Naomi Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \na(o)-mi\
Number in U.S 👶 165,000
Rate in 2021 145
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

What is meaning of name Naomi?

What does Naomi mean?
The name Naomi has several meanings, but in reality, they are all related. Among them we find: "person who brings comfort", "beautiful", "one who has charm", "one who is sweet", "joy" and "delight".

Origin of the name Naomi
The name Naomi is given two origins. On the one hand, it is believed to be of Hebrew origin, and on the other hand, Naomi is considered to be of Japanese origin.

Diminutives and variations of the name Naomi
One of the variants of the name Naomi that is most used is Nahomi and another is without the accent, that is, Naomi. The latter is more used in English than in Spanish-speaking places, where the accent is used and it is rarely used with an interspersed h. Among the most common diminutives of Naomi are Noe, Nao, Mi and Emi.

Personality of the name Naomi
Women named Naomi are considered frank people, direct and do not tolerate injustice. Similarly, they like to mediate, reconcile and unite. They have a good sense of humor, are critical and practical. In addition, they have great capacity and mental strength, so they usually go as far as they set out to.

Numerology of the name Naomi
According to numerology, the number most associated with Naomi's name is the number 7.

Additional description of the name Naomi

Naomi : Meaning, Origin and Popularity


The name Naomi is Jewish, Japanese, Jewish.

The name Naomi in Hebrew means "beautiful", "pleasant". From Japanese, this name has an identical translation - "beautiful."

The name Naomi is used in England and sounds like Naomi, in Germany - Naemi, in England, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands - Noemi, in Portugal - Noemia. The diminutives of Naim and Em are also independent names.

Girl Naomi is a mystery to others. Her sensitivity and emotions are usually hidden under the mask of dispassion, icy silence. Naomi strives to always develop, improve herself. She loves traveling, various changes in her life.

Naomi is to some extent an idealist, she will try to bring the work she has started to a state as close as possible to the ideal. Her inner world is rich in fantasies, her inner life and spirituality are very important to her, but very often she feels a sense of loneliness and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is very important to surround Naomi with love and attention from childhood.

Naomi may feel inferior, she should be supported, encouraged, her artistic and creative abilities (painting, music, theater, sewing, cooking) should be developed. She will be able to express her feelings in an original approach to standard things: an unusual vase, an original design.

Naomi appreciates calmness and loneliness, she is interested in many things that are considered out of the ordinary. She is often fascinated by strange or occult phenomena. Emotionally her life is not easy for her, Naomi will always find a way to complicate everything around her. This is a sensual and romantic nature, dreams of harmony with her beloved. It is difficult for Naomi to communicate, it is difficult to find a common language. However, she is capable of being devoted.

Naomi can choose both a passive role (stenographer, secretary, social or medical worker), and an active profession that requires assertiveness, activity, frequent movements (television work, journalist).


Naomi does not celebrate birthdays.


The numerology of the name Naomi can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of Naomi's name in numerology is 2. The motto of twos in life is: "Team spirit!"

The ruling planet is the Moon.

Zodiac sign - Cancer

Talisman stones - garnet, gold, meteorite, moldavite, shell rock, smoky quartz, spinel, sugilite, tanzanite, tavorite, tourmaline, brown tourmalite.

The deuce lives in the past, keeps all the old wounds in the soul, nurtures its grievances. Two will always require the support of others, vulnerable, not confident in their abilities. In general, this is a very family man who will always support and come to the rescue. To please the Deuce, it is enough to give her true love and open your feelings. The most obvious negative qualities of the "two" include a tendency to a dependent position and conciliation, depression, indecision. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. They try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle character. And this will inevitably lead to losses in all spheres of life, and, as a result, dissatisfaction with oneself, anger and alienation. When interpreting the meaning of the number 2, one should clearly see the line separating diplomacy and the desire for peaceful coexistence from compliance and timidity. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. They try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle character. And this will inevitably lead to losses in all spheres of life, and, as a result, dissatisfaction with oneself, anger and alienation. When interpreting the meaning of the number 2, one should clearly see the line separating diplomacy and the desire for peaceful coexistence from compliance and timidity. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. They try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle character. separating diplomacy and the desire for peaceful coexistence from compliance and timidity. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. They try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle character. separating diplomacy and the desire for peaceful coexistence from compliance and timidity. The calmness and poise inherent in deuces allow them to think objectively and make informed decisions. They try to be guided by logic and common sense. Excellent diplomats, they are able to resolve any conflict peacefully. They are characterized by kindness, tact in delicate matters and a gentle character.


