Paris meaning

: From The Capital City Of France, Paris

Paris Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \p(a)-ris\
Number of People 👶 39,000
Rate in 2021 779
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Greek
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Paris Name Meaning

Paris, a name with ancient origins, holds a rich and intriguing meaning. Derived from Greek mythology, the name Paris is associated with the legendary figure known for his role in the Trojan War. In Greek, Paris translates to "Πάρις," which signifies "wallet" or "purse." This interpretation stems from the belief that Paris was named after the renowned city of Paris in France.

Beyond its mythological roots, the name Paris has evolved to symbolize various characteristics and qualities. It is often associated with elegance, sophistication, and a sense of romanticism. The name also carries connotations of beauty and charm.

In modern times, Paris has become a popular choice for both males and females around the world. Its versatility allows it to transcend gender boundaries while maintaining its distinctive allure.

Whether chosen for its historical significance or simply for its aesthetic appeal, the name Paris continues to captivate individuals seeking a name that embodies grace and allure.

Cool Info About Name Paris

Additional name description Paris
Additional name description Paris

Paris Personality

With a determined and persevering character, Paris is a man of impulses in his youth, who after reaching maturity gains great self-control. A dreamer, practical and efficient in his profession, he has a charm that makes him envied by men and admired by women. All shades of red will bring you good luck, and his talisman is a branch of wormwood, or a garnet.

Onomastics Paris

The date of celebration of the Saint of Paris is August 5.

Numerological analysis of the name Paris

Emotional nature:

Diligent, careful and emotional nature. It has originality, acquires intellectuality and receives authority. Love the possible and the impossible. He likes to feel accomplished and improved.

Expressive Nature:

It is thorough. He expresses himself in a way that attracts attention and feels superior. Seek prosperity and fulfillment. Loves execution, planning and coming up with ideas.

Natural talent:

It is overflowing thought mind. He expresses himself as an inspired thinker who elevates ideas and makes every idealization a realization. He receives an increase in tasks that require the communion of his thought with the thing thought. Labors most cerebral than manual. He loves the things of thought, more by creating them than by enjoying them.

He could excel in professions such as a doctor, nurse, philanthropist, lawyer, writer, painter, dancer or in community work, serving the public.

Lucky Number: 9

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Comments on the name Paris
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I used to LOVE this name, but now a certain person *ahem, Hilton* has ruined it for all of us. I wouldn't even name my dog this name, just because I'd hate to give a nod to the obnoxious heiress.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I don't really like the name. It's okay, but I wouldn't name my kid that. I think Paris Hilton has put a horrible influence on the name paris. I once knew a "Parys"

01/14/2024 00:00:00


01/14/2024 00:00:00

My middle son is Paris and he is just the most fantastic kid in the world, next to his two brothe's. This is a great name, you can't let Paris Hilton spoil it for everyone else.

01/11/2024 04:24:48

(In response to comment that the fact that'so many girls are so named it is ignorance on the part of parents i'll like to say that) 'It is just another name. There is no longer any formal demarcation concerning gender based names. Girls and boys are called Danielle, Jade, Lorrain, Stacy, Noel etc. Why is It'such an issue where Paris is concerned. Parents should be able to choose even'that much for their child'.

01/09/2024 23:36:44

My name is Paris Jade and I love it! When someone asks what my name is and I tell them...they say "that's a beautiful name!"

01/05/2024 23:13:00

my daughter is named Paris and It'suits her'so well. i just hate it when people think i named her after hilton. i have nothing against the girl but ny gosh. i love other countries and thought paris is a beautiful name. im having another one in sep. im wanting to name this lil girl Rome.

12/23/2023 13:24:30

I think Paris is an awesome name. My 3 month old first baby girls name is Paris Nicolette. It is very unique and fun.And I know she'll love it when she grows up.

12/12/2023 06:44:12

I am definitely gonna name my baby girl, Paris. Its simple, classy and its such a beautiful feminine name.

