Liam meaning

: Will Helmet, Protection

Liam Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \liam\
Number of People 👶 234,000
Rate in 2021 1
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 German
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Liam Name Meaning

The meaning of Liam is "firm protection". Many have pointed out that it refers to the Protector, the one who protects his family and his closest people, ensuring their safety and giving everything for them without expecting anything in return.

Liam Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Liam
Additional description of the name Liam

The origin of the name Liam is Irish. The male name Liam is the abbreviation of "Uilliam", the Irish version of William, which comes from the Germanic and means "iron will" due to the meaning of its components ("will" will and "helm" helmet). Likewise, it has a close relationship with the Spanish name Guillermo, since this is the Spanish version of William.

Cool Info About Name Liam

Additional name description Liam
Additional name description Liam

The popularity of the name Liam

If you are considering the name “ Liam “ as your baby’s name, you should notice that this name is not a common given name in New York based on the data from reliable American resources in the year 1963 in the United States of America.

For instance, imagine that only nearly 15 newborn babies were named “ Liam “  in the year 1963. A total of about 40 newborn baby boys bear the same first name as your baby during the year 1963 in the United States of America. The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2018 with a total of 19 thousand newborn babies.

The name “ Liam “ was recorded 212 thousand times in the SSA public database since the year 1880 up to the year 2018. This unique name appeared in the hear 1947 for the first time and 5 newborn baby boys were given “ Liam “ at that time.

The name “ Liam “ became a common name in the year 2006 with a rank of 98 nationwide and was registered 4000 times as a baby’s name. This masculine name became a popular boy’s name in the state of Colorado in the year 2011. This name ranked 1 with 290 newborn babies.

The all-time high record for this name was in the year 2018 in the state of California with about 2400 newborn kids. The name “ Liam “ is a consistent top-ranking boy’s name in the state of Vermont for nearly 25 consecutive years, from the year 1992 to the end of the year 2018. For the past 60 years, this name was recorded 212000 in the SSA public database

The personality of the name Liam

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Liam “

L is for lofty, your ambitions high

I am for impressive, with your list of qualities

A is for altruism, the unselfish you

M is for mirth, your laughter

If you want to select a nickname for a baby named “ Liam “, you can select the reversed form of the name “ Liam “. For instance, this name in reversed order is “ Mail “. This nickname can be related to the main form and also it is a possible one to be considered in the name selection process

Famous people named Liam

Liam Abernethy who is an Irish hurler

Liam Aiken who is an American actor

Liam Aylward is an Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne

Liam Brady who is a Footballer

Liam Callanan who is a British Labour Party politician

Liam Neeson, Liam Hemsworth, and Liam Payne

Diminutives and variations of the name Liam
El nombre de Liam doesn't support many diminutives, but you can call them "Li".

The name Liam in other languages
Espanol: Guillermo
Catalan: Guillem
English: William
French: Lyam or Guillaume
Italian: Guglielmo
German: Wilhelm or Willy
Norwegian: Vilhelm
Danish: Vilhelm or Villum

Liam's Saint's Day
Liam's Saint's Day is February 10th.

Numerology of the name Liam
According to numerology, the number associated with the name of Liam is 8, which symbolizes power and a great personality.

Named starting with the letter L

Lucas, Logan, Luna

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Comments on the name Liam
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my son LI'm but everyone wants to call him Leon, weird.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I adore the name Liam! Its one of those names that will be cute when your young but still very respectable when you are older.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I was born in 1973, Nicholas LI'm. No one, and I'mean no one, in the US was named LI'm in those days. You can see by the chart up top. I wonder if I am the only person born in the whole US that year with the name LI'm❤️ I used to hate it when i was a kid because everyone mispronounced it (lie-um), or thought it was a misprint, or said it was not a real name! And I'mean teache's too. So, I would tell people my middle name was WillI'm. I used to ask my mom how they ever gave me such a weird name. But, now I love it! It is a great name. Why would anyone want a commonly used name❤️ People should think of nice, simple but not common names for their children. I do not have kids, but I would let my wife choose the name anyway...unless she wanted to do it together. If I ever get married that is. So strange to me that LI'm is now more popular than Nicholas ever least in rank by percentage in the US. I think total number of people named Nicholas was higher in 2007 than LI'm is today...seems there is more diversity now. LI'm rocks!