For the name Naomi, the patron planet is the Moon. The moon endows those subject to it with emotionality. These people are open and naive. They easily come into contact with others and, accordingly, easily and quickly adapt to the surrounding circumstances. They have a highly developed intuition, thanks to which they achieve their goals without bothering too much, do not go ahead, but find easier, but no less worthy ways to achieve their goals. The character is generally simple, but mood swings happen, and people, for example, the first type, who are stronger emotionally, can help get out of them. Moon people are serious about family and marriage. They are faithful to their spouse, housewives. In addition, they are introverts, sometimes they are closed and taciturn. The problems they are trying to solve within themselves often lead to mood swings. Among other things, these are individuals with character, it is not so easy to make them dance to someone else's tune. They are independent, diplomatic and responsible.


Naomi's name is orange. People with this color are charming and charming, they are bright both externally and internally. They can be seen by their original clothing and appearance. They are smart and funny, however, they say about them that there are too many of them, so they have a lot of acquaintances, but there is only one real friend, because he must have angelic patience and the ability to listen and correct the orange comrade gushing with stupid ideas. Positive character traits - sociability, eccentricity. Negative character traits - lack of culture and even some rudeness.

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Comments on the name Naomi
12/8/2022 8:47:44 PM

"Naomie" is my name. I wish my mom would have left off the "e" at the end because I have been dealing with that misspelling my whole life. I have to agree with the other girls here - everyone tries to say "Ny-oh-mee". I don't even know where they get this from - when does "ao" ever make the long I sound. Anyway, I rarely meet anyone with my name (I'm 31) except the occasional "That's my great aunt's name!" I HATED my name when I was younger - I longed to be an Ashley or Jennifer. Now I love it.

11/24/2022 7:07:02 PM

my husband and i named our daughter Naomi and she exactly is a Naomi because she is beautiful and she is everybody's sweetheart. Actually it was my husband who got the name Naomi from the Bible since we would like to name our daughter from the Bible and it also turned out that it is a japanese name meaning Beautiful. And what i like it better also because It's a unique uncommon name, not many kids i know name Naomi.

11/19/2022 8:37:50 AM

My Name is Naomi also and all throughout school my language arts teache's (out of all the teache's) always pronounce my name wrong!! I'mean there the ones teaching me phonics ! But no matter what i still love my name.

11/19/2022 1:34:38 AM

My daughters name is Nyomi. It is a variation of Naomi. I got it from the bible story of Naomi and Ruth but I saw Naomi Cambelll on a talk show and the host pronounced her name Nyomi. I liked that pronunciation better and originally wanted to leave the "A" and add an accent mark(two dots)over the "A' but thought people would see the "A" and still pronounce it Nay-omi. So I changed it to a "y" and we pronounce it Ny-omi ("y" makes the'sound "i" like eye)

11/13/2022 6:19:24 PM

my name is naomi and I love it! i rarely meet people with the'same name, and i always get compliments on it. people think It's exotic, gorgeous, thought-provoking. i love my name. :)

11/13/2022 1:37:16 PM

When I have a girl her name will be Laila Naomi. Naomi is such a beautiful name. My childhood best friend died of cancer, and her name was Naomi. I hope my child can carry on her grace and kindess.

11/10/2022 2:12:22 PM

It was my grandma's name and she liked it. She liked it pronounced Nao ma, like how they said it on the TV show "Mama's Family"

11/7/2022 4:30:18 AM

I can't beli've that'so many other people have the Name Naomi!!! I have never thought about this before, but since my teacher asked me how it was pronounced, I have began to dislike it when'they call me NI'mi. It is like "How could you get the a and the i confused? The i is at the end of the word!" There is one other person in my school that has the'same name. I wonder if she has this trouble! ;) :)

11/4/2022 6:36:32 PM

Beautiful name. Love it. I would pronounce it Ni-oh-me, if we choose it for our future daughter.