12/11/2023 12:30:56

Im pregnant with my second child im due 27th july 2017 and its a boy and i absoloutly love this name for a boy hes going to be called {paris alfie read}

11/10/2023 15:37:18

Paris is a boy's name! Paris was the mythological son of PrI'm, King of Troy, and he'single-handedly started the Trojan War by stealing Helen of Sparta.

11/07/2023 14:44:14

I LOVE this name! But people keep telling me its a girls' name. Paris Hilton is just more masculine then most of us thought :).

10/24/2023 12:28:16

I'm naming my twin daughters Paris Rose and India Grace! I LOVE the names!!!

10/14/2023 22:56:38

I am a female named Paris and I can honestly say I highly dislike the name Paris for a girl. However, I absolutely love the name Paris for a male, this is due to the brave Paris of Troy! I don't go by the name Paris anymore, I now go by Al❤️xandros. This is another name that was given'to the great Paris of mythology. Al❤️xandros also suits my ideal of a female having a male name. For e.g a female having the name Billie. Everyone around me calls me Al❤️xandros, and I'm more than happy. People may judge me for going by the name Al❤️xandros, however I grew large hatred for the name Paris for a female due to the association with the city as well as famous females in which have the name Paris. I would not recommend naming your female Paris as kids now days seem to find humour to the name.. not a fun schooling! Paris for a male however is such a perfect name! -Al❤️xandros :)

10/08/2023 21:28:08

i love it we want it if we have a girl next and paris hilton is just a young girl whos loaded and my god is she'super'slim and very girly!! i think the people who slag her off are jealous! its a lovely name

10/08/2023 09:42:48

I have always had a great love of Paris. I have four Yorkies, they are famous pup models in the animal industry. My first girl, and my business name is:LIttle Paris Noel: Pup Models. Then we had Bella LaRue, and now I have Madeline Monet, Lili Patou and Eiffel Bleu. I love the name Paris - The city of love <3

10/07/2023 19:54:02

If It's good enough for Paris Hilton, It's good enough for me.

09/24/2023 08:55:00

Me and my wife are having a baby girl in october, we are naming her Paris. I love the name and just because there is a celebrity whom people have come to hate because of the media doesnt mean i cant name my daughter that. Its beautiful, classy, and its perfect. It is a boys name, however names have become unisex now and its now both. Paris sounds better for a girl to me atleast anyways.

09/12/2023 08:36:42

I named my little girl Paris and It's perfect for her! It's such a pretty girlie name. And she's such a pretty girl. When people here her name they're always like Awww

08/08/2023 01:19:48

I do think Paris is a nice name. As far as the Paris Hilton convos go, she'll be less talked about in a few years. If I ever have a baby girl, that will probably be her name too. I also like the fact that It's not too common. Paris would sound funny for a boys my opinion.

07/31/2023 01:25:14

I was born in the 70s, and I'must have been one of the first Paris' ever. i've never met anyone else with the name, with the dubious exception of a girl who used it as her "stripper name". Ugh!! With that exception, I always loved my name and was proud of my name up until Paris Hilton came along. Now, when I tell people my name, they always making comments. It's embarrassing to share my unique name with a world famous moron. So It's not as cool now, but It's still a beautiful name. Too bad It's now just another name for tastelessness.

07/26/2023 09:09:18

My grandaughter has that name, very beautiful, and smart little girl. She has an older brother named is Dresden, both very nice names.

07/26/2023 04:27:10

it now shows a sense of whorish-ness, thanks to dear hilton

07/14/2023 13:50:46

I love the name paris. Hopefully by the time I have children paris hilton will not be so popular and thought of when'the name is mentioned

07/04/2023 13:44:20

My name daughters name is Paris Jolie and she really loves it. Of course since she is blonde and kind of girly she'somestimes gets called Paris Hilton. When she is with one of her best friends sometimes they call them "Paris and Nicole" She thinks it is annoying but she'still loves her name.

07/01/2023 19:01:34

I love my name! i've always been proud of it because of its ties to Greek mythology. Then along came Hilton and people are constantly calling me her and It's feels very insulting. Where I live there aren't many Paris', I was the only one all throughout my childhood and It'still Isn't common to find one.

