Levi meaning

: Joined

Levi Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \lee-vy\
Number of People 👶 158,000
Rate in 2021 26
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Levi Name Meaning

The name “ Levi “ can be a popular choice for a baby’s name as well. This name is also spelled as “ Lévi “. The name “ Levi “ or “ Lévi “ can be used as a surname with a Jewish origin. This name means “ attached “ and has another origin which is Hebrew. Also the other spelling of this name is “ Levy “ but less popular than the other forms of spelling.

Cool Info About Name Levi

Additional name description Levi
Additional name description Levi


Popularity of the name Levi

The name is not a common one in Louisiana based on the data by reliable American resources in the year 1922 in the United states of America. For instance, imagine that about 8 newborn babies were given the name “ Levi “ in the year 1922.

A total of about 269 newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby during the year 1922 in the United states of America. From the year 1880, the highest recorded use of the name “ Levi “ is related to the year 2018 with a total of 8000 newborn babies.

Since the year 1880 to the year 2000, the given name was recorded about 140000 times in the SSA public database. This name appeared in the year 1880 for the first time on the popularity charts. About 100 newborn babies were given the name “ Levi “ at that time. This name became a popular choice a popular name in the year 2008 with a rank of 85 nationwide and was registered 5000 times as a baby boy’s name.

The name “ Levi “ became a popular name in the state of Vermont in the year 2018. This name ranked 4 with 27 newborn babies in the year 2018 in the state of California with 940 babies. Also the name “ Levi “ is a consistent top ranking name in the state of Montana for about 53 consecutive years from the hear 1975 to the years 2018. Totally, for the past 20 years, the name “ Levi “ was recorded 100 thousand times in the SSA public database.


Personality of the name Levi

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Levi “

L is for lively, your life is full of positive energy

E is for enchant, for enchant you will

V is for versatile, your changeable nature

I is for impress, for impress you will

If you are interested in the name “ Levi “ and you want to select that as your baby’s name, you can select the reversed form of the name as your baby’s nickname.


Famous people named Levi

Judah the Levi who was a Spanish poet

Alda Levi who was an Italian artist

Alexander Levi who was a French Jew who became the first foreigner to be naturalised in Iowa

Beppo Levi who was an Italian mathematician  


Similar names to the name Levi

Lucas, Logan, Lola

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Comments on the name Levi
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Years go a co-worker named her son Levi and it always stuck with me as a great name. She pronounced it like the jeans and not like the biblical standard. I'm really considering the name, but since I don't know anyone else who's used it, I don't know how it's usually said. I like the LEE-VI version, but not really the LE-VEE way from the bible. How is it said these days❤️

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I think,this is my opinion Levi should be a boys name and a boys name ONLY!

01/07/2024 11:21:54

I named my daughter Levi. I said Boy or Girl the name would be Levi I had known all my life my first born would have that name. A few times people compared her to the Jeans but she is 13 now and has had no problems or ridicule with the name. She is a completely healthy, sociable, strong willed, and a highly intelligent little gal.

01/05/2024 05:52:38

I have a friend named Levi and the one thing he hates the most is when people hear is name and say "Oh, like the jeans!" He responds "NO, like the Bible!" It's a good name and it actually suits a boy or a girl I think.

01/01/2024 21:03:28

my son is levi. yes i love it. i do hear people say levi jeans!! but it dont bother me i love the name.

12/31/2023 05:05:20

When we named our second child Levi, we got lots of comments about jeans until we came up with his ideal pick up line for later in life. "Hi, my name's Levi, want to try me on for size❤️". Suddenly the jeans association works in his favour!

10/13/2023 00:48:12

My son is Levi Jacob - a beautiful name for my beautiful boy not sure why some people pronounce it Levy though and no I didn't name him after a pair of jeans - I just love the old bible names.

10/02/2023 09:42:28

My son's name is Levi, and my father is Gene and grandmother is Jean. Many is our family thought we should name him Levi Gene. Talk about a punishment! We went with the other Grandpa for a middle name. He is Levi Edward. i've teased my father and grandma that he is still a version of those names, just brand specific! HA HA! Levi is a great name!! Unique enough that there aren't 10 in his school class, but common enough that people know how to say it and spell it without trouble.

09/26/2023 11:10:18

This is our son's name and It'seems to be well liked. It is a simple, unique name.

09/09/2023 23:35:50

I love the name Levi. Nothing ot do with jeans! I was going to name my child Edison Levi, but my husband hated it! We ended up deciding on Jackson. I am gonna try to put Levi in the middle hehe. Faye-22-Florida

08/15/2023 12:36:08

I have only ever heard the name pronounced like the jeans. I love the name. We have decide to call our baby Levi Jackson/Jaxon Eric if we have a boy. Just undecided on the spelling of Jackson/Jaxon at this stage. LOL.

07/26/2023 05:37:42

My son's full name is Leviticus we call him Levi for short, we actually got it from the bible. Love the name it definitely defines his personality:)

07/16/2023 05:48:54

So my brother name is levi and hes name is levi Edward just like he grandpa. I just say another comment just like it

07/07/2023 15:30:18

We are naming our first child, Levi!!! We love the name. We have gotten some scrutiny over it, but mostly good feedback from friends and family. If everyone were to disect every name they could come up with something. We love the name and are sticking with it regardless of some people's judgement.