11/1/2022 12:08:26 PM

my name is naomi. i like to pronounce it NAY-OH-MY. all my life people have called me nI'mi, nomi,nay nay, naomi. im just used to it and sick of correcting people. i LOVE my name. It's so unique as am i.

10/31/2022 11:12:34 PM

I'm another Naomi and I couldn't ever wear my name with pride due to people always mispronouncing it, correcting people all the time It's not something I want to do for the rest of my life, I now go by the name Mia

10/27/2022 9:20:40 PM

My name is Naomi, pronounced Nay-OH-mee and I love my name but get super annoyed when people pronounce is NIGH-oh-mee! Although I am pretty used to it I hate it especially when people ask me how its pronounced and I tell them, but then'they just pronounce it wrong! My middle name is Keziah (pronounced Kez-EE-ah) and I love the name combination! Naomi Keziah!

10/26/2022 9:11:46 AM

Hi naomi ..i agree to all the meanings of name is the'shizz .x

10/25/2022 11:47:30 PM

My friend's name is Naomi and I absolutly love it! It describes her, she is a beautiful, Japanese girl, and is very honest. I wish my name were Naomi!

10/25/2022 5:16:36 AM

My name is Naomi and I love it. My mother named me after Naomi in the bible. I have never met anyone personally with the'same name. I get a lot of compliments. Anyways I LOVE IT!

10/11/2022 5:42:18 PM

It has a nice, upbeat sound to it. It's not like the usual soft and girly names.

10/6/2022 7:51:20 PM

I named my daughter Naomi Ashlee. I have also been told Naomi is a Red Indian name.

10/6/2022 2:48:36 AM

I love my name!! My mother was reading the bible one night and came across the name Naomi. She fell in love with it. The middle name she gave me is Zoe. So when you put the two names together they mean "pleasant life". My mother never meant for that to happen. I'm glad she picked those names. However, I do hate the fact that most people cannot pronounce it correctly!!!! That's really annoying.

10/5/2022 12:59:50 PM

I'm a Naomi and I absolutely love my name. If you are going to name your kid Naomi, beware: 87% of people call it NI'mi and lately i have been'teased a lot about It'spelling backwards: imoan. So just consider that.

10/1/2022 3:47:06 AM

I love the name Naomi i want to name my child it if i have a girl when i grow up

9/29/2022 4:45:46 AM

yup, Caitlynn's my name. The name Kaitlin is pretty commen, but if you spell it Caitlynn, its unique! People NEVer'spell my name right since there are so many ways to spell it. CATlin, and Caleen are only a few.

9/26/2022 2:45:08 PM

Naomi happens to be my name too, and I always loved my name, it wasn't common at all when I grew up so I loved being different than the other kids growing up, now however a few more people are naming their kids Naomi. I still wouldn't call it common which people tend to say it is. It's not as common as names like Kathy, Jennifer, Amy or Megan and i've only seen only around 3 other Naomi's not within the'same time frame quite a few years apart. I also can not stand it when people say it wrong and tell me that It's a hard name to say. It really Isn't hard to say at all. It's pronounced just the way It's spelled and it has the'same two first letters as the word name, so you'd think people would figure that out. Besides their already is an American Indian name that'sounds like Ni-ohm-e. Might as well call Branden, Brendon for a guy. One time own 2 year old called me by my name Naomi by accident and she even pronounced it right. If a 2 year old can pronounce it right then everybody should be able to pronounce it right.

9/25/2022 8:31:52 PM

My husband and I named our daughter after my Grandma and she was delighted to have another Naomi in the world. My daughter is five and she loves her name. Naomi's rule!

