals and she is successful in achieving them.

People find her a talkative woman. So, she should not talk too much. She should give her ideas where needed. People know that she is an idea-generative person. So, they rely on her for brand-new thoughts useful for them.

All in all, she has these characteristic features: sensitivity, loving, Family-oriented, responsible, Hardworking, and affectionate.

Lucky careers she should choose: writer, producer of luxury and beauty goods, manager of restaurant, scientist, minister, instructor.

Lucky colors: all shades of blue; especially light blue

Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, and Friday


The popularity of the Girl name Kali:

It first appeared on female name charts in 1982. During the 1970s and the 1980s, Indian people immigrated to America and brought this name with them.

For the next 20 years, Kali became more popular among American girls and they showed more enthusiasm for it because of their love for the names Cali, Callie, and Kaylee. So, Kali became an Americanized name for the people of the United States.  

In the mid-1990s, Kali reached its peak in fame and was used moderately. Nowadays, it is an old-used name and many American or even Asian parents are not aware of its Hindu origin.

We offer Kali as your baby girl’s name if you are looking forward to having a powerful and independent girl in all of her lifelong.

More to the point, it is claimed (but not proved) that Kali is a Hawaiian equivalation for hesitation and sometimes for Vagina.

For the past six decades, Kali was recorded 25,478 times in SSA Database.

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Comments on the name Kali
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Cali, (Kaylee) and i really like my name'sometimes, but i hate when i have to correct people a million times, Its KAYLEE, not CALI like California. But i still love it (:

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Kali (Callie) and It's always been mispronounced, misspelled, or just missed. I wouldn't change it for anything, though :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kali, my family calls me Kal, calcutta, im fine with having this name just wish people would stop spelling it with a c lmao, ive met one person with this name'she was a friend of mines younger'sister

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kali and a lot of people pronounce it "Kay-lee" and it is actually "Kah-lee". My parents spelt it with a "K" because my last initial is "C" and my last name is so long that they used one "l" to get it as short as possible.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I absolutely love the name but i hate it when people mispronounce it...i prounounce it like Callie but alot of people say Kaylee...but a few people have said it right! I recommend this name to other people!!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

So my name is Kali but It's actually pronounced Kaylee. Or that's what my parents decided. Because everyone says Kah-lee xD

01/04/2024 08:43:02

I named my daughter Kali (cali) shes only 2 so cant really let me know if she likes it yet it is often pronounced wrong as (kaylee) but people who do get it right away always complete how much they like the name i grew up constantly correcting people pronouncing my name it is annoying but you learn to live with it

12/27/2023 16:26:56

I named my daughter this because I LOVE it, but she is called Kaylie as often as her real name. If I had it to do over I'might use an alternate spelling.

12/24/2023 04:23:48

my nemisis is named kali!people often call her kal-e.

12/09/2023 07:54:34

i named my baby girl kali, she's only almost 2 months old. i really love the name.

12/04/2023 16:13:54

this is my name. usually people cant pronounce it, i dont understand why, its not that difficult. they say jasmin instead.

11/24/2023 21:42:30

I'm a Kali (Kaylee) from the 70's and oddly enough a childhood neighbor's best friend had the'same spelling and pronounciation. i've never met any othe's that have both in common. I'm always being told "my niece is named..." but they always spell it different...As a child I wanted to change my name because it was too hard for people, but as an adult I'm very happy that I kept it!!!

11/20/2023 07:30:00

My name is Kali and It's pronounced Kay-lee, but I love watching people try to say it because it always comes out like It's spelled Callie :D Most people have names that mean stuff like beautiful, calm, ect but nahh KalI'means goddess of destruction ^_^ I think It's pretty flippin awesome!!

11/04/2023 03:16:22

my dogs name is kali pronounced (cali like california)i hate how people named there kid that and pronounced it like kaylee gurr

10/26/2023 14:08:18

That is soooo my name....everyone cals me Cali and it gets soooo annoying so my friends do it n prpose now! it doesnt matter how many times i correct people they still call me cali but i pronounce it like Kaylee! My mom is always like in college just have people call you kah-lee(the hindu way) just to really confuse them! haha but i absolutely love my name its unique and avent meet anyone with it yet!

10/24/2023 09:14:18

My name's Kali, pronounced "kaylee". Don't name your kid this.

10/03/2023 19:30:18

My granddaughter's name is Kali (Callie). Her mother chose the K spelling to copy the beginning letter in her aunt Krista's name. She is very very special to all of us.

