Ola meaning

: Ancestor's Relic

Ola Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \o-la\
Number of People 👶 30,000
Rate in 2021 13077
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ola Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ola
Additional description of the name Ola
"Ola" is a beautiful name for boys And girls that has Scandinavian origin. Meaning of the name Ola is: "Ancestor's Relic".

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Comments on the name Ola
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am a Filipino and my name is OLA MAE. I love my name, It's so cool and quite unique. My mom said, when she was pregnant to me, my American uncle suggested the name taken from her mother. People call me Ola or Ollie- ola or hola which means hello in Portugese/Spanish- In Arabic, it has also quite a good meaning, according to my Arab colleagues. Mabuhay, all those named ola!

01/04/2024 08:07:46

elo elo my name is ola... i love my name.. people always make fun of it... but i don't care because at the end everyone loves it

12/16/2023 06:50:18

My beloved grandmother was named Ola. Always wondered about the derivation. She was born in 1911 and was Irish/Scottish. Good to know there are still people being called this cool name!

12/07/2023 03:00:34

wells my name is paige, but i spell my name without the e so my name is spelled "Paig" but omg... every time i have a sub at school they call me "peg" and when i was little people would tell me "turn the page, paige" -__- kids...

12/03/2023 00:33:24

My Grandmother , is of German & scandanavian decent ... Married and Irish I'migran. She was born in the mid twenties ... Her name is Olamae Gray Breen . And she hails from a small village named Town , so this makes her OMG Breen..

12/02/2023 08:41:12

In Poland, Ola is a nickname for Aleksandra (Alexandra) it is a shortened version of It'such as Bob is a shortened version of Robert or Jenn of Jennifer...Everyone in Poland knows that if they meet someone named Ola they automatically know that her formal name is Aleksandra...

11/26/2023 00:27:08

My name is Ola I don't know where it came from. I'm from a country called Albaina and when My adopted parents went back and got my sister there was a little girl named Ola too. I promounce mine with the O sound like in the name Olivia. I don't know any other Ola's besides me.

11/15/2023 19:38:34

My name is Ola.I am probably the only male Arab with this name -))

11/04/2023 01:12:56

Aleksandra{Alexandra) in polish is Ola.My friends call me sasha or sandy.My spanish teacher'says to me "Hola Ola" It's fum but sometimes it gets on my nerves.

10/03/2023 17:26:52

My name is Alexandra but my family calls me Ola. I don't get called it in school, but whoever knows that my family calls me this, often says: Hola Ola haha:)

09/14/2023 06:45:08

Helllllooooo there , I'm polish and my name is Olga but short version is Ola and all my freinds call me like this.

08/30/2023 20:50:42

lol well my name is ola and i think i've experienced the'same thing with my spanish friends they always say Hola ola so It'sounds like ola ola hehe i like it ;).. and even my teacher always makes a song of my name ola yola yola, even at work my friend always say bella ola ola, and my other french friend always say olala so its kinda cool and funny u know! and i just read that my name's origin is Scandinavian!! i really don't know but yeah ola is a cool name'short and easy to remember ;) VIVA OLA hehe

08/23/2023 07:13:18

Ola is a great name but It's easy to rhyme with so It's not hard to make fun of it. I'm a male from Sweden and I'm not alone. There's about 21229 other males in Sweden with the'same name. It comes from the Norse name Olav and means descendant. The most popular rhyme goes like this: "Ola bandola titta under kjola, vad fanns d❤️r❤️ En naken milit❤️r med snopp och gev❤️r." It translates to "Ola bandola looked under the'skirt, what was there❤️ A naked military man with willie and rifle."

08/20/2023 15:26:52

Could be a short form of Lola or Viola or an adoption of the'spanish word 'hola' (in this case minus the 'h'), meaning 'hello'. It is usually relegated to elderly grandmothe's at the moment, but could possibly make a comeback as kind of an alternative to the'super-popular Olivia.

08/19/2023 12:42:14

It's one of the coolest names that only nice girls have;-)

06/03/2023 10:58:02

it is my name but it has an arabic origin and it means highness. I love my name but when i travel i feel different because my name Isn't so popular.what's good in it is that It's always correctly pronounced and spelled. In my country i've met lots of girls with the'same name because It's really popular in arabic countries but unfortunately It's not so popular all around the world.