9/17/2022 8:51:58 AM


9/14/2022 6:48:22 AM

HI'my name is Naomi tooo! I love my name, as i was young I asked my mother why she name that, she'said God gave it to her. I get so many compliments, especially when little children want to call my name for everything they love me, and they get said when'there parents tell them is Na-omm-Me, but they couldnt get so i tell them its not there fault, just say "Lay-on-Me" and when'they say It'saounds like my name. But hey they barely can pronouce good, so I'make It'simple, its so cute. Im also glad i finally got over the fact of the "I'moan" joke also so childish and I'mature, but hey I'm Naomi and I love it thank God and ma

9/14/2022 3:16:46 AM

my name is naomi to! :D ...I hate it when people call me nI'mi! it bugs me...haha..but I love my name :)

9/8/2022 7:58:34 AM

My name is Naomi too, I love having such an uncommon name, because i've only met about two other girls with that name. It actually annoys me when people pronounce it 'nye-oh-me' because I always get called Nay, not Nye. i've always been given other nicknames like, Mimi, Nomi, Naynomi, Naynayyyyy, and so many more, I really like Mimi but people just tend to call me Nay :-)

9/6/2022 8:07:18 PM

I am a Naomi of 43 years. I hate being called Nigh-oh-me. But people just don't see or hear it. It is a strange linguistic phenomenon. Someone will read my passport and say, "have a nice day, NIGH-oh-me," or I will introduce myself as Nay-oh-me and they will say "Oh, NIGH-oh-me, what a nice name!" Whatever. I usually don't even notice it anymore, but when I don't, my husband does!

9/4/2022 5:49:02 AM

My names naomi too :) and i absolutley love it!! people are always saying nI'mie and its like 'is there an i in my name? no!' but it honestly doesnt bother me. I love how backwards its I'moan and from that i got the nickname moany, as well as a whole load of othe's including mimi, nomi, nomes, nay, nye, neomi, naonao (said nownow) and yeah, naomi rocks!!!

9/2/2022 4:16:48 AM

I am a Naomi. and for some stupid reason people often mis-pronounce my name n-eye-o-mee. That's not how it is said! I have found that in order to get it right I have to mis-pronounce my own name. I say "nay-o-ME" with the emphasis on the last syllable. For some reason that helps people pronounce it correclty. Strange. Also in elementary school, kids used to call me Wyoming to tease me (why is beyond me, I grew up in California). It was very irritating especially since my name is not pronounced that way. Old Southern people will pronounce the name Nee-o-mah. And hispanic people will pronounce it no-a-mee. So this name will teach your child to be tolerant and flexible. Beli've it or not, I still love my name. If you like it, that's all that matters.

8/24/2022 12:34:30 PM

It's lame when people pronounce my name "Nigh-oh-me" no matter how many times I tell them how It's said. Many of my friends just call me Nim. :)

8/20/2022 5:59:24 PM

I just lost my cat Naomi, she was my best friend for 13 years and died in my arms this week. I picked Naomi for her because when I got her I couldn't decide on a name, she was a beautiful tortoise shell with gold eyes and I wanted a name that was as beautiful, unusual and distinctive as she was. After a few weeks of just calling her kitty my boyfriend at the time said " I swear, that poor cat is telling you just "name me" already and I thought "that's perfect" so she became Naomi (pronounced Nay-O-me but mispronounced by just about everyone as nI-o-me)

8/11/2022 12:39:54 AM

It's funny that all the Naomis complain about being called NI'mi. I am NI'mi and I get called Naomi ALL the time. I emphasize the long I and they still go with the long A. What's even funnier is that in church, the preacher'started calling the Naomi in the Bible NI'mi after knowing me for a while. I guess It's either or and we can't have it both ways! :-)

7/23/2022 12:53:24 PM

I'm the'same person as the one yesterday saying is a knock off nicole. I'mean It's not a knock off nicole any more

7/14/2022 1:03:18 AM

We're naming our son that is due in a few weeks Kai. Having trouble with a cool middle name though!

7/13/2022 12:21:00 AM

Hi, i am naomi too! I actually call myself, n'air'mi i hate naOmi. Sorry. I love the name though, unusual but not absurd. Its so annoying when no one can spell your name right!