06/16/2023 19:36:00

I named our daughter Lauren Paris...after the city where my husband and I got engaged. I never really related it to Ms. Hilton, just the love of the city. And my daughter, she loves her name.

05/30/2023 20:51:28

I'm totally going to name my daughter Paris<3 Its so pretty and no not after Hilton, but after the city and in honor of Michael Jackson because he'said he always liked that name and so have I since I was about 12 (=

05/30/2023 16:26:58

I used to love the name Paris and always planned to name my future daughter Paris - that is, until Paris Hilton surfaced. She gives this name a negative image. I'm so disappointed that Paris Hilton ever became popular and tarnished this name because it is a beautiful name otherwise.

05/27/2023 16:26:48

I just named my little angle girl Paris, It's a very classy / elegant / easy writing and spelling name, i like It'so much, It's not related to paris hilton even'though, why people are jealous from paris hilton❤️ cause she is stunning and super rich❤️

05/12/2023 18:29:24

My son is called Paris and he's a beautiful gentle boy just like Paris of Troy. I too hate people saying " It's a girls name" but I don't care they are usually too thick to know the history of the name!!

05/05/2023 13:05:44

Paris is my name and Im a 80's baby. I was here befre Paris hilton and she aint all that. She doesnt dictate all aris' of the world. Paris has a wonderful meaning. Lover.

04/17/2023 07:12:04

Sono d'accordo con il tuo commento!!La colnnoa sonora originale e8 stata disattivata da You Tube a causa di un credito d'autore. . . .Musica del fI'm viene da te Tubi Audio Swap Library.Titolo Music War dal Monte cianuro. . . .(Il pif9 adatto che ho trovato)Sono d'accordo che la Disney Land e8 impressionante. . . mia figlia ha lavorato lec per nove mesi, e ha goduto ognI'minuto. . .Io ci sono stato due volte e goduto ogni singolo minuto me stesso, grazie a tutte le persone che vi lavorano. .Grazie per la visione di

04/16/2023 06:13:14

My name is Paris and i've always loved it! of course growing up and still when I'meet new people I get the'same " Paris, like Paris France❤️ omg, have you been'to france, are you like paris hilton, You're a lover huh"❤️ it all just makes me laugh.

04/08/2023 06:36:18

I'm going to name my daughter paris in honor of mihael jacksonýs daughter paris jackson, that girl broke and stole my heart when she'spoke about her father at the'service memorial, i think she is a very sweet and brave little girl. And also i think is a pretty and uncommon name.

03/27/2023 23:20:44

People always refer to me as ms. Hilton, but I'm alot different than her. she always is made fun of, but no women with such a beautiful name'should be talke about so poorly, Including me.

03/13/2023 14:19:12

I will chose my baby girl name Paris a khan bez Paris is pretty name

03/12/2023 13:20:22

Yes my name is Patricia... I Was born in 1982 and will be 37 years old Tommorrow.. I have always gone by either Tricia or Trish, and the like the girl above I too despise when people try to call me "Pat" or "Patty", sometimes I will tell people a zillion times that I do not go by "pat" or "Patty" and they just dont seem to get it... I like the name Patricia and I like the nicknames Tricia or Trish, but I often wish my Full name was "Tricia/Trisha" so people wouldnt try to call me Pat....truthfully I will never understand why people assume you go by Pat because your name is Patricia...and I think its rudeto shorten someones name without asking... Id rather be called Patricia then Pat or Patty, but if you dont know what nick someone goes by I think its best to ask....

03/01/2023 11:04:34

Paris is my daughters name. I think its a beautiful yet strong name.

03/01/2023 07:15:20

It has been a boys name'since the days of Homer's Odyssey. How is it now a girls name. Do people call boys Helen❤️ No.

