Luca meaning

: Bringer Of Light

Luca Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \loo-kuh\
Number of People 👶 35,000
Rate in 2021 110
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 Italian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Luca Name Meaning

The name Luca is of Greek origin and has several versions of the meaning. According to the most popular version, Luca 's name means "Light".

Cool Info About Name Luca

Additional name description Luca
Additional name description Luca

The personality of the name Luca

A boy named Luca has been growing up as an independent boy since childhood. From an early age he takes his actions seriously. The child carefully weighs his decisions and does not like to be rushed. Parents will have to carefully craft arguments to persuade their babies. At the same time, Luca is a cheerful and sociable boy. Easily meets both peers and older children.

Luca is a good student. His diligent and serious attitude towards his work surprises many. Teachers are generally happy to work with these children. Luca is more inclined to the exact sciences, but literature is also good for him. His meticulousness can cause problems. He is demanding not only for himself, but also for those around him. Luca can easily scold a teacher for a poorly prepared lesson. Parents must exert more influence on the chain of command, otherwise the child could get into trouble.

Little Luca is in good health. He needs to exercise more and spend time in the fresh air. The boy happily goes to various sports clubs, which will have a positive effect in later life.

Characteristics of the name Luca

As an adult, Luca remains pretty much the same as in childhood. He does not like to show his emotions and not only to show, but also to experience. Luca is a supporter of cold computing and logic. He still easily finds a common language with those around him. To the charms of childhood, the adult Luca demonstrates the dexterity of a diplomat. Luca can only be himself in a very close circle. There it softens and allows it to relax.

Working for Luca is one of the most important, but not the main priority. He loves work and success. The ability to carefully plan everything is very successful. Luca is an excellent leader and successful businessman. Luca rarely works as a subordinate, as it is difficult to find a boss suitable for him in terms of level.

Family is the top priority in Luca 's life. He is a good family man and father. It can be a little chilly at times, especially if he has a lot of work at work. Luca needs some time to change. He enjoys spending time with his family and hosting guests. He approaches the creation of a family very responsibly and does not rush in this matter.

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Comments on the name Luca
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Our baby boy will be called Luca when he is born. I love it, loved the name Luka from the hot dr Luka kovac in ER and dh is a huge fan of the Godfather movies (Luca Brasi). Definitely a masculine name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Luca is a gorgeous name. European sounding, strong and different.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is an over-used made-up name. I don't like how people spell it all weird too.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My son's name is Luca and he is 3. While in Italy we heard this name often, and then when we found out years later, we were having a boy, we knew this was the name. It does mean "Luke" which is obviously masculine. I know a little girl named "Luca" who I'met recently and it does irritate me that my son is her age, and I wonder if people will tease him for having a 'girl's name' even'though it is obviously male. I still do LOVE this name!

12/24/2023 16:44:24

I loovvveeee this name + if i ever hav a son im callin it luca its the best man bt im to yung rite nw itl b a cupl yrs before i even consider havn a kid lol oh and hell no is it good for a girl its a boys name no questions so yeh thumbz upp!

12/15/2023 04:58:34

You can use the name Lexie for a first name too right❤️

12/02/2023 09:34:06

I love the name Luca but it is definetly a BOY'S name! All the people out there naming their girls luca have obviously never been'to italy and do the name an injustice. How would you feel if you went to italy to live, only to find they started naming their boys australian girls names❤️❤️ ie if your name was sarah and you met a little boy named sarah. lol rediculous. People should not borrow names from other cultures unless they will show them respect.

11/19/2023 09:09:52

LUCA is my son's middle name! It is an italian (latin)BOY's name and I love it ! I am a Romanian so it worked perfectly for me : Alexandru Luca is his whole name but we call him Luca.

11/09/2023 02:17:52

Hi, my daughters name is Luca and we chose it because it is a gorgeous feminine sounding name. We are not italian or european for that matter'so the fact that people from this region insist it is a boys name is only natural due to what they have been brought up with. We live in Australia and everyone LOVES this as a girls name

11/03/2023 15:13:24

My grandson age 4 1/2 is named LUCA and we love this name.It is a masculine and strong name. We are of Italian ancestry. Some poopkle are spelling it Luka which is so unlike an Italian name My daughter love this name and we are so happy she went ahead and named him Luca. It is not at all feminine and is becoming very popular in CA.