7/9/2022 3:49:48 PM

I think that Naomi is a beautiful name. My best friend hates her name, but I think she is lucky to have it. We call her "Nomi" or "Mia" (Pronounced My-a). The only annoying thing is we had to teach our teachers how to pronounce it correctly. xD I still love it, and her. It suits her, she is pleasant, helpful and honest.

7/8/2022 6:53:24 AM

I named my daughter Naomi, actually her dad named her and I agreed. We looked in a book and found the name meant pleasant. she is pleasant for our fifth child. She can wrap her dad around her finger better than anyone. This is "Naomi" (pleasant/delightful) to watch. Mispronounced often. Have met many with the'same name.

7/8/2022 4:08:42 AM

This is also my name. NAOMI GAIL

7/4/2022 11:17:06 PM

Hey My Name is Naomi and i get called NI'mi alot, i hate it, i also get called nay nay or princess any nay. i love my name !!! =)

7/3/2022 5:11:42 AM

My name is Naomi and I love the name. It's so unique and special. It's kind of funny because my mothe's name is Ruth soooo, yeah. People call me Nomi, Naya, Nay, Nay Nay and imoan. I hate that'sometimes people call me NI'mi. N-eye-mee I don't get hoow they get it confused.?

6/25/2022 3:12:54 AM

It's my name and I love my name. I have experienced the'same misspellings and mispronunciations over the years. My biggest pet peeve is when people call me NI'mi, I hate how It'sounds and I don't understand how people can get this sound from the'spelling but they do, they are lazy. Thankfully Naomi Campbell(supermodel), Naomi Wolfe(author) and Naomi Watts(actress) kind of changed that over the last ten years or so. Most people know how to at least say it these days. There were three Naomi's in my year at school so was popular in Australia in 1986 when we were named. I know another Naomi professionally too. My nick names include Nai,Nay's,Nomes,Nomi seems common among us. Our name is so beautiful and I love the name my mother chose for me. Being biblical makes it even more special to me.

5/12/2022 3:18:18 AM

i just had a baby girl and have called her Naomi. i love the name and have done for years however people can't say it or spell it half the time so i have to correct them.

5/3/2022 11:29:42 PM

Love the name got it from the bible. Her fathe's name is also from the bible Nahum and my name is Nicole. It's perfect!

4/30/2022 2:58:30 PM

My name is Naomi and people often spell it NI'mi. Or say it like this N-eye-o-me. Its quite annoying. But i love my name when it is said right. People call me Nomi

4/27/2022 1:46:30 PM

whats up with this??!! why dont u just name your kid halloween!!! i known its cool and all to be diffrent but come on... people will egg you and probley call u 'the easter bunny!!'

4/10/2022 12:52:30 AM

Hiya guys guess what my name is Naomi lols to be honest im not realy bothered how people say my name because i will still anser toit. its still a unique name my family call me nim (like nim's ilsand haha) or nimi for a nick name i dont know y but it just goes. but i do get rather annoyed when people speell it wrong cos they usually spell it like 'NI'mI' i only get annoyed when its on a important things other than that im not fussed i wudnt change my name cos its me :)

4/3/2022 5:54:00 PM

My daughter is named Naomi and she loves it! We get a lot of compliments on her name. I also dislike it when people pronounce her name Ny-omi. I just don't understand how reasonable intelligent people manage to mangle an easy-to-say name, but we hear it all the time. I work with the public and have met at least 3 people with this name. They all say they like it too.

4/2/2022 8:51:18 PM

It's wonderfull to have such a nice meaning of my name naomi, (delightfull/pleasant). have any of you guys (other naomis) ever noticed that quality to make people smile in your life? if not, You're going to discover It'sooner or later, because meanings of names aren't worthless, It's spoken over you every time someone says your name. think about that all you delightfull naomis!

3/28/2022 8:10:48 AM

my name is naomi oline because my grandma's mom was the'same name too. wow i didnt know there were alot of naomis

3/18/2022 12:12:54 AM

Hi All, The name Naomi is a Hebrew name and should be pronounced Ne-Oh-Mee. This is the way you say it in Hebrew and it means my pleasant. The letter "I" at the end of the name'signifies "mine" "my".