09/26/2023 03:14:12

my name is Kali, shortened from kalyani'very early on, around 13, Kali became the name used in schools/college/friends/work/pretty/partners, much the most important aspects of my life. I'm now 34, after 20 years, a full adventure packed life, making friends all around the world, and It's with Kali that I'm now gaining recognition. Although people tend to pronounce it wrong, thats a pain, and some old folks told me, it is too aggressive ( like the goddess), but Kali seems to be working for me, It's how I was ever known in all the important aspects of my life, all my achi'vements and failures, and and now with much positive recognition...and it keeps me young spirited.

09/12/2023 20:39:40

my name is Kali and I pronounce it Kay-lee. It bothe's me when other people have my name and it pronounce it the'same way, too.

08/12/2023 19:21:32

My Duaghter is 10 and her name is Kalyrah "Ka-leer-uh" but we call her kaly "cali" for short. everyone calls her kelly at school and this drives me nuts. I agave her the name because Kalyrah is a gaelic name that means beautiful. and I wanted her to have a unique name like mine "deirdrah" to make her unique. and she is but her name is not kelly! or kaylee! its kaly

08/10/2023 12:41:44

my name is Kali, shortened from kalyani'very early on, around 13, Kali became the name used in schools/college/friends/work/pretty/partners, much the most important aspects of my life. I'm now 34, after 20 years, a full adventure packed life, making friends all around the world, and It's with Kali that I'm now gaining recognition. Although people tend to pronounce it wrong, thats a pain, and some old folks told me, it is too aggressive ( like the goddess), but Kali seems to be working for me, It's how I was ever known in all the important aspects of my life, all my achi'vements and failures, and now with much positive recognition...and it keeps me young spirited.

08/09/2023 09:57:06

My friends name is Kali (not Kaylee) and i don't think that'she has ever had a problem with someone calling her Kailey

07/14/2023 05:19:24

HI'my name is Karla, I'm form El Salvador and my nickname is Kaly (with Y instead of i) I really like my nickname and I didn't know it was the name of the Hindu goddess until now. I knew it is the name of a city and some kind of plant. I would like to have another way to spell it, I think it would be inter'sting.

07/04/2023 15:30:08

my daughters name is Kali and we pronounce it the Indian way of Kah-lee, emphasis on the Lee. I LOVE this goddess for a variety of reasons. she is strong and a lot of people fear her, but she is also the divine mother and the goddess of time and change. she is the mother of all and she never lies to her children, she's always honest and allows them free will. as the goddess of destruction one can only know that in order to create sometimes you must destroy. one state in India name their daughters Kali because they know the true meaning of this deity and respect and revere it. my daughter embodies the True meaning and is the most lovable creature ever. she will growgrow up to embody her name and love it as much as I do I'm sure <3

06/30/2023 21:34:20

my name is kali. (K❤️ah❤️lee) cali. kali. i have never met anyone named kali other than myself. people always pronounce it kay-lee. and spell it callie. everybody thinks its wierd and different but they like it. im wanting a random catchy nickname that will catch on.

06/13/2023 12:15:00

My name is Kali, pronounced Kaylee, and It's always really pissed me off that people pronounce it as Cali. It's spelled with a K. As in "kay". Christ. But I adore my name, absolutely.

06/03/2023 08:19:20

Guess what❤️ My name is Kali too. Crazy. Pronounced Kaylee. Though actually The original name is pronounced KAH-lee. I love the name. The goddesses' worshipers fear AND love her like a mother. And if your Christian, the'story of Lilith Isn't in your cannon, so it wouldn't really matter anyway. Names are names and I feel blessed and I think my name is too. Suck it.

05/27/2023 13:12:50

My neice, Haley, was going to be named Cali (pro> Callie). I am really glad they named her Haley instead because both my sister and I hated that name, especially since we live in a farming area. Cali is more suited for the beach type person.

05/22/2023 20:04:00

This is my name....yay...sumtimes i hate it...sometimes i love it...but its very different and I'make sure i correct anyone who spells it wrong! ~Kaila M.

05/19/2023 07:43:14

I have a sister named kali/ But everyone prononces it kay-lee!

05/10/2023 08:53:16

My name is Kalika Dawn but i go by Kali "kaylee" and "ca-lik-a" i love my name cause it is so uniqe (:

05/02/2023 17:12:26


04/29/2023 11:01:58

On the odd occasion it is pronounced wrongly as "Kay-lee", as I'much preferred Kali pronounced as in "California". i've called my daughter this and don't regret it for a second. Love the name.

04/12/2023 17:17:12

My name is Kali (pronounced kay-lee) and I absolutely love it. Yes, I do have to correct people with the'spelling and pronunciation, but I love that it is unique- makes me feel special. Always get tons of compliments on my name, too :).

04/07/2023 11:47:46

My name's Kali (Kaylee) and I think It's probably one of the coolest names in the entire world. I didn't know it was the name of the Hindu Goddess until I was 8, but it just makes It'so powerful I think. I want a name like that for my daughter. So who needs pencils and little bicycle license plates❤️And if someone pronounces it wrong, correct them. It's a very tiny problem really.