06/17/2023 19:59:34

Levi, is the name of my son, born in 1992, in his younger yrs. yes their were many mispronouncings, for some reason it always seemed to be when we went to the doctors office. When he was in kindgarden, one day he came out crying, saying he wished he had a different name, asking him why, he'said they would make fun of him, calling him Levi 501's, I asked him what would you like your name to be❤️ he'said John, I told him than they would just call you the bathroom, (outhouse john perviee so on) I also told him they make fun of you because you have such a cool name & that they were jelouse, that not very many people had that name because of It's coolness & being so different, people would remember it. It'stood out did'nt blend in with just the'same old names, like every one elses, you don't want to blend in like every body else you want to be remembered, standing out in a crowd, not getting lost in it, getting older he understood what I'met. so many people have said what a cool name that is! a kid from up the'street would come hang out at our house alot after'school, Levi had the cool mom on the block they came to ask me to come out to play, anyway never met his sister but when she had her'son she named her'son Levi, she had never heard the name before than. A freinds daughter also named her'son Levi too after hearing his name, so I guess you could say my son has had to people named after him, I'm very proud of my sons name never once wishing I had named him some thing else

05/22/2023 21:14:32

We named our son Levi because he joined two families, his mom and her son, and me and my son. We now have three wonderful boys anchored by our 9 month old son Levi.

05/18/2023 15:51:02

My name is Levi and it is the best name it is from the bible and s the name Matthew also from the bible.

05/13/2023 14:28:28

i named my younger sister Levi and now is the middle name of my little girl,its a lovely name and to those that think the name is after jeans its more a case of the jeans are after a person.

04/16/2023 04:09:48

I think Levi is an awesome name for a boy. I believe it could show that he is attached or joined to God!

03/13/2023 16:05:00

i named my son levi terrell and when he got older he thanked me for giving him such a unique name its a one of a kind name!

02/10/2023 17:25:34

This is a great name. The language is Gaelic not Irish.

02/07/2023 06:32:58

I'm Levi & im a girl! Most ppl love my name :) Im 18 & to be honest ive never been compared 2 jeans!

02/04/2023 00:40:08

My daughter is named Levi. I knew all my life my first born would have the name. She is 13 now and at one time or two someone compared her to the jeans but that is not why I gave her the name. I really think giving her the name gave her a unique edge in life daughter is named Levi. I knew all my life my first born would have the name. She is 13 now and at one time or two someone compared her to the jeans but that is not why I gave her the name. I really think giving her the name gave her a unique edge in life. She is Highly Intelligent, a 4.0 GPA student, Incredibly Social able, CharI'matic little gal. No other name would suit her.

12/23/2022 23:27:16

My son is a year and a half and he has never been compared to a pair of jeans!!! I am sure he will but who cares. Every name can be changed into something else and if all people can come up with is you are named after jeans then I think we did a good job at naming him BRAYDEN LEVI!!

12/02/2022 00:13:04

I think any biblical name is a good choice for any parent. Levi is a unique and wonderful name!

10/13/2022 11:43:52

I used to HATE my name, EVERYONE made the connection to it being a pair of jeans. Plus I'm a girl and it was a guy's name. Plus if you put my name together the meaning doesn't make sense. But then I really started to love my name, and the language it came from. My advice to parent's would be it's a good name, but should be used with caution

10/09/2022 21:54:56

My second born son is Named Levi. He is 3 now. I named him after my great grandfather. It was actually between Levi and Gray, but my husband loved Levi so much he wouldn't budge after he heard it. Some friends of my husbands call him jeans, but not in a mean fashion, and I have gotten some mixed reactions to it, but It'suits him and he is Definately a Levi.

10/04/2022 06:08:20

My son is Levi Jacob he's 11 and a wonderful son - I really love the boys bible names - I do get sick of the uneducated thinking I have named him after the jeans.

09/22/2022 05:14:46

I love the name. It's strong qand masculine.

06/05/2022 04:40:12

Mine names Levi I was named after a pirate called levi(done for piracy lmao not a real pirate) and the names just elite in general was born match 8th 2017 too and elite date

06/02/2022 18:06:36

I cant think of a better name for my second son than LEVI.Its sacred because the house of Levi was assigned the Priestly duties to serve in the temple of Jehovah God.I'd rather be joined to God than anything else in the world.The name is Unique and Lovely.

05/01/2022 06:31:48

My sweet little nephew was born this week. You guessed it another Levi. I was suprised to see how popular it is becoming.

01/20/2022 01:12:18

i have a little levi his full name is levi justice and i think this name is perfect for him

12/11/2021 05:01:48

I really like this name for a boy and my fiance absolutely loves it! great meaning and awsum comin from the bible (although a lot of names do obviously). Looks like this will be our first son's name :) (whenever that happens to be) Go Levi's!! -Rachel, 20, New Zealand

11/14/2021 11:36:54

After losing my youngest child Grace to SIDS when she was 7 weeks old, and finding out that I am pregnant 8 months later, this name only seems fitting and perfect! I believe that Grace has sent me this new baby and will forever be JOINED with him or her.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Levi?
The origin of the name Levi is Hebrew.
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Almost 158000 people are named Levi.
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The names of Laura, Lyra, Lara, Larry, Leroy