10/25/2023 18:44:30

HI'my son is named Luca and he is 3 1/2 years old I love this name...obviously We are from the Uk We have relatives in Greece and Italy..hence LUCA

10/04/2023 09:54:20

I named my daughter Luca. Italians should be pleased that this common name (for them) is loved for BOTH males and females.

09/04/2023 18:41:40

my son have name Luca ,and he is one year old now :) i love this name :)

08/24/2023 13:47:10

I have never heard this name until today. I agree that It'sounds feminine, mainly b/c it ends in an "a". I also think the clothing brand Luca Luca, which is women's clothes! I don't think this name'sounds masculine even'tho I know It's a boy's name.

08/12/2023 05:50:24

We named our boy Henry, after Henry David Thoreau. We call him Hank. We've gotten nothing but positive feedback from everyone except one of his Aunts who prefers and likes Henry better.

08/10/2023 12:59:22

Sounds like a killer whale name at Sea World or something.....Luca the killer whale. More of a pet name. I would name my dog Luca.

08/07/2023 02:24:24

I have a friend who recently named her'son Luca. I'm sure it will grow on me, but right now all I can'think of is that awful Suzanne Vega song.

07/15/2023 12:10:54

My daughters name is Luka. Luka is a unisex name in Hawaiian and can be translated as both Luke or Ruth. Princess Luka's kahili is on display at the Bishop Museum. Furthermore, there is a book titled "Luka's Quilt" which is a story about a little hawaiian girl and her grandmother.

07/09/2023 21:17:12

Luca is a boy's name. Those who are trying to use it as a girl's name'seem misguided and a little sad.

07/06/2023 21:34:40

I have a 2 yeard old daughter named Luca...both my husband and I knew it was a boys name in Italy, but its also known to be a girls name in other European countries...We loved the name from the minute we heard it and I think there are many names that can be (and are) unisex. Its not a crazy out there name, so lets all calm down and realize there aren't (and don't have to be) strict rules about gender'specific names...think Ashton, Ashley, Lesley, Dylan, etc...I know of many girls AND boys with those names and they have survived....

06/15/2023 02:27:20

I LOVE THIS NAME!!! My brother's name is Lucas, but if I ever have a son, I'd like to name him after my brother, because I admire him so much, but not use his exact name =) My brother was born when I was five, and guess who named him -- I DID!

06/13/2023 14:00:48

I have a one year old boy called Luca..expecting another boy in 5 weeks and were really struggling to find a name for this one as Luca Is such a brilliant name....any suggestions❤️❤️ :)

06/13/2023 06:22:20

My five year old son is called Luca. We get so many compliments. Especially when people find out his name is Luca Gambino. my older'son Alex was a bit miffed that he didn't get " the cool name"

05/30/2023 22:54:54

One of my friends is called Luca, he is ugly and annoying. The name is the cool though!

05/22/2023 05:22:20

Im of french descdent, plus my name is luca trayah, honestly fighting over wether this name is boy or girl is useless, its pretty much a unisex name. Even'thought it is translated to the name Luke. So❤️ I know tons of people with so called boy names Jorden, Ezekiel, Dylan, etc even boys with girl names nicole,Izzy, Jessie etc. I rather focus on how great the name'sounds rather if its meant for a boy or girl. The ring alone tends to keep making everybody want to scream the name. Ive gotten so many comments on it, even more so then my friend who happens to be named "Luke". A very good unquie name for either boy or girl.

05/19/2023 17:07:30

My son is 13 and I called him Luca after a handsome Italian I knew many years before. It is definitely a man's name though! in Italy it is a really common name but in the Uk there are only a few. His father is actually Spanish descent, so my Luca is dark, like an Italian. All his mates think It's a cool name and Luca is very pleased that I chose this name for him! :)

05/04/2023 20:03:00

Love it. My 5 year old son is a Luca & we get so many compliments on it as its not that common in the UK. He even enjoys the name-related 'teasing' (kids will always find something)... he'says being called Lucozade is funny as he has so much energy!