02/06/2023 04:58:52

It's my fiancee's name, it fits to her and I love her and the name <33

01/28/2023 03:30:12

Paris is my middle name: Kayla Paris. I love it because kayla is such a common name,a nd when people ask what my name is, I always say kayla paris because I like It'so much and people usually comment on it. :)

01/26/2023 22:24:30

Paris is a unique name, and I love it. I also love the name Paradise, and I have yet to meet anyone with that name.

01/24/2023 11:37:50

My name is also Paris and im a girl..I love my name but people think that my parents named me after either Paris Hilton or Paris the be honest she just liked the name <3 xxx

01/20/2023 16:31:30

We used Bell as a middle name for our little girl, after her Great-Grandmother, Mattie Bell. She can go by Ana or Ana Bell.

01/19/2023 21:25:20

my name is parris. my mom decided she wanted it to be even more unique so she put a double r. i really like my name but hate how its always related to paris hilton. she kinda ruined a pretty name. i hate how when i was younger little kids would always have something to say about my name "paris frnace" "paris hilton" to this day i still get comments, even from adults....some people need to grow up.

01/15/2023 18:22:54

my sister name is parish but she look better then all the famous parishs and we are just brittny sister cool hain

01/01/2023 11:24:48

I just found out I'm having a girl! and im naming her Paris Elizabeth Nicole

12/06/2022 00:01:32

Love this name for my future son. I have choosen it after the Prince Paris from the Greek mithology. Hope no one bully my son because Paris is also used to name girls

12/04/2022 20:06:22

I love Paris, but my niece Paris hates it, as she'sometimes gets called "Paz", or other'strange nick names.

11/28/2022 13:38:06

The facts are wrong about the number of people in the US with this name only being born in 1990 since I have this name and was born in 1989. The correct pronunciation is R-e-on. Growing up a lot of people spelled it Adriane and pronounced it that way. It was a difficult name as a child but it is very unique and I get tons of compliments now.

11/28/2022 02:28:02

My name is Paris. When I was little I hated it. But now I loveeeeeee It'sooooo much bc it means me and i am unique and beautiful. When i have a girl i want to name her Paris. My name means a lot to me and I love It'so much. It explains me and my character. When I am older I am getting a tAttoo that'says my name

11/19/2022 13:37:36

I am a boy, 10 years old, and my name is also Parris with two r's. I like my name. It's awesome!

11/11/2022 13:43:02

there is way to manyyy ashleysss in the worldd! i want a name thatt like nott a lott of people have but like not somethingg weirdd!

11/09/2022 15:34:36

I am 11 and I love my name ... PARIs I L But never like having p as an en'tia.

11/04/2022 18:54:10

Such a strong and handsome name! Our son is Paris and he was named before we ever heard of Paris Hilton. We associated it with the Prince Paris (who kidnapped Helen of Troy). Besides, he is one of those kids who will bring a positive association with the name, as I'm sure other 'Paris's' are doing all around the globe! And if It's good enough for Pierce Brosnan...

10/23/2022 21:49:50

I actually don't understand why people are so put off by a single person. The name has a lovely ring to it, the city is the epitome of urban inter'st, and the Trojan prince was... cool. Kind of. And lots of once-unisex names are used for both boys and girls now. So yeah. I love the name. If I had an Angora rabbit, I'd name it Paris.

10/16/2022 18:47:14

I wish to name my first son Paris but my partner'says It's to girlie, I love it

09/26/2022 22:41:14

My name is paris cameron, and although the comments like "have you ever been'to Paris" "did your parents name you after paris hilton❤️" can be annoying I love my name. However when I was in 2nd grade there was another girl named paris in my class! Really weird considering how its a pretty unique name.

09/25/2022 03:29:08

im 11 on the 10th of march, and may name is also Pariis(2 i's), and i love my name'so much! But i hate it when people are like, Paris Hilton! when'they here my name. shes not the only paris in the world. people, u need to realise that!