03/25/2023 22:33:36

My names is pronounced kaylee. Everyone pronounces it wrong. i've only met one other ❤️kali❤️ and she'said it the other way. I was born in 2008 and named after this little girl that was missing. Her mom wrote a song called ❤️Kali come home❤️ and played it on the news and my mom heard it while she was pregnant with me and It'stuck. I love the meaning. Also, just found out KalI'means Good in Greek, so there❤️s a nice fact for ya (:

03/22/2023 23:08:42

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby girl! We're naming her Kali Rea. I absolutley love this name. It's so beautiful:)

03/19/2023 10:47:56

My name is Kali. I love my name. I'm not sure why it being the name of a Hindu goddess of creation and destruction would be seen as a bad thing...I think it is bad ass. My name is pronounced Kay-lee, as that is the correct pronunciation. If you want your baby's name to be pronounced Cali like California, for goodness sakes spell it Callie or Kallie, as is correct in the English language.

03/19/2023 10:30:18

My daughter's name is Kali Ranae. (Pronounced Kaylee) When she was born I first spelled it Kali. The doctors and nurses mispronounced It'so I changed the'spelling to Kayli. They still mispronounced It'so before I went home, I changed the'spelling to Kaylee. When she went to first grade she asked to change the'spelling back to Kali so I went to the town Hall and changed it back. She now has several birth certificates with different spellings. It is confusing and I just wish I had left it at Kali. I love this name and the'spelling.

03/12/2023 10:41:40

My name is Kali. Pronounced Kayley. It gets frustrating having to correct people- I hate 'Collie' (I'm not a dog) and 'Callie' - "Like California❤️" pronunciations but I deal. I'll never give my child a name that will be incorrectly pronounced.

03/08/2023 11:46:06

thats my name I'must say that i like that it is unique but i am always correcting people and i absolutely hate it when people purposely call me Cali.

02/23/2023 00:11:48

My real name is Klaudia. I live in Hungary. Actually I hate my long real name, since I learned talk, i've called myself as Kali (firstly Baby Kali, 'cuz I was only 2-3 years old, but now I'm just Kali)

02/16/2023 17:25:54

Hahaha...this is my name! (Pronounced like Callie) I didn't know so many people shared my name, because I have never met anyone with it. I'm 16 years old. I love my name and always have!

02/01/2023 08:18:26

My two year old daughter is named Kali Rose, pronounced "Callie" I have received many compliments on her name but often people pronounce it Kaylee. Before having her i only knew of one other Callie but now i hear it often. I love her name and love the'spelling. I almost spelled it Kallie but i like both ways of spelling it.

01/27/2023 03:24:16

I named my daughter Kali Skye (pronounced Cali Sky), and I'm in love with this name. She's now 12, and she often questions why I named her this. I adore the name, & she bears the'same middle name as I do. I hope one day she❤️ll love the unique nature of her name, instead of being annoyed. Sincerely, a 'Brittany' from the 90❤️s ❤️

01/24/2023 18:41:02

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I absolutly love the name kali, are last name is bell and I told a few people at work about nameing her kali and they say she might be called cow bell. It's really frusterating beacause I love that name. what do u think❤️

01/19/2023 12:53:58

This is my daughters name and she is 3 years old. I loved this name, and I always thought to call her Lexi.

12/21/2022 09:44:16

My name is Karly, but associate my name with Kali. I would love to be named after a goddess, and i think of Kali as mine.

12/20/2022 16:59:10

my daughter is kali. i named her after california but with a k, so you pronounce it kali like kalee kinda, not kay-lee like most call her when'they see the name.

12/16/2022 06:35:54

yes my name is kathy and i always got to say "" HI'my is Kathy with a K

12/15/2022 00:37:18

This is my daughter's name. The older adults in the family are a bit weirded out by the name but everyone else loves it. It is unique (and pretty)...when i tell people the meaning (hebrew for God has answered) they love it even more! I was praying for a girl and God answered :)

12/14/2022 19:37:32

OMG!! I thought I was the only one with the name Kali pronounced Kaylee.

12/13/2022 21:52:40

I love the name Kali! My daughter's name is Kali, and she's 3.

12/13/2022 03:39:24

my name is also Kali Kaylee i love my name yes people pronounce it wrong but who cares its my name and i love it its very unique and its not very usual that you meet people with the name Kali at least i havent ROCK ON KALIS

11/13/2022 22:43:54

Mine is pronounced KAY-LEE. Rarely does someone say it right the first time. I don't understand why no one can say it right. The i jumps over the l make the a song long. It's basic elementary stuff people!