01/04/2024 04:00:54

Naming a boy has been one of the hardest things in the world for me. Had this blessed being in my belly been a girl, she would have been Chloe Rose. But this little person is indeed a boy. I like that Liam means protector and has good lineage with Liam Neeson and Liam Gallagher. :)

12/27/2023 04:06:20

It's not a name, but a nickname for WillI'm. As all of the other derivatives of WillI'm were in use by members of my family, LI'm is what we call my son. It's is an Irish nickname, one one can easily find on a coffee cup or key chain in Ireland or the UK.

12/22/2023 07:08:16

This is my son's name, except I spell it with an "i" on the end instead if a "y". Everyone loves his name, and we call him "Cobi" for short.

12/10/2023 17:07:08

hello, I live in germany. my son is called lI'm. the correct pronouncation in my opinion is (lee-am), because it is a short form of willI'm. unfortunately it is often pronounced in a wrong way - li-am. I love this name, it is just the right for my little boy.

11/26/2023 22:47:16

This is my correct name'spelling. People spell it what ever way it comes to them or how they feel is should be spelt or pronouced. It's almost like it written. Jack-lyn

10/29/2023 00:37:20

My son's name is LI'm. We have it as short for WillI'm. I love it...It's a very strong name for a boy.

10/20/2023 06:47:08

my name is LI'm and im a ten year old Fiddler in Hamilton Ontario COME SEE ME AT 175 younge st Hamilton on friday nights at 6;30pm to 8;30

10/06/2023 01:17:12

My best friend Leah passed 3 weeks before my son was born. originally his middle name was going to be Addison. But LI'm was so close to her name and much more handsome then Addison. And it dosnt hurt that he is almost full Irish. his father is full and im more than half :). Perfect middle name! perfect first name! Just a perfect name.

10/05/2023 17:21:06

This is one of my FAVORITE names when and if I have a little boy this is my first choice it has a lot of meaning to me.

09/26/2023 02:56:34

My son's name is LI'm and I think it is a wonderful sounding name. It just rolls off the tongue.

09/24/2023 19:12:10

My sons name is LI'm have loved It'since the first time I heard it. My family too is all "WillI'm" but my husband is Irish so we went with the Irish version of LI'm. Love it

09/20/2023 17:20:16

Our second son is named LI'm Thomas. We love the name - never had any problems with mispronunciation...

09/04/2023 06:38:42

I've decided ages ago and I have stuck with it that I will name my baby boy Liam!!! I find it's a strong male name, and it's also very sexy! :P

08/24/2023 09:05:02

My name is LI'm. It's actually Gaelic, not Irish or Celtic. It's starting to become more common, though i've only heard of people named LI'm, I actually haven't met another LI'm yet.

08/17/2023 08:23:30

was my great grandmothe's name and a great name for any child of the future

08/14/2023 07:12:48

I have imagined a movie star or actor when I hear this name. Someone unique and famous...

08/05/2023 22:11:36

there is not a name on earth that has not beeb persecuted especially after a few years have gone by. It's like every trend in the world that human beings (bless them) either distroy or build up. in one decade small breasted woman are the trend, then'the next generation women are cutting the'selves to get bigger breasts.rare name is I never gave it much thought as I grew up exept that WANDA was a

08/02/2023 20:43:16

i wish this name would work for me as it is a combination of my husband's name and mine. but whenever i think of it, i think of lame and think it is a lame name.

07/03/2023 11:34:58

my brest friends name is lI'm we pronounce it lee-em but this teacher calls him lie-am.

