Megan meaning

: Pearl

Megan Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(e)-gan\
Number of People 👶 439,000
Rate in 2021 1229
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Welsh
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Megan Name Meaning

Megan is a name full of energy and vitality, which is probably why it has been one of the most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States in recent times. Are you considering naming your baby Megan? It is very likely that then you want to know the meaning of the name Megan, right?
Find out on MyCuteName everything about the name Megan, such as its origin, personality, variants, or diminutives that exist. We will also show you the popularity of the name in Spain and many other interesting details that you would like to know, keep reading! Megan is a girl's name.

The female name Megan, of Welsh origin, means "strong" and "capable", therefore the meaning of the name Megan would be "strong and capable woman".

Megan Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Megan
Additional description of the name Megan

Megan is considered to be the Margaret variant, a name especially popular in Wales and England, which would translate as Margarita in Spanish. Therefore, the name Megan has its origins in Latin.

Cool Info About Name Megan

Additional name description Megan
Additional name description Megan

Diminutives and variations of the name Megan
A variant of the name Megan is Meghan, with "h", although in the UK there are two very similar names: Meagan and Meaghan. Meanwhile, the most used diminutive is Meg.

The personality of the name Megan
Women named Megan have vibrant and outgoing personalities, which allows them to socialize easily. They feel happy when they are surrounded by their family and friends, however, they can be somewhat distant from strangers. Likewise, people named Megan are usually very perfectionist and demanding at work, which tends to attract professional success.
Likewise, Megan is a very idealistic person, who draws her conclusions and debates when she can obtain results. of it. In love, we speak of a very close and devoted person who, once his feelings are clear, surrenders to them completely.

Celebrities named Megan
Some People Celebrities with the name Megan are:
Megan Fox: American actress winner of 6 acting awards.
Meghan Markle or Meghan of Sussex: former actress and current Duchess of Sussex thanks to her marriage to Prince Henry of Sussex from the United Kingdom.
Megan Rapinoe: American soccer player who plays as a striker for the United States women's soccer team and the Reign FC team.
Megan Mullally: American actress, comedian, and singer known for the NBC sitcom Will & Grace for which she has received eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations.
Megan Boone: American actress is known for her role as an FBI agent on the NBC series The Blacklist and for being part of the regular cast of Law & Order.

Numerology of the name Megan
According to numerology, Megan's lucky number is 4.

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Comments on the name Megan
01/10/2024 21:39:14

i named my daughter Megan she was born is 2007 it is not a common name these days which is exactly why i picked it it's simple and sweet just like her and i wouldn't spell it any other way

12/29/2023 05:28:44

My 5 month old daughter's middle name is Megan. Her name is Arabella Megan.

09/30/2023 08:02:26

my name is megan and my middle name is may so my freinds always sing maggie may to me!

09/25/2023 09:36:12

There were four people in my town at my regional high school. I found out that there were about two more. Everyone who talked about a Megan would have to ask which one.

08/08/2023 01:02:10

my name is megan, but since so many other people have that name .. my friends call me megg or join it with my middle name to call me megan leigh. i also heard that megan meant pearl.

07/26/2023 15:19:36

My eldest daughter is called Megan.It is a Welsh name that comes from the warrior Queen Megan and is many centuries old.It is a beautiful, strong name that has stood the test of time.My Great Grandmother was also a Megan. My daugher gets called Meg or Meggie by her friends.Much to her annoyance we also call her Meggie-pop-a-loo-lees! (Though I don't think it's commonly used!)

04/23/2023 09:51:06

that was my cousin's name..she was born in 1986 or 1985

01/29/2023 13:53:18

Hi my name is Meggan! well I like it!!!!

01/20/2023 17:59:40

Just like Meghann P, my parents named me after the book "The Thorn Birds" but I spell it Megan.

01/12/2023 06:02:08

My name is Magen and it is pronounces may-gen which is different from meh-gen. I love my name although I think megan is too common, Magen is unique nd I have never net anyone else with their name spelled like mine. It puts a unique twist on a rather common name. i love it!!!

11/18/2022 06:10:50

Although I have grown to like megan over the years, I usually go by Me pronounced May. My parents and friends thought there were too many megans and megs when i was little and wanted a graceful, pretty nickname for me, so they went with may.

10/18/2022 21:20:10

my daughters name is megan, it is a lovely name and suits her

09/10/2022 06:59:54

I have a 10 year old daughter named Megan. I love this name is Gretchen...both of our names come from "Margaret" Megan is a perfect name. She is a beautiful child...born 10 weeks precious gift.

12/20/2021 02:13:30

My name is Megan and I love it! My favorite spelling is Megan. (Followed by Meaghan, Meghan, Meagan, Meggan, Meghann, ect.) There are so many ways to spell this name, but I like M-E-G-A-N best! I pronounce it Meh-gan, but many people pronounce it May-gun. I prefer my pronunciation best!

08/04/2021 04:40:12

My cousin's name is Megan spelled like that. M-E-G-A-N. I love her name! I like the name spelled Meaghann

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Megan FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Megan?
The origin of the name Megan is Welsh.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Megan?
*️⃣ How many people are named Megan?
Almost 439000 people are named Megan.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Megan?
The names of Maya, Mya, Miya, Mayah, Maiya