11/06/2022 10:52:18

I am a Kali also. I just answer to anything that'sounds close to it because no one can pronounce 4 simple letters. It's unique, and I love it. Especially because my personality is the complete opposite of It's meaning.

11/06/2022 02:03:18

My name is kali..and its pronounced like Kaley. When i was in school all teache's and especially substitutes always pronounced it like Cali, and it was really frustrating

11/03/2022 20:16:24

I named my dog Kali back in '86 and always pronounced it Kaylee...she lived to be 15, I'miss her'still.

10/24/2022 07:49:22

I love the name Kali! It's short and sweet. My sister pronounces it "Cali," but often gets "Kay-lee" instead. A lot of people spell it wrong, but that's okay, since It's a newer name. She's met a few other people with the name, which surprises me.

10/06/2022 18:58:26

my friends name is kali, her real name is Kaliana though!! she hates her name idk why cuz i think kaliana is a beutiful name but she likes kali better but still doesnt like it

10/03/2022 08:58:44

My 8-yr-old stepdaughter is a Kali and a lot of people pronounce it wrong. I explained to my husband that It'should be pronounced Kay-lee since there is only one "l" in it, if you use the rules of the English language. Hadn't heard about the goddess at the time, but did about a year later. There's a girl down the'street about the'same age with the'same Kali spelling and pronunciation, surprisingly. I would much rather give a child a name that people can pronounce correctly, and that they can find on pencils and those little bicycle license plates and stuff like that.

10/01/2022 02:36:34

This is my name and i just love it! In general people often mispronounce it and misspell it. I like how it always stands out of the rest and boys definitely love it! It's so uncommon that everywhere I go I'm the only one with that namee!:)

09/19/2022 23:45:30

This is my daughter's name and here in the UK is unusual. It was very common at the turn of the 19th Century though. I love old names.

07/18/2022 02:02:42

I named my gorgeous puppy Kali Rose. I knew the background and named her because It's a fierce and powerful name! I love it.

07/05/2022 22:09:36

When I was a kid in Indiana (in the 50's), a (male) farmer who lived nearby was named Ocie. I would guess that he was born around 1900. His name was pronounced "OH-see," but the first time I ever knew how it was spelled was when I read his obituary.

05/19/2022 15:33:36

My name is Kali. Pronounced like 'Cali'(california). I like and prefer it over the (kay-lee) version. The majority of people who pronounce my name'say it as kay-lee. A friend of mine also has the name Kali (pronounced kay-lee). We attend different schools but everyone calls her by the 'california' pronounciation. We get called by the opposite pronounciations and wonder if we should have lived different lives! =D

04/13/2022 00:14:42

It is my daughter's name and we love it. She is almost 3. Not everyone pronounces it correctly but she already corrects the ones that do it incorrectly. Every baby book I have found pronounces it as it is spelled, Kah-lee. I have run across one other person, teenager, with her name and she pronounces it has Kay-lee. Whereas it is frustrating to go into a doctor's office and hear her name pronounced incorrectly, I wouldn't change it if I had the chance.

02/11/2022 17:37:48

This is my name, Lilian. I cannot count how many times my teache's and/or friends spell it incorrectly, with two Ls in the middle. It's quite annoying.

01/28/2022 22:24:00

HI!!! My name is kalaria (pronounced jus how it looks, not rea but ria like tia with a r) but my nickname is kali! I hate when people spell and say my name wrong. I have never met another Kalaria (ka-La-RE-A) or Kali (kaH-LEE), but thats y i luv It'so much cuz its unique like me.

11/27/2021 12:32:42

My 8 year old daughters name is Kali Rae, sounds like "Callie". I decided to spell it this way because I thought it was beautiful, like she is! Rae is after my late father. To all the Kali's out there, you are beautiful!!!

11/13/2021 14:34:12

This is the name of my great grandmother and the Middle name of my daughter, Beatrice Alida. We prononce it the french way:Ah-Lee-da.

08/15/2021 17:00:00

im 32 my name is Kali like kaylee n i hate the pronunciation also the boom in the name is weird....can i finally get my keychain and my bicycle license plate i had to grow up without!❤️!❤️

07/18/2021 09:09:18

My favorite misspelling of it was a document that came to the attention of "Cow-Lee" ;-)

07/15/2021 07:57:18

Named my daughter Kali. Pronounced Kall-ee, like LL Cool Js song I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali I'm going back to Cali -

07/15/2021 06:07:30

My daughter has a best friend who's last name is Kali"kaylee" it is European in origin. My daughter decided she would name her first daughter Kali. My granddaughter is 18 and the name fits her.

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The origin of the name Kali is Indian.
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Almost 27000 people are named Kali.
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The names of Emily, Lily, Jasmine, Jaylen, Kenley