04/25/2023 15:02:44

I dont understand how the person thinks LUCA is an ok name for a girl. It is a boys name clearly a ver'son of Luke or Lucas. It is a strong male name, not a girls name at all.

04/16/2023 15:19:52

I am having a girl and will be naming her Luca - there are many theories - Lucia/Luka/Lucca/Boy/girl etc etc - although it may have originally come from a boy it now seems to be a Unisex name as I know of more Luca's to girls in the UK & Australia. It does sound very feminine hence it being popular for a girl in certain parts of Europe - but in Italy it is popular only for a boy......there are many many Unisex names these days - Luca being one of them!!

04/01/2023 01:12:38

We named our baby boy Malcolm David. Malcolm is a Scottish name and means "follower of St. Columba" or "follower of the Dove." An excellent choice for Christians of Celtic heritage. It is a distinguished, intelligent- sounding, and very masculine name. You don't hear it much for younger people, but I think that adds to the charm. People assume it is a family name- which evokes solidarity.

03/10/2023 14:54:18

I have a 6-month old son named Luca. We are Americans of Italian descent and had our hearts set on Luca for many years. For those that think Luca sounds feminine because it ends with an "a", think about Noah, Ezra, Asa. An "a" doesn't automatically translate into a feminine name. That'said, I think we live in an age when It's OK, maybe even cool, to have a name that works for either gender. We are very happy with out choice and get lots of compliments on his name.

03/09/2023 04:31:12

My 11 year old son is Luca and I always knew if I had a boy that would be his name. We are not Italian and live in Canada. My husband is Hispanic and my son has dark eyes and hair. I love this name'so much!

02/09/2023 22:37:02

Me and my wife are of Italian decent and have a 4 year old son 1st and middle named Luca James, (meaning "Light") is an athletic and masculine name that fits his personality and physical character'stics ( solid, scrappy strong, dark hair, big black eyes and olive skin) to the letter. The name is all BOY.

02/07/2023 15:21:58

My daughter wanted something a bit different for her firstborn son and as soon as I'mentioned Luca she loved it. It is perfect for a boy and has been very well received everywhere we go. His father is of Greek origin so it is a bonus to have such a lovely European name.

02/03/2023 21:43:48

First of all I don't mean to be rude, but I am Italian and " Luca" is typically a man's name. Unfortunately Americans mostly have the tendency not to understand that. When you start to name your children'the opposite gender name. You confuse everybody. My advice DO NOT DO IT please don't make an idiots mistake!

01/31/2023 16:08:36

I love the name Luca for a boy or a girl! It's beautiful....we're expecting our third and considering Luca Mia is It's a girl!

01/23/2023 03:00:32

We are considering naming our child Vayda as i've always loved the name. My husband is slightly concerned that the name will be compared to 'Vader' as in Darth Vader and jokes will be made. Has anyone experienced this❤️

01/14/2023 00:38:58

I have always loved the idea of Luca being a girls name. I think nowadays the 'rules' are a lot more relaxed anyway, and definitely in England the 'a' ending makes It'sound very feminine. My name is Kyla which obviously stems from the masculine Kyla, but the 'a' ending changes that-i think the'same thing could be said for Luca.

12/31/2022 18:39:42

I think Luca is way better than the English way "Luke". Luca is NOT feminine and it would be strange on a girl. Maybe I'm just saying that cause I'm Italian, I don't know.

11/22/2022 13:02:30

its my grandsons name, i had not heard it before in the uk

10/24/2022 01:21:26

My son is 14 months old and I fell in love with the name. But we spell is Luka. It is unique and I'm so happy we found that name.

