Lively, Aggressive, From The Wood

Kelli Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(el)-li\
Number in U.S 👶 75,000
Rate in 2021 7460
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Irish

Kelli Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kelli
Additional description of the name Kelli
"Kelli" is a beautiful name for boys And girls that has Irish origin. Meaning of the name Kelli is: "Lively, Aggressive, From The Wood".

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Comments on the name Kelli
05/12/2023 05:51:10

Yello fellow Natashas out there! My name is Natasya but everyone calls me Tasya and sometimes Tash. I love the name Natasya because it has that'sexy, femme fatale vibe but at the'same time, It'sounds playful and friendly. I'm very proud of my name and I thanked my parents and grandparents for choosing that name for me. I don't think other names will suit me than Natasya! Go Natasha everywhere in da world! Woo hoo!!! ???

05/04/2023 21:48:48

my name is Kelli! before i didn't like my name but now i think its cool cause of how different it is from everyone else's. it bugs me when people misspell it though i cant stand it lol

04/14/2023 16:53:48

My name is Kelli also and I absolutely love it. I have three other closed friends named Kelly and i love that my name is somehow different from ther's. I am referred to as Kelli with an I and an uncle as a joke refers to me as Kel-I... although people get it wrong sometimes I think this spelling is prettier and more elegant than Kelly. I have a friend named Kelly who often'tells me she wishes her name was spelled like mine!

03/26/2023 07:22:36

Kelly was originally an Irish boy's name and is a boy's name. Over time, it obviously went unisex in The'states.

03/09/2023 17:27:04

My name is Kelli! i love how it is spelt even'though my name is always spelt wrong. sometimes i get mad because sometimes people spell it wrong when'they really do know me. i am often referred to as kelli with the i. i love it

02/11/2023 07:14:20

I love my name. It really suits me and no one I know personally has It'spelled like I do. It's easy to write and looks GREAT in cursive.

02/05/2023 07:49:16

my name is kelli and every body tells me i spell my name wrong and it get on my nerovs

01/10/2023 09:21:52

People usually spell my name wrong, but i really like how it is spelled compared to all the other ways, and guys always compliment me on my name :)

01/03/2023 06:54:32

i LOVE THE NAME KELLLLi. aha its my name i love the'spelling ehh yeah i love itt. but everyone spells it wrong. i also like the name'stefan

12/26/2022 04:03:38

This name is awful for a girl, lexis is lovely though. this sounds too brutal and manly and chavvy after a car?!

12/20/2022 20:48:24

I like how my name is spelt. I think it is very unique and different but it gets on my nerves that everyone spells it wrong and that when I go to somewhere like disney world and I see all of the name'stuff, I can never find my name that is spelt the right way. But other than that, I love it.

12/12/2022 22:57:16

My name is Kelli I adore my name'spelt differently.. even'though people do tend to spell it wrong.. even when'they should know otherwise. But some people use it as a way to remember my name.. one person who had to learn like 200 names always remembered mine cause she calls me "kelli with an i" It's a little bIt'special.

12/09/2022 09:08:20

A lot of people spell (Kelli) wrong! && it actully gets kind of annoying... But I am some what used to it now.. People normally just call me (Kel) though.. Which I am totally fine with! I kind of wish that I wasn't named Kelli.. But heyy its just a name!

11/22/2022 14:30:40

i love my name and i love the'spelling, it is short and sweet and cute like me~

11/10/2022 09:30:14

Hey there, my name is also Kelli..i go alot by Kelli Jo. People often spell my name with a "y", even my ex-boyfriend has spelled my name with a "y" even'though knowing. It's just one of those things you gotta live with.

10/24/2022 00:46:10

i got this guber annoying friend named KellI and she is retarded but thats ok cuz i <3 her but shes the crazy retard! lol jk not really but yeah the mostes annoying personi know is my kelli! :D

09/15/2022 06:36:40

I really like my name (Kelli) and the unique spelling. But my biggest pet peeve is when people repeatedly spell my name incorrectly even after being told.

09/07/2022 19:37:58

My name is Kelli, and yes everyone spells it wrong, but after'so many years it doesn't bother me. My sister is a Sherri and she has the'same trouble also. I am glad that my parents went with the unique way of spelling my name. When growing up I was the only Kelli anywhere I went. Now It'seems everywhere I turn there is someone with my name, they just aren't lucky to have it end with an I. =-)

09/04/2022 03:10:20

Well I have the name but some people can't pronounve it gets me mad

07/09/2022 05:45:54

my name is kelli, and I'm 14. when I was younger I always wished my name was spelled with a y instead, but the'spelling has grown on me. i've heard a couple people online saying it looks and sounds trailer trashy but I think It's more fresh. It's artsy and a cute way to spell a name. plus, great conversation starter! I always get lots of compliments on it, but I really can't stand when people spell it wrong. I have trouble confronting them about It'so I never'say anything and It's just frustrating. I'm very Irish and italian also (although I live in America) so my last and middle name flow well with my first. i've heard Kelli's have "bad luck" also but I feel like It's just a myth. I beli've in my life so far i've had my fair share of bad luck, naturally. but also i've had lots of good luck, just like anyone else. if you even beli've in luck, which I'm not even sure I do.

04/03/2022 04:10:30

I just tell people that I really don't care if they spell my name long as they aren't engraving it on something. I get a lot od Kelley or Kellie...people remember is not just a "y"... On the TV show Frazier, they made a reference once to "Kelli, spelled with an I."

01/28/2022 19:39:18

i love my name kellie but whenever anyone wrIt's my name there always like is it kellie with a i or a y or they just don't ask and apell it wrong anyway!

10/18/2021 10:52:48

people spell it wrong but i have lots of fun with kelli being my name.

09/10/2021 01:28:30

I like my name and I like It'spelled with in "i". Yes, it is often spelled wrong, but I can't say it bothe's me that much. I'm often referred to as Kelli with an "I".


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kelli?
The origin of the name Kelli is Irish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kelli?
Lively, Aggressive, From The Wood
*️⃣ How many people are named Kelli?
Almost 75000 people are named Kelli.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kelli?
The names of Kai, Kaia, Guy, Coy, Cai