09/17/2022 06:48:32

My name is Paris and I am a woman. many people that I'meet love my name. It's sexy! It makes u think of love! When I here people call my name I just feel great and it makes me smile. So to who ever feels like Paris is a boys name ask another male what they think about it. U are one of the very few males who don't think It's nice on a female.!!! Thanks

08/23/2022 03:38:06

It is a NAME. Why are you people arguing over a name❤️ "its a boys name," " no its a girls name!!" GEEEZ, can't you guys agree that the name PARIS is a unisex name❤️ People are deciding not to name their child PARIS because of one person, paris hilton. Paris is a pretty name, and if somebody is going to judge somebody else because of a name, that relates to Paris Hilton, that is pathetic, and their own problem. Paris Hilton shouldn't even be a factor in deciding a baby's name. She is just a girl that the media has nothing better to do than bag her. My name is PARIS. And my friends don't relate Paris Hilton to me. In 10 years nobody will hear from Paris HILTON again, so whats the problem❤️

08/17/2022 08:33:18

My name is Paris Monique and I'm an 80's baby..I love my name I hated it as a kid because kids can be soo cruel.. They would call me Paris France, Paradise, Paris Hilton etc..As I became an adult I relized how unique it was someone is always saying what a beautiful name I hve.. Satisfied!!!

08/13/2022 22:12:18

i am a girl and my name is spelt paris, i found out that it means lover

06/28/2022 05:19:48

I love the name Paris, I really hope in a few years Paris Hilton is no longer in the'scene so I can name my daughter Paris. It's a classy name-- but becomes tainted when associated with Hilton.

05/12/2022 16:06:54

Well my name is Paris, but I'm constantly being called Parrish. i love my name but Parrish sounds pretty cool

04/11/2022 20:47:42


02/17/2022 11:47:42

I named my daughter Paris and she is just precious. I don't care what celebrity has the name, to me Paris is my little girl.

12/28/2021 15:11:06

Despite what you all say about not letting negative associations bother you, Paris Hilton still ruined this beautiful name for me. One cannot help some associations, after all would you be able to enjoy the name Lucifer on a child❤️ It does, after all have a beautiful meaning, "angel of light", but come on, would you be able to get pass the fact that It's a name of the devil❤️❤️❤️❤️

12/26/2021 16:31:12

my godaughters name is Paris she is now 18 years old and a bit of a tomboy this name really feminizes and softens her. People automatically assumes she is "girlie"

12/23/2021 13:29:24

I love the name for a boy as it is a boy's name thanks to the greek mythical story. I don't like it as much for girls as it is more of a place name and due to P. Hilton ruining it. I would use it for a boy if anything. You can always say to the ignoramuses that actually It's a boy's name not girl's. Wink, wink, smirk, that will shut them up! Saying that, whether you are a girl or boy Paris, enjoy your name! :)

12/06/2021 23:27:54

I am having a baby girl in 10 weeks time and have decided to call her Paris Rose Catherine. This is totally unrealted to Paris Hilton, but totally related to Mr Michael Jackson's choice of name for his daughter, and me being a massive fan love the name for that fact. Paris is unusual, elgant, pretty and classy, the Rose and Catherine makes her name'sound more English.

11/21/2021 22:02:24

I named my daughter Paris Elizabeth and she is now 5 years old. I hate the fact that everytime people comment on the name they always refer to Paris Hilton. When my daughter is grown no one will remember Paris Hilton. I first heard of the name whilst reading Romeo amd Juliet in school and loved it.

10/17/2021 13:50:06

When i and othe's that i know hear the name "Bruce", we think of a homosexual man. n'thing wrong with homosexuals, but it may give your child a rough time in school.

10/08/2021 23:57:36

Paris Hilton ruined the name. Otherwise, I would have loved it.

10/05/2021 20:55:48

Helen is also a unisex name. I'm a man called Helen.

08/07/2021 21:25:30

paris is my name :) i love it, because It's so unique - although, addmittedly, getting asked if i've ever been'to France and getting compared to a blond bimbo is aggravating xP

07/11/2021 04:13:12

Such a cute name, one of my old friends is named Paris & I love her name!

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The origin of the name Paris is Greek.
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From The Capital City Of France, Paris
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Almost 39000 people are named Paris.
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The names of Priscilla