07/03/2023 08:03:22

Liam is my sons name, unique enough, but easy to spell and I love it!

07/02/2023 17:39:20

My brothe's name Is LI'm and we call him lemer ( he hate's it) he likes th make up words like funny words and then we cach on and we start saying the words by the way he's 14

07/02/2023 17:04:04

I love this name! I wish to name my future son LI'm.

06/29/2023 16:11:00

its a great name! btw It's Irish, not slavic, and also there is no such language as "Celtic", the language is called Irish people

06/05/2023 19:41:16

The name Lucius is a powerful,splendid and romantic.This name'LUCIUS' depicts a sterling and refined character universally...Am LUCIUS T.ALLISON.

05/14/2023 19:34:10

imbtrthanyou, my name is liam and i pronounce it leum as if the a were a u but spell it liam

04/30/2023 17:53:28

My son's name is LI'm Reade. When people see the'same they pronouce it correctly, but when introducing him occasionally people think it is Leon or Ian. My LI'm is fun and full of life!

04/22/2023 22:23:24

i love this name because it is my boys name. It'seems to be very popular now a days.

04/16/2023 14:44:36

I absolutely adore this name! It's my little brothe's name. I love how It'sounds. Lee-um. I absolutely love it! We call him Lee as an affectionante nickname. he's adorable! LI'm is NOT a Nickname itself, it is a FULL, IRISH/GAELIC NAME.

04/13/2023 15:02:04

My son is named LI'm. It is Celtic for WillI'm. We live in the'south and people often pronounce it Limb! Drives me crazy!

04/02/2023 05:07:48

My wife and I named our son LI'm. It's a really nice sounding name when people pronounce it properly. Some people say "Lie-Um" instead of "Lee-Um". It drives me nuts but it doesn't happen'too often. The name is the Irish short form for WillI'm. LI'm is simple, masculine and strong. We're glad to be a part of the LI'm Club :-)

12/29/2022 00:49:50

Don't like it....way too old fashioned and reminds me of a lemon!

11/28/2022 02:10:24

My son is named LI'm and no one has ever mispronounced it. I love the name!

11/26/2022 09:19:22

if we have a boy, we will name our son LI'm, after my husband, WillI'm :)

11/16/2022 00:59:12

My son's name is LI'm, and everytime we go over to Ireland he just loves it as his name is everywhere. "Mummy look there is my name!" It's actually the Irish diffinitive of WillI'm (which is English). BTW the native language of Southern Ireland is known as the Gaeltacht, Irish (Gaelic.) In the North mainly English is spoken as It's part of the mother was Irish and I was born in the UK.

11/03/2022 18:12:58

Anytime I here this name, I instantly think of a martial arts fighter I used to know. Not a good guy, so not a good name. For me anyway.

10/06/2022 00:45:10

my husband and i decided on this name almost as soon as we found out i was pregnant. everyone but my dad hated it, but now my son is nearly two and i think they're ok with it. :) the only downside that i've found is that it is often misheard--people constantly think i'm saying either ian or leon. it's only occasionally mispronounced (liAM is the only one i've heard, with the "a" being pronounced as the "a" in "ant".) and sometimes misspelled (liem instead of liam). i get a lot of compliments on it, and while it's not completely unheard of, i haven't found many people with it. i've also had a lot of people tell me they've never even heard of it. my son pronounces it "meenum."

09/17/2022 15:19:54

I know a very nice boy named Liam. He is soo funny and sweet!!

09/16/2022 00:32:18

My son is LI'm, and every one wants to say LEON. GGo figure

09/15/2022 00:26:22

My husband's name is LI'm. It's not Slavic, but Gaelic (Irish), a short form of WillI'm. My husband was born in Ireland.

07/07/2022 17:09:54

I think Liam is such a cute boy's name. My boyfriend's name is William (but he goes by Bill), and he said if we ever had a boy he'd like to possibly name him William too. I'm not a big fan of the whole idea of naming children after their parents, so we compromised on Liam since it is a variation of William.

