Juan meaning

: God Is Gracious

Juan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \juan\
Number of People 👶 353,000
Rate in 2021 265
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 Spanish
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Juan Name Meaning

This beautiful boy's name comes from "Yeho" and "human", so its meaning is "the man faithful to God". Although it can also be interpreted as "God forgives" or "Merciful God".)

Juan Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Juan
Additional description of the name Juan

The origin of the name Juan is Hebrew. Juan can be considered a religious name, since many patrons bear this name, such as Saint John the Baptist or Saint John the Evangelist. This is one of the Hebrew names that have had the most diffusion, thanks to Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

Juan is a very old name that has been used for several centuries. Its popularity is because it is a deeply rooted and frequent name in the Catholic religion. On the one hand, we have Saint Juan the Baptist, who predicted the arrival of the Messiah. But neither can we forget Saint Juan the Evangelist, who was a disciple of Jesus


Cool Info About Name Juan

Additional name description Juan
Additional name description Juan

The personality of the name Juan
Juan is a very self-confident and brave person. He is an introverted and reserved person, calm and serene. Juan likes action, he will have dynamic professions that require movement and activation. He likes challenges and also takes certain risks but from the responsibility and vocation. His passion is helping others and he will choose jobs that allow him to do so.
In his family, Juan is loyal and sincere, but he is independent and cold. He is a little emotional person who does not usually express his emotions. Although he is affectionate in confidence, it takes time to reach this level of confidence.
Juan is a very good friend of his friends, he likes to spend time with his friends, making quiet plans or simply sharing moments. His hobbies include traveling and animals.

Celebrities named Juan
Juan Gabriel: (1950-2016) committed singer, musician, and actor originally from Mexico with the help of children.
Juan Luis Guerra: singer and musician from the Dominican Republic, born in 1957. Winner of many awards, such as 21 Latin Grammys, two American Grammys, and three Latin Billboard Awards. Appears in the image.
Juan de Dios Pantoja: young Mexican singer and popular on social media.
Juan Gomez Jurado: journalist and novelist born in Spain in 1977. Born in Madrid, he is the author of Reina Roja, the most-read book in Spain during 2020 and 2021.
Juan Guaido: born in Venezuela in 1983, he is a politician and partially recognized as interim president of Venezuela.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ian
Ademas, Juan is a name that can have many variations when combined with other names to build a compound name, some examples are the following:
A diminutive of Juan is Juanito., The feminine variant of the name Juan is Juana.

The name Juan in other languages
Alaban: Gjon
German: Johann
Arabic: جون
Armenian: Hovhanes
Bosnian: Ivan
Catalan and Valencian: Joan
Chinese: 约翰
Czech: Jan
Danish: Johannes
Scots: Ian
Slovenian: Janez
Estonian: Jaan
Dutch and Norwegian: Hans
Finnish: Janne
French: Jean
Greek: Ioannis/ Γιάννης
Hebrew: ג'ון
Dutch and Norwegian: Hans
Hungarian: Janos
English: John, Ewan, Jack
Irish: Sean
Italian: Giovanni
Japanese: ジョン
Portuguese: João
Romanian: Ion, Ioan , Ionut
Russian: Джон
Serbian: Jovan
Turkish: Yahya

Calendar of the Saints of San Juan

Among all the names, Juan may be one of the ones who star on most days of the saints. It is amazing to see how many days of the year an onomastic related to a saint with this name is celebrated. More than 15 days a year! Imagine that all those days came together in the same month... we would spend at least half a month celebrating this saint's day!

Among all these dates, we would like to highlight two in particular for their relevance. On the one hand, on June 24 when the day of San Juan Bautista is celebrated. This day is celebrated in some countries because, in addition to celebrating Saint Juan's name day, on these days the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere occurs. In Spain, for example, bonfires are lit on the beaches that, when jumped, bring good luck and grant the wishes you ask for.

On the other hand, we talk about December 27, the date on which we celebrate Saint Juan the Evangelist. Several miracles are attributed to this saint, who in addition to being the author of the Gospel of Juan wrote the Apocalypse, such as drinking a cup of wine with poison without anything happening to him.

Other dates of Juan's saints are:

On January 31

February 4 and 14

March 8

May 16

June 12

August 12, 19, and 29

September 13

On October 9, 11 and 23

December 4, 14, 17 and 27

The most famous character named Juan

If you are going to give your child this name, surely you will be curious to know what famous historical figures were called the same.

Johann Strauss, Austrian musician (1825)

Juan Gris, Spanish painter (1886)

Joan Miró, Spanish painter (1893)

Juan Kennedy, American politician (1917)

Juan Goytisolo, Spanish writer (1931)

Juan Carlos I, King of Spain (1938)

Joan Manuel Serrat, Spanish singer-songwriter (1943)

John Lennon, English musician (1944)

Juan Luis Guerra, Dominican singer (1957)

Sean Penn, American actor (1960)

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona (1962)

Juan Martin del Potro, Argentine tennis player (1988)

Juan Betancourt, Cuban actor and model (1990)

Day of the Saint of Juan
The Saint's Day of John is June 24, the date on which Christianity celebrates the Feast of Saint John for the birth of Saint John the Baptist. San Juan is a traditional festival currently characterized by cocoa, bonfires, and fireworks, especially during the eve or night of San Juan.

Numerology of the name Juan
In numerology, John's number is 3. According to numerology, people who carry the number 3 are brilliant, decisive, and creative.

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Comments on the name Juan
04/06/2023 04:38:38

My eldest uncles name was Juan and then now i have a nephew and his name is Juan LOVE IT!!

10/03/2021 07:37:30

i have a friend named juan and he is soooo nice this meaning describes him intirely!!(sp)

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Juan FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Juan?
The origin of the name Juan is Spanish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Juan?
God Is Gracious
*️⃣ How many people are named Juan?
Almost 353000 people are named Juan.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Juan?
The names of Kason, Cason, Kasen, Kayson, Kyson