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Nellie Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \n(el)-lie\
Number in U.S 👶 150,000
Rate in 2021 1564
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English

Nellie : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

  The name is of Greek origin and it probably means "young, new."
     Nellie is intelligent and outgoing. She has a lot of friends around; but since early childhood and well into adulthood she is not capable of keeping a secret. She is usually her mother's blue eyed girl with her every wish being given way to. Nellie can be a bit irritable and short-tempered but she is not conflicting owing to her quick calming down. She is talented and good at different fields of knowledge. She is a brilliant student at school particularly adept at exact sciences.
     Nellie cannot be regarded as stubborn nor perseverant; however she always has her own point of view which she can smartly defend without irritating her opponents. She is caring and sympathetic with people who are weaker that she is. Nellie often has a cat or a dog. Her attitude towards money is slightly condescending; she does not like to save for a rainy day. If she sees something she likes she will buy it immediately. Nellie is endowed with good taste and she tries to follow fashion.
     Nellie can make a good arts expert, doctor, teacher; she often indulges in science.
     Nellie is fascinated with her job, business or career. Even at home she will eagerly talk about her plans and achievements at work. If she is reminded of a dinner at that moment it will incur her anger. However the conflict will be momentary since Nellie with make sandwiches her husband is used to and everything will be settled. Unfortunately housework does not belong to Nellie's interests. It interferes with her self-fulfillment and provided she has such possibility she will eagerly delegate all routine affairs to her mother or mother-in-law. Nellie has even relations with her husband - it is neither frenzy of passion nor indifference but quiet friendship. Nellie's pride and self-respect make her jealous and can even lead to her running into extremities. Nellie's children feel closer to their father than to her. Nellie is able to fall for an intelligent and out-of-the-ordinary man whose intellectual superiority is obvious for her. However stability in her marriage is more important for her that any love affair.

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Comments on the name Nellie
11/24/2022 12:53:46 AM

Sounds like an old lady to me, not a nice name for a poor child to be saddled with.

8/31/2022 2:45:54 PM

Sounds like an old lady reminds me of a very old lady neighbour from the 1972s

7/6/2022 10:58:12 AM

i think its a grat name.its fun its pretty its just wonderful!!!

10/18/2021 11:47:42 AM

My name is Nellie,I'm twelve, and I like my name. Its really very old fashioned and original, and I think its cool because I was named after Nellie Bly. Anyone every heard of her? She was an awesome reporter and oh I don't have so much to say about her, but I can't right now. If anyone's inter'sted in her you should wikipedia her. She was a really amazing person.

9/30/2021 11:00:00 AM

my daughters name is nellia we call her nellie alot of people have trouble saying her name'she is kind of named after her great grandma an aunt that passed away in 2016 when i was pregnant with her. her name was nellie but she changed it to nellia harris she was murdered by terri blair in kc the'story is on the 1st 48 hrs


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nellie?
The origin of the name Nellie is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named Nellie?
Almost 150000 people are named Nellie.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Nellie?
The names of Nina, Nana, Wynona, Nonnie, Nonie