Mara meaning

: Bitter

Mara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-ra\
Number of People 👶 21,000
Rate in 2021 1213
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Mara Name Meaning

The literal meaning of Mara is "bitterness", so applied to the person it would mean "the afflicted woman" or "the romantic woman". Interestingly, in the 17th century, sadness and rootlessness in women were considered great feminine qualities.

Mara Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Mara
Additional description of the name Mara

The name of Mara is of Hebrew origin and derives from Marah, a Hebrew word that means "one who is afflicted or sorrowful". In the Bible, when Naomi loses her family, we read that she says: "Don't call me Naomi anymore, call me Mara because God has filled me with bitterness."

Cool Info About Name Mara

Additional name description Mara
Additional name description Mara

The personality of the name Mara
People with the name Mara are usually very affectionate and calm, who They enjoy being around their family and friends. The Maras seek the acceptance and sympathy of others, so they love to feel praised and admired by those around them.
On the other hand, Mara is a sensitive person and quite vulnerable to the opinions of others. Mara tends to be very sensitive, so the opinion of others about herself affects her considerably. Mara has the power to control her own emotions. If Mara is carried away by the pain, she can end up accumulating hatred or resentment.

Celebrities named Mara
Mara Wilson: a famous actress who played Matilda in the movie namesake.
Mara Torres: journalist, radio host, and writer who was a presenter on Spanish Television.

Diminutives and variations of the name Mara
Mara's name has the following variations:
Marah, Marah

The name Mara in other languages
Mara in French: mare
Mara in Arabic: مارا
Mara in Japanese: マーラ
Mara in Greek: Μάρα
Mara in Hebrew: מארה
Mara in Chinese:玛拉
Mara in Russian: мара

Day of the Saint of Mara
The day of the Saint of Mara is on August 3.

Numerology of the name Mara
According to numerology, the number associated with the name of Mara is 6.

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Comments on the name Mara
12/06/2023 13:47:04

My name is Mara - from the Hebrew "bitter"- No one ever'says it correctly and I'm in my 30's. I grew up in the Northe'st and they always said "Mare- uh" or "Myra" and couldn't pronounce "MAR- uh". They usually spell it incorrectly as well with a "u" = Maura or sometimes the Irish "Moira". It is nice because there are not a lot of people with my name and there really is no true nickname'so I like that. You always know when a phone solicitor is calling because they never'say it correctly either LOL! "Mara" is also some sort of evil buddhist god and I think it is also Greek - not sure of the meaning. I wish it meant something nicer! I was named after my mom's cousin "Marla".

11/04/2023 02:41:06

My name is Marah, with an H. some of my relative pronounce it as Ma-ra (hardly), and some of them pronounced it as mah-rah. I don't really know how It's pronounced. I got this name from my first name Marinette and my second name Zarah.

09/12/2023 10:04:52

my name is Marah. So mine has an h in it. You pronounce it mar-uh not a long a, like maar-uh. Or mar-rah. I still know your probaly still saying it wrong, but oh well.

09/10/2023 17:31:28

Our one year old is named Mara. I didn't think it was a difficult name but It'seems to take at least three attempts to get it right! Marla❤️ Moira❤️ Malaria❤️ Nope- just simple, beautiful, Mara!

05/31/2023 07:08:38

I love my name Mara. My Mom named me this after my Aunt Martie, my grandma Marilyn, and my grandma Margaret, but I'must say that it gets annoying when people misspell or mispronounce my name.

05/22/2023 15:39:30

My name is Mara Jade from Star Wars. It's the Na!e of Luke's WIFE!! I love having the name Mara

05/10/2023 19:28:04

My name is Mara, but It's pronounced like Maure or Lara but with an "M". I LOVE MY NAME! So unique! I have never met anyone with a name like mine and I get so many mis-pronounciations. i've been called Myra, Mary, Maria, Meera, and Mara (like Sara but with an M).

12/14/2022 18:27:00

I named my daughter Mara after the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology - Māra. She is the mother goddess - Mother of Earth, Mother of Souls, Water, Sea, Wind etc. It's a common and very traditional name in Latvia and we pronounce it with long "a" - Māra.

12/01/2022 10:41:56

My name is Mara too. ^_^ My mom named my this name because if I were to get lost, then my mom could call my name without have 300 other people with the'same name looking at her. I realy love this name. I haven't met one person with the'same name as me yet, but that doesn't mean there Isn't anyone else who dosen't have the'same name.

11/19/2022 02:45:10

my name is Mara and it is pronounced like the Marathon. I hate my name. Nobody ever'says it right. I was named after my great aunt who died when she was born around 1938 or so.

11/05/2022 14:53:14

If your name is pronounced "Mah-ra," you'll spend your lifetime correcting people who say "Mare-ra." Mara is from the Hebrew feminine noun for bitterness, gall, or poison. There's also a Hebrew verb, mara, which means contentious.

10/28/2022 19:40:48

My name is Mara and I am named after'something inappropriate to put on this site so I will leave it at that. I have gotten every pronunciation in the book so I just answer to everything...

10/17/2022 18:00:16

My daughter is named Mara and everyone from the East Coast pronounces it correctly but in California where we live they all say "MAURA" or MEERA. Mara like the flower Marigold. Sometimes we call her Mara-gold!

09/09/2022 19:49:50

My daughter is named Marah, with an h, and is pronounced Mar-uh. My baby name book said that the name is Greek and means "eternally beautiful." I have told her that's the meaning and have just ignored the other meanings.

08/29/2022 21:35:24

my name is Mara Proniunced MAR-Uh. I love it a lot. It's very unique and pretty. but no one can ever'say it or spell it right which is a bummer. I'm named after Mara Jade from Star Wars. (My fathe's a bit needy) . In don't know , it could be worse, but definitely better.

08/09/2022 16:38:24

My name is Mara and It's pronounced mar-uh unlike how It's commonly pronounced. This name is unique and I am proud of it. Also I am a huge Star Wars fan so you know how cool I think my name is. Something weird is that if I was a boy my name was going to be lando ( thanks dad)

02/27/2022 06:02:06

I think of the meaning as related to the'sea...latin mar- for sea. Same as with Spanish. So I wouldn't worry about the nightmare meaning thing :)

12/01/2021 13:32:06

My cousin here on the east coast is Marah, and they usually get it right over here, but they do tend to pronounce it incorrectly out west. I love this name I think it is beautiful and unique. When I was a baby I would call her Mah-Wah. She didn't enjoy her name as a child (who really does❤️) but has come a happy agreement that there wouldn't be a better name for her, and, she is one of the most caring, gentle, nurturing, kind souls I know. GO MARAH!!

11/23/2021 13:23:06

Actress and one-time child star Mara Wilson, of 'Mrs Doubtfire' and 'Matilda' (as in the Roald Dahl book) fame.

09/12/2021 11:07:12

My cousins name is Mara-Lynne. It's pronounce like Marilyn. I think It's an adorable name.

08/02/2021 06:55:12

My name Mara Jade is from Star Wars. I think it was Luke's grandmother.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Mara?
The origin of the name Mara is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Mara?
*️⃣ How many people are named Mara?
Almost 21000 people are named Mara.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Mara?
The names of Mariana, Maryann, Maryan, Maryanne, Maryana