10/22/2022 07:02:14

I have a 15 month old son Luca. We love it. We live in the US

10/13/2022 04:05:24

First of all I don't mean to be rude, but I am Italian and " Luca" is typically a man's name. Unfortunately Americans mostly have the tendency not to understand that. When you start to name your children'the opposite gender name. You confuse everybody. My advice DO NOT DO IT please don't make an idiots mistake!" Seriously❤️ I am Italian but I don't live in Italy smartess! And last I checked it was on another continent and over 5000 miles away. I think it is beautiful for a girl or boy, but your ignorance is disgusting. On the other'side, how many boys names end in A❤️

09/10/2022 12:52:34

My 4year old son is named Luca. I love love love it!! And everyone always comments on it, very positive. Everyone seems to love it, I live in the U.K and not many people have heard of it. But now there seems to be a few Luca's popping up very near me!! I wonder why❤️! Not good!! Why can't you find your own name and don't bother trying to copy me!!

09/01/2022 20:02:42

Definitely a boys name! Not a girls name! Just because it ends in an "a" doesn't mean a thing. So do the names Joshua, Ezra, etc...

07/20/2022 21:45:18

My son's name is Luca and at first my husband's side (they are Canadian and we are Italian) thought it was a girl's name. I'm pretty sure they have grown to like it. It's a great boy's name and it is gaining popularity in Canada.

06/24/2022 04:20:24

I cannot beli've that'someone would suggest It's rude to use this name for a girl. The bottom line is that in Hungary It's a girls name and in Italy It's a boys name. Ok so...what's next❤️ A fight to death on which country is better or 'right'❤️ Live and let live. I have female friends name Dylan, Tyler, and Kelsey. They are well adjusted and good people. I had hoped that my 5 year old daughter named Luca would live in a world free of ignorance but unfortunately that's CLEARLY not the case.

06/03/2022 10:34:48

I don't understand why Luca has to be a boy's name. I think it would also make a wonderful girl's name.

03/19/2022 10:59:06

If you like Luca, for a girl try Lucca after the Italian city. If you are Italian, there is a distinct difference in the way it is pronounced, and it would give a clue that it is not a little boy. In English, no one would hear any difference in pronunciation. Luca is really a boy's name. My Italian husband went nuts when I wanted to use it for a girl. I think similar to how an English speaker would react to someone wanting to name a boy Lucy. Just didn't sound right.

01/16/2022 03:52:30

My son is 6 months old and his name is Luca! Luca Matthew we named him. We get so many compliments on his name. I think its unique and cool! We live in USA and we are not italians, but really liked that name for our son!

12/08/2021 04:44:42

We had twin boys last month and called them Dean and Jayce. We wanted single syllable names and the name Jayce just seemed to fit really! It's easy to say and sounds pretty cool to me.

12/05/2021 15:26:24

My sons name is Luca hes not italian but part honduran. Luca does not sound feminine at all. Its a mans name.

12/03/2021 21:21:00

In Europe Luca is now most definatly a unisex name - as many other names are - it does not HAVE to be a boy's name at all - in fact I intent to name my daughter Luca Mar - obv in Itlay it is very common for a boy - but I agree - It's a lot more relaxed now when it comes to unisex names.

11/09/2021 21:48:54

I'm italian and naming my daughter who is due in 3 weeks, Luca Isabella. Even'though its considered a boys name, I find it very feminine. I don't really think I would give a boy a name that ends in an "a". Everyone we have told the name to love and agree its very feminine.

11/06/2021 05:58:30

I just had a friend name their baby boy Luca and the first thing that came to my mind is "Did he just give his boy a girl's name❤️"

10/20/2021 02:13:30

is 33 wks preg and having a baby boy and we are naming him luca,we love the name its very different!!

09/05/2021 01:36:36

People are wrong about LUCA can be a boy's name. I think It's fine for both genders! It's the name of my female corgi dog. She gets compliments for having such a nice cool name. I love my little luca

07/24/2021 17:02:42

My son's name is Luca and he is very cute.. His name fits him perfectly. Wherever I go people want to know about his name,, and his brothe's..Maximo. It is a very strong, unique, and fun name.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Luca?
The origin of the name Luca is Italian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Luca?
Bringer Of Light
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Almost 35000 people are named Luca.
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The names of Monifa, Manvi