07/04/2022 13:13:12

Our son is LI'm, we love the fact it is short and easy to spell. Most people liked the name LI'm. Our son likes his name.

05/24/2022 22:44:42

whenever i think of the name liam, i think of instant star [the television show on the-n.]

05/19/2022 21:57:54

is my name. is very good name. people try call me WillI'm. is very strange.

02/27/2022 04:12:18

I named my son LI'm and I think it is a very handsome name that will grow with him. He was born on St Patricks day and we don't need a nickname to shorten'the name'since it is already a shortened version of Wil[lI'm].

02/20/2022 16:39:18

My son's name is LI'm and people often'think I'm saying Leon. Oh well!

01/24/2022 15:55:12

I love this name because it makes me think of LI'm he'sworth and he's hot. I definitely will name my kid LI'm so that he will be hot like LI'm he'sworth. It also doesn't remind me of lemon, like that other review said.

01/10/2022 22:31:12

thats how i want to pronounce the name like "leum"

12/12/2021 09:23:42

My sons name is LI'm. i've loved the name'since i first heard it! i've known for years that my first son would be LI'm. My fathe's name is WillI'm an i didn't want to go straight to duplicating It'so this name was great. I LOVE LOVE this name! I introduced him to a friend of mines father when he was a baby an he'said "LI'm, is that like "hey, kid get the heck out the "limb" of that tree" haha

12/10/2021 04:19:30

This is a great old Irish name. St. Brendan'the navigator is beli'ved to have found North America before Leif Eriksson from Iceland. St Brendan was a Christian monk who lived in Ireland

11/26/2021 09:05:42

My son is 2 when found out he was going to be a boy we finalized on Liam and found one site that had the irish meaning being a strong willed warrior. 1 week later we discovered that Liam would be born with a heart defect "hypoplastic left heart" the last 2 years he has lived up to his name. been through 2 major open heart surgeries and just last week a stint removal. we have been blessed and our Lord gave us this name. Now we have just found out we will be have a girl in December and searching for another blessed name.

10/27/2021 10:49:12

I like the name. Seems strong, beli've it is Slavic. Not likely to find on a coffee cup, but that's no big deal. It might be for a little kid though when he'starts looking for a name plate as such and it is never there. I can just hear them say "Mommy, how come my name is never there❤️' with great dissapointment. Then Mommy explains "You have a real special name'so special they only use it if we write them a letter and give them permission too." Hey that's a good answer!

10/18/2021 00:48:54

I think it is a great name, very cool in fact since it is mine. It gets to be tough in a crowded noisy room and you introduce yourself. People think you are saying Leon.

10/15/2021 12:25:30

my name is lI'm and i think its a wonderful name and I'm called lee for short:-)

10/01/2021 11:42:18

My son's name is LI'm and I really like, it is different and not overly used right now. I do run into the'same misunderstandings for his name. People read the name LI'm and they say; Lye-am or Lee-am instead of Lee-um. Also, when he'says his name people think he'says Leon or Limb. What can you do❤️

09/20/2021 14:00:54

whenever i think of the name Liam, I think of Charlie's brother from Lost!

08/24/2021 22:25:48

Short for WillI'm. Very nice. Very Irish-sounding.

07/18/2021 19:13:12

This name is the name of a very well written character in a novel by Tamora Pierce. Perhaps a reason to use the name, perhaps not.

07/07/2021 22:26:42

We❤️re living in Holland and my daughter is 4 now. We love the name and were always sure to spell it this way. Because we love the name 'Lynn' also. Caitlin was never an option..

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Liam FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Liam?
The origin of the name Liam is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Liam?
Will Helmet, Protection
*️⃣ How many people are named Liam?
Almost 234000 people are named Liam.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Liam?
The names of Liz, Lisamarie