3/13/2022 11:13:30 PM

I love my name!! When i first wanted to be called summit other than Naomi i decided on Nai for a nickname...i dint want Nay coz its look too ordinary lol. I like my name coz its original and spells IMOAN backwards! how awesome! took me a while to figure out haha. lots of mis-spellings and mispronounciations - NaI'mie, nayomi, naI'moi(?) etc and so annoying when people call me nah-omi...! its NAY omi jeez lol. just ignore it now tho...only my closest friends call me Nai...! =)

1/27/2022 12:39:00 AM

I love my name. Sooo many nicknames, Nomi, The Nomester, Nomie, Nomb. Very unique. And I hope It'stays that way.

12/21/2021 11:58:30 PM

My Name is Naomi and i thimk that my name is class and it means Beauiful,Delightful and plesent and i am none of that but i like my name becase it is from the bible oh an d It'spell's imoan back wards and ido moan alot.

12/13/2021 9:59:42 PM

My name is Naomi. I did the'story of Naomi and Ruth for my bat-mitzvah portion. I think Naomi is a wonderful name. My nickname is Nom-Nom. Naomi is one of the uniquest names. I think that we are so lucky to have a name meaning delightful and pleasant. And for the Nye-omi part, Isn't it annoying when you correct someone and then'they don't change the way they say your name? Once, I told my cantor she was saying my name wrong and she'said she was saying it correct! I was shocked.

11/19/2021 7:42:54 PM

hmm, well I'met a really nice Naomi, she is all the things the name actually mean.

11/9/2021 10:50:06 AM

I am currently pregnant with identical twin girls. They are due in 5 weeks, and my husband and I are planning on naming them Olivia and Naomi. I love the name Naomi, and only recently found out that it was the maiden name of my husband's grandmother, Rachel Naomi. I'm planning on using the pronunciation Nay-oh-me.

11/3/2021 6:30:00 PM

my is naomi but to many of my baby cuz is naomi for do not like the fact that my name is comman

10/25/2021 5:45:00 AM

My middle name is Naomi, It's okay. It's pretty cute I guess (:

9/28/2021 6:44:24 PM

it drives me up the wall when people pronounce my name nI'mi, isnt it obvious thae its nAomi. i like my name as its different and when people call me Nay, i know they feel comfortable around me.

9/18/2021 2:32:24 AM


9/13/2021 9:59:42 AM

hello everyone.. me also my name is Sarah.. and omg i love that name.. some call me soso or sisi but i Sasa it makes me more emotional.. and i love naomi.. well only this one girl..

8/29/2021 6:44:24 AM

My beautiful 10 year old daughter is named Naomi! I wanted her to have an elegant name. Her'sister and brother call her Mimi. There couldn't be a more perfect name for my little Naomi. I have to say though that it drives me crazy when people call her NaI'mi!!! She often introduces he'self as Mimi to avoid mispronunciation. Either way Naomi or Mimi are both beautiful names.

8/19/2021 4:09:36 PM

I know that the name NaomI'means delightful, but my little sisters name is Naomi and she is anything but delightful. Yes, Naomi is a kind of pretty name but delightful? I'mean come on people with the name Naomi are not delightful. I'mean, hello.... Naomi Campbell? Give me a break

8/14/2021 11:36:54 PM

My names Naomi and i woodnt change it ever!!Such an adorable baby name! No one else in my town has it, wich is fun! GO NAOMI'S!!

8/9/2021 11:45:00 PM

My naomi is naomi and i love the fact that It'spells imoan backwards, because i do. Ive had so many different nicknames including, ni, nizza, nomi, no, noonoo lol i love it. :) x

8/5/2021 12:41:42 PM

what a bunch of BS that a name would make a smiling baby or a talented track and football athlete, get a grip, children need love and support to be happy and successful and please, The Omen was "cool", creep, you shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

7/19/2021 3:27:18 AM

Th is is my name for the unique orinal person bubbling within me!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Naomi?
The origin of the name Naomi is Hebrew.
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Almost 165000 people are named Naomi.
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The names of Ryan, Naomi, Noemi, Naima, Noam