05/06/2023 01:08:42

Hi! I'm Swedish. And my Name is Ola! The ıfunnyı thing is that I'm a guy. In Sweden Ola is a masculine name. We don't pronounce it like "hola" we pronounce it like "oola" With a long U-sound :) Like "Ooh lala" People always likes to make fun of my name, and i think It's quite embarrassing sometimes but I'm quite used to it. It's really inter'sting to see that other people, especially girls has the'same name as me! o_O

04/19/2023 01:31:16

My name is Gabby and i am 1/4 polish. My dad and uncle are half and my grandad is. My uncle married a fully polish women and had two girls Marielle 16 and Ola 12. Marie and Ola are my polish cousins. Ola was not born as Aleksandra, she was born as Ola which is a bit weird as most Ola's in poland are orginally called Aleksandra. She doesnt really like her name but i think its beautifull, she probally doesnt like it because when she comes to my house in england most 12 year old girls are called Megan or sophie so she feels like she's the odd one out as she has a diffrent name

03/24/2023 15:42:06

My name is Ola. I liked my name when i used to live in Europe, but now i live in the US, a lot of latin americans live around her. Every time me and my husband go to the'store, and he calls my name, at least one person turns his/her face thinking that'someone is greeting them!

03/13/2023 00:12:48

I'm also Ola, my parents are from Brussels, BelgI'm and my full name is Olesia....

01/25/2023 18:29:20

My daughter is called Ola (born Boxing Day 2019, so she can't really write yet). My partner is from the Orkney Islands off the north of Scotland, where Ola is a quite popular girl's name. It's the feminine form of the old Viking name "Olaf".

01/21/2023 05:09:44

Ma name is OLA and im NIGERIAN. It was ma grandmum's name and it means gold(r smthn precious and rare)

11/24/2022 03:32:28

my name is ola and i always get hola ola . I'm an arab

11/21/2022 15:35:16

Hmmm...well for me Ola is my last name...It is a common west african name and may also be used as a first name. When pronouncing the name you must put emphasis on the -la in Ola and you draw out the'sound of the O

11/14/2022 14:36:06

My wife is Ola; her mother is OLA and so was her mother,whose mother gave her the name of her midwife,OLA, who was of Scandinadion descent.Never met another OLA yet.Midwife lived in early 1900's.

09/18/2022 03:22:52

HI'my best friend is from poland and her name is ola but her real name is alexandra.Her'second name is hardto say so could somebody help me pronounce it.I think it is spelled kaprykizcia im not sure how to spell it it is something like that.

09/03/2022 09:33:36

My name is Ola. I live in the'southe'stern U.S. I was named after my maternal Grandmother and my paternal great-grandmother. The name has never been really common in the U.S. but reached its height of popularity around 1910, or so. Many people ask me the origin and I always say that I'm not quite sure, but my grandmother's name was Ola Mae and that just sounds Mississippi to me!

06/14/2022 11:00:54

well presonally its not my name. but i really dig it! but i am now just wondering if it would be to much to name my lil boy fallon❤️! concidering out of all these comments there was only one boy maned fallon! but i guess thats what make's the name'special!

04/04/2022 03:57:54

My name is Ola. My parents gave it with the Afican meaning "precious". The most I get is "Hola, Ola!" from people but I love my name and i've never met anothe Ola :)

11/20/2021 23:09:54

barrister but a I was married to a young lady by Proxy From Lagos, Nigeria named Ola. I wanted her to Come to meto live in Michigan.she was going to Move to me ,But the Barrister Cheated me Out of My Wifes Love. I still want her to this Day & will Always Adore her. She is the Only Ola That I Have Ever Known

10/28/2021 12:26:24

Hi, my name is Ola. I like my name. I have always been around at least one other 'Ola' since I was a teenager. I am a baby boomer. My grand daughter is named Ola. I am usually given compliments about my name.

09/26/2021 21:54:18

im polish and my name is born in Canada and well my friends make fun of me and say hola ola and i really like my name but my real name is alexandra but everyone calls me ola

09/05/2021 08:00:54

my name is Ola and I was born in 1983. I was named after my grandma Ola Mae. I was named Ola Jean. I was born in Florida where I now reside but was raised my entire life in Missouri. I have met one older lady named Ola in Missouri and one older man I knew named Ola in Missouri.

08/13/2021 21:59:42

My grandmother's name was Ola Mae. She was from Texas and born in the early 1900s. I wonder why she was named that. I know she didn't like her name.

07/08/2021 23:09:00

It is a short form of the name Alexandra, which is my name. People always pronounce and spell it correctly, as it is very popular in Poland (the country I live in). The funny thing is, pronunciation of my name is the'same as the pronunciation of the'spanish word 'hola' which means 'hi'. When I go to Spain, freinds have to call me Alex, otherwise all the people on the'street look at them.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ola?
The origin of the name Ola is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ola?
Ancestor's Relic
*️⃣ How many people are named Ola?
Almost 30000 people are named Ola.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ola?
The names of Juan, Francisco, Panchito